Jul 20, 2009

Annual Bohemian Grove meeting: Week of 7.20.09

That time has rolled around again for the annual satanic-ritual-infested Bohemian Grove meeting of the Illuminati, 80 miles north of San Francisco, California.

Click and you'll find that Richard Nixon's opinion of the celebration is noted as well...sassy stuff.

And just added to this blog's sidebar is a link to the '1001 Club' membership list (see 'On America') which names quite a few secretive movers and shakers - some departed, some still with us - and most entries have bios included while their high-handedness keeps on giving the world troubles and chaos galore.

But go ahead and check out the above-linked article if you wonder how the (political) sex addicts of the Bohemian Grove satanist crowd are enjoying their week's revelries.

Look about: you may notice a politician of your own realm who is mysteriously missing-in-action over the next few days, the cheeky monkey.

Perhaps you should give him a ringy-dingy in the Grove just to see how things are shakin'.


DD said...

One ringy dingy … you are so funny.
I can see the laugh-in skit now. Wasn't it hilarious? Is this the person to whom I'm speaking? Fall over funny. Think I'll check on our politicians.

clymela said...

I don't think everyone will get the joke. I was just preparing to write: Are you making fun of us? And then I read DD.
The guys who attend these functions can always afford blow jobs from beautiful,skilled young women and/or boys. I don't care and I am more interested in The Family and what these old coots are up to when in town.

jude cowell said...

Thanks, DD! Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking? ;p

Clymela, some of these old coots are the movers and shakers of our government!

Rumors and evidences of Illuminati infiltration of the US government have been around since America's founding - and rightly so.

As the article states, the Bohemian Grovers are the Illuminati rearing its ugly pate to have some fun in the outdoors.

Ugh. Now i need a bubblebath! jude

Anonymous said...

They chose the most powerful time to meet with the new moon in Cancer/solar eclipse. Hmmm, coincidence?

jude cowell said...

Yes, they did, didn't they?

And during an Eclipse in a critical 29th degree, the monkeys. That makes tonight an unusually symbolic night for their rituals.

I imagine that the Sun - the will - plays a large part in their self-importance scripts.

Did you notice the article's mention of Sonia Sotomayor? jude