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May 6, 2016

Trump and Gingrich: Peter Pan and the Pied Piper

Trump and Gingrich: Which One's Which?

by Jude Cowell

Apparently Mr. Trump will be the Republican nominee for the 2016 race for the White House and, politician being needed to bolster his lack of knowledge, many pundits are speculating that his choice of VP running mate could turn out to be former Capitol Hill-er, Newt Gingrich, the old shut-down artist and Bohemian Grove attendee himself. As you may remember, Gingrich led a shut down of the US government in 1995/1996 and was pivotal in taking out a Saturnian Contract On America (which is what I've always called it.) What will the Pied Piper lead Donald to?

Trump and Gingrich working together as POTUS and VP would be two big-headed megalomaniacs bashing their noggins together! Mr. Trump is a street smart wheeler dealer while Mr. Gingrich actually is intelligent in a scholarly way so could the skim-the-surface circus barker put aside his ego long enough to take advice from The Professor who knows Politics? Well, Mr. Gingrich has been promoting Mr. Trump for quite a while now and it seems that both men are determined to 'make America great'...again. Of course, in this noble sounding endeavor they must manage to ignore the part Republicans such as Gingrich played in undermining America in the first place. (And no, they weren't the only ones.)

So is this why they seem so similar to one another? Well, they do have a lot in common, don't they?

Astrology Says: Newt and Donald Share Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius Personalities!

Of course, there are plenty of differences to be found in their charts and psyches as well. Mr. Trump was born in Queens, NY on June 14, 1946 after the older Mr. Gingrich had entered the earthly flux on June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg, PA. Obviously their solar degrees are close in Gemini but to have such close Moons 3 years apart (two Full Mooners)--well, I won't say it's a 'match made in Heaven' because I refuse to believe that our beneficent Creator would do that to us. However, Trump's chart is basically a Lunar Return for Mr. Gingrich and almost a Solar Return for him, too.

Now previously in a post about Mr. Trump I wrote that Sun Gem-Moon Sag adds certain tendencies...such as flamboyance, outspokenness, independence, and spontaneity. An inquisitive 'eternal student' and "positive thinking" promoter is described by the zealous Air-Fire Sun Gem-Moon Sag. Add lots of mental ingenuity, intuition, and an ability to talk people into most anything and we have the pair of them. Education makes the diff in how each one turns out though the image of a used car salesman seems quite appropriate for both, imho.

And 'perpetrator of multiple marriages' applies to both men, too, which may be attributed in part to their shared Sun-Moon personalities which can wriggle out of tight corners but with clouds of indiscretions and misdemeanors following behind. This relates to an emotionally immature 'Peter Pan nature' where greener pastures are sought if and when the going gets tough--and it always does, doesn't it? Taking responsibility for actions is not a strong suit either which is not to say they don't have good ideas at times. How such personalities could fit within the White House and lead the country into anything other than a ditch is anyone's guess but please don't say that either one of these big talkers is what the American people deserve because they seem to me more like the President and VP that no one was waiting for!

Never a fan of "Pied Piper" Gingrich (nee, Newton Leroy McPherson), I have stated here and there that No, Newt is not from Georgia. I am from Georgia, he is from Pennsylvania. It's a small point but pundits used to remind the public quite regularly of whence came Newton--and it was not from my home state.

So have a look at the natal horoscope of Newt Gingrich if you wish while I confess that years ago it was a relief to think that I would never again have to mention him on Stars Over Washington or anywhere else but with Newt's name back in the news a la 2016, the charm has apparently worn off so here he appears.

Astrologically noting that transiting Saturn in Sagittarius, planet of restriction, authenticity, authority, and responsibility, will reach the natal Moons of both of men from December 2016 into 2017 bodes a fair amount of ill for their deepest desires (Moon) for expansion, plus, Saturn will simultaneously oppose their natal Suns possibly denoting health issues. But we'll see how effective conservative Saturn turns out to be at denying or limiting them in what their strong egos (Suns) demand. Or, this applies to Mr. Trump if Newt is out of the official picture and for the purposes of this post. Naturally the women (Moons) in their lives could be affected as well especially with their natal Gem-Sag Full Moons indicating partnerships. Anyway, old man Saturn and 'Peter Pan personalities' seldom team up very well being opposites and all.

Related is the natal chart of Donald Trump in case you find that a gander is necessary.

Also related: Newt Denies Bohemian Grove Attendance! (includes video of him being asked about it), plus, a bit of Jupiter-Uranus.


For more info, see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Jan 24, 2015

"The President Who Told the Truth!!!" video (plus, 1993)

Americans are alerted more each day concerning our nation's founding Saturn-Neptune pair of energies with its secret/invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn) and the long term plan to set up a worldly kingdom in Jerusalem promoted through the centuries by such 'Enlightenment' operatives of rationality as Adam Weishaupt, 'Sir' Francis Bacon (Tudor, son of Elizabeth I), Albert Pike (still sleeping in a tomb underneath Washington DC's Scottish Rite Temple and immortalized in statue in our nation's capital--a Confederate General!, and...satan.

Here's more info and photos concerning Pike and his Statue in Judiciary Square. Now some believe that Pike's letter to Mazzini fomenting World War III and touting a conflict between Islamists and Zionists is a hoax though world events have certainly followed its recommendations so far. Yes, it could be a forgery by the Illuminati or others to provide some sort of historical legitimacy to the global take-over plan. Please note that I provide such topics here for those who want to make up their own minds concerning such things and as a lone blogger I cannot vouch for the content of all article/site links or the videos appearing on SO'W.

Of course, many of America's Founding Fathers were of the Enlightenment persuasion as well for its *Uranus-Neptune vibes inspired many of their day (and ours) to pretend that man is in no need of the laws of God our Creator. So now with the East vs West conflagration brewing on behalf of the so-called 'new world order' that they've determined to implement these many years, we see the ultimate results as America militarily straddles the globe: the totalitarian, heartless, draconian global governance signified on one level by its 'total awareness' eye-over-pyramid symbol.

*In our modern era, the current cycle of Uranus (science) conjunct Neptune (faith)--which also relates to the Pisces-Virgo polarity ("faith and reason shake hands")--began in 1993 on February 2 @19Cap34, August 20 @18Cap48, and October 24 @18Cap33. On this blog and elsewhere I have used the October 24, 1993 date to set up a modern natal horoscope for the 'New World Order' as you see here. As you know, this 171-year Uranus-Neptune cycle began under the first presidential term of Bill Clinton; his second term brought America's natal Saturn turning retrograde by progression in 1996 (authority turned inward, lawmakers such as Congress turned in a different direction) as it remains to this day--from our exalted-in-Libra condition of 1776 into US Saturn Rx in early Scorpio which includes the Big Business sign's occult and transformative qualities.

It seems to me that a most telling Sabian Symbol degree relating to the 'new world order' as timed by the Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993 is '18 Capricorn'. In An Astrological Mandala Dane Rudhyar describes '18Cap' as "The Union Jack Flies From a British Warship" as its word picture (suggesting imperial empire) and its Keynote as: "The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order". He states that "power is required" yet this power "can easily be misused under pretext of preserving 'law and order'. Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. When this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence--or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage."

(This symbol) "brings to us a realization of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers." And in The Sabian Symbols in Astrology Marc Edmund Jones adds the negative manifestation of, "smug or strong-armed paternalism"..."Keyword: SUPERVISION" and perhaps we may all agree that this is what is being used against us more every day as the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are undermined by vicious forces.

And now, let us not forget Luciferian Venus and America's past and current bunch of goddess-worshiping crooks and weirdos in government (the Rose Garden, the Oval Office, the Statue of Liberty--all shout-outs to goddess Venus-Isis-Sirius).

'The Venus Project' is headquartered in Venus, Florida and states that it "advocates an alternative vision for a sustainable new world civilization unlike any social system that has gone before"--and the project calls for "a redesign of culture"--all code words for enforcing an over-policed, take-control system sometimes referred to as a 'new world order'--here, attractively packaged under the guise of a mild Venusian mask.

Sep 8, 2013

"Syria and the Terrorist Governments of the Western World" (Max Igan video)

Rogue Nation: Rationalizing Terrorism and Sacrificing Innocent Children

by Jude Cowell

Having tech issues of late, friends, but want to post in spite of it because I think the following Max Igan presentation is timely and enlightening especially considering next week's potential vote in Congress to oppress yet another region of the Middle East and that, via acting and pretending in a dizzy attempt to rile the American public up and distract us long enough to make another preemptive strike seem somehow 'permissible' on some weird and sinister level.

And, we have another Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming on November 3, 2013 when karma can be spiritually mitigated by upright actions--or cravenly made even worse.

Congressional okay for a strike on Syria or not, the president will bomb Syria as his masters direct unless something unusual happens to derail their long term plan toward usury interest rates for the Middle East just as the rest of us now slave beneath--debt which can never be paid off. And charging interest is, as you know, against the Islamic religion--and was once considered to be against ours.

Now western politicians ought to be ashamed of what they do in order to establish global government but I suppose any sense of empathy with their victims was *ceremonially cremated a long time ago...

*Note: my understanding of the Bohemian Grove 'cremation of care' ceremony attended for two weeks annually by world leaders, millionaires, and billionaires is not for them to 'forget their worldly troubles and woes' while tarrying and cavorting in drag, but to lose any sense of empathy with the human race. You may of course disagree as you wish but there it is: that murderous line of Cain is crossed into eternal darkness--and that's the real 'red line', isn't it?

Now considering Skull'n'Boner John Kerry's recent repetition on Capitol Hill of 'dead children' gassed in Syria, I find it chilling to think of the Grovian (Druidic) ritual which ceremoniously burns what is clearly a small body--aka, a child--based on the original ceremonies of ancient owl worshipers (such as the Canaanites and Phoenicians) in which children were sacrificed--by their parents to Moloch, in one form, the owl god. At 'best', current day Bohemian Grovers mimic that ancient depravity. At worst, they're actually committing ritual murder for the sake of a senseless stone owl.

Well, what else but human sacrifice would you call the gassing of children in Syria by grown-ups who obviously feel no empathy whatsoever for their innocent victims?

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims." -- Rabindranath Tagore, poet-author of Stray Birds.

More on John Kerry though it's quite on the scandalous, controversial side and intended for the perusal of those who suspect Mr. Kerry of being much more than he pretends to be (and I can only guess why his right eye has become noticeably smaller than his left eye--perhaps it facilitates speaking out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously?)

Jul 15, 2012

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell says Bohemian Grove is "nothing" (video)

Speaking of Bohemian Grove and Newt Gingrich's attendance there (as in my last post w video), here is MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell being interviewed on the secretive topic. Is it curious that Mr. O'Donnell isn't at all concerned about satanists embedded in governmental power structures? Does egomania explain everything?

(fyi: s-words and f-words are used quite plentifully in this video.)

Feb 5, 2012

Newt Denies his Bohemian Grove attendance! (video); and Jupiter/Uranus

Playing dumb when confronted with the reporting of your attendance at Bohemian Grove rituals may make sense when you're desperate to play president. Here's Newt Gingrich being placed on the 'male-prostitute' spot by a gutsy young man (thanks, young man-- Newt's confrontation with the truth is priceless!)


For more info and videos concerning the annual gatherings amongst the Redwoods of California of political, business, and entertainment industry bigwigs (and hired servers)--a social affair where calling on the devil seems to be the order of the night, scroll a bit to this blog's Search Bar and type in 'Bohemian Grove' for various entries on this pagan conflagration of 'fire worshippers' who act as social tinkerers and 'leaders' when wearing business suits.

You know, some say that Russian mystic and artist *Nicolas Roerich, an adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt, led the White House under the auspices of 'Black Majick' and that if the American people had known what was really going on, FDR would have been ridden out of Washington on a rail, or worse.

Now I don't know how true the myth but the District's association with the Goat of Mendes gives me pause for wondering about evasive old FDR who took control of our nation at the same time that devilish Hitler rose to power...and both under the influence of the same Solar Eclipse, the 'Fascism Rising Eclipse' of Feb 24, 1933 @ 5Pis28--which conjoins President Obama's natal Chiron and tr Chiron 2012.)

Were AH and FDR both working toward a 'New World Order'? My suspicion is, Yes, each in his own way with both countries wanting to man the helm of Global Government. In the Eurozone, Germany now ascends monetarily while the US has been financially heisted and weakened--on purpose, thanks to the SEC, Wall Street, transnational bankers, rating agencies, and the Fed.

View the 1933 eclipse horoscope with its interlaced YODs of crisis and a few chart details here. Why, in 1933, the Fed was only 20 years old!

*Nicolas Roerich born October 9, 1874 St. Petersburg, Russia; at noon: Sun in mid-Libra, Moon 4Lib37 (or could be in later degrees of Virgo); Mercury in business-oriented, ruthless Scorpio; Venus 2Sag05 (conjoined by our last Solar Eclipse Nov 25, 2011 #@ 2Sag37--the 'Super Committee' eclipse), Mars 14Vir35 (Mars is in Virgo now indicating his Mars Return 2012), Jupiter 12Lib58 conj n Sun, Saturn 7AQ40 Rx, Uranus 14Leo28, Neptune 29Ari47 Rx (@ critical degree), Pluto 22Tau20 Rx (conjoined on May 28, 2000 by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction = Pluto: attaining aims slowly but surely; violent changes or restrictions; immense efforts - Ebertin.)

Natal North Node (NN) 26Ari40 Rx conjoins his Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) 26:24 which conjoin his natal Midas 26:03 and all are snugged between his natal Chiron 20Ari24 Rx, the Wound (so he was born during a US Chiron Return) and often-delusional Neptune...Neptune/NN = lack of community or team spirit.

Hmm. Reminds me of the uncooperative attitude of Republicans and DINOS on Capitol Hill (circa Jan 20, 2009--Jan 20, 2013) who do not need to be named here. (Note: Ebertin gives the Jup/Uran combo of energies on a negative level as: 'obstinate adherence to one's own principles from inherent opposition rather than from true conviction; magnifying or exaggerating everything'. As noted, for we know who the undermining jackasses are.)

Anyway, Roerich's PE falls into the 2 Old North Series: 'unfortunate news concerning relationships; a glum and difficult series bringing potentials for separation and the ending of unions, yet taking quick action may bring positive results.' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.) A Solar Eclipse last manifested in this series on July 1, 2000 @ 10Can15 which greatly affected US natal planets in Cancer, mainly Jupiter '6Can' (monetary policy) and the Sun '14Can' (the leader, or, leadership; the president.) In fact, this eclipse degree was triggered on July 1, 2011 by a Solar Eclipse @ 9Can12, the initial eclipse in a new series.

As for his financial expertise and advising of FDR on monetary policies, Roerich was born with the promise of lucky breaks and financial opportunities because a Jupiter/Uranus sextile (60 degr) attuned him to the financial cycles and peaks of Jupiter and Uranus (as timed by their sextiles and trines) of his day. The Jupiter/Uranus cycle is the "ultra-important" one when it comes to stock markets and business/monetary cycles, says Sybil Leek in her book, The Astrological Guide to Financial Success (1972.)

Jupiterian growth + Uranian change = peaks and fluctuations, with Uranus associated with Technology and Industry; their adventurous blend also indicates scientific discoveries and inventions, broadened horizons, and far-seeing plans and activities.

Not that the current opposition of societal planets Jupiter (growth, investment) and Saturn (restriction, loss, austerity measures) isn't important as well. But they sure are behaving stubbornly especially if we use them to represent Ds (Saturn usually but these days, Jupiter) and Rs (Jupiter traditionally, but these days, Saturn.) The Jupiter/Saturn opposition phase is "strongly recessive," says Sybil Leek. Can you feel it, even with Jupiter moved ahead into Earthy, practical Taurus and Saturn hanging back at the end of Airy Libra? Things are shifting now...

So Jupiter's growth function works well with Uranus' change function, a teamwork that denotes business peaks which may be clearly seen--not only with Astrology--but in stock market records which detail the approximately 3 1/2-year business cycle of Jupiter and Uranus (3.45 years actually.) Many traders know of the 3 1/2 year cycle yet few if any can explain the How or Why of it--unless Financial Astrology is employed for timing purposes.

("Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do." - J.P. Morgan Sr.)

The current monetary cycle as timed by the Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Uranus began, of course, with the three-fer we experienced from 2010 to 2011 with their first meeting standing out due to its occurrence upon a World Point of Manifestation, the Aries Point, as you'll remember:

1. June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18
2. Sep 19, 2010 @ 28Pis43
3. Jan 4, 2011 @ 27Pis02

In markets, Aries = war, weaponry, iron and steel, transport, policing-fire fighting-security services, surgery, adventurous enterprises, mining, oil drilling, and other Martian sectors; Pisces = oil and gas, oceanography, water travel, fisheries, footwear, drugs drugs and more drugs (including vaccines and contraceptives--in the news now), entertainment, art galleries, antiques, religion, mysticism, state bonds for civic development (Leek), and other Piscean sectors which include the military as does Aries.

Naturally, we may expect that market and economic issues will continue to need close attention during Spring 2012 as the Sun reaches Vernal Equinox (00Ari00:00) on March 20, 2012 and highlights this monetary/business cycle while forming a midpoint picture:

Jupiter/Uranus = Mar 20, 2012 Sun: far-sightedness; inventive minds; illumination of one's best position in any circumstance; great success (Ebertin; Tyl); incorporating new ideas (Munkasey.) Well, someone is doing okay, right?


Our current 'ultra-important' financial period: June 2010 + 3 1/2 years = end of 2013, early 2014; or, Jan 2011 + 3 1/2 years = mid-2014, so the parameters are: end of 2013 to mid-2014. Not being of a trading or speculating disposition, there's not a lot I plan do with this info personally but those who are planning ahead in their careers just now may be able to use the suggested periods as a 'far-seeing' financial guide for future expansion and reforms in Technology if in nothing else.


Further reading: 2011's Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

A Blog Note to my Readers: due to an upcoming relocation, my blogging time will continue intermittently until things settle down in early to mid-March. This will entail new tech equipment which I am looking forward to enjoying so please stay tuned for it seems that the broadening energies of Jupiter/Uranus may just knock upon my blogging door yet! Jude

Nov 5, 2011

Secret video of an Illuminati ritual of fire

If you go to YouTube and watch the following video you'll see that 'no description' has been provided to explain the action though the voice gives some info. This recording was taken, it appears, from across a California lake where Illuminati folk of a Bohemian Grove persuasion are performing what I suspect is their freakish Cremation of Care' ritual.

Talk about living in a bubble! Wonder if any of my Georgia reps have attended the bawdy festivities? Guess I should ask them.

Apparently these jokers consider themselves to be 'set free' at Midsummer (European traditional celebration @ Summer Solstice, or between June 21-24 depending on the country.)

Hmmph. Free to ruin the world? Satan-Lucifer's reign is of this Earth, agreed, but his dominion is only temporary. And devils don't deal with things of value unless they're stealing them to add to hidden treasure troves--the temporary earthly realm is all such jackasses have goin' for 'em (their choice.)

So if you dare, check out this weird video of sniveling sneaks in action, lifting their voices to their favorite entity. The participants being filmed seem to be really into it, as we Flower Power genners once liked to say, and they may consider themselves to be grand thespians (Jupiter-Neptune energies) of the stage, from the looks of it.

(Without a description of this presentation, the voice of the infiltrating documentarian--or plural--are there two of them?--favors the vocal pipes of broadcaster Alex Jones, as best I can tell.)

What raunchy little pagan goats we spy here! Their pre-Christian sentiments and visions of "forced Utopia for all" are deeply deluded and are part of a long-standing blueprint passed down through generations of the power elite who sell their souls for earthly power and prestige. Here they lurk now...

More Bohemians? Here's a link to SO'W's last post prior to this one which concerns the annual Bohemian Grove beastliness under the redwoods of California--from the bonfires of mid-July 2011 (includes video.)

Jul 31, 2011

The YOD of a Senate Test Vote 7.31.11

"Code Red Day for Many on Wall Street" --David Gregory on MTP July 31, 2011

by Jude Cowell

Well, it's been "Code Red" for a majority of Americans for years now. And unless we hear otherwise, the US Senate is set to vote today at 1:00 pm edt on the Democratic version of a draconian spending cut bill that will allow a raising of the US debt ceiling, another act in the Political Default Theater on Capitol Hill meant to usher in by power elites a new form of government over the heads and deepest wishes of the American people.

Even a mini-Congress (aka, a 'Super Congress') may emerge out of this debt-default squabble of ideologies with a sinister-flavored Solar Eclipse occurring in November 2011.

Astrology: July 31, 2011 1:00 pm edt Capitol Hill DC

At 1:00 pm edt in Washington DC, rising is a 29th degree of crisis: 29Libr42 which makes Venus 3Leo48 (still within orb of President Obama's natal Mercury 2:20) the ruler of the chart and the senatorial test vote; Venus conjoins MC 4Leo48, with Sun 8Leo09 approaching Mr. Obama's natal Sun on August 4th ('13Leo'.)

Our economy worsens as I type, according to political talking heads on TV so let's take a peek at the horoscope.

Telling us how things will proceed from this dramatic test vote are the applying aspects of evaluating Venus, chart-ruler, which are as follows:

1. inconjunct Chiron (0A27; Mr. Obama's Chiron Return has begun--5 'hits' in total)
2. trine Uranus (0A35; in Aries, Uranus = radical Utopians--Ebertin)
3. conjunct MC (0A49)
4. inconj Pluto (1A35; the dragon; global crime syndicate; ruling elite; the Pope)
5. square Jupiter (5A08; money and finances, gurus, preachers, generals, and the GOP blocking--squaring--events)

As you see, the infamous 'bumpy ride' may be little softened by today's proposed test vote even though the US Senate of 'philosophers' and deep thinkers (Republican Tom Coburn and Democrat John Kerry--if he can keep from interrupting himself into ditherhood--are about it as near the cream of the crop, as near as i can tell) are the American people's last and best hope for solution.

Venus square Jupiter indicates *carelessness when attending to responsibilities (a studied carelessness, in this case), generosity shown but only for ulterior motives, and a lack of perspective when setting priorities. The favoring of the top 2% income "earners" is an obvious problem as the North Node (the public) insists on a fairer balancing--of income ratio in America, of accounts, and of societal changes to favor we-the-people.

Venus inconjunct (quincunx) Pluto is significant with its 'adjustment' vibe, an overburdening in financial matters, and all sorts of negative elements creeping into this crisis situation; a lack of responsibility and a general sense of unaccountability adds confusion to the endeavor as the wrong people are made to pay for what others should. (Ex: social welfare for the rich continues as their private debts are collectivized upon the backs of we-the-people--the monarchists ride again!)

(Other aspects have been previously discussed so I'll not repeat myself here.)

Drastic Cutting of Our Social Program Spending Will Ruin the Economy...but make Wall Streeters and foreign investors exultant!

Some arguments for allowing the balancing now being called for by Fixed Star Ras Alhague (conjunct NN = destiny; future direction) are that it is the morally upright thing to do (as opposed to setting millions of people up to suffer and die while fatcats get richer), and because we'd like to keep a decent semblance of our United States of America without 'radical Utopian' (Uranus 4Ari23 Rx in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling--we're utter fools if we let them usurp this country more than before!) wolves over-running the henhouse and fundamentally transforming this nation into a wild-west style Zoo of Zealots.

At 1:00 pm, there is a planetary pattern called a Mystic Rectangle ('practical mysticism'--our Masonic Capitol Building and White House--secret rituals are afoot)) in the air over Capitol Hill involving Mercury, Pluto, Mars, and Chiron.

Mars/Chiron = sacred warrior energy (ex: Knights of Malta, Templars, Sionist Rosicrucians, and other hidden hands); Mercury/Pluto = propaganda, the surveillance state, and cruel thoughts/plans, political talk offering abrupt changes, business or transportation secrets, hidden hands, etc.

Constricting Saturn 12Lib20 is in the Behind-the-Scenes 12th house of Politics, working on a deal of some kind, perhaps Harry's Reid's plan, or some version of it that Senator Coburn can swallow. (US Saturn Return #3 of 3 will occur on August 28, 2011, a key date for our national affairs.)

Yes, the debt-default situation depends upon 'Old Guard' statesmanlike senators (if we still have any) besting the radical Tea Party wing of the GOP...old v young, status quo v a radical reformist brand of sabotage using a tactic I have to call Treason being perpetrated by those insistent on collapsing America to make an ideological point (and grab the helm and 'rebuild anew upon ruins'--ruins that we're in process of seeing them create!

YOD, aka, Finger of God, a Fated Turning

But the US economy's crisis-critical condition is shown most clearly in the YOD pattern which has been in effect for some days now--Pluto sextile Chiron at its base, and her pointing to an apex Venus (and MC) denoting alienated persons who are awkwardly out-of-touch with the rest of society. Apex Venus in a YOD configuration does show much inner reflection and analysis as people are driven toward the cultivation--either positively or negatively--of collective values.

The destined crossroads of the YOD indicates a fated turning point which may be catalyzed (by typical catalyst Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries--the Tea Party freely admits that without its forcing behavior--Uranus = behavior--Washington would not be having this 'debate' now) by sudden realization (Uranus = The Awakener; The Witness) of an encompassing social goal of great magnitude.

Having a decided influence on the value systems of others and the reorganization of the US government are part of the ambitious drive of this apex Venus with the plutocracy's (Pluto/Chiron) sextile at the base of their operations along with the wealth that Pluto/Chiron implies and which backs this movement to over throw the US government and toss us backward to Pluto/Chiron feudalism.

As Far As America Can Expand

As you know, America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon (4Vir10--4Pis10) timed our nation's pinnacle of success in the larger/outer world on December 24, 2008
(click to view chart with its own YOD, and a Hard Rectangle pattern, too.

We're straining against those two patterns now rather than accepting the karmic, natural law that even America must honor in the end (karma to me is reaping what was sown.) Our government's traditional arrogance and preening overreach makes that difficult thus setting up the scenario for a fall from grace which supports the tragedy of having a 10th house Saturn whose financial lessons are now being learned the hard way yet with the wrong people paying for our mistakes and the wealthy pulling another 'fast one', the US will buckle without the middle class prevailing.)

So if federal spending is rolled back in 2011 to a specific date and a more sensible amount, a date earlier in 2008 would do enough of a trick to buck up our nation for now--putting us on a realistic path--so that the more intimate details for cutting, spending, and taxing may be discussed with cooler heads prevailing than the current rhetorical flourishes of fools, knaves, and corporate-manipulated newbies in Congress who now threaten a majority of the American people with certain demise and despair.

Raise the debt ceiling and accept humbly the lowering of our government's AAA credit
rating, I'm not happy to say, for we've been allowed more credit than we deserve for quite some time. 'Coming down to earth with a bump' is difficult, but isn't all bad if you can learn its Saturnian lessons and plan for them.

My wish is that we take the fork in the (YOD) road that reins in America's out-of-balance budget, curtails fraud (if only Congress would return to its oversight duties, both Houses--Saturn Return!), and identifies and reduces waste wherever found, while supporting the American people whose taxes on earnings need a huge jobs-creation boost in order to continue to 'make happen' the 'New Atlantis'/corporate enterprise we call America--and all for the sake of our children who deserve much better than Washington politicians have been serving them in this, the over-glamorized, fearmongering New Millennium.


*'carelessness'? Perhaps some of our erstwhile debt negotiators took part in July 2011's "Cremation of Care" ritual at Bohemian Grove, CA the second half of July. The rest of us are the ones with the worries as the power elite play freaky esoteric games with our futures and our nation while continuing to rob us blind.

Jul 16, 2011

President's Weekly Address July 16, 2011 (video)

President Obama has one of his weekly 'bully pulpit' messages for us which spotlights US economic issues and the theatrical Default Stand-Off with his usual well-crafted, seemingly direct approach.

Yes, yes, of course I agree that "we're all in this together." It's just that a select few are a lot more in than together with the rest of us.

Such as the frisky elitist movers'n'shakers now frolicking together and exclusively under the shade trees of Bohemian Grove...

Say, anyone know where Barack Obama is spending his weekend?

Bohemian Grove parties on! 7.16.11 (Alex Jones videos)

These videos from yesterday, July 15, 2011, concern the current 15-day Bohemian Grove gathering of elitists in California playmates on-call:

(RussiaToday) – Forget about Bilderberg. America hosts its own top-secret pow-wow every summer in the woods of California, and some of the past participants at the all-male Bohemian Grove party have included presidents, foreign royalty and Hollywood elite. They are gathering right now for their two week adventure, and filmmaker Alex Jones says he once snuck his way onto the secret site.

Alex Jones reveals new Bohemian Grove info and discusses the obsession with pro-U.S. Hollywood films like Captain America.

So I suppose this means that politicians, business leaders, and entertainers who can't be located over the next two weeks just might be busy gettin' it on in a secluded Bohemian Grove.

Wonder what plans for our nation they're devising between their cocktails and sexy hook-ups? "Captain America" indeed.

Okay, now I need to shower and hopefully get that raunchy image of Henry Kissinger out of my head...

Update: Here's more Bohemian Grove info from the Daily Mail: hacktivists intend to infiltrate the goings-on this year!

Jul 28, 2009

Sotomayor resigns from ladies' version of Bohemian Grove - oh! and her nom was voted up today

Since the Senate Judiciary Committee just voted Yes today (13 to 6) on Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination with the full vote probably sceduled for next week, I googled 'Sonia Sotomayor + Bohemian Grove' to see if her name popped up and whaddaya know?

The judge is said to have resigned recently from her membership in the ladies' version of this group which met in California last week for their annual shindig of satanic rituals so it wouldn't disgruntle anyone voting for her - with their constituents, I imagine.

Some of them may be members of the Grove themselves! Perhaps a fully revealed membership list is in order, si?

Scroll below to my July Archives for a previous post on the Bohemian Grove or click here - their meeting was held during last week's Solar Eclipse.

Of the GOP, only Republican Senator Lindsey Graham voted for Sotomayor's SCOTUS benching - such Capitol Hill Theater, dahlink, in our Masonic Capitol Building on The Hill!

Jul 20, 2009

Annual Bohemian Grove meeting: Week of 7.20.09

That time has rolled around again for the annual satanic-ritual-infested Bohemian Grove meeting of the Illuminati, 80 miles north of San Francisco, California.

Click and you'll find that Richard Nixon's opinion of the celebration is noted as well...sassy stuff.

And just added to this blog's sidebar is a link to the '1001 Club' membership list (see 'On America') which names quite a few secretive movers and shakers - some departed, some still with us - and most entries have bios included while their high-handedness keeps on giving the world troubles and chaos galore.

But go ahead and check out the above-linked article if you wonder how the (political) sex addicts of the Bohemian Grove satanist crowd are enjoying their week's revelries.

Look about: you may notice a politician of your own realm who is mysteriously missing-in-action over the next few days, the cheeky monkey.

Perhaps you should give him a ringy-dingy in the Grove just to see how things are shakin'.