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Jul 25, 2009

At last: Gonzo finds a job

As unemployment numbers continue to dismay our country, there's news on the job hunting front for one small man.

After finally finding a job (teaching!), it turns out that the staff of his new employer, Texas Tech, doesn't want Alberto Gonzales, our former unqualified, Bush-Cheney but*-kisser of an Attorney General whose undistinguished career is preceeding and following him simultaneously.

His connection with the Bush-Cheney regime got him the post, but will it manage to shove Gonzo onto Texas Tech's teaching staff and keep him there?

Okay okay - let's give him a chance - maybe he'll do a superb job. And I suspect his former 'service' to the neocon/perpetual war cause during the Bush years has left him quite well rewarded.

Besides, they stick together, these old goats.

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