Jul 31, 2009

Aug 5, 2009 Lunar Eclipse: 14 Aquarius

The Lunar Eclipse @ 14AQ on August 5 in the US, August 6 for much of the world, is an interesting one for individual and group concerns (Leo/AQ) and all 6th/12th house matters such as Health, Work, Service, Military/Police, etc; plus, 12th house Karmic and Undermining Issues and places such as Large Institutions (exs: hospitals, sanitariums, zoos), as well as Self-Undoing tendencies and Unconscious Motivations.

In her article, Cathy Lynn Pagano has good advice for those inspired by the creative axis of Leo/AQ: that we need 'citizen artists' again to widen our awareness and stir the societal mix such as catalysts Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and The Beatles did in the 60s. It was the end of the 60s that I entered Art School so that sounds good to me.

This sentiment times perfectly with 2010's Cardinal T-Square of planets which is similar to the pattern that occurred in the 60s, although with influential tweeks due to the Universe's never repeating itself precisely. There are always new flavors added to the brew! Our Creator, the Great Mathematician, has the know-how to see to it especially since boredom is only an earth-based illusion and doesn't exist except on our dualistic planet. He who says he's bored is only boring, after all, and History repeats in similar form, but not in totality.

Now Lunar Eclipses, as partners with the Solar Ecl seasons in which they occur, tend to uncover hidden issues so that they may be dealt with. Yet in this Lunar Eclipse chart set for the White House, DC, the eclipsed Moon, Jupiter Rx, Chiron Rx, and Neptune Rx are posited in the Watery 12th house - Neptune's realm, along with the Destiny Point of North Node. (NN is the horseshoe-shaped glyph near the 12th cusp, a karmic or fated position in any horoscope chart. Dealing with unconscious factors is difficult even when one is trying awfully hard.)

(A few midpt pics are written on the chart if you care to enlarge for reading.)

Also conjunct the 12th cusp are 3 heavyweight midpoints of planetary energies, all of which link to the concept and usage of power: Jupiter/Pluto (world bankers and religious leaders), Pluto/Chiron (plutocrats and others who oppress and disenfranchise), and Neptune/Pluto (signature of the Robber Baron class and others who plunder natural resources; also propagandists and publishers.) You may think of other examples for these pairings for I know I've left out plenty; NN is within orb of all three points...big meetings are being held behind the 12th house door.

Image: Lunar Eclipse of August 5, 2009, White House, DC, '14AQ' with Mystic Rectangle pattern of Moon, Mars, Mc, and Sun; Mystic Rectangle is highlighted in dark blue dots; US natal planets, ASC, and Mc 00Lib53, are notated but not highlighted: click chart to enlarge. Eclipse Mc = US natal ASC in the 'Sibly' chart 12Sag+:

At the White House on August 5 (the day after President Obama's birthday - see his Solar Return chart - his 47th birthday is August 4), the Lunar Eclipse perfects at 8:54:42 pm edt (an Hour of the Sun), with Sun in 6th house of Work, Service, and HEALTH; Moon opposes from the 12th house of Karma and the Unconscious. In Mundane Astrology the 12th house relates to (backroom) Politics and its accustomed arrogance.

(A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon, as you know, so Sun and Moon would be opposing one another; thus, Full Moons always relate to relationships on some level...of the male-female variety in particular, but not exclusively.)

A critical 29th degree is rising: 29AQ44; and Mc 12Sag47 is the sign and degree of America's natal Ascendant in our 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia.) This personalizes the Eclipse for the US and gives an angular place for things to manifest in Washington - the Midheaven of Goals, Aspirations, and Public Status.

Asteroid Pandora, lady of the unintended consequences and the ray of hope, is rising; Aesculapia, health archetype of the doctor, is setting at 00VIRGO56.

Another personalizing factor for the US is that the 29AQ44 ASC brings America's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (12 South) up for review at 00Pis33..."1Pisc"..."A Public Market" - the implications for our financial system and the economy are too numerous to mention.

12S's influence: successful outcomes to longterm worries or illness (a health reform bill passed?); a draining issue will at first seem worse, then clear with positive outcomes. (Paraphrasing from Brady's Predictive Astrology. Sounds okay, right?)

A Solar Ecl in the 12S Series occurs on July 11, 2010 at '19Can', near Pluto's Heliocentric NN; the last 12S Ecl was on June 30, 1992 at '9Can' in the midst of US natal planets in Cancer. The Aug 5 eclipsed Moon 13AQ43 conjuncts Pluto in the 12S Series' Initial Eclipse (IE) of Sep 19, 1541 (OS) which occurred at '7Libra.' This, according to astrologer Celeste Teal, filters the current influence of July 21's Solar Ecl sign of Cancer through a Libran lens, and the Moon here acts as a timing device.

More Notes on the August 5, 2009 Lunar Eclipse...

A 7th house Mercury 4Vir57 conjuncts US Secondary Progressed Sun, still on the 4+ degree from our Sec Full Moon chart of Dec 2008 (when based on our Sibly chart; the Franklin chart times our Progressed Full Moon for August 6, 2009, with our Sec Saturn/Pluto 16Sag51 rising...a melancholy influence for our nation. But it will pass. Rebuilding, if we're allowed chances to do it, will take years, as the president says. I say this astrologically because Sec Full Moons signify the limit of expansion, as you know.)

The Lunar Ecl's 7th house Mercury opposes the Moon/Uranus midpoint in 1st house...

Moon/Uran = Mercury: excited mental activity; expecting a surprise; innovative ideas (Tyl); suggestive thought power; intuition; sudden cognitions and perceptions; sudden news; a thinking woman (Ebertin.) Are you feelin' psychic?

Well, revolutionary rebel and Awakener, Uranus 26Pis08 Rx, is rising in 1st house which indicates that whatever we may think is coming along, it will turn out to be something else: aka, the unexpected. But Uranian 'shocks' cannot be ruled out. Hopefully the power grid isn't indicated (US' PE is the same PE as that of Enrico Fermi), and with Cancer a Water sign, natural disasters are possibilities - predictable even without an Astrology chart under our squinty eyes. Perhaps creative Uranus will surprise us pleasantly, who knows? And yet...

Who's in 1st is a 'Where'

You may be able to read my scribble of a Star, Dorsum, in 1st house with Uranus, a planet which represents the sky and the heavens. Dorsum is an unfortunate influence; another fretting of mine is that the Mars/Pluto midpoint is nearby as well and can have a calamitous or brutal flavor to it.

Nemesis, the unbeatable foe of divine retribution, is at Ic and too close to Mars for me to be happy about it particularly when I think of the Solar Eclipse flavor of the moment - 'systems fail; blocks are tragically or violently removed; new methods are needed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Chart-ruler and Co-Chart-Ruler, Saturn and Uranus (AQ) are about to perfect their last stand-off in Sep 2009 during the time of Pluto's Direct Station; here they oppose one another with a 6 degr orb - past vs future - across the 1/7 Self/Others axis of Partnerships and Legal Affairs.

Saturn, planet of delays and restrictions, is Direct. It's progressive Uranus that's delayed somewhat by its Rx condition - if indeed Uranus can ever be delayed. I mean: can you 'delay' a bolt of lightening or a creative spark? Hardly! 'Out of the Blue' is one of Uranus' favorite themes.

Saturn as chart-ruler also applies to an aspect of obstacles and blockages, a square to Mars (2A46.) Perhaps Saturn, the Old Man of Authority, can tamp down Martian unruliness and contentiousness long enough for hard work to profit more than the wealthy, for nothing would ever get done without dynamic squares (90 degrees) of energy and action. Squares lend oomph to a situation and require much work.

Announcing: Lady Venus

Now Venus 5Can45 is pausing in 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, Romance, and Children and has just returned to her natal degree in America's chart (Sibly: 3Can06), therefore, a Venus Return for the US has just occurred which brings up for review our relationships, values, aesthetics, and money issues. Fairness in business is in need of adjustment for better balance.

There is more than one implication of mysticism in this chart and my sincerest hope is that more people will turn to faith in this critical time of development, including the spiritual teaching responsibilities that parents naturally have in regard to their children.

If you take solace in the Bible, I recommend the Protestant version, but that's my slant on spiritual matters. Just please avoid satanism, okay? Sadly the world is experiencing more than enough of it as satan takes as many with him as he goes down for he knows the jig is up, the Sacrifice made, you see, so why not?

The South Node, a karmic Saturnian point from the unconscious past, is conjunct the 29Can25 Solar Eclipse in whose Series we now squirm since July 21/22, 2009, and it's in 6th house here with its 'systems break down; new methods needed' influence. Opposite is NN conj the 'power midpoints' already mentioned on the 12th cusp.

The August 5 Lunar Ecl triggers the current 11 South Solar Eclipse

Moon 13AQ43 has asteroid Psyche 13AQ44 (a one minute orb!) ramping up her usual psychic abilities; Sun 13Leo43 (conj Pres. Obama's natal Sun) has asteroid Kassandra, the archetype of the prophetess (or prophet: the feminine refers to receptive realms of prophecy in general)...the prophetess who tells the truth but no one believes her. Perhaps Psyche and the Moon can help with that. The president's intention for August to speak over the heads of Congress and directly to The People would seem an expression of this to me.

Lunar Ecl Pluto 00Cap59 Rx is quite visible in the 10th house; Mars 17Gem08 in 4th house is nearing the degree of US natal Mars 21Gem+, our Mars Return. And Mars approaches the transiting Saturn/Uranus midpoint (which always deserves a close eye upon it, and relates to the Middle East, esp Israel and Palestine), so we have this picture upcoming...

Saturn/Uranus = Mars: wrong use of extraordinary energy; violence; great efforts and toil; a forced release from tensions and strains (H1N1 flu - virus or vaccine?); challenging others to a decisive contest; injury; accident; deprivation of freedom (Ebertin.)

(The above picture is only temporary, of course, because Mars moves rather quickly when not retrograding and retracing his steps. Tr Sat/Uran has been playing around with US n Mars already, however, due to their Rxs and forward movements back and forth over a static natal point, 21Gem+; therefore, tr Mars to Sat/Uran is something of an echo and may strengthen the above picture. At the least, their reciprocity lengthens the time period these possibilities have for manifestation.)

Then tr Mars opposes this Pluto across the 4/10 axis on or about Oct 26, and all bets may be called off. Actually, I'm a Capricorn, not a not a bettor, so let's just say that even while we're mired within a taxing learning process, hostile forces will be locked in battle (Mars oppo Pluto) over the next few weeks, and the practical mysticism of this Lunar Eclipse, as it aids us through our higher natures, will be the key to stemming an unwelcomed tide.


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Layla, did you have a Lunar Ecl for your b-day?

Well, this Cappy could use some relief from the drama, too! Sotomayor vote just came through for her at 3:21 pm edt - i posted on the Astrology of it at Jude's Threashold...Moon conj Jupiter, the Judge! Happiness for her, i'm sure.

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