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Jul 14, 2009

Bastille Day 2009's riots in France + Dec 20, 2009

2009's Bastille Day has once again brought an annual round of chaos and violence to France with burning cars and street riots.

A horoscope of the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 set for 5:30 pm lmt, the time the gates were thrown open by Governor de Launay and the mobs rushed in to liberate the fortress-prison, that symbol of royal tyranny, shows magician Hermes Rx rising with 17Sag39 on the horizon.

Chart-ruler Jupiter applies to a difficult sesqui-square with Saturn 23Pis10 Rx in 3rd house; then Jupiter applies to conjunction with Venus (1A58; Venus 4Leo44 in 8th house.) Lady Venus is vengeful when treated badly or scorned; she is an archetype of the Statue of Liberty and of other images and statuaries of liberty everywhere.

Revolutionary Times and Climes

France had some big economic woes: she had over-stretched her coffers by sending aid to America for our War of Independence, her nobility had refused to pay their taxes to King Louis XVI, and the National Assembly had made obsolete the monarchy in this four-in-one revolution of the poor against the rich. France in the late 1700s had the largest population in Europe and was struggling to feed herself (commodity price manipulations were at work behind the scenes even then.)

Why a four-in-one revolution? Going by Nicholas Hagger writing in his comprehensive book,The Secret History of the West, the first part was the Orleanist Revolution of 1789. Each of the four, Hagger states, had different goals and different leaders.

The Orleanist Revolution involved Adam Weishaupt and his Illuminati Society of Bavaria, a branch if not an acorn of a larger sect (if Weishaupt's group can be said to be connected to older versions in other regions of the world - debatable, but possible - if not physically, then perhaps inspirationally.)

That there was a conspiracy behind the French Revolution is mentioned in many sources so I will not cover them all here. But a shadowy man by the name of Choderlos de Laclos supposedly ran the conspiracy, and Weishaupt's front man was the Duc d'Orleans so you see where this phase of the chaos got its moniker.

Since the harvest of 1788 was a bust, things had gone from bad to worse for the people of France. The revolution started with the exploitation of a grain scarcity during the summer along with rumors of threats to the food supply (kind of like what we hear out of Washington these days - now it's honey worries in the US! And this after frightening us about honeybee hive collapse. There's that word again, collapse.)

Hagger continues, "The 'Orleanist Conspiracy' was an uprising of the bourgeoisie against the nobles, using popular mobs to do the bourgeoisie's dirty work."

Well, I won't go into more details now about how things went on in France in those dark days when terror stalked the earth, for we know it stalks still. Plus, you've already heard of the Jacobin Club in the events of those oppressive times, but did you know the Jacobins were organized by the Illuminist Templars and the Duc de Orleans, who came to be known as "Philippe-Egalite"? Magician and alchemist Hermes was undoubtedly on the scene - oh yeah - he's rising in the 'storming the Bastille' chart as mentioned above.

1789 - 2009: Has Mankind Learned Better?

My belief is that the Nostradamus-predicted Mother of All Eclipses, aka the King of Terror or King of Alarm Eclipse of August 11, 1999 with its Fixed Grand Cross of planets heralded a wave of ills across the planet that only the most directed group of selfless energies blended into one strand of harmony can hope to assuage them.

We need our Guardian Angels prayed close to us each one, m'peops, if that's a comfort to you. And if not, why on earth not? Forces are at work against the gentle, yet it is gentleness that persuades. Peace not war!

And when astrologically we think of revolution, we don't only think of rebellious awakener Uranus, we think of warrior Mars, Jupiter the General, Pluto the saboteur and death-dealer, perhaps Venus the avaricious, and of cloudy Neptune of the masses and of delusions, confusions, and fraud.

Timekeeper and boundary-guard Saturn usually will put a stop to out-of-control things, but not always in the ways we would want. The Old Man can be a little curt and sparse at times which you know if you've met him.

December 20, 2009

So as the Marseillaise planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune, perform a stalemate tableaux on December 20, 2009 with Mars stationary at '20Leo' opposing the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius (#3 of 3), we may expect some pent-up actions to break out in various global hot spots, or at the least - financial upheavals in banking, trade, and global stock markets (Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in the NYSE's natal chart but in Libra, an Air sign as is AQ.)

Government and the judiciary (Jupiter) will continue to be in the news if not in our hearts.

Other major planetary configurations add to a volatile mix for society in general by the end of 2009 and into 2010, and ecological balances are much in peril with a variety of these issues coming to a must-be-dealt-with climax. Neptune is linked with the oceans, as you know, and corals are dying fast, while drinkable water is disappearing - or is being cornered as a 'market.'

Yes, on Dec 20, 2009 there is a midpoint picture formed and you already know that the Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions of 2009 are all occurring upon the US natal Moon (the people; the public) which results in a 'becoming involved in speculation; going with the wind; instability; losing oneself in plans' vibe.

Well, in December, stationary Mars in Leo comes along to plump up the pillows and add a jolt of testosterone to the mystic brew...

Jup/Nep = Mars: strong idealism; the need for practical focus; unreliability; prone to irresponsible actions; relying on others and consequently being let down; a desire to realize plans without prospect; the act of speculating.

Plus, Mars is stationing in the sign of royalty and nobility - Leo, the natural leader who tends to roar.

So this means that transiting Mars in Leo opposes US natal Moon in AQ - or will, depending on which US birth chart you use. So even without the inflationary, fraudulent, and/or mystical Jupiter/Neptune cycle beginning all over again, the addition of Mars indicates a testy time period when raising antagonism in others is ill-advised. Anger, passion, and violence can appear in various forms during this transit, and of course 'home' and 'security needs' are involved since the effects are upon the US Moon.

Equipment breakdowns may be on the menu, and driving is somehow affected for many people (get that car maintenance done asap just in case!); traffic jams may be on our radars for a while (a stationary planet is a strong planet pausing to make a cosmic point - so its influence lingers a while.)

Pay close attention to whatever you do, including chores in the kitchen where hot things and sharp knives (Mars) are kept. Oh! and stock some tummy meds about the place for you may be needing a dose with all the emotional drama going on.

And above all: be aware that this irritability too shall pass!


Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are the 'Marsellaise planets' because the three were conjunct in late degrees of Libra on the day the French people captured the Tuileries palace and dethroned King Louis XVI.

Various combinations of their energies are kept a close if squinty eye upon by this particular reluctant astrologer especially since the US natal chart has Geminian Mars square Virgoan Neptune, and Mars is 14 degrees from Jupiter in Cancer.

A Mars/Neptune square makes for confused motivations with an occasional lapse into inspirational activities.

Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.

UPDATE 7.15.09: here's someone writing on Weishaupt and the Iluminati's role in the French Revolution, on Freemasonry in early America, and on how 'papacy vs Protestants' affected events - and why it still matters in the 21st century.


Anonymous said...

what software do you use to see all those asteroids?

Anonymous said...

It's always a tremendous pleasure to read you, Jude, as your work draws things together into the most informative and interesting picture possible. Love the way you elaborate on the past and connect it to the (worrisome) future.

That upcoming Mars opp Neptune/Jupiter brings to mind for me the potential of widespread riots rooted in delusion and perhaps a sense of entitlement run amok (is that revolution? I don't think so, not when it lacks a unified, overarching goal of reform). Anyway, rough time ahead--I'll stock up on the band-aids!

Jude Cowell said...

Solar Fire! ;p

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, it looks as if more riots are coming up, some organized, some "grassroots" as politicians are fond of saying.

Another fret is that whatever improvements aren't made this year will have to wait until the cows come home. 2010 looks boogerish, doesn't it?

Thanks for your kind comments, Julie. It's an honor that you check out my ramblings - esp when you're so busy writing yourself!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jude!

I'm looking for 2010 to be a watershed year, don't really know why, as I haven't even given it an astrological glance--but thought that might mean it could fly by with much happening. I guess I'm looking to live that Chinese curse during 2010: "May you live in interesting times"!

And though I don't always comment, I always read you--wouldn't miss it!

Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Jude

brilliant piece of analysis here - congratulations! A pleasure for a fellow mundane astrology fan to read....


Jude Cowell said...

Thank you, Anne and Julie, you're both very kind! We have to love this work for the collective to spend as much time at it, eh?

Wouldn't I love to write about a jolly 2010/2011/2012 but they are key years with many deconstructions on the way.

"Well, you voted for Change," the politicians can say, as they perform their roles in the one-world-government script.

And while it's tempting to 'blame it all' on Pluto through Capricorn I suspect it's more string-pullers knowing how to use Pluto in Cap for their own purposes!

Ever suspicious, jude