Jul 14, 2009

Lies-R-Us: the CIA

Stop The Presses! The CIA Lied

By Emile Schepers

The CIA was invented to spread lies, and to do a lot of other, worse things. It came into being after the end of the Second World War, when US foreign policy was revamped to fight the Cold War, it started out lying and has never stopped.

Cheney, the CIA, and Congress: Now What?

By Mcjoan

Senators are shocked, shocked I say, to discover that Dick Cheney directed the CIA to lie to them about a post-9/11 intelligence program. Certainly no one could have foreseen that. #

You know, the US Congress will do and say anything to deflect blame from its sorry self.

But it's difficult to admire Capitol Hill's prudence - and to believe in their patriotism - with the evidence of this video of the US Congress 'crowning' Sun Myung Moon in the Dirksen Building - it must be seen to fully appreciate the freakiness of the 'mystical' US Congress.

Cheney? You already know what he is.

And in honor of the secret agents among us, here's a 6 minute video of John Stockwell speaking out about the CIA's war on human beings; I added 'beings' because 'humans' is not a noun on its own. No. It isn't.

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DD said...

Dick Cheney is a long-time brother of the those in-the-know. Daddy Bush and he were on a par. I'm sure he feels everything he has done was important in the bigger picture, which we are not shown. So I would like to have the light glow on him and Papa Bush and baby Bush and Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld and all their cohorts - for they represent the cabal of handmaidens for the ones they should expose.