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Jul 7, 2009

G8 Summit in L'Aquila, Italy 7.7.09

There are many things we common folk might say about the current G8 Summit which began today in L'Aquila, Italy, such as: stop engineering a world economic crash, delete your one-world-government plans, get over your big selves, ixnay on the audfray, and much more.

L'Aquila means 'the eagle' as you know, and the city's history of earthquakes has caused an airlift emergency plan for world leaders' safety to be put in place. We wouldn't want to risk a scratch upon such precious and secretive chinny chin chins, now would we?

The constellation Aquila is interesting because of its Alpha star, Altair, which soars and spies high above the rest of us mortals. And of course, the Eagle is America's totem as well as L'Aquila's symbol on her flag - click Wiki link above to view its beakiness.

Altair's keywords are: boldness, action, and determination. (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

Ptolemy said the stars of Aquila are of the nature of Mars and Jupiter; Robson gives keywords: ability to rise in life, boldness, and courage, but with possible guilt from bloodshed. Mmm.

Ms. Brady adds that Altair indicates actions taken for the collective, and that the ability to achieve is linked with risk-taking and a dogged determination. (America's mercurial president flew (Mercury) abroad this week in tandem with the zodical position of Fixed Star, Sirius, the Dog Star, the announcer.) When I see "risk-taking" I tend to think of gambling and power elites certainly do that on a regular basis with everyone elses' lives and fortunes.

As both readers of this blog know, a major thread here has been that the ends do not justify the means, not even for Machiavellians, so the majority of these G8 fellas and gals are not my cuppa tea in the least believing as I do that they will do anything it takes to grasp and keep their power. Yet these heads of state represent only the public faces of a deeply veiled cabal calling the shots - all kinds of shots.

Now you may disagree - or you may be tres naive. Wouldn't I love to be wrong about these power-mad jokers? But you feel their interference in your life, don't you? Do you feel them manufacturing a world economic collapse so they can rebuild systems to their own specifications?

Well, look! Here's Pope John Paul II, in his New Year's Day mass of 2004, calling for a New World Order!

Guess he was preparing the way a little more clearly since it's been a very long process, you know, and power elites don't know how to give up.

So this particular G8 2009 is marked by today's Lunar Eclipse 15Cap24 which impacts Pluto 17Can05 in natal 11th house of Groups/Associations in the Vatican City's 1929 chart. Nearby is 19Can33, Pluto's Heliocentric North Node which is one reason why I think '19Can' turns up often in charts that map assassinations, murders, and other violent events or people - it's a sensitized degree for plutonian mayhems including nuclear events or projects.

(Vatican City June 7, 1929, Rome, Italy 11:00 am; from historical record and found in Celeste Teal's book, Eclipses...see sidebar; chart marks VC's independence as granted by Mussolini. There's another Lunar Eclipse on August 5, 2009 which emphasizes VC's natal Mars 14Leo10 in 12th house. Will there be more unveilings (12th house) of bad actions (Mars) by priests?)

L'Aquila Or Bust

As you'll read if you click the Wiki link above, the city of L'Aquila was constructed by Frederick II as a 'bulwark against the power of the papacy.'

Yet in Politics, allegiances often change in the bat of an eyelash or the breaking of a treaty, don't they? What will 2009's G8 in L'Aquila turn out to be a bulwark against, if anything?

And here's my wondering about yesterday's speeches by Presidents Obama and Medvedev in a gold-encrusted hall that I assume is located in the Kremlin: did you notice the Illuminati/Apollo sun-god theme over their heads - the huge sunburst symbol? Just wondering if you noted it. I did.

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DD said...

G8 Summit in Loc-qwi-la - we have been repeating the name in the newsroom since the last earthquake. Did you notice the pictures this week of towers there being held together with duck tape? Amazing. Why was the summit there?

And eagle as its meaning, I have been watching three new eaglets in
a nest in Vancouver for months and "tiny" the runt, has been missing all week. Lots of concern, but the reserve has their eye on the problem, so who has their eyes on the preservation camp of the G8? I read and depend on your views of our shared experience and can't thank you enough for your diligence.

The masses are so easily lead, and I realize I am one of those being lead, and feel tricked, confused and suspicious. That keeps me ripe for molding I suppose, but I resist by pushing forward to the end, which will probably be way farther out than my ability to afford living.

Depression doesn't begin to describe myself. Although I am happy alone, safe in my nest, all could be shattered tomorrow morning.

My childish hopefulness forces me to view all this as a novel (interesting to think of a story as a novel, or something unique) - something outside myself, something I am insulated from, and I'm on to the ruse. How about all the others who trust, hope, fight, believe. Are they better off? Is ignorance bliss? If there isn't anything we can do about it? I keep wanting to be awake to it all in hopes that if 10 percent of the world is aware, the foil will exist.

Well, thank you for helping me and the other 10 percent have an overview, one I and us value very much.
Keep up the good work.