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Jun 3, 2023

The 10 tactics of fascism | Jason Stanley | Big Think

Fascism: Ideology, Cult of the Leader, Us vs Them, "Everyone Is Lying"

As Election 2024 looms large in front of American voters, approximately one third of the American electorate seem frozen in place as they long for a paternalistic 'macho' strongman to lead our country and make everything all right. Allegedly, the malicious deleting of their fellow Americans who have liberal and democratic leanings is part of their dark vision, any collateral damage notswthstanding.

It's alarming that the true brutality of what such voters think they want for America seems not to have occurred to most of them, for we know that "Fascism thrives on indifference and ignorance. Freedom requires being alert and on guard against the infringement not ony of our own freedom but the freedom of every American" (Heather Cox Richardson, substack May 29, 2023; my italics). To me, this sounds like a description of the far-reich 'maga' agenda against what they call "Woke". Obviously, fascists prefer that their followers sleepwalk into their dystopian h*llscape.

Now here's Jason Stanley Yale professor and author, providing a realistic overview of Fascism:

So with Fascism now attempting to open the door to Nazism in America via far-reich "Republicans" under the influence of the current 7 North 'Fascism Rising Eclipse' which repeated in April 2023, and working hard to intimidate anyone who disagrees with fascist ideology or their "dear leader" Trump, here you see the Third Reich Horoscope of 1933 (Berlin, Germany) with a link to eclipse and chart details added, below:

Details: Third Reich Horoscope.

And since the last new moon prior to an election is predictive, you may wish to see the DC Horoscope of the New Moon Prior to Election 2024 and reset the chart to the location of your choice.

Also related: Is Washington DC a "New Rome"? Altair the Eagle says, Yes.

Nov 2, 2022

A Republican Revolution and Violence 2022

When the 104th Congress opened on January 3, 1995, Republican Newt Gingrich took the gavel as Speaker of the House in what can be called the Republican Revolution of 1994. With a major sense of frustration, 40 years of Democratic supremacy had to be vanquished by Republicans chaffing at the bit to be the Big Boss of Washington, just as they chafe now.

An excellent overview of events that led up to the Republican take-over and their "Contract On America" (as President Clinton had called it - so do I), plus, more Neptunian intrigue, are now available via Steve Kornacki's 6-episode podcast, The Revolution (MSNBC). How did the bitterness in Washington begin? With power-craving Republican operative Newt Gingrich using his Pied Piper ability which is shared by Donald Tr*mp via their Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius personality blends.

So for readers who speak any amount of astrologese, it may be revealing to compare the party's 1854 horoscope (Sun = Aries Point; the revolutionary duo, Uranus-Pluto conjunct in Taurus) with a chart of Election Night 1994 (November 8; "8:00 pm" with Moon @1AQ15 conjunct bold Altair, the eagle), what I'm labeling the 'Republican Revolution 1994' horoscope for the purposes of this comparison.

Horoscopes: Republican Party 1854 with Republican Revolution 1994 ("8:00 pm" est puts 1854 Neptune at Midheaven, the Goal Point along with star of crisis, Achernar)

Yes, an abundance of study notes are squooshed upon the charts; please enlarge or print the image for better viewing, if needed. Alternately, why not set up the charts for yourself and have it your way?


For a Thom Hartmann video segment on this topic from 2016, see Who Started the Destruction of Public Trust? (a sprinkling of Astrology included).

It seems antiquainted now, but Gingrich's With America" spouted three core principles: Accountability, Responsibility, and Opportunity! So in view of the Republican Party's attempts to dodge the first two "principles," this would be laughable if it weren't so tragic for our democratic Republic under siege worse than ever before by a fas*ist-naz*-sympathizing GOP working in league with a global authoritarian movement - a worldwide criminal network - ours led by dictator wanna-be Donald Tr*mp, the orange menace, or as some have called him, the Mango Mussolini.

Jul 30, 2021

Demeter and Ceres grace the City of Washington DC

A drawing of Ceres and Pallas (Demeter and Persephone) by Jude Cowell

Nurturing Ceres/Demeter: the Corn Goddess of the District of Columbia

Friday July 30, 2021: For many Americans, current events transpiring within the District's city limits are head-scratchers now more than ever after four years of Tr*mp, so it seems to me that a study of the founding of Washington DC can gain the curious seeker a more complete understanding of DC's environs and the good and bad actors within, political and otherwise. If one has the time that is!

So although it's only one resource for such specialized study, within the pages of Alan Butler's Washington DC: Chamber of Secrets website lurk many intriguing factoids of a Freemasonic-Sacred Geometry nature concerning the esoteric founding of our nation's capital, the whys and the wherefores. Author Alan Butler published an accompanying book as well: City of the Goddess: the Freemasons, the Sacred Feminine, and the Secret Beneath the Seat of Power in Washington DC (2011) #ad.

Meanwhile, I'm quite certain that many dear readers of SO'W have previously checked into the Eleusinian Mysteries which is what the Mythology of Demeter, Persephone, and Hades (Pluto) are all about. (Rather creepily, America's first-ever Pluto Return/s will occur all through 2022.) So basically I'm saying that many or most of the Masonic founders of America and of Washington DC were of a pagan persuasion and, classically educated, were familiar with the Mysteries of ancient Greece. Then at some point in time, the religious rites at Eleusis had migrated to Rome where 'corn goddess' Demeter was called Ceres, and Persephone was known as Prosperpina. And as you know, the reunion of mother and daughter began the first spring and explained the archetypal concept of death and rebirth, a prominent theme in Freemasonry (and in Christianity but we're talking paganism) and one that no one born upon the Earth can escape. Even now, we can find Virgo and the sign's wheat sheafs of Ceres-Demeter represented in various images and Zodiacs all over the District. And significantly, the signing of the US Constitution on September 17, 1787 was a tribute to the pagan Demeter Mystery rites held annually in Greece on the 17th of September.

Thereby, the signing of the US Constitution can be said to represent the death of the US as a colony and its birth as an independent nation - or, as a symbol of the death of tyranny and the birth of liberty! So in our era we find our Constitution under siege by anti-democratic, unAmerican actors, both foreign and domestic, attempting with all their might to substitute tyranny in place of liberty - in America of all places.

What a rotten exchange that would be!

In closing, here's a word or two about Corn, the matrix of life:

"From the corn we learn to live, we learn the life that is ours. By grinding the corn we learn the footsteps of life." — Sharon Naranjo-Garcia, Santa Clara Pueblo.

And for more info about such topics, there's a YouTube video (14m 35s) which may interest some readers: An Overview of the Eleusinian Mysteries (Terence McKenna). Plus, for a related SO'W post (although it may not seem to be!) check out Is Washington DC the 'New Rome'? Altair the Eagle says Yes!

May 31, 2021

DC Horoscopes: July 2021 Lunations and such

America July 2021: New Plans Made, Then Culminating

by Jude Cowell

May 31, 2021: On the occasion of today, Memorial Day 2021, and as A Child of the Revolution, yours truly chooses to share the following post on behalf of a sovereign America and the common good. Below is a dual image of the two July 2021 Lunations set for Washington DC.

First, on July 9, 2021, comes a New Moon @18Can01 (lower left) exact at 9:16:29 pm edt in 6th house (DC). In the DC chart, Luna rules the 6th house of Work and Service while the Sun rules the 7th house of Partnerships. Rising is 1AQ03 which lifts America's Inaugural Sun (Joe Biden) and bold Altair the eagle with it but with its solar power snugged between karmic planets Pluto and Saturn, both retrograde ('Rx') which suggests that some measure of renunciation, even privation, may affect the presidency - unless Mr. Biden, his team, and his high-powered backers can turn the energy around and use it on behalf of democracy and the American people.

One thing we know - there exist anti-American entities who will attempt to create difficult conditions in order to undermine the agenda of President Biden. (See Nemesis the foe @28Scorpio in the New Moon's 10th house conjunct the President Biden's Scorpio planets.) In addition, can anyone disagree that uplifting the common good is simply not a (neo) fascist objective and never was? Obviously, seizing power and forcibly taking control of America is their current objective as it was on July 1, 1933 when they approached General Smedley Butler with their malicious take-over scheme against FDR and the democracy-preferring American people. Note that representatives for the era's big bankers were among the treasonous group in 1933. Do you think it's different this time around?

And you know that cosmic evidence exists! For 1933's anti-FDR fascists were influenced by the background energies of two solar eclipses, one in 1932 in the 6 South Saros Series, the other in 1933 in the 7 North series. And so as eclipse and historical cycles will have it, it will soon be time for 6 South and 7 North eclipses to manifest again on: October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio and April 23, 2023 @30Aries. Wisely we should mark our calendars and be watchful before, during, and after these high-powered, 'cosmic blink' lunations of disruption and/or directional shifts just as many folk already are. For as progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann oftens reminds us, "Democracy is not a spectator sport"! Which means, be active, do what you can!

Now as for July 2021, the stage of culmination, fulfillment, and/or complete awareness is reached with the Full Moon of July 23, 2021 @1AQ26 (upper right chart), the very degree that rises in the New Moon horoscope so for this and other reasons we may expect in July a focus on President Biden, but more broadly on the White House and the Office of the Presidency, plus, July brings our nation's annual celebration of our hard-fought independence from overbearing monarchy, cosmically known as America's Solar Return 2021 which we discussed in February 2021 (horoscope shown).

Plus, previously we noted the June 24, 2021 Capricorn Full Moon as society's reaction to the June 10th Gemini Solar Eclipse which is a 5 North Solar Eclipse that precedes both July 2021 lunations. This June 24th Full Moon @3Cap27 floats society from the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of 'Mercury-Jupiter' and into the Cancer-Capricorn axis with its 'Moon-Saturn' influences that suggest potentials for security concerns, home-vs-career issues, ambition, strategy, direction, possible illness (chronic or acute) and/or depressive or serious conditions.

Note to SO'W Readers: If you appreciate the work and effort it takes to create Political Astrology content for Stars Over Washington, why not become a Patreon subscriber to encourage the continuance of SO'W? Even a donation of $1 per month helps with monthly expenses! So if you wish, just look for 'Jude Cowell' on patreon dot com and show your support if you can! jc

Jan 2, 2021

Jupiter-Saturn, Altair the Eagle, and a Mission

Fare Well Old Order, Hello Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius

by Jude Cowell

Is the American capstone about to be crane-lifted into place with our nation ruling the roost - or, going belly up? America as we've known her now passes quickly since the SARS-Covid pandemic swept so much of our lives and lifestyles away. Actually, the January 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto made certain of that. Then as you know, the recent Great Conjunction of Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) times the beginning of new social, political, economic, and religious orders in the futuristic sign of Aquarius. At 00AQ29, new forms and inventions in Technology, Science, and Space are obviously involved, plus, the conjunction hit US Inaugural Sun, as we've discussed in previous posts, so I won't bore with it now. (For previous posts on such topics, type 'Jupiter-Saturn' in the SO'W sidebar Search field and a list of related posts should pop up.)

Meanwhile, the 'new world order' emblem of 1776 decorates America's currency and the Great Seal, so the conjunction's degree rounded up to "1AQ' = "An Old Adobe Mission," (DURABILITY; Jones) so it's also the Sabian Symbol for US Inaugural Sun (POTUS; Oath of Office) on January 20th - and conjuncts the position of the bold fixed star Altair, the eagle:

As for political considerations, perhaps a few factors in relation to the Jupiter-Saturn duo in the realms of Politics and Business would be of interest bwo the Hegelian Dialectic (create the problem then 'solve' it the way you intended to all along):

'Thesis: The serious side of justice and the law; processes concerning checks and balances; changes in the governmental, religious, or social orders; repression based on morality instituted by law or religion; an expansion within the rocks in the ground.

Antithesis: Too many restrictions on the operation of justice; a judicial system at its breaking point; pessimism about the ability of the police to control lawbreakers; leniency and harshness vie for balance within the overall social and economic systems.'

You'll note the inclusion of a geology reference with Saturn ruling stones and rocks, techtonic plates, soil, and the Earth herself, and astrological Jupiter's expansion function increasing whatever he touches with his 'slippery slope' self.

Still, as I always remind myself, the yin-yang tension between Jupiter and Saturn make them the 'flywheel of the Universe' which keeps all the planets orbiting in their courses!

For a look back at the 'old order' here's a previous post to consider: America's 1776 Aries Ingress (horoscope shown).

Sep 8, 2020

117th Congress scheduled to open January 3, 2021

Speculative Astro-Notes Concerning the 117th Congress of 2021

by Jude Cowell

September 8, 2020: If all goes according to plan, the 117th Congress will open on January 3, 2021, and unless Election 2020 in November results in leadership changes, Mike Pence will continue as President of the Congress.

Now I won't write much about the speculative January 3, 2021 chart set for Capitol Hill Washington DC and "noon EST" (in lieu of an announced hour - even the date could change), but below are a few general observations concerning the day's planets, plus, here's a view of the horoscope of the 117th Congress' Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') for which we do not need a correct opening hour in order to ascertain the opening's 'PE' for as long as the 117th Congress opens in January 2021, its 4 South PE remains the case with a 'fated' theme intact - plus, it's also the PE of Inauguration 2021:

117th Congress: January 3, 2021 noon est Capitol Hill shows 19Aries04 rising, the exaltation of the Sun degree. Naturally, the Sun (leadership) @13Cap32 conjuncts the noon Midheaven ('MC') while opposing US natal Sun (July 4, 1776) suggesting a period when government goals and objectives should be reassessed and, if necessary, a change of direction may be taken. This is due to the fact that annually, January 3rd (or 4th) is the Executive Branch's "un-birthday." So with Mars-ruled Aries rising, Mars is chart-ruler (@28Ari32 and rising in 1st house) and makes three applying Ptolemaic aspects in the chart: 1. square Saturn (@1AQ56 in career 10th house conjunct bold Altair the eagle) causing difficulties, delays, stalling, lack of preparation or planning, frustration, challenges to authority, and with a potential for anger; 2. square Jupiter (@3AQ24 in 10th house) suggesting overreach, exaggeration, risk-taking, empty gestures, and/or sloppiness with details; 3. conjunct Uranus Rx (@6Tau46 in 1st house) which indicates unusual or nontraditional actions and circumstances along with an explosive and/or shocking quality. First house denotes early expression of these restless energies with society's current anarchistic, protesting, even rioting activities also indicated--for discussion or possibly legislation in Congress, if not actual physical expression. Unexpected events may occur!

The Mars-Uranus Conjunction becomes exact on January 20, 2021 @6Tau44 and rises in the Inauguration 2021 Horoscope, as you know. And obviously whenever Mars and Uranus combine their highly charged energies, violent measures may be taken, risky or dangerous behavior can complicate issues and bring unfortunate consequences, and/or accidents may occur. For more dangerous indications, add to this the fact that the transiting Uranus-Pluto midpoint not only opposes their Great Conjunction degrees of 1965/66 (mid-Pisces) and stimulating street clashes, Civil Rights demands, and upheaval as before, but Uranus-Pluto also conjuncts the destructive January 3, 2021 Mars-Saturn midpoint (aka, the 'death axis'--Ebertin). "Not a pretty picture" hardly describes the mundane possibilities of this pile-up especially considering the vicious form of politics and vengeance being practiced.

So however the Inauguration 2021 ceremony goes, We The People can expect the unexpected with a desperate Uranian chaos-creator Trump involved and what for him will be a major test of nerves and strength.

Closely Related is the First Lunation of 2021 - a New Moon @23Cap13 of January 13th which falls in the middle of the 117th Congress' Mercury-Pluto Conjunction (22-25Cap), and as we know, is within the overly stimulated "Capricorn corridor", super-sensitized ever since January 12, 2020 when karmic Saturn and Pluto conjoined @22Cap46 - conjunct Trump's natal Vertex (22:51) of fated encounters. (Actually, January 3 2021 is almost a Mercury Return to the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Horoscope's Mercury - exact January 4th at 4:07 am est with an exact Moon-Neptune opposition hinting at scandals, illusions, and a deceptive environment); meanwhile, Venu$ @23Cap48 activates the Capricorn New Moon linked, above! So apparently, new activities are being seeded and planned in the realms of Mercury-Pluto and finances, and at some point we'll be able to blame or credit the 117th Congress for the consequences.

Now several potentials are indicated for the combination of Mercury and Pluto such as 'political talk that offers abrupt changes to some functions; high security and intelligence activities; communications satellites; news of space exploration, orbital weapons, or toxic gases'.

Other possibilities include: 'secrets involving business or transportation systems; hidden activities; self-destructive impulses in business; and/or breakdowns in road networks (and one wonders: in cyber networks? hacks and leaks? grid or voting machine attacks?). 'Paranoia about secrets', plus, 'ruthless investigations' are also suggested (Munkasey) along with 'propaganda, persuasion, the power of suggestion, overzealousness, sly cunning, sharp criticism, a famous orator, plagiarism, demagoguery, fraudsters, and/or diplomacy (Ebertin). I'll add, malicious scheming, plus, the fact that Mercury is out-of-bounds ('OOBs') so there's no telling what he or she is up to - or what outrageous things may be said, reported, or what may be stolen. Then as always, running in the background is America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of total awareness, surveillance/spying, confidential information, mind control, censorship and publishing which affects all such matters in a challenging way. But all results must depend upon which political party comes out victorious in House, Senate, and White House, and that's a secret even the Universe is keeping close to her vest.

Update October 6, 2020: please note that the above post was published prior to Trump's recent hospital stay allegedly due to contracting coronavirus and his superspreader status making those around him ill. jc

Jun 20, 2019

August 11, 2019: both Jupiter and Uranus stand still!

June 20, 2019: Here is the August 11, 2019 Horoscope set for Washington DC at the moment (9:37:13 am edt) when Jupiter Stations @14Sag30 (3rd house of Communications) then begins forward movement (as it seems from Earth). Transit Jupiter reaches 15 Sagittarius on or about August 30 and will pass its April 10 Direct Station degree of 24Sag21 (when the planet's retrograde period began) on November 5, 2019 at 9:36:31 pm est after which Jupiterian issues, concerns, projects, and people will make better progress and horizons will broaden. Plus, in the realms of Politics and Finance, a Jupiterian figure's delaying tactics may cease to be effective in November although some improvement in such matters may be noticed around August 11 or afterward.

As you see, Jupiter's August 11, 2019 change of direction chart shows 27Vir34 rising and 27Gem14 at Midheaven so that Mercury in Moon-ruled Cancer (just barely into 10th house) rules both the Ascendant and the Goal Point (MC) yet the Messenger planet makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in this chart which emphasizes its sign and house positions. Naturally, the Sabian Symbols are enlightening for the degrees of each planet, eclipse, station, angle, etc but only the symbol for Mercury's degree (rounded-up to '30 CANCER') is penned upon the chart, upper center..."A Daughter of the American Revolution". Make what you will of this!

Now Jupiter is highlighted in green (if you can see it!) and rebellious Uranus is highlighted in pink because Uranus also changes direction on August 11, 2019 @6Tau36:54, turning retrograde 12 hours and 49 minutes after Jupiter's about-face. As a pair, the combined energies of the Jupiter-Uranus duo indicates potentials for reforms and breakthroughs but also for 'civil unrest (strikes, protests) due to legal or religious systems that stifle justice for the common people' and/or for 'applying legal methods against breakdowns in order' (Munkasey). Often the duo relates to scientific breakthroughs and discoveries (at conjunction--their next on April 21, 2024 @21Tau50) along with a tendency toward a certain form of deafness when the opinions of others are not wanted to be heard!

Now let's note that the 2019 Mars Return of Donald Trump occurs the next day--August 12, 2019 (marked upon the chart, lower right). Also, this chart shows the Sun's return to its and the Moon's degree of the August 11, 2018 eclipse--The Tower Solar Eclipse @18Leo41. Significant in 2019? Probably since Establishment agencies, politicians, and their enablers continue their attempts the break down or destroy the various towers that Trump built! Or at least, they pretend that his destruction is their goal. But are We The People being fooled by a political charade with tyranny the goal? I ask because history tends to rhyme so I must wonder if America's Trumpian lesson echoes the fate of the Roman Empire which eventually gave up its republican form of government and turned toward autocracy and the one-man-rule of Augustus Caesar. Now we watch as "stable genius" Trump and his minions work hard toward converting our nation into this very thing. Any thoughts? No?

Well, here are a few words from a book I'm currently reading and recommending (stop me if you've heard this one):

"No republic is eternal. It lives only as long as its citizens want it. {And} when a republic fails to work as intended, its citizens are capable of choosing the stability of autocratic rule over the chaos of a broken republic...Rome offers a lesson about how citizens and leaders of a republic might avoid forcing their fellow citizens to make such a tortured choice." (Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell Into Tyranny, by Edward Jay Watts).

And as most if not all Americans know, Benjamin Franklin is famous for his answer to a question which echoes from America's founding days...what form of government was created in 1776? "A Republic, if you can keep it."

Sadly I must doubt that the Trump voters of 2016 fully realized the risk they took by replacing our republic, broken as it was, with an autocracy--not of order and stability but one made unstable by more chaos than we had before under the 'guidance' of Uranian Trump who doesn't seem to have ever met an authoritarian dictator he doesn't intend to emulate.

Two Related Posts: 2019 'Wild Card' Uranus Activates The Tower Eclipse and Recognizing the Primitive Uranian.

Aug 23, 2015

Sept 2015: Cosmic Events and Pope Francis to Washington DC

Amidst 3 Cosmic Events of September 2015 a Pope Comes to Call on America

by Jude Cowell

As three major cosmic events dot our September 2015 calendar, an illustrious visitor bestows a golden papal glow to the proceedings scribbled on Washington's earthly schedule.

1. First is the September 13th Solar Eclipse @20Virgo which falls within orb (1'13") of the natal Neptune of Pope Francis (December 17, 1936.) As you know, Neptune is the planet of the Divine Source on a positive level, the masses, mass media, the glamour of the silver screen, things that spread (like propaganda and ideas), and many other negative Neptunian possibilities. As you may know, Pope Francis was born during a Saturn-Neptune opposition phase so adding its usual 'wild card' status which all eclipses are capable of, the September 13th Solar Eclipse contains somewhat negative themes (click or tap to read) which may catalyze or activate his natal Saturn-Neptune opposition. Perhaps this will be expressed by his topics such as how we treat the weak, poor, elderly, and ill (Saturn-Neptune) among us.

2. Next on the calendar is September 23rd's Autumn Equinox 2015 (chart shown set for DC) which involves quite a mix of portents to go around and with the Sun reaching a Cardinal Point of World Manifestation, Prominence, and Fame (00Libra), we may easily guess that one expression of this is the Roman Pope's visit to Washington DC with Sun representing leadership. In his natal chart, the Pope has a Sun-North Node conjunction in late Sagittarius. During his speech to Congress, the transiting Sun and North Node @1Libra will conjoin in a very shiny and public encounter--upon America's natal MC! (July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.) The 'god-related' solar significance of Sun-NN at MC should be noted and some form of spiritual inspiration may be experienced.

3. Finally, this stellar month nears its end with a prominent Lunar Eclipse on September 27th @4Ari40 and is thought to have esoteric or even prophetic vibes attached (tap or click to view the horoscope with details.)

Well, it's quite a full month As Above and Below--and that's not counting the dire financial and other predictions being made about September 2015 especially after the steep decline of the stock market on Friday. Is is time once again for The Fed and Wall Street gentry to work their economy-crashing voo doo?

Be that as it may, here's a view with of the natal horoscope and a brief bio of Pope Francis I if you're curious or haven't seen it with his Sun in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker and the foreign traveler, and Moon in humanitarian Aquarius, sign of The Water Bearer, a socially concerned blend with high ideals and a tolerant temperament. If he's managed to genuinely retain such kind-hearted traits and sentiments may not go over very well with Republican congress members of the Ayn Rand persuasion. Before the Pope speaks, maybe right-wingers will suddenly remember they have other engagements to fly off to!

But really, they can't since Speaker John Boehner wrote to Pope Francis last March inviting him to address a Joint Session of Congress and as a result the Pope is to speak on September 24, 2015 at 9:15 am edt--one day after Autumn Equinox and one day prior to Pluto's Direct turn.

In fact, in the horoscope of the Pope's September 24th address, Pluto is stationing @12Cap58 ('13Cap' = "A Fire Worshiper".) Notably in Mundane Astrology, as a single planet, Pluto can play the role of 'Pope' and I won't tell you how I know, but there will be some play acting afoot. I believe topics in the news may relate to issues around the time of the Solar Eclipse @00Gemini (conjunct starry Alcyone of the turbulent Pleiades constellation--themes: mystical but judgmental; something to cry about) which manifested on May 20, 2012 in the 14 South Saros Series. 14S themes include: 'an obsessive idea is finally accepted; a long awaited breakthrough; success' due to its Mercury-Pluto content. Curiously, September 24th's stationary Pluto conjoins the Pope's natal Mercury, planet of speeches and the delivery of messages.

Possibly Related Reading: LBJ's War on Poverty: 1964 v 2014 Planets and of course, there's this from 2010: Washington DC a 'New Rome'? Altair the Eagle Says Yes!.


Jul 4, 2015

Summer 2015: a Starry Summer Triangle, Pluto's historic flyby - Cosmic Pursuits (plus, astro-notes)

Cosmic Pursuits, Brian Ventrudo's excellent astronomy website and newsletter, gives us a heads-up on the brilliant Summer Triangle of stars Vega, Altair, and Deneb (Adige) with double star Albireo twinkling colorfully in the triangle's center.

Of course, depending on your vantage point, the trio may be called the Winter Triangle!

Now let's consider a little astrology concerning Vega (Alpha Lyrae, the Lyre of Orpheus in the Lyra constellation), Altair (Alpha Aquilae, constellation Aquila, the Eagle), and Deneb in constellation Cygnus the Swan, with Deneb (Alpha Cygnus) as its tail.

Among others, these stars have appeared here on Stars Over Washington in previous posts, some of which are linked below or are searchable via the sidebar Search field by name, or try 'fixed stars' if you dare.

Keywords and themes for Vega (or, Wega) include magic, mysticism, other-worldliness, and charisma. As with all stars that are prominent in a horoscope, Vega's expression depends upon the planet/s or chart angles it is linked to by conjunction, opposition, or by paran (rising, culminating, setting with, etc.) Artistry is indicated either positively as in the Arts, or negatively as in criminal activities; plus, its connection to the Lyre of Orpheus provides a magical divine spells implication along with musical talent. Leadership ability and social awareness may also be noted with Vega but a caution is to avoid pretentiousness.

Keywords and themes for Altair include boldness, dogged determination, and achievement through risk-taking. Altair is a masculine star of strength and action that is taken--not just for the self, but for others when its energy is positively directed. Yet its swift and bold action traits may also express themselves with rashness and excessive aggression as we see by the eagle symbols of the Roman Empire and the American Empire acting under a foolhardy urge to conquer, vanquish, devour, and/or control. Still, a planetary or angular link with Altair promises high honors and preferment though they may be temporary (as with everything other earthly thing, This too shall pass).

With starry Deneb we find keywords and themes of the willingness to become aware, mystical or transcendental qualities or interests, spirituality and the inner journey, and the shamanistic legend of the World Egg. Deneb prominent in a horoscope bestows intelligence, artistic talent, and scientific ability. In addition, there is a duality surrounding Deneb for it can express both the strength and the aggression of a swan, one of the more vicious guardians of the animal kingdom--the "strong fighting bird and the swan-god"!

Popular Pluto To Have Professional Photos Taken!

Then for discerning Pluto fans, this summer marks the planet's (okay, dwarf planet's) historic flyby 'rendezvous' with NASA's New Horizons spacecraft set for July 14th which puts everyone in mind of another historic flyby of distant Neptune and its moon Triton by Voyager 2 in 1989 (see video recreation, below). On July 14, 2015 Pluto Rx will fall upon its current zodiacal degree of 14 Capricorn and some minutes--still within orb of US natal Sun (13Can19) which conjoins Egyptian goddess star, Sirius (The Scorcher) and Canopus (the navigator or pathfinder).

#Neptune #Triton #Voyager2 #NASA #Pluto #NewHorizons

Astrology of 1989 vs 2015: Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto

Voyager 2's closest encounter with Neptune and Triton occurred on August 25, 1989 (yes, Taylor Swift's birth year and album title) when Neptune was at 9Cap48 in the Tropical Zodiac. Perhaps you recognize 1989 as the year of the last Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune, a pair that has much to say in societal and political realms. Meeting three times through the year (March 3, June 24, November 13) in the degree range of 10 to 12 Capricorn, we note that transiting Pluto has very recently stomped on and around this degree of Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business, and remains within orb.

So if we use a 5-degree orb on either side of slow-moving Pluto we see that 4Cap to 14Cap is our focus though its powerful influence has been stronger while applying to the 9/10Cap area where gaseous Neptune floated on August 25, 1989. We have noted Pluto conjoining the Saturn-Neptune conjunction/s of 1989 in previous posts since its implications suit politicians and the corporatists who fund and direct them perfectly within the midpoint picture formed by this significant trio which includes these potentials:

Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: denial of responsibility by the guilty; fear of loss. (Tyl)

Naturally these potentials apply to both political parties in the US yet I think first of the GOP since 1989 implicates a Republican White House! Plus, America's ongoing socialism-communism-capitalism "debate" is found within the Saturn-Neptune duo as is secret or invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn), a description nearer the truth imho.

So when ancient Pluto has its close-up on July 14, 2015 and clocks in from our earthly vantage point at 14Cap, it qualifies as a Pluto-to-Neptune transit for society--ongoing since late November 2010. It marks a period of moral and religious issues such as abortion, mercy killing, executions and methods used, genetic engineering, GMO food contamination, chemically eroded health, racial and minority prejudices acted out, social welfare programs, workers' and Civil Rights as power and control slowly erode via unseen forces--or are seen to be only illusions and delusions.

Several other social concerns of the 1989 era still need to be addressed such as environmental degradation (Earth Day was revived in 1990), climate change, oil spills (now add coal ash leaks, bad water quality, and fracking), droughts and floods, 'mysterious' fish and bird kills, whale beachings, shark attacks, election irregularities, uranium and plutonium leaks, revolutions, conflicts, and topplings of government leaders across the globe along with the Fall of the Berlin Wall (and of Communism) which at the time seemed to justify America claiming victory in the 'Cold War' (which some say has returned). You can think of more examples, I'm certain.

Yet many if not all of these events were and are staged by those who profit from the wars and revolutions they take none of the blame for (denial of guilt) so let us note that on a deeper level the Pluto-to-Neptune transit indicates political, economic, and physical power struggles that actually have as their foundation uplifting spiritual ideals that identify the Collective's deep thirst for honesty, compassion, and clear-eyed solutions instead of the charlatanism, fraud, corruption, and propaganda we and Mother Earth continue to endure and accept at our peril.

Dec 6, 2011

Horoscope: Winter Solstice 2011

Winter Solstice 2011: Sun SQ Uranus, Pluto oppo US natal Jupiter

by Jude Cowell

Before Winter Solstice on Thursday December 22, 2011, when the Sun reaches 00 degrees Capricorn, ancient sign of The Mer Goat, there occurs a Lunar Eclipse on December 10, 2011 @ 18Gem11 (horoscope shown.)

By December 22, the Moon will be in Scorpio and approaching its Inaugural 2009 crisis degree of 29Sco45--our financial troubles continue. Here you see the Winter Solstice Moon in 2nd house in the chart set for the White House (fluctuations in finances), and with the Jupiter/Saturn opposition poised upon the 2/8 money axis, we may expect Capitol Hill's ideology-driven expansion v restriction/generosity v austerity arguments to continue during winter season 2011/2012 as certain entities work to dismantle America, and politicians pretend they're unaware of this long term, traitorous project.

As you see (click chart to enlarge), the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 2Sag25 sits upon Winter Solstice 2011's 3rd cusp of Communications in DC--this 'peculiar turn of events' eclipse timed the 'Super Committee' which "failed" as most people expected it would. Personally, I think it did what the powers-that-be wanted it to do but that topic is beyond the scope of this post but one reason I say this is that setting up a 'Super Congress' undermined the US Congress and its oversight function.

Here's a post showing both the Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse horoscopes of November 25 and December 10, 2011.

Stumbling Beyond December 16, 2011

Between December 10 and 22, lies December 16, 2011, when another Capitol Hill government shutdown reality show potentially looms for public appreciation (and meant to weaken the US government further.)

Then today, President Obama speaks in Kansas in an attempt to echo a famous and important speech delivered by Teddy Roosevelt. But as you know, present presidents courting comparisons with past presidents is always an iffy political risk!

Horoscope shown: Winter Solstice December 22, 2011 12:30 am est White House, Washington DC; it's an Hour of feisty Mars at crisis degree (17Vir) and working busily in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions.

This may describe President Obama's health care legislation (Virgo) as a continuing target of his martian opponents on either side of the aisle.

No planets are out-of-bounds so all actors (planets) are on the earthly plane and participating in their various ways; it's a Balsamic phase of the Moon (326:01) when things can go bump in the night and often do. It's possible that a hidden Mars in 12th H is up to no good in the house of Politics.

However, Mercury makes no aspects at all to any planets in the chart so its position in one of its natural houses (3rd) emphasizes mercurial pursuits such as messages, speeches, and transport, along with its sign placement--here, in Detriment in expansive, broad-viewing Sagittarius. Hopefully, our soldiers will return from abroad as safely as possible.

The presence of America's natal Saturn 14Lib48 and Neptune 22Vir25 (conjunct President Obama's natal Mars) snugged around the Solstice 2011 ASC gives a midpoint picture of some concern: Sat/Nep = ASC: limitation of freedom; oppressive circumstances; depression.

Chart-ruler Venus 1AQ48 is in 4th H (Real Estate; the Homeland; Environment; 4/10 is the Security/Career axis) conjunct Fixed Star Altair (the Eagle--the Sun rises with Altair at this time of year) and near US Inaugural Sun 00AQ+--the president.

The midpoint of the Robber Baron planets, Neptune and Pluto, conjoins and veils Venus and the president along with the plutocrats' midpoint, Pluto/Chiron @ 4AQ14. Venus rules 1st H and 8th H of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Taxes, and rules Jupiter Rx, here at a degree of violence--Hitler's 'trigger degree' (his natal Sun.)

Then Jupiter's Direct Station occurs on Christmas Day 2011...will holiday consumer sales pull a large enough rabbit out of America's financial hat?

For a clue about how things will proceed in America from Winter Solstice 2011, we look to any applying aspects of chart-ruler Venus:

1. Venus sesquisquare Mars (0A34; 135 degr, a complex, interlaced square--octile = 8) indicates intense, dynamic interaction between them--between the White House and activist Mars, frustrated in Virgo, and active in the Behind-the-Scenes 12th H.

On one level, the Pentagon and US military are described here by warring Mars in the house of Large Institutions; protesters such as those in the Occupy DC movement may also be denoted and show the complex relationship between the democratic forces of the 99% Movement and the president's political considerations and limitations; secret enemies are also indicated by a 12th H Mars; along with equipment breakdowns.

The Venus/Mars aspect shows that concessions are expected by and from both sides and clever tactics will be used to have one's way; provocation in order to blame others for problems will continue to be part of the tiresome Capitol Hill Theater presentations which supposedly pass for congressional action these days. Simultaneoulsy, America's fabled invisible/secret government is rising (US Sat/Nep = ASC; Saturn = government; Neptune = secret/invisible.)

2. The only other applying aspect made by Venus is a trine (2A57) to the Ascendant 4Lib45 which shows harmony between Venus (and the president) with our secret government entities (US Saturn/Neptune = ASC.)

Plus, wealthy Pluto 6Cap58, planet of secret manipulation, sabotage, foreign bankers and cabalists is at the Foundation of the Solstice 2011 horoscope--it's the closest planet to an angle, in fact, and thus prominent. Pluto's transformation and destructuring of our country continues to undergird the basic problems we face with Mars and Pluto ruling 2nd H of Values and Earning Ability bwo Scorpio on 2nd cusp; the plutonian EU debt crisis affects America's bottom line (4th H) and the world's hopes for recovery.

(This Pluto action opposing US natal Jupiter 5Can56--here, at MC--may indicate a cutting of war costs but so far I've not taken seriously the proposed scaling back of US war expenses by war profiteers who control our government from the Pentagon but are puppeteered from central banks such as the Bank of England. It puts the stand-off between transiting Pluto in Capricorn on display at MC through US natal Jupiter with its power struggle indications and lack of financial progress as bossy 'Mr. Hades', god of the Underworld of Crime stands in the way of our financial success.)

What's Rising in First House? And Where Is Fraudulent Neptune?

Saturn in 1st H (plus, US natal Saturn rising) shows limiting, inhibiting conditions and many delays with a potential for losses; since Saturn here is ruled by Venus, issues of deflation/inflation/stagnation are on our 2011/2012 menu. Plus, as you see, nebulous Neptune remains within orb of US natal Moon with its sense of rootlessness, foreclosure and homeless conditions, and Fraud to The People. Floods, other natural disasters, and water-gas-oil-related matters remain potentials as well.

(Note: Saturn's link to loss is karmic but is only for gains that were garnered through fraudulent means or too-easy efforts such as lucky Jupiter usually brings. Those who honor Saturn's lessons of responsible actions, accountability, honesty, conservation, and caution are usually spared the worst of Saturn's restrictions.)

However, in spite of it all, the star of our Solstice Show, Sun 00Cap00:00, trines fortunate Jupiter, an aspect which may aid matters since such enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence can lead to breakthroughs of good fortune. And everyone knows that the NYSE depends on confidence! However, a Sun/Jupiter trine doesn't seek challenges and may even be lazy yet this energy can provide a boost to those who do seek or work with challenges and may harmoniously improve relationships--and the 1st house Saturn, exalted and strong in Libra, may provide strength for this easy (lazy!) aspect to manifest improvements especially in the action-oriented Cardinal signs of Capricorn and Taurus.

Interestingly, a more wavering Water Sun/Jupiter trine appears in the natal horoscope of 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney (Scorpio/Pisces.) Here's what I previously wrote about this don't-challenge-me aspect in Romney's natal chart:

"Wealth indicator, the Sun/Jupiter trine, helps with public relations as well for optimism always 'sells' in America yet the aspect indicates a certain apathy with a desire for only moderate demands to be made upon his time and freedom. Can a White House schedule provide him this?"

Read more on Mitt Romney if you wish.

Uranus square Pluto's Upheaval Potential Upped by Sun/Uranus

Obviously, the energies of the Sun/Uranus square at Cardinal Points of world manifestation tell a tale of self-willedness, eccentricity, authority issues, and perhaps unprincipled behavior; plus, a strong desire for power is noted--and a Sun/Uranus square is also found in the natal horoscope of Mitt Romney!

Dynamic Planetary Patterns

A major T-Square is set up between societal planets Jupiter and Saturn which points to evaluating Venus (and the presidential Sun) which creates the following midpoint pictures--all, any, or none of these potentials may apply:

Jupiter/Saturn = Venus: discontent; a lack of endurance or tenaciousness (an accusation already heard concerning Obama's lackadaisical 'advocacy' on behalf of America's Middle and Working classes--jc); changing fortunes; a touch of reserve (the Fed? jc); jealousy due to social recognition given to others. (All mdpt pics: Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey.)

Now who do we know that could be jealous of a Democratic presidency? ;p

A second T-Square is visible between Pluto @ IC, MC (conj US n Jupiter), and ASC:

Pluto/MC = ASC: procuring an important position of recognition no matter the conditions; a person of fame.

Substitute US n Jupiter for MC and we have Big Banking boiling on the hob:

Jupiter/Pluto = ASC: far-sightedness; prudence (in DC?!! jc); organizing talent; a desire for power; personal advancement; focusing on how to use and discard other people; added self-importance; ego definition; reading the intentions of others especially if they seek power.

Well, I for one, am an American who does not 'seek power' so if politicians want to 'read my intentions' they have only to consider that America is my only nag in the race--a race that many actors in Washington are determined to handicap until our nation, government, and social safety net are dismantled and we cry out in unison for a 'New World Order' of totalitarianism and feudalism.

The last planetary pattern is a 'Grand Cross' marked by dotted lines--I've placed it in brackets because it only contains two planets with two chart angles at which to manifest--between Sun, Uranus, ASC, and MC. Even if we don't wish to call this a Grand Cross, the pattern sets up several midpoint pictures with which I shall close this post:

Sun/MC = Uranus: revolutionaries, rebels, anarchists; a sudden change of objectives; inner conflicts; on-the-job training.

Pluto/MC = Uranus: indefatigability; endurance; a sudden attainment of aims with irresistible power; unexpected occupational changes (Occupiers? jc)

Sun/MC = ASC: increased need for honesty about how to help the lives of others; associations.

Sun/US n Jupiter = Uranus: speculation; gambling; a sudden turn or success.

Sun/US n Jupiter = ASC: devotion to social aspirations; shared success; meetings.

And the transiting midpoint of Jupiter and Neptune (speculators, wastrels, grand schemers), the planetary duo describing the Obama administration due to their Great Conjunctions all through 2009 which conjoined US natal Moon in Aquarius--continues to point to Uranus at Aries Point ('Utopians'--Ebertin) so I'll add the mdpt picture one more time...

Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: imagination v reality; sudden recognition of a difficult situation; coming down to earth with a bump.

And that bump may occur during the Moon's darkened Balsamic phase here denoted in the Horoscope of Winter Solstice 2011. Considering the rampant fraud in Washington DC, on Wall Street, and elsewhere, can new scandals and leaks be very far behind?


As always, you are cordially invited to leave your on-topic opinions and remarks in a Comment!

Be advised that all spam is moderated and deleted.


UPDATE 5:18 pm est: just puiblished, a sister post concerning Winter Solstice 2011's
Sun Cap/Moon Scorpio blend of energies.

Today, December 6, 2011, is a National Day of Action called for by Occupy Wall Street--foreclosed homes will be occupied in attempt to save homeowners and families, including in the suburbs. Thank You, Occupiers! jc

Progressive sites and issues of interest:

Thom Hartmann, Move to Amend (sign the petition refuting the undemocratic Citizens United ruling of the Supreme Court in Jan 2010), Democracy Now!, and Max Igan's The Crow House where you may wish to read about Trust Law...because We-the-People ARE the law!

Jan 24, 2011

Chomsky: Peak Oil, Climate Change, Tea Partisans (video)

For rational, realistic perspectives on Global Warming (aka, Climate Change) and Peak Oil, try this 20 minute 4 second video first broadcast on January 3, 2011 by The Nation magazine. For me, it's a birthday present I'm just now receiving! A Solar Eclipse for a birthday gift was nice, too. So far.

Anyway, Noam Chomsky, Greg Palast, and others offer reasoned views on the important matters at hand - which are closer than they appear in the rear view mirror. You know - the problems the public sector continually diverts the private public's attention from and toward a brighter if frothy spotlight. Closer investigation can mean accountability for perpetrators being levied and of course they do not want that.

When slick legal eagles inserted into settlements the paying out while "not admitting guilt" clause into our legal process of crime and punishment, they let the crooks off the hooks while a big, fat, PR campaign was mounted and designed to ensure that criminals survive to make money another day. Racketeering. Gangsterism...nothing is too low to go if it nets fortunes.

Real World Busy Around My Mars Return (now)

Yet obviously, my traditional rule must still apply: wherever Washington politicians say to, Look! always look in an opposite direction to see what they're really concentrating their devious energies upon. And reveal it if you know it.

Free Bradley Manning

Astrology describes, "The desire to harm or damage others without their being aware of it" which is a base instinct running rampant across the globe, expressing loudly in all populations. It's a spirit, the devouring spirit, like a wolf lying in wait for the unwary. And the wolf's allegiance is his own. No compassion for humankind there...


Blogging transmission nearing end...if you haven't, please watch the video presentation above. When Saturn conjoined US natal Neptune recently, it gave we-the-people the authority to ask those in control the proper, to-the-point questions, and not just the diverting ones meant to lead public opinion astray to tastier matters. In Business and Politics, question "reframing" is a biggie these days as they attempt to keep certain topics out of their public appearances and thus out of public consciousness - from photo op and presser to official interview.

Propaganda notwithstanding, it behooves us all to consider Peak Oil and Climate Change issues now for Gaia is fading fast. Gardens For Our Children? Protect Mode required to maintain civilization though some changes will be unavoidable. Adaptability is invaluable.

Here's the Raw Story from whence I originally found the above video though you may have seen it elsewhere.

Politics Ugly

Professor Chomsky mentions some interesting things about the Republican Party and the Tea Partisans who won Congress in Nov 2010, a maverick bunch of out-of-towners who'll find DC morphing them into hideous shapes well before institutionalized capitalism + statism = fascism is polished into our Founders' Ideal (Uranus in Gemini) by little erstwhile them.

Yes, Astrology and Alchemy work simultaneously in both directions but my money is on the heavy-as*ed party leadership in DC, that which bows to the global elite's over-arching agenda.

Those vipers we nurture too well.

Inspires me to take another look at America's Scorpio rising chart which is good for high finance concerns, spying agencies, other underworld considerations, and the handed-down-through-the-generations Scorpio the Eagle (Altair) visions enjoyed and acted upon by the high fliers of Washington DC. Quite the actor, President Barack Obama's natal Neptune 8Sco+ conjoins the US Scorpio Ascendant.

In spite of the universal karmic principle of reaping what was sown and all common sense, should America let the eagle and the drone soar some more?

Jan 9, 2011

Horror in Tucson, plus the Spring EQ 2011 Horoscope

Though we're now in the Winter Solstice 2010 season with its rare Lunar Eclipse (both at crisis or critical degrees which presaged Saturday's Horror in Tucson), recent events in the political realm such as the time and money wasting 112th Congress opening on January 5, 2011, the mystery of thousands of dead birds and other animals, Phosgene and the possibly related murder of bio-weapons expert John Wheeler, and yesterday's *vicious attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Judge John Roll, and several others in Tucson maimed and murdered, I feel inspired to look past winter toward Spring Equinox 2011 for perhaps a ray of light after winter's dark times.

Fox News abruptly cuts away from Tucson vigil after mourner mentions Sarah Palin describes the 112th Congress at its inception and the ugliness at its vitriolic, win-at-any-cost core. Having the right to own a gun in America gives no one the right to shoot people, even and including politicians. Ballots not bullets is a handy political slogan but using bullets if ballots don't work is incitement to violence and tells the American political tale as of yesterday, if it didn't before - deleted tweets notwithstanding.

Well, Spring as a season always engenders Hope springing eternal and a brighter day, so here you see its horoscope (click to enlarge) with a few basic details scribbled upon it:

Chart: Spring Equinox March 20, 2011 7:20:50 pm edt Washington, DC; Sun and Saturn exalted, and a 'Grand Cross' pattern (highlighted in red) including Mc/Ic angles, and if you prefer, dissociate with the Nodal axis in Sag/Gemini, plus, the Cardinal ASC, and Sun/Uranus at Descendant.

ASC 1Lib03 brings US natal Midheaven to the fore (from our nation's Sibly natal chart Mc 00Lib43) and makes evaluating Venus spring's chart-ruler, and Venus rules 1st and 9th houses; lower left, you see listed the two applying aspects of Venus (how things will proceed): trine Moon 5A00, then conjunct Neptune 7A06.

1. A Moon/Venus trine indicates optimism, harmony, and honorable intentions and perhaps will bring improvement to America's status in the world (natal Mc), something we sorely need. Careers of the populace may benefit as well so this gives some support to what economic talking heads are saying now: improvement in levels of hiring in 2011 (though many positions may be temporary or consulting - better than nuthin', right?)

Plus, the Sun enters Aries with progressive Uranus in close conjunction, the Sun's only planetary aspect, which signifies powerful, decisive actions yet with unpredictability, eccentricity, and possibly occultism involved at this, an Hour of Jupiter 12Ari27. Sun rules 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, Groups, and Associations.

However, '12Ari' is a crisis/critical degree with financial implications (moneybags Jupiter has his natural sign Sagittarius intercepted in 3rd house, and also rules mystic Pisces on the 6th cusp; Pisces is a military sign, 6th house is the realm of military and police services along with Work in general, and Health.) Disturbingly, Jupiter's Sabian Symbol for '12Ari' = "A Flock of Wild Geese" which may relate to the mystery of global bird and fish deaths; round up to '13Ari' and we get "A Failed Bomb Explosion" which may be literal, figurative, or both but a least it's "failed."

2. Chart-ruler Venus' other applying aspect is a dreamy, illusory conjunction with Neptune, bringer of inspiration and spirituality, but also of fraud, deception, disillusion, dissolution, and loss. Plus, negative escapism is one of Neptune's favorite of ways of (not) dealing with difficult issues and one thinks of the so-called 'drug wars' going on in Mexico and spilling into the US.

A Venus/Neptune conjunction brings more Pisces energy into the chart and at its best, indicates the highest form of spiritual love, healing ability, idealism, and a hypnotic power of attraction. Perhaps a new entertainer, film, artwork, or piece of music will capture the public imagination in a very big way this Spring, with vivid imagination and romance prominent. Yet there are indications with this aspect of impractical dreaming, deception, or of being a burden to others as well.

This conjunction may also indicate 'loss' (Neptune) of, by, or through a 'female' (Venus), and fraud involving smaller amounts of money may also be shown by this conjunction. Actually with Neptune's tiresomely long term conjunction to US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) - though not as close for Spring 2011 - we have a midpoint picture with US n Moon at apex...

Venus/Neptune = n Moon: being easily influenced or led by others; a dreamy nature; chaotic emotional lives; comforting those who delight in deceit; negative escapism (remember moderation, yall! jc); self-delusion; romantic notions; impracticality.

The Nodal axis lies near the Mc (SN)/Ic (NN) axis of Career and Home; with NN near Ic one hopes that homelessness in America is on someone's next-up agenda.

Disturbingly, powerful and sneaky Pluto is 'in the house' - the 4th house, the Basis of the Matter, and place of endings; Pluto is @ '8Cap' = "Birds in the House Singing Happily" which is perhaps another link to mysteriously dead birds; Pluto/NN opposes Mc so we have: Pluto/NN = Mc: one's future depends upon the actions of others; powerful associations which can cause career setbacks; learning and receiving assistance from important groups; associations with others are the sine qua non of success.

Destructuring and transformation of the Real Estate market is one implication of Pluto in 4th house with renovations and repairs indicated; our national who-owns-what-mortgages issues continue (Saturn Rx rules 4th cusp), and sad to say, plutonian spies may be afoot even more than before with high-level surveillance becoming more prominent in the news since Pluto also represents big publishers and the use of persuasive propaganda.

Now this is a Full Moon chart (Sun 197 degrees Moon) so something may have crescendoed or been fulfilled just prior to March 20 - the Sygyzy Moon (last lunation) is @ 28Vir48, here in 12th house of Karma, Politics, Large Institutions, and the Collective Unconscious. US natal Saturn 14Lib48 is the first US planet to rise in the chart which brings our exalted Libran Saturn and its Scales of Justice to the fore this spring.

Moon 17Lib26 is thankfully past depressive Saturn in 1st house and parallels Fixed Star Spica (potential for brilliance, but also The Spike) which hopefully shows more improvement in consumer confidence and our emotional state.

Yes, Saturn Rx in 1st house shows delays and loss yet Moon in 1st house is fortuitous - mixed portents. However, one of the bigger factors of note is the cyclic opposition between societal planets Jupiter and Saturn which influence the world's financial cycles. This pair's current cycle began on May 28, 2000 @ '23Tau' = " A Jewelry Shop Filled with Magnificent Gems", a hint of the many thieveries society has suffered since the New Millennium began....and we continue to suffer under complicit, enabling politicians who can't kowtow enough to Wall Street and the rest of the global crime syndicate of monarchs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and their minions.

Messenger, orator, and trader Mercury 18Ari17 in 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies, is ready for action in Aries and parallel (like a strong conjunction) Fixed Star Altair, the Eagle, a star associated with US ambitions for imperialistic domination and surveillance. Mercury/Jupiter contacts tend to expand thinking and plans while broadening horizons. These are not especially practical plans, however, and their contact promotes idealism, over promising, and even zealotry.

As you see, the midpoint of the plutocracy pair, Pluto/Chiron, sits directly upon 5th cusp of Gambling and Risk-Taking, and upon US natal South Node, too. This indicates the US falling back on old behaviors (SN) of disenfranchising those who can least afford to be harmed by Pluto/Chiron's Oil Can Harry attitude and actions. One thinks of April 15th as Tax Day when, thanks to recent legislation, the poorest among us are to be the only ones who will not benefit from the President's extension of tax cuts. Some compromise that tilts the financial hourglass even more toward the upper crust.

Testosterone-driven Mars, god of war, is in 6th house and rules 7th and 8th houses; Mr. Contentious is in militaristic Pisces as American wars continue; health issues of our returning soldiers remain critical with sacred warrior Chiron also in sympathetic Pisces. A Mars/Neptune (Neptune bwo Pisces) connection may describe infections, epidemics, poisons, gas, and/or travel over water.

Debt (8th house) and imprisonment concerns continue with Mars affecting 12th house, the polarity of its placement in 6th house.

All in all, the chart has many planets (actors) in the northern hemisphere showing many private issues of note to be addressed for Spring 2011. Only two planets are in the public sector (Mercury and Jupiter), and most of the initiative belongs not to America but to others with only two planets (Saturn and the Moon) in the eastern half of the chart from which we will operate this spring. America's Saturn Return is in full swing with issues of authority, responsibility, accountability, lack, delay, and loss on the US menu.

To close, here is a round-up of five prominent midpoint pictures in the chart which will flavor Spring 2011; look to the house positions of the apex planets to see where the midpoint energies play out along with associated house rulerships; the Saturn/Uranus picture with apex Pluto has been in effect prior and returns for a replay of its difficult energies:

Sun/Saturn = Pluto: elimination of pessimism or despair; disciplined people who want and attract power; overwhelming rigidity and inflexibility; an increased will to retaliate against others for slights; illness inhibits development; pressure to change one's entire value system.

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: upheaval to protect assets; rebellion; tremendous fear of loss; violence and brutality; harm through force majeure (war); a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts; concealing changes to activities; rigid inflexibility replaces adaptation.

(Note: both Sun/Saturn and Saturn/Uranus are quindecile - 165 degrees - an aspect of obsession-compulsion: Sun QD Saturn = obsessed with 'measuring up'; driven to prove oneself through ambition and accomplishment; can be cold and calculating; may assume authoritative role with others; can set goals and achieve them if focused. Saturn QD Uranus = driven toward breaking old, outdated concepts through use of innovative ideas; may disrupt governing systems; can break rules through defiance of law and order; benefit comes through societal changes for the betterment of mankind.) (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Mars/Jupiter = Sun: leadership; success; organizational talent; love of enterprise; resolutions to correct past errors; legal or religious defenses; strong determination toward objectives.

Mars/Jupiter = Uranus: ability to find the best political approaches during times of unrest; abrupt uses of of social forces; studying people's motivations; urge for freedom and independence; ambition; making sudden decisions; unexpected events within partnerships or business; active resistance to tutelage or guardianship.

Jupiter/Neptune = Mars: speculation; unreliability; being let down by others; plans without prospect; defiant reactions toward explanations about delays, confusion, or laxity in meeting obligations; strong idealism; a need for practical focus; the courage to defend one's explanations of reality. #

Well, I cannot possibly cover everything in one post so your courteous, on-topic comments and opinions are much appreciated. And tomorrow I shall add a few more details on Spring EQ 2011 on my Jude's Threshold blog because I'm too wumped out by this post to do it now. jc

(All Midpoints: Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl; as always, any, all, or none may apply and are subject to stimulation by transits and progressions.)


*One more word about the violence in Tucson and violence-touting political rhetoric in the US: to me it seems similar to what I've thought for years about the violent swill put into society by Hollywood studios and others: it isn't the normal among us most affected, for you and I can choose to watch horror, slasher, and other such films (and listen to violent rhetoric) till the cows come home and not act out in the least. It's what watching films or playing violent games does to the unbalanced among us who, often youthful, may view or listen thousands of times over until anti-social messages are drilled into their heads by people who chose to pander to the lowest common denominator in order to seek their fortunes.

Now I know the computer game industry has been used for years as a recruitment tool for the US military (a habit I decry) yet that and other 'entertainments' may also serve as violent stimuli toward action by the mentally and emotionally impaired among us. The 22-year-old shooter in Tucson seems at this early point to be a prime example of this sad dynamic. And the depleted state of the US mental health 'system' - seriously cut under the presidency of Ronald Reagan and others - is also at fault.

My sincere prayers are lifted up for Rep. Gifford's full recovery and for the other victims and their grieving families.

Meanwhile, some media types are high-mindedly calling once again for a time of soul-searching in America with which I agree. But imho, there are certain individuals in public life who need to search whatever consciences they may have, if they can find them, and perhaps reconsider and reign in their kingly, out-of-bounds political ambitions. Yet John Boehner's statement on the violence in Tucson sounded to me as if the GOP have no plans to back off their Machiavellian tactics after this next week when all votes in Congress are cancelled. But I do hope I'm wrong about that for the sake of America and for the future of America's children.

President Obama has called for a national Moment of Silence in honor and remembrance of Saturday's Tucson victims to be observed on Monday January 10, 2011 at 11:00 am est.

Aug 29, 2010

Washington DC a 'New Rome'? Altair the Eagle says, Yes

In my last post I wondered aloud if the world is any better off because the British Empire morphed into the American Empire. World populations still groan in pain under imperialistic oppression no matter its national origins or current moniker. And my deepest suspicion is that US-Brit political relations show a joining of empires more than is usually admitted in public although some inner conflicts between factions on each side of the Atlantic and ego games for control are in evidence.

Yet no real rift between us exists when it comes to global conquest.

In fact, puppet master Pluto of secret hand fame rises with Fixed Star Altair each March. The keywords for Altair (alpha Aquila) are: boldness and determination; exploration (Brady.)

So each US Inauguration Day since 1937, the Sun (leader) conjoins Altair at 00AQ+, and on January 20, 2009, Mercury Rx joined in on that degree. Oath-taking Mercury's Rx condition resulted, as you know, in President Obama's taking a second Oath of Office due to Justice Roberts' flubbing (Mercury) when administering #1.

It seems no accident to me that during FDR's administration the date for US presidential inaugurations was changed from early March (usually the 3rd or 4th) to January 20 - after all, to paraphrase FDR's famous quote: Nothing in politics happens by accident; if it happens you can be sure it was meant to happen.

Freemason F. D. Roosevelt would have known about the astrological differences of the date switch which was done purposefully. (Teddy R. was also an initiated Freemason.)

(FDR's admission about politics under girds many of my snarly remarks on this and other blogs concerning Politics as practiced in Washington, DC and the loss of hearing on Capitol Hill when it comes to the voices and preferences of we-the-people. Consider me permanently in a snit of miffdom over Washington politicians' sorriness and the ordinary US citizen's deplorable lack of representation.)

And since I've been intending for years now to post a dual view of FDR's Inaugurations 1933 and 1937, I shall do so below. Hopefully you can read the basic chart details by clicking to enlarge the image. Note the change of ASC degree and Sun degree and the changing Fixed Stars they highlight - 1933 vs 1937...the changes are no accident, as FDR might say (notwithstanding the thin justifications given for the date switch at the time. As you know, Freemasonry is big on Fixed Stars and on using Electional Astrology to time events such as cornerstone layings, speeches, wars, presidential inaugurations, etc.)

FDR Inaugurations 1933 (lower left) and 1937 (upper right.)

Now astrologers, hip to the use of the Roman symbolism of The Eagle as America's totem, often note the connection with the mystical sign of Scorpio and its eagle, scorpion, and phoenix archetypes representing various levels of evolution.

This may be one reason not to automatically jettison the use of the speculative Scorpio Rising chart as a natal horoscope for the US, imho, though I agree that a Sag Ascendant with Jupiter ruling has much merit given our nation's traditional optimism, expansion urges, and constant search for wealth and resources (even though they may belong to someone else.)

Capitol Hill named after Jupiter's Temple in Rome

The US natal horoscope I'm using is set for July 4, 1776 6:30 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA: ASC 29SAg43...'30Sag' = "The Pope Blessing the Faithful" which as you see describes another link between Washington, DC and Rome. And yes, there is a particular astrological reason I'm using the 6:30 pm chart which does just barely keep Jupiter as chart-ruler while having a crisis-ridden 29th degree on the ASC-DESC axis. You may have noticed that if America doesn't have a crisis situation or enemy to deal with, she always manages to find a few and make some others.

Then there's the much-touted "Manifest Destiny" which is one of Jupiter's calling cards, too, with its embedded superiority complex allegedly allowing our nation to do as it pleases, no matter the consequences, and against all odds - Jupiter's lucky chance/risk-taking function in play as we brazenly invade other nations.

My feeling is that the American War Machine's insistence on promoting endless war has been a dire result of that particularly American vision of US presidents and those who install them for world domination purposes, with terms such as New World, New Atlantis, one-world-government, New Order of the Ages, and the supposedly mild 'New Age' and 'Aquarian Age' as euphemisms for the New World Order of totalitarianism.

Plus, you don't get to be #1 in the Oval Office (egg-shaped = Venus, our Inaugural chart-ruler since 1937, hence the ruler of the Office of the President) without adhering to the Utopian vision which in the New Millennium is revealing its intended global reach and its true motivations. Did you really think as president that Barack Obama would or could be any different?

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better." (The Jupiter Mantra of Emile Coue.) That's until you've over-extended yourself and you're not.

Yes, even our national 'pursuit of happiness' falls under jolly Jupiter's sphere of influence - and US n Jupiter conjuncts n Venus closely (happiness and felicity!) and conjuncts n Sun by 7 degrees (ego inflation.) US n Mercury Rx is also in home-oriented Cancer so we tend to think and speak that way as well; our Mercury/Pluto opposition indicates plutonic control and manipulation of our thinking and communication functions...Pluto's propaganda has been used against us since our nation's founding or before.

I say 'before' because our national Mercury/Pluto cycle began with their conjunction on January 18, 1776 @ 26Cap32, our modern-day Inaugural Midheaven degree. The transiting and oppressive Pluto/Chiron midpoint conjoined the Jan 20, 2009 MC, and off and on goes ahead into Aquarius to conjunct US Inaugural Sun, the President!

'27Cap' = "Pilgrims Climbing the Steep Steps Leading to a Mountain Shrine"; keyword: UPREACHING (Rudhyar.)

This relates to the vision of the Pilgrims and to the floating capstone on the back of America's Great Seal and the US dollar bill with its Eye of Providence in place of a monarchical Sun emblem. Pyramid symbol = Mountain and perhaps we can discuss this later. Or have yourself a Google and a Bing and you won't need me. The Chymical Wedding may be a good starting place if you require one.

Now it's fairly unusual that I copy/paste another's text to such a degree as I am about to do with the info I've just found. You'll find a link to the text at the end of the author's text for your convenience.

George Washington envisioned a wooded area alongside the Potomac River as the new federal city. The highest hill in the area, Jenkins Heights, was then owned by Daniel Carroll. In 1663, the owner of this land had been Francis Pope. Pope's name for the high hill was "Rome", and he called the nearby waterway "the Tiber." [1]

Ancient Rome was a mere city which conquered the world. Although it apparently declined and fell, some say it did not fall but changed its form into the Roman Catholic Church and still dominates the world. Echoing this idea, science fiction writer Philip K. Dick theorized an enormous false memory imposed upon all humanity in which the last 2000 years of "history" never happened. According to Dick, author of the VALIS trilogy, we have been brainwashed by the Roman Empire to think we are living in what is really a totally false world. [2]

Read more of The Empire Never Ended.

There is a Vatican-Jesuit-Illuminati-Templar connection to our nation as well but it's beyond the scope of this spontaneously typed post.

Another wrinkle may be found in the Sabian Symbol for our presidential Sun @ '1AQ', as of 1937: "An Old Adobe Mission" = keyword: DURABILITY...

positive manifestation: effective breadth of vision and a respect-compelling depth of character;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: lack of ambition and blind adherence to superficialities. (Marc Edmund Jones.)

Dane Rudhyar gives '1AQ' as THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL and says it 'implies the "immortalization" of an individual within a great collective and cultural enterprise.'

The enterprise is a Utopian, secular America and the helming of it and the 'immortalization of an individual' relates to the presidential cult of personality we've been conditioned to be so fond of as the land of Sun (leader) worship, with revolutionary Uranus, the planet of individuality and independence, closely identified with our original patriot cause.

This word picture relates on a deeper level to Hermeticist and Dominican monk Tommaso Campanella (1568 - 1639) and his novel City of the Sun which tells of a Utopian society of 'Solarians' where all goods are held in common - including women who are not allowed to hold leadership positions. This is a form of theocracy that sets up an "ideal Solar civilization" and I have to say that America is the model vehicle for this so-called Utopia so far. Prior to 1776, Campanella's novel and its Solar ideas were well known to those who seeded the founding of the New World. Old world kings ruled under the symbol of the life-giving Sun.

Here I refer you to the excellent book The Secret History of the West by Nicholas Hagger from which I quote; paperback, page 224 details Freemasonry and (Sir) Francis Bacon's influence upon our founding:

"At Bacon's instigation towards the end of the 16th century distinguished people who were not builders were admitted into the fraternity (often to help with funding) and were called "Accepted" Masons. They received the secret universal knowledge of the oneness and brotherhood of mankind and the Secret Doctrine of the Ages that America would become a Utopian New Atlantis and create a better world in which humanity would be deified. In this paradise, men would follow a religion of reason and become gods and work for a universal world republic that would replicate the Utopian conditions in Atlantis throughout the world. Meanwhile the secret knowledge would be passed on from generation to generation in the Freemason's Temple."

Note that human beings are to stand in God's place in this society. Or so they think. Yet in the 1790s, its chaotic principles of 'reason' didn't work so well in France, did they? I think our Thomas Jefferson just fanned himself in his grave.

Bacon, Hagger notes, is considered the founder of English Freemasonry and of the Rosicrucian Order; a Rosicrucian code decipher was found in the effects of Thomas Jefferson after his demise. Hagger also states that Bacon believed that English colonization of the New World would result in the New Atlantis as a Utopian society.

And Washington DC remains the legendary 'Shining City on a Hill' for Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr said so as have others. Senator Ted Kennedy made this statement during the confirmation hearings for John Roberts:

"From the start, America was summoned to be a shining city on a hill. But each generation must keep building that city."

"Summoned"? How very esoteric of him! And one assumes that Justice Roberts is part of the vision's implementation and wouldn't sit where he sits if he weren't.

Actually, 'Shining City on a Hill' is one of John Winthrop's ideas, a Pilgrims' vision (if you click, be aware that some propaganda may apply on the site.)

Well, after all my grousing today I shall merely suggest that the current condition of the United States of America either confirms or denies the intelligence and the prudence of such a far-seeing endeavor especially now that Jupiter the General is leading the way, ignoring national borders and sovereignties, and bankrupting our nation while we-the-people's needs are considered 'too costly' by our Jupiterian Capitol Hill crew. (The Bush-Cheney-Obama TARP money was surreptitiously sent to foreign banks, remember.)

So congratulations! For if you've slogged through and read this far you now know much of what I think about these topics. But what do you think?

Jul 7, 2009

G8 Summit in L'Aquila, Italy 7.7.09

There are many things we common folk might say about the current G8 Summit which began today in L'Aquila, Italy, such as: stop engineering a world economic crash, delete your one-world-government plans, get over your big selves, ixnay on the audfray, and much more.

L'Aquila means 'the eagle' as you know, and the city's history of earthquakes has caused an airlift emergency plan for world leaders' safety to be put in place. We wouldn't want to risk a scratch upon such precious and secretive chinny chin chins, now would we?

The constellation Aquila is interesting because of its Alpha star, Altair, which soars and spies high above the rest of us mortals. And of course, the Eagle is America's totem as well as L'Aquila's symbol on her flag - click Wiki link above to view its beakiness.

Altair's keywords are: boldness, action, and determination. (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

Ptolemy said the stars of Aquila are of the nature of Mars and Jupiter; Robson gives keywords: ability to rise in life, boldness, and courage, but with possible guilt from bloodshed. Mmm.

Ms. Brady adds that Altair indicates actions taken for the collective, and that the ability to achieve is linked with risk-taking and a dogged determination. (America's mercurial president flew (Mercury) abroad this week in tandem with the zodical position of Fixed Star, Sirius, the Dog Star, the announcer.) When I see "risk-taking" I tend to think of gambling and power elites certainly do that on a regular basis with everyone elses' lives and fortunes.

As both readers of this blog know, a major thread here has been that the ends do not justify the means, not even for Machiavellians, so the majority of these G8 fellas and gals are not my cuppa tea in the least believing as I do that they will do anything it takes to grasp and keep their power. Yet these heads of state represent only the public faces of a deeply veiled cabal calling the shots - all kinds of shots.

Now you may disagree - or you may be tres naive. Wouldn't I love to be wrong about these power-mad jokers? But you feel their interference in your life, don't you? Do you feel them manufacturing a world economic collapse so they can rebuild systems to their own specifications?

Well, look! Here's Pope John Paul II, in his New Year's Day mass of 2004, calling for a New World Order!

Guess he was preparing the way a little more clearly since it's been a very long process, you know, and power elites don't know how to give up.

So this particular G8 2009 is marked by today's Lunar Eclipse 15Cap24 which impacts Pluto 17Can05 in natal 11th house of Groups/Associations in the Vatican City's 1929 chart. Nearby is 19Can33, Pluto's Heliocentric North Node which is one reason why I think '19Can' turns up often in charts that map assassinations, murders, and other violent events or people - it's a sensitized degree for plutonian mayhems including nuclear events or projects.

(Vatican City June 7, 1929, Rome, Italy 11:00 am; from historical record and found in Celeste Teal's book, Eclipses...see sidebar; chart marks VC's independence as granted by Mussolini. There's another Lunar Eclipse on August 5, 2009 which emphasizes VC's natal Mars 14Leo10 in 12th house. Will there be more unveilings (12th house) of bad actions (Mars) by priests?)

L'Aquila Or Bust

As you'll read if you click the Wiki link above, the city of L'Aquila was constructed by Frederick II as a 'bulwark against the power of the papacy.'

Yet in Politics, allegiances often change in the bat of an eyelash or the breaking of a treaty, don't they? What will 2009's G8 in L'Aquila turn out to be a bulwark against, if anything?

And here's my wondering about yesterday's speeches by Presidents Obama and Medvedev in a gold-encrusted hall that I assume is located in the Kremlin: did you notice the Illuminati/Apollo sun-god theme over their heads - the huge sunburst symbol? Just wondering if you noted it. I did.