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Jul 23, 2009

Obama's healthcare presser 7.22.09: the stars don't lie

President Obama says that the "stars are aligned" now for health care reform.

Well, I wondered after peeking at last evening's horoscope of his presser on health care reform whether someone was using an astrologer to tell him when not to speak on the subject.

At 8:00 pm edt in DC last evening 23Cap33 was rising with North Node 00AQ13 in First House - pretty good to have NN in 1st house until you look at the South Node conjunct Sun 00Leo18 in 7th house. Mercury 10Leo12 and Moon 12 Leo57 (conjunct Mr. Obama's natal Sun) were also posited in 7th house.

The Sun/SN conjunction is 2 degrees from the president's orating Mercury 2Leo20.

America's out-of-bounds Pluto 27Cap33 Rx (in natal 2nd house of our Sibly chart) is rising, too, with its secret hand implications in tow. The White House is having secret meetings today with the top health care industry players, perhaps to adjust an attitude or two since the presser's Pluto 1Cap16 Rx (conjunct the karmic 12th cusp at 8:00 pm - same old obstacles) was inconjunct Sun/SN 00Leo13/18 in 7th house. Inconjuncts (aka quincunxes; 150 degr) are aspects of adjustment - it's the 'square peg in the round hole' aspect.

Some heavyweight midpoints were rising, too, at 8:00 pm, all conjunct in Capricorn: Big Bankers Jupiter/Pluto, Neptune/Pluto (signature of the Robber Barons), and Pluto/Chiron, duo of violence, oppression, racism, fascism, class warfare, and corporatism (among other anti-social things.)

You've noted I'm sure that NN 00AQ13 is pointing in the direction of US Inaugural Sun and, in 2009, toward Inaugural Mercury Rx. A presidential term that is signified by a retrograde Mercury bodes trouble in the plan and communication departments, and things must be reviewed constantly. Even presidential oaths must be retaken.

The 2009 Inaugural Moon 29Sco45 being void-of-course on Jan 20, noon, DC, indicates that this presidency won't work out as planned, or will bring results quite different from what was expected...if they were meant to work out at all.

In 7th house is the doctors' asteroid, Aesculapia 25Leo04, opposing the 'grand schemes and speculations' duo, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, with health-related Chiron between them; all three are Rx in 1st house.

8:00 pm edt last evening was during a Mars Hour which is good for taking action - and as you know, Mr. Obama stressed once again that in Washington, inertia is the default position. But what a grouping around Mars 7Gem35 in the 4th house, the Foundation of the chart and of the matter!

Here's the list in order of degrees in Gemini: Pan 6:41, a trickster element associated with the ancient sign of Capricorn; Mars 7:35; Nemesis 7:54, the unbeatable foe; divine retribution ; and gold-hoarding Midas 8:35. Mars is unaspected in this chart so his sign, degree, house placement, and anything conjoined to him takes precedence as he acts on his own.

And Gemini is the sign of duplicity, as you know, or multiplicity.

The Moon began at 8 pm conjunct asteroid Siva the creator/destroyer, but at 9:00 pm the Moon reached asteroid, Panacea, with its health connection as a soothing agent. Perhaps the people (Moon) felt better at the end of the presser. Personally I'd had enough, so I avoided it studiously, preferring DVDs of the second season of Mad Men. (So actually I'm only looking at the chart of the presser.)

At Mc (The Goal) sat Hidalgo 15Sco01, one of the power asteroids, but he's retrograde; at Ic is Terpsichore 15Tau55, which I tend to use in mundane work as a significator of 'the orchestrator.' Taurus, one of the money signs, is the hoarder of the zodiac; another shadow side trait of Taurus is intolerance, a character flaw which I believe plutocrats are rotten with.

Chart-ruler Saturn 18Vir27, is in 8th house of Shared Resources, Insurance, Credit, Debt, Big Finances, etc, so money was the theme. Saturn has the happy circumstance of trining the ASC 23Cap33, and is not Rx, so that's good. Saturn = Democrats, so perhaps the Blue Dogs will get hold of their own tails long enough to vote with their party, the dunces. Saturn in 8th squares Venus 19Gem39 in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling, another indicator of money difficulties with the funding of this issue.

With Sun at 00Leo18, this is the un-birthday of the president - Sun opposes the Inaugural Sun, a time when one's direction should be reviewed and changes of plan made if things aren't working out as you intended 6 months before; in this case, on Jan 20, 2009.

And with 2009 Inaugural Mercury being opposed by the Sun last evening, we see that it's also a time when frustrations befall, and movement is hampered. Sales and other business transactions go slowly and are criticized, and lack of careful planning catches up. Bad timing is an issue and I think last evening's presser on health care reform, unfortunately for the American people, is such a case.

No, Sun opposite Mercury is not a time to force issues even if it has been several decades of false promises and aborted attempts, so if an astrologer picked the presser's time and date, last night was not the best - unless things weren't supposed to work out! Perhaps it was a case of desperation on the president's part, and he did wait until after July 21's Solar Eclipse to speak out.

Yet his statement that, "The stars are aligned" makes no sense to me at this juncture and the only way I can synthesize the mess is that health care reform was a campaign promise that Mr. Obama may have had no intention (Inaugural 2009 VOC Moon; Mercury Rx) of implementing at the expense of messing with the bottom lines of his fat cat friends in the health care industry. Or perhaps they have pulled him up short!

Hope I'm totally wrong though. Still, you know what they say which applies especially to politicians: the stars never lie. But the people under them do.


Update 7.23.09 1:00 pm edt: the GOP is really on the warpath today against healthcare reform and they're sounding desperate to protect their assets as they float the propaganda that healthcare reform is unAmerican. Bwa ha ha, that old chestnut again!

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