Jul 25, 2009

Ron Paul on Global Banking and the NWO: video

This video is a hodge podge of various speakers, mainly Rep. Ron Paul (one statement from his younger days) on the emerging New World Order and the roles of international bankers and the United Nations; UK PM Gordon Brown appears as well, as do Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and others.

My hope is that all 7 readers of this blog are already aware of these things and will pass on the info to those who prefer keeping their heads in the sand...which makes them ostriches, so if you have any ostriches in your life, please wake them up!

Also I'd like to call attention to a comment on my recent post about President Obama's Solar Return 2009 where Duse has left some excellent analysis of the president's Solar Return chart as it concerns our nation.

The transit of Saturn to US natal Neptune will also be a transit of Saturn to Mr. Obama's natal Mars (since his Mars conjuncts US n Neptune), and you'll find Duse's observations elucidating concerning the president's prospects.

Saturn to Mars is a seriously frustrating time and indicates that Mr. Obama's action principle (Mars) will be tamped down (Saturn) in some way. This meshes with Duse's remarks that the president may not be able to use his personal popularity to win the day as he has so far. But that's my paraphrase - scroll down a short way and check it out for yourself.

Plus, the US/Obama Mars/Neptune conjunction forms a not-very-pretty midpoint picture with transiting Saturn...

Mars/Neptune = Saturn: instability; feelings of inferiority; misdirected energy (and trillions?); unfortunate consequences as a result of a weak will; an epidemic; being taken advantage of; reticence; a sense of futility; persevering in spite of fear. (As always, any, all, or none may apply; from Tyl; Ebertin.)

And of course: as goes our president, so goes our nation, which is why I marvel at those who wish President Obama would 'fail'...definitely a nose-cut-to-spite-face attitude which I cannot coordinate with sanity.

But who said self-serving Politics as practiced in Washington, DC, is sane, right?

So the only possible and underlying explanation I can think of for their 'fail' attitude and their zealotry is found in part in the above video discussing the power elite's New World Order plans which depend upon the weakening of our Constitution, our borders, our financial institutions, and the US judicial system - the failing of America - so that a one-world-government envisioned centuries ago can rear its ugly head and show itself as the devouring monster it really is.

Have you a better explanation? Because I'd dearly love to hear it.


clymela said...

Well!! I love you and I think that there are more than seven of us reading you.
I am mellowing but to me it seems obvious that we are manipulated with a plan to herd us into a specific canyon. I don't for even a minute believe that "they" can succeed but I do grow weary of the news

Jude Cowell said...

How kind of you, clymela, thanks~i like your 'canyon' analogy but i don't like being herded into one! jc