Jul 3, 2009

The surrealism of Sarah Palin: the video 7.3.09

Oh yes, today's rambling announcement by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin that she is resigning from her governor's post July 26 and won't run for a second term in 2010 had to be published here so I can be fascinated by it at will. And if my courage holds, I'll be getting all the way through watching it any time now - cringe cringe.

And no, I don't blame David Letterman jokes as some are speculating online!

But yes, a run for president in 2012 may be the ultimate reason, sure, but this is a wacky way to go about it. She does need shiploads of preparation, agreed.

We knew the Neptune transit to her natal Sun and Mars would be trouble, didn't we?

Neptunian confusion and surrealism come through loud and clear to me in her performance today, how about you...any signals from Neptune getting through?

What a toss up for the Political Cringe Awards 2009: Sarah Palin or Mark Sanford? And the year is only half over.


clymela said...

Well rambling enough indeed. I thought she was warning us that she will be baaackkkk as part of some super patriot group that won't make fun of the US and which likes "our way of life". Otherwise we are left to believe that she is just a good ol'gal who just got sick of those ol meanies in Washington?

jude cowell said...

Yes her 'speech' did seem to be studded as usual with code words for the informed Rs out there or was it for the secessionists?

Her emotional tone and breathiness struck me as well as the implied threat you mention, clymela, and the Rs' odd explanations are trickling in slowly with the holiday break in effect - possibly timed that way so they wouldn't be as accessible to a yapping media.

Perhaps the GOP simply gave up on her and it made her angry - she's been having plenty of trouble governing Alaska of late.

But i'm just typing out loud and counting my lucky stars she wasn't installed to govern the nation!

McCain now more doddering, Palin more weird...are we well out or what? jude

Anonymous said...

Wow she sounds sarcastic LOL (like at 1:00 to 1:30 before the convoluted basketball analogy).

I don't agree with much of her politics because she is neo-conny but I think she got a raw deal from the GOP and I agree with her small government and protection of individual rights.

There is definitely an undercurrent of anger there. I have a 12th house mars conj my asc and my husband has a 12th house mars so I can suss out repressed anger LOL. She's pissed.

DD said...

Sarah, Sanford,
Well, it seems clear that a second term for Obama is in the cards.
Love your blogs!

jude cowell said...

Zeeks! the woman is interesting like a train wreck even if federally indicted, isn't she?

Thanks for your comments!!! jude