Jul 3, 2009

Independence Day 2009 in Washington DC

Here's another in the series of Tom Foreman's Letters to the President, a timely one with a Fourth of July flavor. It concerns independence in the District of Columbia and the Republican v Democrat paradox that makes independence elusive to obtain if not impossible.

Of course, from way down here, it seems all about grasping and retaining power no matter the cost as this mindset on Capitol Hill makes a mockery of the 'independence' and 'freedom' we're supposedly enjoying in this nation. A larger agenda is being followed at the expense of the country's best interests, imho.

I've mentioned here before about a certain junior rep from Georgia who was told early on by party bosses that if he wanted to keep his job, he'd vote how they told him to vote. He did and he did.

But by doing so, he didn't stand up for the people who sent him to DC when he voted the opposite of what he knew the majority of us wanted. So much for representative government. And the trend continues.

It's no small thing that this kind of cynical control over other people's consciences makes Washington's political parties into mobs of thugs who prefer might over right, and as you may know, I have little respect for the majority of them.

So Happy Independence Day indeed. If you can get some.

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