Jul 16, 2009

USA's 'Franklin' natal chart: Uranus in Gemini rising

There is much to say on behalf of the 'Franklin' natal chart for America with 9 Gemini 17 rising along with Uranus, planet of disruption, rebellion, individualism, and independence. The archetype for Uranus is one of freedom issues and in Astrology having Uranus rising indicates an ability to cope and deal with whatever comes up.

Plato's 'ideal form' - searching for the ideal - is part of our view of ourselves and with this chart, there it is in black and white: Uranus rising in Gemini, sign of Youth, Communications, and messenger of The Good News.

The Uranian Ideal is part of America's best nation ever! myth - or truism, if you're a believer, and of de Tocqueville's 'individualism' archetype for our nation which he described for Europe's edification after his 1831/32 tour.

Yet for best expression, Uranus always needs a handy and willing Saturn (form; realism), and fortunate America was born at a time of a Saturn/Uranus trine...Uranian ideals put into the form of America's freedom documents and expressed through authority (Saturn.) We're an inventive country of patents, too!

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The Franklin chart indicates a nation born during an Hour of Venus; out-of-bounds are: Venus, Mars, and Pluto in 9th house of Overseas - Pluto in 9th house is perhaps a picture of America's overseas puppet-masters who continue their throttling and plundering of our nation, and hidden not as well lately by a wimpy Congress who gave up its governmental oversight function years ago.

(All versions of the US natal chart have the same OOBs planets. With this post I attempt to address primarily some of the planetary factors which differ in the 2:21 am chart.)

Legend has it that astrologer and almanac-printer Benjamin Franklin (who would have been unaware of Pluto's and Neptune's existences) insisted that the signing of the Declaration of Independence take place at this early hour of July 4, 1776 (Philadelphia, PA) yet Franklin could not have yet known of Uranus, discovered in 1781. If so, it would seem that the Universe knew more about such things than mortal man, and I have no qualms with that idea. Synchronicity!

And if Ben did check the celestial picture for this earthly event (he would certainly have been aware of Astrology's As Above, So Below precept) he was engaging in Electional Astrology, of which he and his fellow Freemasons were fully in favor of using for such an important undertaking. They would have known that the resultant horoscope would inscribe a 'stamp' or imprint of a certain character upon the nation forevermore.

So here I investigate the Gemini Rising (or as I think of it, the Franklin chart) of America with Moon at Midheaven - public status (Mc) as ruled by/of/for the people (Moon) which is at least what America purports to be in the world at this most visible point in any chart - the Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point.

Moon conjunct MC favors entertainers, politicians and other thespians. Yes, you may see 'Hollywood' there if you look closely! Hollywood has long been involved in the US government's propaganda activities which promote the 'rule of the people' myth.

The midpoint of Moon/Pluto (propaganda; public relations campaigns triggering our deepest emotions and reigning needs) conjuncts US natal South Node (SN), an unconscious point in any chart which relates to the past, and to neuroses...and which has now been stimulated into action by the Solar Eclipse of Jan 26, 2009, the 'New President' Eclipse or Ring of Fire Eclipse, if you prefer.

And thus presidential candidate Barack Obama represented himself as a vehicle of 'change', 'hope', and improvement with the Jan 26 Eclipse (11 North Series) having a lofty flavor of 'changing groups with which you mix through ideas or travel' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Well, so far the president has certainly improved his own position in life, hasn't he? Ours? In process, they say.

So in the 2:21 am chart, some of America's natal planets change degrees (besides the Moon) and are one degree earlier in the zodiac (2:21 am vs 5:10 pm of the Sibly version): Sun 12Can44, Venus 2Can21, and Mars 20Gem57 in 1st house of Self, and thus rising. Mars in 1st house is a perfect descriptor for our constant 'find or make an enemy if there isn't one' mindset. And of course, Mars squares Neptune in 5th house, indicating confused motivations, deluded - or inspired - men, and/or activism in the ideological sphere.

Naturally using '2:21 am' puts planets in different houses (departments of life) than the Sibly or other versions show, along with new ASC/DESC amd MC/IC axes.

And the Franklin chart gives a Finger of God (aka a YOD) pattern which the other charts don't show - Moon/Chiron = Neptune, in 5th house of Creative Pursuits, Romance, Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Children.

Moon/Chiron contacts are the 'perceptual shield is open' pairing, and a sextile between them indicates an understanding of how emotions (Moon) help or hinder spiritual progress. There is innate healing ability once maturity is reached, but one must understand that healing is possible before it can occur.

Moon sextile Chiron creates deep compassion for the needs of others, and for years we've been told that Americans perform more charitable giving than any other nation. The current financial collapse of Bush-Cheney's 2008, designed and manufactured as I personally believe it to be, has interfered with this charitable giving function, but there's hope that more and more Americans will return to our natural way of being. And it's now needed more than ever - for ourselves and our brethren.

If politically they call this, protectionism, it's from their own selfish motives, certainly not on behalf of our common good. The law of karma - the Bible's 'reap what you sow' principle - might say to us, 'share, don't hoard when others are in need'!

Plus, Moon at Midheaven instantly lifts up the image of Moon-based things such as homeland, security at home, and apple pie...mama! No other version of America's natal chart does this, unless I am much mistaken. (Let me know if you know of one.)

Now the apex planet in the YOD configuration is Neptune 22Vir25 in 5th house, showing us the place we should 'pick up the thread' of what must be done to serve Universal Principles, and idealistic Neptune loves such concepts.

Yet Neptune in Virgo is in its detriment which indicates a generation whose imaginative faculties are thwarted by adverse material circumstances. Are you feelin' it now?

This placement heralded the Great Depression of the 1930s yet simultaneously harkens forward to our current circumstances which, to my way of thinking, originally ramped up years ago through out-sourcing of US jobs to foreign markets - and CEOs and world bankers decided this course of action. Did they think it would never lead to the current dwindled opportunities for the ordinary guy and gal in the US? I think they understood very well the undermining course for America upon which they embarked.

And remember that the proof will be in the results of their actions - forget the Astrology of it, if you like. (Astrology is only a language and a tool for understanding ourselves and the events in the real world - and elite manipulators *use Astrology, too, especially for timing their actions.)

So...US natal Neptune is in the sign of Work = unstable working conditions - which have made possible our much-touted job-switching abilities and 'upwardly mobile' status now impaired by a the globalists' bottom line and larger agenda for world control (Pluto in Cap's rule from afar: US n Pluto in 9th house.)

Inspired and/or charitable work is also indicated by Neptune in Virgo, and practical Virgo is one of the archetypes of nurturing along with Ceres, an asteroid that is placed in 10th house (see: Pluto/Chiron 8Pis51 in 10th house) so along with 'nurturing' comes one of plutocracy's favorite duo, Pluto and Chiron by midpoint, where their powers synergize into something more forceful than they can affect separately.

On another level: plutocrats own grains and other commodities - they control our food sources, and monkey with our security (Ceres) from their lairs far away.

Investigating the YOD further

In his masterful book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney gives info on apex Neptune in a YOD pattern as those who remain in their emotional ivory towers when it comes to compassion (just send along a check?) and view the harshness of the real world form a comforting distance. Sounds like America's former 'we're insulated by wide oceans' delusion which the attacks of 9/11 destroyed. Neptune's tendency toward irrational fears have thus been exploited - by our own government.

Apex Neptune in a YOD must undergo constant adjustments emotionally and psychologically in order to adapt to the environment - in this case, Virgo = the work environment, and hard-to-diagnose health conditions (they've certainly confused us there with chemical additives and metals that interrupt endocrine systems; greater structure and definition is need in the realm of the sextiled planets - Moon in AQ, Chiron in Aries, sign of pioneering and body-part ruler of the head.

The above comments on the Moon/Chiron apply as well.

Apex Neptune's inner adjustments may start out hidden and subtle, not becoming apparent for years, and when they do, the YOD-like fork in the road intuition becomes very strong in the public character and these issues must be dealt with (see this blog's sidebar message!)

Yet as always with a YOD ('special task; crisis; major adjustment') the best course is often to allow things to play out naturally without stressing about the issues. But I think the current social tinkerers and chaos-creators make this particularly difficult because interfering with the natural course of history is their delight and their modus operandi.

Naomi Klein defines it as 'Shock Doctrine capitalism' of wars, famines, genocides, natural disasters ill-prepared for, plus, market bubbles (Neptune) that suddenly burst and make a mint for certain players (I'm thinking of You, Goldman-Sachs) - those who have set up win-win situations for themselves at the people's expense, and devil take the hindmost (where the people huddle together as the Neptunian masses.

What should be the good part of this apex Neptune is that once the fork is reached, a correct application of the energy is to then flow with the new direction that is indicated by the 'fork in the road'...universal unity of life, devotion to an emotional ideal, to unearthly beauty, and to ultimate love are guiding forces. Yet 'the blind leading the blind' may seem more the acting archetype at this juncture, as one-world-government plans play upon and manipulate us through the concept of univeral unity!

That there is much spiritual flavor this YOD pattern I have no doubt, for America is known for her deep emotional responses to religion (quite embarrassing at times to those of other cultures.) Yes, we-the-people need healing on the deepest of levels and that is the spiritual level, but not with flowery emotions and fake gurus.

Well, with transiting Pluto again at 1Cap+, which you see by clicking the image to enlarge the chart with its many chicken-scratch notations (transits are written outside the chart and highlighted in pink for 12:04 pm edt today) - so the dragon of wealth, prestige, and power is re-entering the 8th house of the Franklin chart.

This perhaps times 2009's financial sleights-of-hand more perfectly than other US charts, but perhaps you disagree. (There are things to be said for each version, as you know!) 'Financial sleights-of-hand' are part of 2009 as the year of the Great Conjunction of the speculation pair, Jupiter and Neptune.

So I'll close for now with another difference in this particular chart which affects the Mc/Ic axis - click to enlarge and you'll see the midpoint of Jupiter/Neptune at Ic, the Foundation of any chart and also The Drain...which 'boomerangs' its energy toward the 10th cusp (Mc) and tells us something about the Founding and the Founders of America, and we-the-people, and which I believe resounds to our current circumstances through the universe's 'the end is in the beginning' principle so well-described by Astrology...

Jupiter/Neptune = Mc: visionaries; speculators; fortune-hunters; philanthropists; spendthrifts and squanderers; a potential for all kinds of indulgence.

The shadowy 'they' made their profits off our labors for years, now they're draining America dry.

Can you feel it?


*As J.P. Morgan, Sr once informed us, "Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaries do."

"There is much to say" about the Franklin chart, as I said, and I can't get to it all in one post. My plan is to refer to this chart again in future, if you'd like to keep it handy or calculate one of your own. That would be excellent. jc


David Macadam said...

Is that why the clock on the obverse of the $100 dollar bill shows the time at 2.21? As a pointer?



jude cowell said...

Hi David, yes that's how the tale goes, plus, Ben F was known to be a jokester, a bit of a trickster figure.

Haven't had a chance to follow up on it yet but recently ran across a statement that the Engraving Office says that Independence Hall Clock behind Ben Franklin is actually pointing toward 4:10 pm! This would tally w their going leaving the Hall to go to dinner just after completing their business on July 4, 1776. Planning to post on this chart at some point!

Thanks for your comment & WP link where I'm headed right now... jc