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Aug 23, 2009

Horoscope of the 1929 Crash: 'Black Tuesday'

A chart set for Noon in NYC on the day of the 1929 stock market crash - 'Black Tuesday' - is being published here because the image will no longer 'click-to-enlarge' on my WordPress blog where the chart's details are published, so I'm linking this post to the chart detail text there and vice versa. (Just tryin' to disseminate some info within the bounds of online tech quirkiness!)

In 1929, the 'little guy' working man (woman) who had been snookered into investing his life savings with Wall Street, was wiped out along with middle men who may just as well have jumped out of The Windows Of Wall Street for fear of prosecution for fraud and racketeering than for the loss of wealth which accompanied the exposure of their weaknesses, warts and all.

Now they've done it all again, this time with expanded worldwide implications for the 'global economy' they've always said they wanted (so the collapse may be complete and total, the better to rule the entire world, my dear.)

We now know that the Crash of 1929 netted a select few elites unimaginable amounts of profit and was something of a test - a major heist, yet simultaneously a sort of toe-in-the-chaos-water ploy. And what powers arose after 1929? Hitler and nazis in Germany, FDR in America. Flip sides of the same coin? Everyone knows the two men were born with very similar natal charts, so you decide.

But this time, the power elite are ready to finally fold 'em. They'll walk away, but we're the ones who must run from the results of their big Chess Game with Important Consequences.

And btw, if you do enlarge the chart for reading, you'll see that the Speculator Pair's midpoint, Jupiter/Neptune, was visiting US natal Mercury Rx '25Can' in 1929; on that day, if fact, so we see a picture formed...

Jup/Neptune = Mercury: communicating fancifully; changing character; the raising of hopes; tendency to put on an act, or to talk a lot.

(A chart-notation correction: marked in 7th house, you see the current Solar Eclipse as 'July 22, 2009' which should be 'July 21, 2009' for Eastern Time; notation should be on the other side of 'Jupiter/Neptune'/'US natal Mercury' because 29 comes after 24 or 25 every time. Post continues here...)

The Crash of 1929 was the raising and dashing of a multitude of hopes: for a funded retirement, college monies for a child, a first house - you name it, Wall Street gentry and their buds dashed it and walked away more flush than before.

Yes, you know it, you love it: it's an international Octopus with its life-squelching tentacles around the throat of humanity. Just say, No! to its further encroachments today.

Oh dear. I just ideologically joined some of the town hall protesters with their righteous questions shouted to a shove-it-through congressional team of on-the-take heisters and shysters. Well, that's just great.

See what bad and dishonest government can cause? The Act our deceivers are putting on for our edification is changing the character of our nation. And it's definitely not for the better.

Did you hear that sound? That clunk may have been the muted decibels of yet another US newspaper shutting down its presses - or being sold on the sly to shadowy foreign investors...

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