Aug 17, 2009

Howard Dean and 'public option' health insurance

'DR. NANCY SNYDERMAN: If we took a public option and retooled it somewhat, why not make the case to the American public that we will allow people below the age of 65 to buy into Medicare even if there's some trimming that has to be done out of that budget too?

DR. HOWARD DEAN: That's all I want. If you allowed people to buy into Medicare who are below 65 years old, that's a public option, and that's what we need.'

You've probably read or heard about Howard Dean's solution for the 'public option' maze of cross purposes we're being treated to while support for any reform melts away like a polar ice cap, exposing Atlantis' library of scrolls underneath...

So I'm passing on this snippet of his interview here as my way of saying, Listen to the doctor on this one. It's worth a try.

Now. Wonder what exactly he means by, "buy into"?


clymela said...

People on Medicare "buy into"Medicare with a monthly premium deducted from their SSA.
My concern is that Medicare coverage pays VERY low for procedures leaving people with high medical costs if they don't have any other coverage.

Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Jude

haven't dropped by for a while - will email you. Thought I'd just mention as your health care debate rages in the USA, how happy this UK citizen is with her recent experience of our National Health service here in Scotland. Check out my latest WEBLOG post "Points to ponder: life as an ambush in waiting" to see why!!
Best wishes Anne

jude cowell said...

yes, clymela, it's a headscratcher.

When FDR said that the measure of our (America's) progress is how we treat the ill and needy, he was expressing my and many others' deepest principles.

Whether those were truly FDR's own sentiments, i don't know, but the question stills rings down through the ages and shames the cynical string-pullers we now see before us - or at least we see/hear/read their shills/mouthpieces in the media and on Capitol Hill.

Worshipping the 'bottom line' is not only shortsighted, it's immoral and allows cruelties against our fellow women and men in the door.

So when it comes to America, i find myself to a large extent faulting Alexander Hamilton.

And i surprise myself by extolling
Pres Andrew Jackson for his efforts against the US central bank/s.

And you know, owing trillions to countries you may one day have a tussle with is STILL a bad idea. That's one of the major ways foreign rulers took over the US gov.

Yes, they've had ample chance to demonstrate to us now, that they, and the UK, have won - until further notice. jc

jude cowell said...

Hi Anne, good to 'see' you! Off now to check out your Writing From the Twelfth House and i should perhaps warn you that i have a few notes on a possible article.

Will be in touch asap, and hope you and yours are feeling well now! jude