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Jul 24, 2017

Are We in the Decline of the American Empire? (w/ guest Charles Sauer)

Do you feel it in the air? Wealthy classes are retracting themselves from American society 2017, a process particularly noticeable since the Reagan era.

Here's a segment from The Thom Hartmann Show:


'Thanks', hypocrite Ayn Rand. Up yours, Buchanan and Koch.

Sep 8, 2016

Snit of Miffdom presents: the ACA, Cleopatra, and Dracula

The Following fuss is a re-publish from *Jude's Threshold a while back and it must have been written when I was in a definite snit of miffdom over something; a few edits have been done:

Is the Health Care Reform debate 1993 revisited?

Sometimes history repeats like reflux, thanks to Washington politicians using the same anti-societal tactics that worked for them before. Often it's more like a rhyme but with different or new components and my suspicion is that these days, the ruling class' contempt for the masses--individually or clumped together--has grown, not diminished.

Here and elsewhere I have complained that 2009’s Health Care Reform bill (ACA) is being opposed if only to undermine a Democratic White House, and I wasn’t even considering Republican actions and the factions of 1993. Was I wrong?

Never mind that Democrats have a mandate from We the People, many of whom need relief from a costly run-away health care system that intends only bankruptcy for you if you should find yourself in a bind. For in Darwinian America of the New Millennium, you have to be fit to survive, otherwise it’s buh-bye, see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya.

Maybe we need a dose of that oft-touted “compassionate conservatism” we once heard so much about. That and ten dollars might get you a fluffed-up pillow in a sparsely-appointed emergency room somewhere in America.

Meanwhile, Washington pols work tirelessly to protect corporate profits and keep their own stock portfolios fluffed up with med and pharmaceutical returns while insurance companies chortle on their way to open their next offshore account.

Meanwhile, Beltway Brigands give the old “fox guarding the henhouse” truism fresh meaning with every secret deal they make at our expense, every bribe they take, every fraud they make.

Now I ask you: if a loved one suffers and dies for lack of treatment based on an insurance company's concerns for their bottom line, would you really care which party inhabits the White House – or whose prospects are better for the next election?

This fussy snit was written by yours truly, Jude Cowell, typing at you from North Atlanta in the Kennesaw Mountain area. Okay, I take back all the mean things I've typed about the City of Atlanta, let bygones be so. I'll leave Atl alone and hope that it will leave me alone. jc

Notice: one of my other blogs *Jude's Threshold will be sleeping with the dodo birds on or about October 11, 2016 so if you think you might want to read anything thereupon, please sashay over when you can. Articles include: Dracula's Natal Chart, Cleopatra's Natal Chart, Saturn and the Moon's South Node, the Wedding Day Astrology of Bill and Hill (and one on Chelsea and Mark), and more, plus, wonderful re-blogged articles by my favorite online authors and researchers!

And please note that some of my previous Jude's Threshold articles shall appear on my latest blog Jude Cowell Astrology so drop in at your leisure.

Mar 6, 2015

SCOTUS Obamacare ruling of 2015 and the January 2010 Solar Eclipse

An Eclipse in Capricorn: Sign of Law, Business, and Government

by Jude Cowell

A past Solar Eclipse @25Cap01 in January 2010 in the 12 North Saros Series may be activated by the SCOTUS decision due in June 2015 concerning Obamacare (ACA) subsidies and the court's potential "gutting" (as the media call it) of the Affordable Care Act which will become unaffordable for millions of insured Americans if conservatives have their cantankerous way.

My post on the Solar Eclipse of January 15, 2010, the year President Obama signed the Act (a potential March 2010 signing of which I was only partially aware when the post was written and published--and not certain the bill would be signed at all) remarks upon the horoscope's emphasis upon 'health' (ex: asteroid Hygeia at Midheaven and apex of a YOD pattern--special task, turning point, or a crisis?) and the date's planets as they link in particular to America's natal Mercury in Cancer. You'll note a mention in Dane Rudhyar's explanation for '25Cap' of the term, 'baraka', a Sufi word, and the fact that this degree falls near US natal Pluto Rx (27Cap33 on July 4, 1776).

Recommended for updates and information on the King V. Burwell subsidy case against Obamacare: the SCOTUS Blog.

And if you wish, view my original text with horoscope of the January 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse or you may simply view the chart sans text here:

Dec 8, 2014

Week of Dec 8, 2014: Jonathan Gruber before Congress as Jupiter Rx spotlights unfortunate remarks

Obamacare on Trial, Economist Jupiter Turns Rx, and Mr. Gruber Re-turns to Testify

by Jude Cowell

On Tuesday health economist Jonathan Gruber will testify to Congress concerning his recent Obamacare remarks caught on tape about the bill being passed via "trickery," an apt expression of a major transit of great influence at that time (March 2010) when tricky Neptune conjoined US natal Moon (We the People) denoting the public's complicity in speculation and, some say, fraud.

Check out an article concerning Mr. Gruber's testimony here while noting that the Neptune conjunct US natal Moon was actually rising in the legislation's signing horoscope indicating that instability, deception, and a potential for fraud were bound to appear concerning the ACA, its provisions and confusions.

Leading up to the passage of the ACA was 2009 when three times the Obama presidency was imprinted by a Great Conjunction between the wastrel, spendthrift, grand spirit, speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune, with all three conjunctions sprinkling magic fairy dust upon the American people's natal Moon which gave the entire period of events a 'little sense of reality' vibe from which Obamacare may never recover.

And if you follow Sabian Symbols at all, you may have noted that today's Jupiter Station Rx falls @22Leo37, a degree known as an "open mouth insert foot" or "worst foot forward" indicator (A. Louis) and such a description is mentioned in the article by people who know him well as a known tendency of Jonathan Gruber who also, friends say, has no screen upon what may pop out of his mouth.

But even without applying an astrological lens to the week's congressional proceedings, we may expect the odds that Jonathan Gruber will deliver a "worst foot forward" testimony this week to be quite high which, if Republicans have their way, will lead to more turbulence and further undermining of the ACA, aka, Obamacare. Mr. Gruber may even "open mouth insert foot" deeper than he already has.

Fascinating entertainment especially for the media and results may very well supply support for what SCOTUS will soon do to the ACA's much needed subsidies which create the "affordable" part of the legislation.

Yet as usual, affordable healthcare coverage for the millions of Americans in need of it will be a casualty of tiresome Republican antics and of little if any consideration during their dramatic grandstanding on Capitol Hill.

Nov 13, 2013

11.28.13: US Progressed Moon-Saturn conjoin for a "House Raising"

On Nov 28, 2013, US Progressed Moon Meets Progressed Saturn @3Sco10

by Jude Cowell

The Secondary Progressed horoscope that issues from America's natal horoscope (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) shows an important conjunction becoming exact on November 28, 2013. Here's America's SP horoscope with transits for that moment and date (3:10 pm EST), set for Washington DC:

Secondary Progressions: Hour of Mercury (20AQ27 Rx in 6th house of Daily Rounds, Work, Service, and Health); SP Pluto @29Cap16, a critical or crisis degree, remains out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and has moved into SP 5th h--SP South Node @26Cap15 is closer than ever to Pluto indicating the US War Machine as the military arm of Pluto's forceful agenda; chart-ruler Sun @9Pis06 is in SP 7th h denoting a 'giving away' of control to others (Sun = leader) and transit Chiron currently conjoins this Sun showing the wounds now being inflicted upon President Obama, many of which involve the failed debut of the ACA website (Neptune = webs, networks, falsehoods, failures, losses); SP Jupiter Rx @15Can24 continues its conjunction to the Pentagon's natal Ascendant showing the bottomless money pit that Washington politicians through the decades have allowed our military misadventures to become.

(America's SP Jupiter Return occurred in September 2013 when transiting Jupiter 'caught up with' SP Jupiter in mid-Cancer); our natal Jupiter Return occurred on July 22, 2013 and a 12-year report may be ordered in this blog's sidebar.)

As you see (click image to enlarge), transit North Node (NN,a Jupiterian point of encounters and alliances) is moving nearer the SP Moon-Saturn conjunction which will separate at the end of December 2013 so we may expect the usual rush of excited energy for New Year 2014, at least until vinegary Washington politicians sour things the way they apparently prefer them. Single digits! Did you hear that Congress' approval rating has now dropped to 9%? Wonder what's the matter with the 9%? As some say, that's counting their family members and friends!

(Blog Note: as I began to type this post a look at my Solar Fire software was warranted and I discovered that Mercury's current position a few minutes before 11:00 am EST is: 3Sco10. Hmm.) '3Sco' = "A House-Raising" in the Sabian Symbols and what this could mean for Congress and the American public who holds their sorry antics in low regard is your guess and mine. Of course, real estate and property values may also be denoted.

Now if you look to the 2nd house of the National Treasury and Values, you see the transiting Ascendant (the WHAT? Point) on November 28, 2013 at 3:10 pm (another '3:10'!) is @18Lib25 and so brings up US SP Mars @18Lib22 and retrograde since Summer 2006. '19 Lib' is the "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" degree with its negative expression: 'abnormal mistrust of everything worthwhile" (Jones.) But robbers? The world has gracious plenty of those for every occasion.

In 4th house, the transiting Saturn-Pluto midpoint of loss, cruelty, and hard work, now conjoins US natal Ascendant which indicates cold feelings, melancholy, working with powerful or influential people, and/or, silent power (Ebertin; Munkasey.) This echoes the Saturn-Pluto opposition which conjoined the US natal ASC-DESC axis for the 9/11/01c coup. ASC-DESC = Self and Others, and Saturn-Pluto's activity in our natal chart also supports the depressive aspect of the SP Moon-Saturn conjunction.


Does our November 28th Moon-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, sign of Regeneration, Surgery, and such, give us an astro-picture of the public's (Moon) depression over and delays (Saturn) in the health insurance sign-up process? In a previous post I mentioned that transit Mercury (websites, technology, signing up, contracts, negotiations, news, etc) will leave his retrograde shadow, the degrees he retraced during Rx phase, at the end of November 2013 which tallies with what the White House hopes will be the date by which the Obamacare website will be operating on or near its best performance level. And all of it encounters our SP Moon-Saturn conjunction!

Yet could the SP Moon-Saturn conjunction may be timing improvements more accurately? If so, their separation by at least one degree at the end of December 2013 may denote a brightening of the American public's prospects in the realm of healthcare and health insurance.

So what is a Progressed Moon-Saturn conjunction telling us about ourselves and our society for Saturn, along with Jupiter, are the societal planets?

SP Moon to Saturn indicates a period of dealing with basic survival for many Americans as we seek safety for ourselves and our families--perhaps another reference to the benefits of Obamacare, if those who need it can get its coverage. During this "don't rock the boat" conjunction, productive work wards off anxiety and depression and each person must do what they have the power and opportunity to do--then, let go. Plus, Pottenger and Dobbyns have called a Moon-to-Saturn conjunction in Progressions a "cosmic report card" concerning "how we are handling the rules of the game."

Well! Since the collective must necessarily include members of our 9%-approved Congress, I suspect their report card shows a big fat F minus next to the president's F, don't you? Perhaps demonstrations and protests are on the public's menu--but let's not give up on America, just on those who undermine our nation!

Another factor I must include is tr Mars' visit to US natal Neptune and SP Neptune (unwise decisions and actions, disguised culpability, hidden motives), as you can tell by Mars' position @24Vir59 where Mr. Quarrels has just entered the SP 2nd house with its cusp @23Vir19. And there in 2nd house awaits our SP Mars @18Lib22 Rx so there are multiple references to Mars-Neptune issues and concerns that have America's natal and problematic Mars-Neptune square 'running in the background'. The square's 'misdirected energy/misguided actions' inclinations just keep on tripping us up via the self-undoing of the political establishment's overly enthusiastic plans for conquest, domination, and fraud.

Additionally, President Obama is not left out of the situation since his natal Mars in Virgo conjoins US natal Neptune, a synchronicity between 1776 and 1961 that helped create the 'rock star' vibes of 2008 which made him popular, and which veils or obscures the public's clear view of his actions and motivations (she's blogged a zillion times before!) Yet with the president's approval rating now below 40%, it seems that the Inauguration 2013 horoscope wasn't kidding about a drop in his popularity with its 1st house Moon (the public; popularity) near the 1st house South Node of the Moon, a Saturnian point of separation and disfavor.

So we can't discount the possibility that the November 28th SP Moon-Saturn conjunction is descriptive of the low point in President Obama's approval ratings so if his popularity climbs in December--which one assumes it may once the ACA website is workable and more people have discovered better insurance and the amounts of their subsidies--we may assume that the SP conjunction correctly timed the president's ratings bottom and marks the start of a gradual improvement in public opinion.

Well, as you see, there are many more factors worth noting from both the November 28, 2013 SP chart and the planetary transits on what is our annual Thanksgiving Day, but my blogging time isn't as expansive as it once was, so I'll hush for now and publish what I have so far. As always, your comments and/or analyses are warmly invited!


Correction to the SP horoscope: near the top of the chart, I have wrongly labeled Mercury's SP position as '23Ari41' though it's noted above that SP Mercury is @20AQ27 Rx in 6th house. '23Ari41' is actually the position of SP Venus! And on another note: astrologers such as Nicholas DeVore call '3 Scorpio' the 'Fall of the Moon' degree which, if so, may only make matters more difficult for the length of time the Moon-Saturn conj is in effect through 2013. Obviously, its opposite degree, '3Tau' is the 'Exaltation of the Moon' degree and is considered to be fortunate; also, it is the degree of Chiron in its Discovery chart of November 1977 (3Tau08 Rx). jc

Oct 30, 2013

A Cosmic Link: Obamacare and the GOP's natal Neptune

An Astrology Link Between Obamacare and the Republican Party

by Jude Cowell

First, here is a link to a post concerning the March 23, 2010 horoscope of the President Signing the Health Insurance Reform, or, ACA, or Obamacare, if you prefer. What's nifty for astrologers is that the moment of signing the bill into law is on record as 11:55 am edt. My post focuses on transiting Neptune (illusion, deception, inspiration) conjoining US natal Moon (We the People) at that unstable time, plus, the signing of the law occurred with the Moon out-of-bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane so the public was feeling emotionally insecure, uncertain, and unattached to the event--out of the loop were we especially since health insurance companies basically authored the bill that became law.

One of the primary planetary links between the ACA horoscope and that of the Republican Party (July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT Jackson, MI) is the ACA's 10th house Jupiter @15Pis18 conjoining the Party's natal 4th house Neptune (15Pis52 Rx), a time when illusion, deception, and pretense are the order of the day. A loss of touch with reality is indicated along with fanaticism and paranoia, typical of the years when Neptune floats through its own watery sign of Pisces, even without a Jupiter-to-Neptune transit.

And of course an inflation/conflation theme is often active whenever Jupiter and Neptune are linked together and we certainly see this tendency as the GOP spends much of their time and energy--and taxpayers' dimes--attempting to inflate any issue they can into a scandal that, they hope, will entangle the Obama administration and thereby 'justify' Republican cries for repealing Obamacare and, if their dream (Jupiter-Neptune) comes true, for impeachment of a president who dares to govern while Democrat.

Does any of this sound like some Republicans you know?


If you're wondering when the Republican Party will experience its first-ever Neptune Return to 15Pis52, it will be a three-fer (lots of Neptunian lessons to learn--if the Party remains in existence)--and the Return dates are:

1. May 18, 2018; 2. August 7, 2018 (Rx); 3. February 27, 2019. The Return/s will 'freshen up' any aspects or other planetary and angular relationships their natal Neptune had at the Party's founding.

Sep 26, 2013

Oct 18, 2013: Health Care, Finances, and an Aries Lunar Eclipse

October 18, 2013 Lunar Eclipse Reveals Jupiter at Pluto's North Node

by Jude Cowell

The US is said to be reaching our debt ceiling limit on October 17, 2013 and the October 18th Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon of culmination, is close enough to be used as a timer for this critical condition especially if the limit isn't raised and a default by the US government occurs. However, a continuing resolution may intervene and 'kick the can down the road', as they say in Washington, so I've chosen to primarily focus this article on the Obamacare situation with a brief nod toward the US economy.

As you see in this image, the Lunar Eclipse of October 18, 2013 perfects at 7:37:39 pm edt in Washington DC during a Solar Hour and across the 6/12 victim-savior axis.

Rising is 23Tau05, the degree of the Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn on May 28, 2000 and since their cycle relates on one level to finances, it may be important to note that, given current budgetary and fiscal battles in Washington, their recent trine to one another is a positive influence that has lost its strength. Meanwhile, Jupiter remains exalted in Cancer, a sign closely associated with America (our natal Venus-Jupiter-Sun, then Mercury Rx in Cancer)

, and a sign of business, home, and security interests. Cold Saturn continues its trod through business-oriented Scorpio where Mr. Austerity can be obstinate, tenacious, secretive, and probing as he attempts to hold onto the past and the status quo.

Chart-ruler Venus (via money sign Taurus) makes no major applying aspects in the chart, a condition that makes her sign and house position prominent considerations. At 12Sag12, Venus conjoins US natal Ascendant (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) and denotes issues of valuations and evaluations (US dollar on the wane as the global currency?), smaller amounts of money, diplomacy, blind justice, and relationships, alliances and partnerships. The latter is emphasized by Venus' 7th house position of Legal Partnerships and Open Enemies, and her attraction principle while in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius may indicate foreign attention garnered, cooperation enhanced, and a general condition of good fortune (off-shored or outsourced jobs returning to the US?)

However, transit Venus has recently opposed US natal Uranus (8Gem55) which signifies a period of being out-of-sync with others when trying to be different or unusual for its own sake which can backfire ("Green Eggs and-" a Big "-Ham", Ted Cruz?), and scapegoating is in the mix. Thankfully, that particular period is ending until Venus comes round again in a year or so. But she will soon oppose US natal Mars (22Gem) when the 'battle of the sexes' will again in the news (Republicans' 'war on women'?), plus, this transit has supported America's now-separated Venus-Mars opposition in our national progressed chart (SP Venus @23Ari29 now in SP 8th house/SP Mars @18Lib23 Rx in 2nd house of the National Treasury: '19Libra' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding," a degree spotlighted since 2006 when US Mars turned retrograde by progression at this degree--and you know their names.)

In progress, SP Venus also conjoins our SP Part of Fortune yet SP Chiron, The Wound, is also posited in SP 8th house @17Ari23. I think most people agree that America has been wounded in the financial arena in recent decades in order to bolster the wealth of a select few who are corrupt enough to make the 'Big Picture' happen. If only plutocratic politicians and their weasely corporate backers would get out of the way of Chiron's healing function!

Now while it's true that chart-ruler Venus makes no major (Ptolemaic) aspect to another planet in this horoscope, there is a sesqui-square (135 degrees) between the Moon (the people; the public) and Venus. This aspect may be considered a minor irritant but also denotes a complex square-within-a-square condition which on one level may signify the confusing elements of signing up for health insurance under the provisions of 'Obamacare' (as of October 1st--see link below.)

Some regions are already reporting delays due to computer glitches or other problems, though of course any new law that establishes such a massive program will obviously have its problems and with the October 18th Lunar Eclipse Moon posited in the 12th house of Large Institutions such as Hospitals, the Sun is in the 6th house of Health, Service, and Work--along with 'signing-up' Mercury in regenerating Scorpio and associated in the Greek era with the Rod of Aesclapius, or Aesculapia--so we may expect a few revelations to be spotlighted concerning the 6/12 departments of life which will include Politics and Back Room Deals (12th house) as well as health concerns.

Of interest is the position of asteroid Aesculapia at the moment of the Lunar Eclipse: 6Gem07 Rx, rising and near US natal Uranus which possibly denotes the coming of a new phase in health care once the two conjoin, and a contact soon with Midas, the gold-hoarder, which you see here penned into the 1st house @9Gem51, Rx, and parallel planet Jupiter. A parallel is similar to a conjunction and is handy as a timing device.

Another health-related asteroid and myth, Hygeia--a goddess actually--has risen already @10Tau08 Rx so is not very noticeable in 12th house of Hospitals between the South Node and the current Solar Eclipse degree of 19Tau31, the 15 South Saros cycle of which this Lunar Eclipse is a part. And as you know, Venus-ruled Taurus is the sign of the physical body and of preservation and growth.

Now because we're discussing the 6/12 axis and Full Moons (as Lunar Eclipses are) are always about relationships and awareness, perhaps a question could be: can the Sun (leaders) be saviors of a victimized public (Moon)? In Politics? Possibly yet there's an automatic problem since so much of how we're being victimized by Capitol Hill politicians is hidden within their self-serving theatrics. And crazy-train GOPers seem totally unwilling to accept or to act upon a realistic level. *See below for a quote from a famous writer who shares natally the Sun Libra-Moon Aries blend of energies of this Lunar Eclipse.

The horoscope of the next Solar Eclipse in early November may be viewed here.

Besides all that, the good news is that the Lunar Eclipse chart contains what may be the basis of a solution especially since the current Solar Eclipse theme is a release of tension: the T-Square created by the Sun-Moon opposition with its energies released through the 3rd house Jupiter in protective Cancer and which indicates 'success in joint ventures'. That Jupiter conjoins the North Node, a Jupiterian point of encounters, of Pluto (19/20 Cancer) shows mass destiny of large groups of people and gigantic projects that make lots of money.

Naturally 3rd house Communications and Short Distance Travel are highlighted and will increase under benevolent Jupiter's rays which are aided by the Lunar Eclipse--either to reveal Jupiterian obstacles, both financial and ideological (which some prefer to keep hidden), or, by the T-Square forming an active system of inspiration concerning the vision of how good things could be. I believe we're already hearing President Obama and others doing just this as they promote the benefits of Obamacare which, if the program turns out to be successful, the president says will not be called 'Obamacare' for very long.

And I'm certain you know why for you've seen the Contrarian Party in action ad nauseum, right?

Now wouldn't it be helpful to the American people if the sore-loser Republican Party decided to actually govern and join in efforts to improve any glitches in what is already settled law? After all, if the Tea Party-led GOP is correct about how disastrous the insurance reforms of this law are, it will at some point soon be obvious. And if they are wrong, Obamacare will go the way of Social Security and Medicare and become a popular addition to American society and all the GOP belly-aching will be shown as the bad-faith campaign it really is.

Info available at


"A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man."

e.e. cummings (Sun Lib-Moon Aries.)

Blog Note: if you've watched the new TV series, Sleepy Hollow, you may also wish to check out my post on it and view the natal horoscope of the story's original author, Washington Irving, America's very first international literary celebrity. And yes, Irving was indeed named after George Washington.

Jan 4, 2011

GOP takes over House, replaces gavel w hatchet

Tomorrow the Republicans 'take over' the House with dreams of undermining all of President Obama's legislative successes and thus his presidency and legacy. Their agenda includes gutting or repealing the Health Care Reform bill (what I call the Health Insurance Reform bill) so if you've missed it, here's a link to the January 3, 2011 letter sent to Majority Leader John Boehner from Senate Democrats angling to protect their bill, their president, and by extension, the American people.

(By its wide release, one assumes the public is meant to be swayed by the letter's points - since it's doubtful the GOP will be. Political theater, dahlink.)

Yes, the Dems make good points in the letter (don't throw the baby out with the bath water, etc) yet it may be too measured and too logical for hotheaded win-at-any-cost Republicans to accept since they're super-focused on imagining the way ahead to the White House in 2012/13. Early on Limbaugh set the tone from January 2009 with his Obama Fail Campaign.

Their current repeal stance represents to me the GOP's stubborn blindness to the general welfare so again I must ask those who voted Republican in November 2010: what in the world were you thinking? The GOP have their hatchets sharpened and at the ready - and they're coming after the American people's already-tattered social fabric - the "entitlements" they so love to denigrate - when we know that it's war spending and politicians' salaries and benefits that should be cut first while simultaneously going after fraud, waste, and abuse in and of the system.

1993 vs 2011

The GOP hatchet is poised at Mr. Obama's back as it was at Clinton's in 1993 when neocon Bill Krystal's memo to the Republicans directed them to use an attack on health care reform as the 'gist' of their strategy - to regain the White House.

Funny thing about GOP strategy in 1993 and now in 2011: two of the same Solar Eclipses were in effect both years. Krystal's memo dated December 2, 1993 fell into the 14 North Series: 'a most peculiar series that heralds an acute time of confusion in relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters, possible illness, despair, a draining of energy, and a peculiar turn of events; no important decisions should be made concerning incoming events because of too much confusion and possible delusion to make clear judgments.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Delusion in Washington? Unclear decisions? It's deja-vu all over again because 14N manifests on November 25, 2011 @ '2Sag' so get ready for similar issues, deceptions, and cloudy decisions as the GOP repeats its strategy to 'block health care reform' against a Democratic president. Now my remarks here don't count in the health insurance industry's involvement behind the scenes of Washington's political theater - those rats are busily playing in the woodpile and can hardly lose no matter how things turn out for the Democratic Party.

The other Solar Eclipse of 1993 and 2011 is the 13 South Series which repeats this summer and which may indicate 'constitutional crisis, striving for groups endeavors (either positively or negatively), and expansive energy which has a sinister flavor to it'. (Brady.)

So here's a little Astrology on the topic written in July 2009, a post which contains a link to Krystal's memo (which may have to be downloaded if you wish to read it. It's a little blurry on this end.)

And if you smell a rat, you'll soon find the grand-plans-and-schemes/spendthrift-wastrel-speculator pair of Jupiter/Neptune in the mix.


Special thanks go to Alex of Modern Astrology for sending along a link to the Dems' Jan 3, 2011 letter.

Nov 21, 2009

Astrology of the Nov 21, 2009 Health Reform vote

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Tonight on Capitol Hill a procedural vote is scheduled for 8:00 pm est on the Health Care Reform Bill of Senator Harry Reid. My previous post cites an afternoon NPR Breaking News alert that Dem Senator Blanche Lincoln will be voting with her party thus giving them the elusive 60 votes needed to avoid a Republican filibuster.

Formal debate on the bill can begin after the Thanksgiving break if Dems get 60 votes, says C-SPAN.

Now I'm of two minds on the whole subject of this bill due to the tiresome 'unintended consequences' that so many congressional bills cause and lacking trust in my overly aggressive government, I believe most of the 'unintended' results are actually intended. But maybe that's just me - or FDR, who said, "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

So let's take a brief peek at tonight's horoscope set up for: Nov 21, 2009 8:00 pm est, Capitol Building, Washington, DC to see how things may get on during this Saturn Hour of control and authority:

ASC 17Can04 making the 7th house Moon 28Cap56 (conjunct US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx) the chart-ruler. Applying aspects to the Moon are indicators of the proceedings as they move forward this evening.

Sun sextile Moon (0A56); Moon trine Saturn (3A21) with Saturn the planet of the Democratic Party in Mundane Astrology; Sun 29Sco51 conjuncts 2009's Inaugural Moon 29:45 and Sun = leadership in a mundane charts. This times a promise of health care (insurance!) reform which the Obama administration made to the American people. Remember the president said that our economic woes are based on a health care system and its costs being out of control. (Just paraphrasing him there. That Reid's bill will repair the cost situation is a risk.)

Moon also sextiles (60 degr, an aspect of opportunity - and 60 votes needed!) Mc (The Goal Point; Mc 29Pis04 at 8 pm) very closely - 0A08.

Of course, the vote will probably not begin precisely at 8:00 pm; at 8:09 pm, Moon reaches *29Cap00 - a critical or crisis degree as is the Sun's 29Sco); at 10:10 pm, Moon will enter Aquarius, 00AQ00, which conjuncts the US Inaugural Sun (president) degree but also 2009 Inaugural Mercury Rx which described so well President Obama's second Oath-taking due to Chief Justice Roberts' mess-up. Mercury - oaths and votes; Rx = do-overs.

This indicates to me that the president's imperative to pass health insurance legislation has a good chance to be forwarded this evening with the vote at 8:00 pm.

However, if Lincoln and Louisiana's Mary Landrieu change their minds later on, the bill could be in trouble.

Mercury 9Sag19 in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling indicates the ladies' concern over their own future political prospects; Mercury conjs Royal Star Antares ('anti-Aries, or anti-Mars') with contentious Mars 15Leo03 in 2nd house of Money and Values. '15Leo' is the Lion's Point degree and one of the Dark Moons (w'mat2 @ 15Leo29)) conjuncts Mars indicating that something is being hidden about Mars' position or by Mars himself. (Mars = males between the ages of 25 to 35, give or take a year or so.)

Mars opposite Jupiter 19AQ43 in 8th house of Big Money and Transformations) which means the instigator also opposes Mr. Obama's natal ASC. Chiron and Neptune 23AQ47 are posited in 8th house as well showing the inflationary pair of speculators (Jup/Nep) readying for their 3rd and final Great Conjunction of 2009 on Dec 21.

As you know, their conj occurs again on the US natal Moon (Sibly chart) so we have a midpoint picture to consider with 'grand schemes' Jupiter/Neptune as given here previously, and blending Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey's interpretations....

Jup/Nep = n Moon: going with the wind; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness; uncertainty about what is real and what is not.

If you, lone reader, have been feeling this way lately, you are not alone!

Well, I meant to cover tonight's T-Squares, one of which has Pluto (1Cap54 in 6th house of Health) as its apex planet in a Cardinal T-Square once the Mc hits 00Ari00, but if I keep typing it will soon be 8:00 pm!

This apex Pluto, planet of secret control, is a loner who refuses to share his power - he doesn't 'play well' with the other planets (actors) and has a chip on his shoulder which makes compromise impossible within his intensely driven goals.

Pluto's only aspects in this chart are: square Saturn (0S22); semi-sq Venus (0S41); sesqui-sq Mars (1A53); and a separating square to the Midheaven. In short, Mr. Pluto isn't happy and yet he is at apex of the Sun/Moon midpoint (29Sag24), so we have...

Sun/Moon = Pluto: increased opportunities for personal and social contributions to be recognizes more universally; important secrets that help achievement. (Munkasey.) Noel Tyl says, "critical time of development."

Also of note: a **Cardinal T-Square indicates concentrated focus being applied toward major here-and-now goals; looking before leaping is necessary for there may be unintended consequences.

It's those unintended consequences I fret about for the American people even if tonight's vote reaches the magic number of 60, and a reform bill eventually becomes reality. White House Reality isn't the same as Common Good Reality!

Finally, in a previous post on the health care/insurance reform subject I stated the possibility that the bill's passage may be timed on, or soon after, the Dec 21 hook-up of grandly spirited (if overblown) Jupiter/Neptune, the speculators.

We'll soon know, won't we?


* Moon to '30Cap' a degree which Dane Rudhyar gives as, "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs." 'Keynote: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share this power. EXECUTIVE POWER.'

Rudhyar goes on to mention business and politics, 'inner Government' and an 'occult Hierarchy' or 'White Lodge' which for me points directly toward the White House and Freemasonic America. Beware deep Pluto's desire for control of DNA stats for everyone. The plutonian Aryan superiority complex continues - underground.

**Cardinal T-Square/apex Pluto details from Dynamics in Aspect Analysis by Bil Tierney.

If you like Political Cat Limericks A Kitten Called Palin is now published at Lim's Limericks as a further attempt on my part to aggravate aggravated Palin minions and operatives. Sure it's a measly attempt, but I'm only the typist there, not the poet. We must blame Mr. A. Cat for that!

Nov 17, 2009

Critical! Next 'Countdown' Free Clinic: Nov 21, Little Rock, AR

Bearing witness to America's health care shortcomings`

Give a listen to an eye witness account, if you missed it Monday evening:`

Video: Countdown with Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, 11.16.09

Next "Countdown Free Clinic" -- Little Rock, AR. -- Saturday, November 21, 2009

The National Association of Free Clinics (NAFC) is the only nonprofit 501c(3) (ID# 56-2273242) organization whose mission is solely focused on the issues and needs of the more than 1,200 free clinics and the people they serve in the United States.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., the NAFC is an effective advocate for the issues and concerns of free clinics, their volunteer workforce of doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, technicians and other health care professionals, and the patients served by free clinics in communities throughout the nation.

Vision: To be a national voice and essential partner for building a healthy America.


Okay, Capitol Hill politicians, we're down to Health 'Insurance' Reform and some of you are still bucking the idea of an America where decent, timely health care is available to all the nation's citizens at reasonable costs. Now I know many of you have stock portfolios that may suffer a bit if the health, pharma, and insurance industries have their paws slammed in the great cookie jar by new legislation that aids and empowers the common good by putting corporate profits at abeyance. You can afford lower returns on your investments in the health industry sector for you have other lucrative cookie jars at your disposals.

And with my very low opinion of your morals, I believe that population control is part of your plans as you underfeed and un-house millions, prevent lower classes from getting medical care they need (including those made ill from eating chemical-laced foods your other portfolio pals invented), and outsourcing, then failing, to create jobs with which we may attempt to decently support our families.

But putting that belief aside, I ask you now to step out of the way, put controls on health care costs, and repair the health care mess you've allowed and enabled. If you don't step out of the way, your lack of common decency and shriveled humanitarian instincts will continue to hang out like a street walker's frilly bra strap which seems okay by you, for your plans include being ready for the revolution you're working furiously to inspire.

The anti-public-option ruling class should be ashamed that Americans must resort to free clinics and that some patients' conditions are beyond medical intervention due to lack of timely care. To be ashamed indicates you have consciences, yet as many people have remarked in recent years, you apparently have none, only artful rationalizations for your greed and selfishness.

Therefore, you must be led to improve your own karma by those who do have conciences and common good standards, for you made it plain long ago that you consider yourselves above such mundane considerations as being your brother's keeper. There you mess with a Higher Power than your own!

Well, here's a standing question for you from an author whose novels exposed the horrid social conditions of his day, and who expressed himself much better than this gnat of a blogger ever could:

Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?

- Upton Sinclair, socialist and Pulitzer Prize winner (1943) for his novel, Dragon's Teeth.

So how about it, Republicans and GOP handmaidens of the Democratic Party?

As you dawdle and mount political theatrics, human beings are suffering grievously while you meet in your exalted committees which are paid for by the good graces of US taxpayers - some of whom are being forced by painful circumstances to attend the next 'public option' free clinic - if they can find one.

Nov 8, 2009

House passes Health Bill with Hygeia rising

Last evening at 11:07 pm est when the required 218 votes clocked in on the House as shown on C-SPAN, I was watching an animated chart of the scene. When Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the 15-minute vote had passed the bill, it was 11:15 pm.

At 11:15 pm est in the Capitol Building, 15Leo21 - the Heart of the Lion - was on the Ascendant with rising asteroid Hygeia 20Leo31, an appropriate picture of the proceedings. Eagle Point (15Leo) rising, transiting Saturn at a World Point of prominence 00Lib59 (just gone into 2nd house) conjunct US natal Mc in our 'Sibly' chart.

And at 11:07 pm President Obama's natal Sun was rising indicating a definite point scored for him. Saturn (the Democrats) continues his sit-in upon US natal Mc in the 'Sibly' chart - legislative (Saturn) success at the pinnacle (Mc) for the Dems - but hold on, Myrtle, there's that nasty square from transiting Pluto to consider.

Yet helpfully, string-pulling power-broker Pluto is making an applying aspect of opportunity with Lady Venus, a sextile (60 degr), so it's all good...for now.

Chart-ruler Sun 15Sco53 (the Eagle Point) has voting Mercury 17Sco37 nearby in 4th house. Mars 10Leo12 has just arisen and hides in 12th house (the lone Republican who voted for the bill?) Mars is loosely opposing Jupiter 18AQ17 on the Desc; Jupiter is finally off his Direct Station degree of Oct 14 (17AQ10.)

Since changing direction, Jupiterian issues have moved forward - ideals, expansion, and money.

This forms a T-Square of Mars/Jupiter pointing to an apex Sun...

Mars/Jup = Sun: organizational talent; leadership; success; resolving to correct errors of judgment; receiving respect; strong determination about life's objectives. (Munkasey; Tyl.)

Now this T-square indicates a waning (separating) square to the Sun (the lone Republican's blockage to bill's passage removed?) and an applying/waxing square from Jupiter, the planet that represents the GOP in a national chart. The Senate (Jup) has its role to play in stymieing positive reform on behalf of the American people, and at 2A23, it should be in the first part of the upcoming week that we hear of it - beginning on Monday, Nov 9 and probably bright and early, too.

And of course with moneybags Jupiter, costs will be all important. I can imagine that some senators are chomping at the bit to begin making their undermining statements and promoting more confusions for the Neptunian cameras. They must be furiously finalizing their talking points this very Sunday so they'll be loaded for donkey come time to spout.

In fact, the Aquarian trio traveling in tandem these days, Jupiter, Chiron (the healer), and Neptune are all squaring the Sun and Mercury in last evening's chart by sign if not degree, along with tr *Pandora whose action is expansive in similar fashion to Jupiter's abundane which can soon become over-abundance with Pandora's influence.

Moon (the people) is in 12th house @ 26Can23 but passed beyond the separative South Node. Perhpas we-the-people weren't paying as much attention as we might have been (12th house, the house of Hospitals) to last evening's vote. Venus has just entered Scorpio, sign of surgeries and big business...which brings me to my main beef about the 'House passes Health Bill' situation of Nov 7:

The Sun arose on Nov 7, 2009 with a Fixed Star that relates to social reforms and social justice...Zuben Eschemali which has a twin Star, Zuben Elgenubi.

Z. Eschemali's interest in social reform is the more mercenary side of the picture with highly idealistic changes being made for personal gain with strong power motives. (Brady's Fixed Stars.) Z. Elgenubi's influence would indicate selflessness (but we are talking about self-serving politicians, after all.)

Z. Eschemali is the Beta Star of Libra, Z. Elgenubi is the Alpha Star. Here we have the Beta Star active, the mercenary side of the deal.

Uranus 22Pis56 Rx is in 8th house of Debt, Insurance, Credit, Shared Resources, Transformation, Death, so disruption and the unexpected may be expected concerning this legislation particularly with money matters.

Yet quirky, progressive Uranus trines the House bill's Sun (7A03) and Mercury (5A19) and federal funding for abortion may be the Death matter shown in the chart, waiting for the Senate to take it up. Last evening's Sun/Mercury/Uranus trines may show the Ds working out terms on abortion funding with the Vatican.

With tr Neptune conjunct US natal Moon these days, not much is as it seems, and of course Neptune is associated with mass media and propaganda as well as representing the masses, aka the collective. But it's for certain that Neptunian loss, theft, and veiling of true motives are part of the environment now...especially in the Capitol Hill corridors of power.

And I do think that Astrology has just uncovered Capitol Hillers' motives of the Zuben Eschemali kind.


*The Pandora/Jupiter pair has been covered in an excellent article in Dell Horoscope Magazine in 2004 by Julie Demboski and if you have copies from 2004 about the place, Julie's article is well worth looking up for Pandora/Jupiter don't observe boundaries very carefully, if at all. In the case of Capitol Hill, just get the Fed to print more money and spend it beyond all reason.

Oct 27, 2009

US Lunar Return tonight Oct 26, 2009

An article has been posted concerning tonight's US Moon Return which occurs in Washington, DC at 10:05:47 pm edt, if you're interested.

Saturn at critical or crisis degree (29Vir49) and Mercury at critical degree (29Lib26) both form applying aspects with US natal Moon (Sibly) so you may wish to check out the coming month of our daily rounds which is what a Moon or Lunar Return describes.

Thing is, the lunar contact with Saturn - an inconjunct - is sobering for the next month yet conducive to mature attitudes, so perhaps we should all put on our grown-up beanies for a while and smile on through! This aspect is actually a Saturn transit to US Moon and has been within orb for days now - check it out by clicking the above link.

Tonight's *Sun Scorpio/Moon AQ blend has two 'Images for Integration' which refer to the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) when they're working well together:

A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence.

'Hovering hawks' remind me of US drones killing people - sorry, but they do.

So even if we-the-people get meaningful, cost-effective health insurance reform out of Washington, we still won't be 'at one with nature' imho, because we're so completely in the wrong on certain issues such as the sociopathic propaganda that war = peace.

Yet this is only a wee Moon Return of a month's duration so let's take it for what it is - fluctuating - and be as content as we can be, even if we've only a faint notion of happiness.


*'Images for Integration' from 'Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.

Oct 13, 2009

Senate Finance votes on Health Reform Bill w/ US Pluto rising

It's 10 am edt so the Senate Finance Committee is about to begin voting on the Health Insurance Reform Bill such as it is.

10:00 am edt in DC - ASC 22Sco11:

One thing to always look at when you get out the Astrology charts is which natal planet rises and at 10:00 am edt on Capitol Hill, US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx (n 2nd house) is the first natal planet to rise in the voting chart. With US n Pluto unaspected (1776), he's working on his own as usual and, I imagine, pulling strings through the health and insurance industries who wrote the bill.

10:00 am is an Hour of Venus (valuable things) with Venus 28Vir16 conjunct Saturn 28:10 in 10th house. Mercury 5Lib06 is also in 10th house along with US natal Neptune 22Vir25, so will the American people will be disappointed - or deceived - in some way by this vote or by the bill itself? Do politicians make deals in the dark?

Mc 3Vir10 puts US Secondary Progressed Moon at Mc and Sec Sun at Ic.

Chart-ruler Mars (Sco ASC) makes a lovely sextile of opportunity with Venus (whose Hour it is) (0A08) but then Mars and Pluto tangle (inconjunct 2A29) which is where more adjustments will be made at Pluto's insistence. Pluto is associated with Health through regenerative powers, death, and surgeries. So with US n Pluto in 2nd house of Money, the regeneration of the US health care system may be more on the financial than the health care improvement side. Perhaps this will be part of our disappointment with these overhaul efforts.

If you prefer Pluto as Chart-ruler, the mystery fellow will first square (block) Venus (2A37) then square Saturn (2A46) after his inconjunct (quincunx) with Mars. In the 10 am chart, Pluto is in 2nd house (and in 1st house of the US natal chart - US n 2nd cusp 15Cap54.) US n Mars is conj today's 8th cusp at 10 am.

And today's Mars/Pluto midpoint conjs US natal Saturn: the desire to overcome obstacles forcibly at all costs.

The Robber Barons' midpoint, Neptune/Pluto, and the oppressive plutocratic Pluto/Chiron duo are still grouped upon transiting North Node 26Cap26 in 2nd house, so we have:

Nep/Plu = NN: group study projects; peculiar experiences shared with others; psychic or metaphysical talents.

And the speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune - still with health-related Chiron between them - have just crossed the IC at 10 am into 3rd house. Pluto semi-squares Jupiter, but trines the Mc, so Pluto wants the vote to proceed. Dividing up increased profits can wait until later (and DNA can be sequenced and medical files shared, stolen, sold, deleted, or amended by culprits.)

Sun 20Lib22 in 11th house with a Leo Moon = A political idealist is crowned leader by adoring followers...The managing director throws a birthday party...The Importance od Being Earnest. ('Images for Integration' from Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Two asteroids linked to health issues are Aesculapia 00Lib17 conj US natal Mc 00Lib53; Hygeia 14Leo45 ('15Leo' is the degree of the heart) is traversing 9th house between Moon 19Leo29 and Mars 28Can27 with Mars triggering the July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse of 'systems break down; new ideas and methods needed' flavor (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Well, Jupiter is on his Direct Station degree (17AQ10) today having just changed directions at 12:34 am this morning so perhaps it will take Republicans (Rs = Jupiter) to pass this mess that bodes ill or good - or, as with most legislation out of Washington, a garbled mixture of both with unintended or intended consequences - for the American people's health care imperatives and for the financial concerns of a nation so grievously bankrupted by its politicians and bankers.

Without a public option, the legislation is a toothless tiger for ultimate improvement of conditions for the common good, but somehow those in charge who stand to profit should do quite all right.

Oct 6, 2009

WellPoint sues Maine, Evan and Susan Bayh richer

Susan Bayh, who is on the board of Wellpoint and is also the wife of public option naysayer, Senator Evan Bayh (D), can explain what's going on at the company that has made her a very rich woman.

WellPoint sued an ENTIRE STATE to increase profits.

Netting $2.5 billion in profits last year wasn't enough for WellPoint, the nation's largest insurance company.

Now, WellPoint's affiliate, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is suing the state of Maine for refusing to guarantee it a profit margin in the midst of a painful recession.

As if Mainers didn't have enough to worry about just struggling to put food on the table, WellPoint is intent on forcing them to cough up 18.5% higher premiums on their insurance policies.

While WellPoint lobbies against granting Americans the right to affordable coverage, it's claiming that it has the right to a guaranteed profit margin, paid for by struggling working families. Mainers are outraged, and they're fighting back.


Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Films team

Read more:

If Insurance Companies Win - You Lose

This heads-up from Alex at Modern Astrology.


Make ya mad yet?


Oct 2, 2009

Jon Stewart on how the Dem majority is doing - video

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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This video posting looks a bit squirrelly in draft form but I'm posting it any way in case you missed Jon's coverage of the Democrat majority's work on health insurance reform and the much-needed public option that Capitol Hillers are finagling so hard to leave out of the legislation.

And it doesn't sound to me as if health care co-ops are anything more than a bait and switch tactic, Senator Conrad, and an all-around lame proposal according to those with co-op experience.

So the tiresome political theater continues as Washington politicians, their staff, and Hill employees get the best 'public option' health care than anyone in the nation - financed primarily by US tax payers.

That they continue to support. You and me? Not so much.

Sep 29, 2009

Baucus vs Rockefeller - Sun Lib/Moon AQ 9.29.09

Now locked in a matinee performance (allegedly!): Max Baucus and Jay Rockefeller, with blogging gnat me (and you?) waiting to see if Congress will do anything at all for our ailing health insurance system and the public option in process of being undermined by the big fat insurance industry and its Washington payrollees.

Well, Max Baucus made his statement just a while ago (see article above) so I took a quick peek at a horoscope for 2:55 pm EDT (Washington, DC) for a few planetary positions, and to find the Sabian Symbols for them - see if you think any of the symbols apply to our Health Insurance Reform situation for today:

Sun "7Lib": "A Woman Feeding Chickens and Protecting Them from the Hawks";

Moon "16AQ": "A Big Businessman at His Desk";

Mercury "22Vir" (Station Direct TODAY with NASA's Messenger spacecraft snapping photos of planet Mercury today for the third and final time; Messenger will go into orbit around the speedy planet in March 2011): "A Royal Coat of Arms";

Mars "22Can": "A Woman Awaiting a Sailboat" (maybe that describes me awaiting Congress to actually do something good for cash-strapped Americans. Interesting that Baucus cites 'pragmatism' as his reason for not supporting a public option, the only provision that may make the system of practical use to all Americans.)

The Mercury/Mars sextile is the base of a YOD pattern of 'adjustment, crisis, and/or special tasks' and is pointing at health-concerned Chiron @ '22AQ': "A Rug Placed on the Floor for Children to Play" (the House floor? Is this to be a basic overhaul that doesn't go too far that it riles the insurance industry? Obviously, we-the-people are considered to be the 'children'.)

One more astrological factor to mention in the collective is the soon-perfecting square (90 degrees) between Saturn and Pluto.

Expert astrologer Alan Oken describes the square aspect between authoritarian, controlling Saturn and coping, powerful, transforming Pluto (associated with surgeries and recuperative powers after illness) as:

'Consolidation vs Regeneration' and he adds: harshness, cruelty, destruction to the established order, dissatisfaction and a deep desire to annihilate existing forms.'

Well, yes, it sounds harsh all right, but it seems to this particular populist that the 'destruction' turns out to be on the part of the middle and lower classes with the wealthy super-rich in the catbird seat of plutocratic oligarchy. Forces fight above our heads, while we-the-people (and the rest of the world) suffer the 'trickle down' on our own, and now that the banking and political classes have dive-bombed the US financial system, we have fewer than ever resources with which to bounce back.

Planet of the Democrats, Saturn, is today @ 26Vir29, with Pluto 00Cap45; both heavyweights are in Direct motion, so the full effects of their square-off will be stronger as Saturn reaches 00Libra and beyond, and thus forms his partile (exact) square with power-behind-the-throne Pluto. Falling upon 00 Cardinal degrees - World Points - indicates events that affect the masses.

My feeling is that Mercury's "A Royal Coat of Arms" (of today's announcement by Baucus) is more intimately involved in the current health care stand-off than meets the common man's eye. Is the US government making decisions on its own? Hmm.

Or does the symbol merely refer to the ruling class' sense of 'nobility' and entitlement? Mercury turns direct today and pronouncements are made in Washington! We'll see if Max Baucus' sentiments 'turn' out to be the icingless cake of reform when it all shakes down.

Plus, today's rational, laissez faire *Sun Lib/Moon AQ blend with its prominent social conscience has these Images for Integration:

'A group of literary radicals stage a love-in to protest against military policy...In an elegant opera house, a trendy jazz musician performs rag time with a symphony orchestra.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

What do you think? Do you have feelings about a public option and the 'job' Congress is 'doing' toward 'improving' our health care problems?


*The Sun Lib/Moon AQ combo of energies is shared natally by John Lennon, George Gershwin, John Le Carre, Timothy Leary, and psychiatrist R. D. Laing...and perhaps by someone you know, lone reader!

Sep 8, 2009

Astrology of Pres. Obama's Address to a Joint Session of Congress 9.9.09

Sep 9, 2009; 8:00 pm edt lower left, Sun Hour; 9:00 pm edt upper right, Venus Hour; Capitol Building, DC. Please click image to enlarge.

UPDATE 9.9.09 @ 9:30 pm edt: the president began his speech at 8:17 pm edt, ended at 9:03 pm. I was interested to see what he was saying when Mars crossed the Ic of the chart, the Foundation Point. I now believe that it is primarily Mr. Obama who is signified by Mars due to his strong performance and an undercurrent of anger beneath it.

When Mars 'jumped' the Ic at 8:33 pm the president had already begun detailing his plan and at 8:33 pm he mentioned setting up "a new insurance exchange, a marketplace" to increase competition, bring down costs, and which is envisioned to be operative "in four years."

This tallies with Mars' Sabian Symbol here, as discussed below: "A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut." If a marketplace is set up, it will be worth a lot of diamonds, won't it?

And since he actually began speaking at 8:17 pm, the ASC degree is most apt: "11Aries": "The President of the Country"...IDEALIZATION.

He ended at 9:03 pm with a critical ASC degree of 29Ari20, so '30Ari' = "A Duck Pond and Its Brood"...RELIABILITY.

Please be sure to check out reader ccpup's further analysis from earlier today which you'll find in the Comment section after this post.

Oh, and I found this: Why Women Stand to Gain the Most from Health Care Reform.

Original entry begins here:

On Wednesday evening, President Obama will address a Joint Session of Congress concerning the restructuring and transformation of our Health Care system (or of health insurance, if it turns that way.) The revolution will be televised, so you pop the corn, I'll peek at the horoscope for the both of us.

Here's an article containing the text of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's letter of invitation to the president to regale them on Health Care Reform as did Pres. Bill Clinton in 1993 - same subject, outcome negatory.

So, what may we expect the charts to tell us about Wednesday night's address and the president's performance?

I will be referring to '8 pm' and '9 pm' here (I know you can keep up!) This will, of course, be a symbolic reading in part, since the President may begin speaking a few minutes after 8 pm, and may end his remarks prior to 9 pm; four minutes = one degree.

And since TV productions usually take a moment or two to begin, I'm sassily using '5Aries' rather than '4Aries' to begin with because the symbol makes a lot more sense to the event with the slightly later degree whose "Two Lovers Strolling" Keyword is "ENJOYMENT." Do you blame me considering the subject matter of the address?

Also I should mention that notated on the chart is South Node conjunct the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse (29Can27) with its 'systems fail; new methods are needed; any blocks may be tragically or violently removed' vibe, so we're 'in the throes' of this influence right now. Even with Washington's oft-relied-upon use of fear-mongering, it makes me wonder if things are even more critical within various systems than we've been told; South Node dependence upon past behaviors is indicated here and the Eclipse's flavor informs us of the background atmosphere.

For Sabian Symbols, the Marc Edmund Jones (MEJ) version will be used with one addition by Dane Rudhyar, as cited.

Just after 8 pm edt, the WHAT? of the chart is the address itself = ASC '5Aries': "A Triangle with Wings"...Keyword: ZEAL.

positive expression: the creative transformation of everything into an expression of an enduring idea and a reflection of the real vision ahead;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: blissful obliviousness to all normal or everyday considerations.

('Real vision ahead'? Uh-oh. Wonder what that could be? Not on the surface level, on the deeper level. jc)

Midheaven = WHY? '2Cap': "Three Stained-Glass Windows, One Damaged By Bombardment."

(Political damage control? It's bully pulpit time in America, folks! jc)


pos: effective self-dramatization in some vital service to human affairs;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: overconservatism and unwarranted fearfulness.

Rudhyar for '2Cap': "Three Rose Windows in a Gothic Church, One Damaged by War." WASTE is the opposite of group-integration. (So is this President on the Rosicrucian side of the quarrel? jc)

Desc = WHERE? or WHERE TO? '5Libra': "A Man Teaching the True Inner Knowledge."

Keyword: AFFINITY.

pos: a genius for understanding and calling out the underlying realizations by which human character comes to know itself at its best;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: fatuous pride in the self's acumen and subtle or underhanded attempts to dominate everyone.

(See controlling manipulator and transformer Pluto at the WHY? Point with US natal Pluto being conjoined by the transiting NN 28Cap59 which will move from 11th house at 8 pm into 10th house before speech's end. Is Pluto's secret hand afoot? Then my misgivings about DNA collection and manipulation are not soothed here if these are part of the ultimate agenda. Pluto is apex of a midpoint picture, too - see below. jc)

Ic = HOW? '2Can' (conjunct US natal Venus '3 - 4 Can'): "A Man Suspended Over a Vast Level Place."

(Sounds like Tarot's #12 card: The Hanged Man...'new perspectives are required.' jc)


pos: an exceptional spread of comprehension and a continual self-orientation of understanding;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: a flighty transcendence or an impatience with all immediate or down-to-earth considerations.

At 9 pm, the WHAT? of the chart is most elucidating for the President...

'28Aries': "A Large Disappointed Audience."


pos: complete spiritual independence;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: a destructive assimilation of the self to every defeat or frustration of human kind.


Now there are several midpoint pictures to consider and some you'll find notated on the chart. Grand Trines and T-Squares are there as well with their own midpoint pictures, but please enlarge the chart for some of them. I can't type every bit, you know, or I'd keel over!

Mercury/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous power for work, action, leadership; getting the biggest job done in a commanding way.

Mercury/Uranus = Mc: success with all-around resourcefulness; the inventor.

Sounds very presidential whether we like his plans or not.

As you see, there is a Fist of God pattern (highlighted in orange, and with its name changed in honor of the President to "Fist Bump of God")...thing is, Mercury, planet of speeches, addresses, announcements, and negotiations, is Rx, setting, and at the apex of the "Fist Bump" from the Moon/Jupiter square. And a Moon/Jupiter square indicates to me that money and expansion (Jupiter) are obstacles in this matter for the people (Moon) - which the populace already knows and frets about, of course. The People are blocked from the happiness they seek.

But it also indicates that Republican Party (Jupiter) is an obstacle to the President's Health Care Reform initiatives and to The People (Moon; imo), and we know of the blockages the GOP has been so hot to put up because they're not in the White House boo hoo. Corporatism rules in this plutocracy, as you know, and there's Cupido (The Family; Corporations; cupidity) @ 25Lib26 in 7th house at 8 pm - and setting in opposition to the ASC/presidential address just before 9 pm.

Chart-ruler Mars, the feisty planet of quarrels and hatreds, is unhappily traversing Cancer, sign of its Fall, and in 4th house of the End of the Matter; Mars crosses the Ic while the President speaks, assuming he speaks long enough...tiresomely political applause interruptions notwithstanding.

How the President's address turns out for the Health Care cause is shown by the applying aspects of Mars, still out-of-bounds but on his way back into the earthly plane, and perhaps, more cooperative then.

Well, whoop-de-doo and what do ya know - Mars makes no applying aspects at all, so the outcome will have to depend solely on Mars' condition here which, as noted just above, is not so good. Being the planet of fevers and infections, maybe he has a cold in his dose, ya think? He definitely has been in a fighting mood of late, and on one level may refer to the President as well as to his opponents and that heckling, argumentative influence.

And we know while OOBs, Mars' arsonist side has been setting fires in California, too.

Anyway, Mars is at the base of everything in the outcome of President Obama's efforts with this address, so one thing we can look at is Mars' Sabian Symbol for more insight into his condition...what condition his condition is in...

'10Can': "A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut."

Keyword: LATENCY.

pos: an effective gift for dramatizing the potentialities of everything at hand;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: a futile lean on purely static merit.

Is the 'large diamond' the 'New Atlantis' of a New World Order that America is supposedly meant to be since her founding? Then I must protest.

And 'static merit'? Apparently there isn't much, for as the President has asserted, the status quo in this matter is "not an option."

Well, we knew we were getting George Bush's messy left-overs when President Obama took office just 8 short months ago with US coffers all but cleared out. And we knew the 2009 Inaugural chart contained a crisis-ridden 29th degree Moon - in Scorpio, no less, sign of surgeries, and crisis-producing Pluto's favorite 30 degrees of the zodiac.

Yes, the void-of-course Inaugural Moon is making itself felt early in Mr. Obama's term, for the Moon was Angular in the Inaugural chart which indicates early manifestation; plus, its VOC 'things won't go as planned; outcomes will be different than expected if they work out at all' vibe is diverting what is a signature issue for this Democratic president and threatens his entire presidency.

My own opinions have remained the same about the Health Care Reform issue: the proof of our Washington politicians' good faith will be shown in the actual outcome of their actions, both pro and con - diversions and legislations alike. Bailing out Wall Street (and heeding warnings from China) were all the rage on Capitol Hill, but voting to aid the people who paid the taxes? Stall and duck.

But don't over-fret, m'peops, when you observe the machinations of Washington on this matter or on any other - with politicians they're only dramatic productions not meant to accomplish what we want or need, only to attain what's on their agenda. Isn't that how things have gone in US politics for decades now?

In fact, I'd say they create only rhetoric, photo ops, and ego-massaging that never seem to amount to much of anything on behalf of We-The-People. And they seldom repair legislations that lead to 'unintended consequences' so perhaps they're not so unintended after all. Well, Wednesday night's Mars will be attempting to make certain things remain that way or are made better for the corporations who pay their Hill shills with much larger bribes than the salaries we pay them.

Even so, will a charming President Obama be able to pull this one out of his magical top hat of tricks?

Perhaps we should look at the midpoint pictures which the Sun and Saturn in Virgo form on Wednesday evening as they snug around Mr. Obama's natal Mars (his initiative, energy, and action principle), and with US natal Neptune 22Vir25 which conjuncts the President's Mars...a pile-up of difficult energies, we could say.

As usual, midpoint pictures may operate in an any~all-or-none manner:

Sun/Saturn = BHO's n Mars: Running hot and cold; energies feel confined; a sense of futility; soul-crises caused by one's own inhibitions or by others; mourning; seclusion.

Sun/Saturn = US n Neptune: psychic or inner peculiarities; a lack of vitality; a mental, emotional, or physical crisis; delusions within relationship; sadness; loss of hope.

And yes, this definitely comes under my 'sometimes you just want to be wrong' category, and you know I don't like typing such things for you, but there it is. Especially since I, too, was elated when Barack Obama 'won' the presidency, if we can call it that.

The President should gain new determination and vitality when Mars conjuncts US natal Sun (the leader) in mid-September, so I hope it helps matters. Unless he comes down with a cold in his dose from overdoing it.

Plus, there is another small ray of hope in the chart/s because the Fist Bump of God forms a midpoint picture, too, which may or may not be a good thing - but let's say it's dandy fine and close with it, okay?

Moon/Jupiter = Mercury: making expansive, far-reaching plans; learning; traveling; a large sphere of thinking; success through speaking or writing.

Fist Bump!


Midpoint pics: Tyl; Ebertin.

Aug 29, 2009

Sen. Tom Coburn's frightening answer ~ video Aug 2009

Timothy Noah's Slate post displays the brief video of Senator Tom Coburn (that's Doctor Coburn, to you and me) at a town hall meeting as he 'answers' a plea from a desperate woman whose traumatic-brain-injured husband - who has medical insurance but is being denied - needs help with Eating and Drinking.

The GOP's icy veins are on display here, so perhaps you should watch the video only if you're not faint-of-med-coverage. 'Heart' pretends to enter the picture for the distressed woman, but only to make the Reagan 'government IS the problem' talking point the GOP likes to make when it behooves them politically - or when they can't think of a decent answer in a pinch.

As a practiced politician, the senator doesn't actually answer her question in relation to health care or insurance reform, but he does attempt to punt the Republican opposition ball down the hall while hoping to undermine the Democrats' efforts to institute reform so that care cannot be denied by a corporate bottom line.

In spite of the couple's payment of health insurance premiums, Coburn comes up with a 'neighbors should help' remark which is, of course, a suitable, if partial, solution to anyone's needs and cares, but his 'solution' seems paradoxical to this blogger considering the usual GOP's allergic reactions to all 'entitlement programs' and other such rantings on-message from the NWO where government is characterized as the bad guy, and privatization is supposedly the answer to everything.

We see that it is not.

In fact, the lady's understandable desperation over her husband's extreme dilemma illustrates the outcome of bottom line motivations whether it's health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security payments. The last three I mention are gov-run programs that work quite well and would work better if fraudulent practices were rooted out.

Health care systems and med insurance are the privately-run conglomerates causing trouble and family bankruptcies in our society. So...

Are we our brother's keeper, or are we not?

Well, I say we are because the Bible tells me so.

And Republican Coburn says we are when it comes to a traumatically-injured man and his individual neighbors being responsible - but not when it comes to government, which is a group of people making use of our tax monies (which are used in part to rebuild other countries they've bombed into oblivion - so no, there's no moola for your health care, America)!

Schizophrenic much?

To be fair, I guess Coburn was on the spot in this situation since he couldn't very well reply with the oft-repeated GOP mantra: "all through your life you've made choices" which seems to pass in GOP circles as an answer to one of the primary moral questions of the ages: Am I my brother's keeper?

Result? The GOP is still MIA on that question and unaccountable - like a raptor-eyed George Bush during Hurricane Katrina's dire miseries. Well, transiting Saturn brought a responsible/accountable vibe during that time period to Bush's natal Ascendant, and made him say, ouch! Mea culpa, kinda.

Yes, this political ploy of a joke is still bedeviling us and it seems tragically hilarious now to think that the Republican Party once dared called itself a gaggle of 'Compassionate Conservatives' - what a hoot! Are you terribly amused?