Aug 8, 2009

Mock protests across US against Health Care Reform

Hopefully, won't mind if I publish here the gist of their email of August 7 concerning Health Care Reform and the ramping up of what are, at least in part, planted protesters:

'Last night in Tampa, Florida, a town hall meeting erupted into violence, with the police being called to break up fist fights and shoving matches.

A Texas Democrat was shouted down by right-wing hecklers, many of whom admitted they didn't even live in his district.

One North Carolina representative announced he wouldn't be holding any town-hall meetings after his office began receiving death threats.

And in Maryland, protesters hung a Democratic congressman in effigy to oppose health-care reform.'

The health care industry should be ashamed, and the GOP, too. Where were these 'activists' when Bush and Cheney were running loose against the US Constitution, and bombing innocent women and children for oil and profits? Did that not bother them? Pres. Obama's continuance of Bush-Cheney's policies bothers me no end, though it was expected here.

And yes, I have mixed feelings about health care legislation in the New Millennium. It awaits further revelations as to whether the changes are really a part of the New World Order agenda through DNA/bloodline record searches, genetic research abominations and population control, online medical records at security risk, and other such potentials for abuse of power.

Still, I find current tactics such as 'burning in effigy' and 'death threats' to be distasteful in the extreme - unless they're done in protest against the coup of the US government by Enlightened Illuminatists.

Undermining a Democratic president is a an added bonus for the GOP, imo, along with protecting industry profits.

Got opinions?

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