Aug 29, 2009

Sen. Tom Coburn's frightening answer ~ video Aug 2009

Timothy Noah's Slate post displays the brief video of Senator Tom Coburn (that's Doctor Coburn, to you and me) at a town hall meeting as he 'answers' a plea from a desperate woman whose traumatic-brain-injured husband - who has medical insurance but is being denied - needs help with Eating and Drinking.

The GOP's icy veins are on display here, so perhaps you should watch the video only if you're not faint-of-med-coverage. 'Heart' pretends to enter the picture for the distressed woman, but only to make the Reagan 'government IS the problem' talking point the GOP likes to make when it behooves them politically - or when they can't think of a decent answer in a pinch.

As a practiced politician, the senator doesn't actually answer her question in relation to health care or insurance reform, but he does attempt to punt the Republican opposition ball down the hall while hoping to undermine the Democrats' efforts to institute reform so that care cannot be denied by a corporate bottom line.

In spite of the couple's payment of health insurance premiums, Coburn comes up with a 'neighbors should help' remark which is, of course, a suitable, if partial, solution to anyone's needs and cares, but his 'solution' seems paradoxical to this blogger considering the usual GOP's allergic reactions to all 'entitlement programs' and other such rantings on-message from the NWO where government is characterized as the bad guy, and privatization is supposedly the answer to everything.

We see that it is not.

In fact, the lady's understandable desperation over her husband's extreme dilemma illustrates the outcome of bottom line motivations whether it's health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security payments. The last three I mention are gov-run programs that work quite well and would work better if fraudulent practices were rooted out.

Health care systems and med insurance are the privately-run conglomerates causing trouble and family bankruptcies in our society. So...

Are we our brother's keeper, or are we not?

Well, I say we are because the Bible tells me so.

And Republican Coburn says we are when it comes to a traumatically-injured man and his individual neighbors being responsible - but not when it comes to government, which is a group of people making use of our tax monies (which are used in part to rebuild other countries they've bombed into oblivion - so no, there's no moola for your health care, America)!

Schizophrenic much?

To be fair, I guess Coburn was on the spot in this situation since he couldn't very well reply with the oft-repeated GOP mantra: "all through your life you've made choices" which seems to pass in GOP circles as an answer to one of the primary moral questions of the ages: Am I my brother's keeper?

Result? The GOP is still MIA on that question and unaccountable - like a raptor-eyed George Bush during Hurricane Katrina's dire miseries. Well, transiting Saturn brought a responsible/accountable vibe during that time period to Bush's natal Ascendant, and made him say, ouch! Mea culpa, kinda.

Yes, this political ploy of a joke is still bedeviling us and it seems tragically hilarious now to think that the Republican Party once dared called itself a gaggle of 'Compassionate Conservatives' - what a hoot! Are you terribly amused?

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