Sep 23, 2009

UN natal chart + 9.23.09 transits

Here is the natal chart of the United Nations, Oct 24, 1945 4:45 pm est, Washington DC; from historical record as cited in Marjorie Orr's The Astrological History of the World; click chart to enlarge.

With the acitivities at the UN today, I'm publishing the UN's natal (founding) chart - inner marked in green - with the transits for 10 am edt this morning, Sept 23, 2009.

Born during an Hour of Mars with Mars, the chart-ruler, conjunct controlling Saturn in 4th house, we see the military action principle of the UN and the chance for homeland control with the conj in Cancer, 4th house.

Tr Mars 17Can32 shows a new 2-year cycle of activity beginning soon as the UN experiences its Mars Return in early Oct 2009. And today's Mars may well represent President Obama (male between 35 - 45 years old, give or take) especially with 17Can32 in the center of US natal Cancerian planets (3 - 25 Cancer, with 25Can being the position of our n Mercury Rx.)

Today's Mars is also stimulating the UN Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, 1 North, whose keywords are: unexpected events involvig groups place tremendous pressure on relationships; issues loom large; hasty decisions are ill-advised as information is distorted or possibly false; (paraphrasing Braday's Predictve Astrology.)

As noted on the chart, 1N is the same Series as the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse of Nostradamus fame, the 'Mother of All Eclipses' or the 'King of Alarm (or 'Terror')' Eclipse which ushered in the New Millennium with fraud, grief, terror plots, and false flag ops, and its rigid Fixed Grand Cross that included a Mars/Saturn opposition.

My posting time is once again brief, so I'll close by typing for you the green highlighted scribbles I've put on the left of the chart, a midpoint picture from the UN's natal chart that involves Uranus/Neptune, the combo of the New World Order (see video posted below for their 1993 dates of conjunction)...

Uran/Nept = Pluto @ 11Leo43: the Big Picture demands a certain course of actio which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (says Pluto): easily influenced or impressed by others; at the mercy of others. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Today's Sun conjuncts US natal Midheaven 00Lib54 (Pres. Obama to the pentacle); tr Pluto 00Cap42 conjuncts UN's n South Node - Pluto/SN is an indicator of violence and war. Add that to Mars approaching n Mars/Saturn and this may indicate UN activities that include discussions of military actions already occurring, or perhaps military planning sessions as part of their current agenda.

And transiting SN continues stimulating the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse @ critical 29Can27, the 'systems fail; new ideas and methods are needed to deal' eclipse.

NPR at noon is reporting that the Mr. Obama is calling for a new era of cooperation in the world...which may also be known as...a NWO. See this blog's sidebar for an apt quote from Henry Kissinger concerning Mr. Obama's presidency.

Any thoughts?


Very sad to hear of the terrible dust storm in Australia and I do hope my Australian friends are okay. -jc.

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