Dec 30, 2009

Astrology of the 'underwear bomber' of Dec 25, 2009

Some of the most interesting writing and reporting I've found about the Christmas Day 2009 'underwear bomber' incident is at which includes speculations about the case's oddities and inconsistencies, along with eye witness accounts.

And from CNN's site is a Timeline of key dates of Mr. Mutallab's activities and helpfully includes the approximate time of his bomb attempt about 20 minutes prior to Flight 253's final approach over Detroit as being "shortly before 12:00 pm ET."

Being out of town for the holiday, this situation was not snooped into by yours truly bwo Astrology's lens until today so I'm just now catching up on my reading of this 'full body scan justification' of terrorism ham-fistedly attempted by a young man from Nigeria, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who seemed to observers to be "in a trance" as negotiations for his boarding of Northwest Flight 253, Amsterdam, were being held.

In this mystery play, a "well-dressed man" of possible Indian descent aided Mutallab by implying to the airport desk agent that he was a 'Sudan refugee', a refugee who would still, if law were followed, need embassy clearance in order to board an international flight as a refugee. Wheels were apparently greased for Mutallab and perhaps the well-dressed man was an embassy agent.

Today I am not at liberty to study fully the chart/s of Christmas Day, Amsterdam or Detroit, but an interesting Sabian Symbol applies here because of its word picture and the symbolism of 'traveling' of the astrological Moon which on December 25, 2009 was at '13 Aries' "shortly before 12:00 pm ET" over Detroit, the Moon had reached 15Ari14, however, yet I shall mention the symbol of Luna's earlier degree because it so aptly applies to the suspect's aborted actions:

"A Bomb Which Failed to Explode Is Now Safely Concealed"...IMPETUOUSNESS...

positive manifestation: a dramatic rejection of any accomplishment falling at all short of very deep or hallowed purpose;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a waste of opportunity and a futile expenditure of self through vanity or petulance. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

And perhaps you'll be interested in Christmas Day 2009's bulldozing, 'riding roughshod' Sun Cap/Moon Aries blend and its Images for Integration while noting that imperial America is often associated with the ancient Roman Empire.

This Earth-Fire combo of energies is known for its wilful and intensely ambitious character that insists on taking command - in similar fashion to the manipulative saboteur Pluto oriental (planet rising just before the Sun) in controlling Capricorn, on Dec 25, 2009. (Sun conjunct Pluto is often a time of such subversive activities each year and shines a spotlight on power-mad inclinations most usually.)

"A Roman city-state is attacked by barbarians but its solid walls keep the marauding bandits at bay...An impetuous entrepreneur persuades a conservative banker to back an ambitious project."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey; my bold on 'impetuous' because it echoes the Sabian Symbol Key Word for '13 Aries.')

Well, full body scans, here we come. How handy that the technology and equipment for them are so readily available for immediate implementation. Hmm?

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