Dec 16, 2009

New Dems against Financial Reform + Blackwater

Naming Names

Here is a list of the New Democrat Coalition whose members are against financial reform legislation as if 2008 never happened!

Well, they'd better know something about the reform bill that you and I don't know because I'm in a huge snit over this - the one my friends and I sent to Washington, John Barrow, is on the freakin' list. Funny, but he's voted with Republicans since he got there but continues to call himself a Democrat.

Maybe in DC he contracted a bad case of Leibermanitis with the attending identity crisis.

On the Radio Now:

Fresh Air
with Terry Gross is coming on as I type with a revealing interview with journalist Jeremy Scahill who's investigated and written on Blackwater for years.

Fresh Air programs are usually available for listening around 3:00 pm est, if you miss this one. Interview text should be available even sooner.

Now let's see....'Blackwater' astrologically....'black' = Capricorn, ruled by controlling Saturn, 'water' can be Cancer (Moon), Scorpio (Mars/Pluto violence and force), or Pisces (Jupiter/Neptune speculations and grand schemes) plus, the Can/Cap axis = security and protection; Tau/Sco = greed/intolerance/preservation and spying/sabotage/betrayal; Vir/Pisc is the victim/savior axis.

Right now Mr. Scahill is saying that then-VP Cheney helped coordinate Gen. McChrystal's testimony on Capitol Hill concerning the 'friendly fire' death of Pat Tillman.

Blackwater's founder, Eric Prince (owner of the largest private army in the US) is characterized as a 'Christian crusader' who thinks eliminating Muslims is his life mission. "Everyone at Blackwater knows that," says Mr. Scahill. And this is the reptilian brain mayhem the US government spends our tax monies on while simultaneously promoting America as a peace-promoting nation! It defies sanity, doesn't it?

Mr. Scahill's book, Blackwater, was published in 2007; he also writes for one of my personal favorites, The Nation.

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