Dec 17, 2009

Copenhagen Summit to establish global governance?

Update Dec 18, 2009: the UN/Copenhagen Summit's goal of establishment of global governance and its further funding has been met (insert: shudder.)

2nd Update from NPR and AP:

BREAKING NEWS: U.S., China, India, South Africa Reach Climate Deal A senior Obama administration official says a "meaningful agreement" has been reached on climate change, the Associated Press reports. Read more...

Original post begins here:

Don't be surprised but this article leaves me about as speechless as can be. Tell me what you think, for Copenhagen is waiting for Barack Obama's magic wand on Friday:

One of the Rothschild offspring laments the difficulty of establishing global governance. The December 2009 Summit in Copenhagen is meant to be a goosestep in the direction of fascist world domination bwo 'climate change' which was established years ago in a directive from the UN.

You know, it isn't new for environmentalism to be used for taking over governments such as when Hitler used it to help establish the Third Reich.

All of this reminds me of a dream I had after first hearing a few years ago that polar ice caps and glaciers are quickly melting - that a satellite with lasers was melting them from space! Crazy, huh? Looked pretty amazing as dream images go.

Even crazier: that the ancient manuscripts of Atlantis holding the secret to longevity are thought by some to be under said ice. Thing is, the 'longevity' part apparently didn't work well for the Atlanteans, as far as we know. So...perhaps a space station in the sky will serve as a life boat for the power elite, an escape hatch for the (self) selected!

If any of this is remotely true, my consolation is that then the ravenously greedy power elite will have only each other for company so it will be claws, hooves, and pointy teeth all around.


Personally I'd much rather have polar bears over for tea and scones, if it were up to me. Or a nice sea lion with wiggly whiskers for a rousing round of backgammon.


mlessirard said...

melting the Ice caps with beams of energy? Isn't that what project harp seems to be about? Okay Kryon talked about it in the 90's and then Jesse Ventura talked about Haarp on Tru TV last month.

Kryon's channeling to the UN

Long time reader of your blog.

jude cowell said...

Thanks for everything, mlessirard!

Will check out links, Jude