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Dec 23, 2009

Senate's final vote 7 am 12.24.09: Venus rising and the Serpent Holder

Okay, we're tryin' to pack in here and I said I was off the blogging clock earlier today but I can't resist mentioning the horoscope for tomorrow morning's final vote in the Senate on a health insurance reform bill or some such: Dec 24, 2009 @ 7:00 am est Capitol Building, DC; Hour Saturn, ASC 26Sag05, Venus rising 28Sag25 conjunct Fixed Star Aculeus (attacks which strengthen)

Vision-related Aculeus and Acumen are stars of the most southern constellation, Scorpio, with Acumen's keywords, enduring attacks which weaken. Scorpio's brightest star is Antares, well known for its link to being obsessed with success.

But it's the mythology of this area of the celestial sphere that interests me the most: Scorpius, the Scorpion, keeps the Sun in its degrees for only 9 days; the remaining 21 days the Sun is actually in Ophiuchus, The Serpent Holder. Thus, from the Bible comes a reference to health care, doctors, and healing.

Plus, Ophiuchus is anciently connected with Osiris and his son, Horus, and contains Graffias, another star in Scorpio, which is intimately linked with America's natal chart, and in Sacred Geometry of Freemasons and other secretive groups. This health insurance overhaul bill is a big deal. That they don't tell us just what it means is the scary part.

Ex: is Codex Alimentarius secretly embedded within for Dec 31, 2009 implementation? We'd better hope not. Besides. I knew it was you, Monsanto. (Dec 31 is the Blue Moon Eclipse which is noted in the post.)

As you know, God of the Underworld, powerful surgery-related Pluto transforms as a snake sheds its skin. His is life-death power and @ 3Cap02, he's quite snug with the Sun 2Cap49; power simply shines from the chart as well as a love of valuable things.

And with Venus oriental in the 'final vote 7:00 am' chart, we know that dealing with valuable things is coming up for the Senate this morning. But the rest of 'Venus oriental' (last planet to rise before the Sun rises) are people who need personalized work functions, putting their stamps on things, as it were.

In fact, evaluation of their work is often substituted for any direct evaluation of them personally. You see, if they knew how they are really viewed or thought of, they would have difficulty accepting or believing it.

With Venus oriental, we often witness people whose public relations images take the place of their private persona as is often done with public figures such as politicians, actors, musicians, artists, etc...provinces of beauty-loving primp, Venus, the Lady of the Hour in the US natal chart (5:10 pm LMT; Venus' metal is copper = Statue of Liberty.) (Tyl.)

So in the health insurance reform brouhaha I only wish someone had asked - or did they? - about Codex Alimentarius hiding stealthily in the bill and its draconian-sounding Dec 31 'benchmark'--or is it a deadline? Seems to me the Codex of genetically modified materials and who-knows-what additives would be just such a secret bomb to lay within a gargantuan piece of legislation that, if made into law, will slip past the American public much more than meets their gullets in a perfect world.

What are they doing to us?


Anonymous said...

Okay!!! And here are wishes for the best Christmas/Solstice yet. Thank you for the year long gift of your musings over the stars and planets and our wonderful "blue marble" planet. Love to you beautiful spirit.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jude!
Love your blog.