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Dec 28, 2009

Solar Return 2010 of the Inauguration 2009 Horoscope

Time for Inauguration 2009 to have its Solar Return 2010 and here you see the SR 2010 chart set for Capitol Building, DC, Jan 20, 2010 @ 5:47:26 pm est, the moment the Sun's position equals its Jan 20, 2009 12:00 pm est DC position of the official Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. With a SR to the Inauguration chart we may assess the president's success with goals during the second year of his presidency.

Sun Hour: good for ego recognition, aims, and 'hero's journey' activities; unaspected North Node (NN) 21Cap02 in 6th house with Sun 00AQ47, the transiting midpoints of Chiron/Pluto 29Cap11, Neptune/Pluto 29:37 @ critical or crisis degrees, and Venus 2AQ57 (conjunct the tr Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and Inauguration 2009's Jupiter in 10th house.)

Well, there are zillions of notable factors in this Solar Return chart for President Obama, his leadership, and our 'followship' and/or discords with leadership. Yes, a Solar Return is 'good for' one year until the person or entity's next birthday but holidays are a busy time so I shall mainly confine myself here to the T-Square pattern between a Moon/Saturn opposition squaring Pluto 4Cap00 conj Mercury 7Cap15, with Mercury conj 6th cusp (medical connotation; daily transportation issues); of course we associate Mercury/Pluto signatures with propaganda, the power of persuasion, and subtle salesmanship and such. Cruel (Pluto) speech, thinking, and plans (Mercury) may also be indicated and you know I would mention it on a blog dedicated to Washington DC and the politicians who infest the lovely Masonic city.

No, I don't like what the 'octopus' - the global crime syndicate now in progress of coup'ing the world in all departments (including the religious world whose activities show in this chart as Jup/Nep and Nep/Chiron) - has done to and with the place. They've made the headquaters of the US government hated and feared in the world, all the while mouthing sentiments on behalf of the needy while misdirecting US taxpayers' funds into game birds' pockets and into war chests to promote their destructive, cruel imperialism.

Consider me miffed and in a permanent snit with DC and with the national and local politicians who carry Pluto's and Saturn/Neptune's subversive waters in order to please the occult-using financial wizards, the Masters of the Universe, or some clawlike entity very like them.

The Cardinal T-Square pattern splays its stalemate energies (Moon/Saturn opposition) across the 3/9 polarity of houses (lower mind/higher mind; thinking; believing; education; near and far travel, etc) and points to an apex of two planets which are conjunct: Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Children, and Creativity.

The 6th house of 'Health, Work, Service, Military and Police Forces, and Our Daily Rounds' is affected as well with Mercury conj 6th cusp in Cap, as noted; Fixed Star Facies 8Cap18 glimmers near Mercury and has a 'ruthlessness or the victim' choice attached. Join and prosper...or else?

Astrologer Anthony Louis gives Facies as having a Sun-Mars nature with possible manifestations being: leadership ability; war; cold detachment; perfectionism; earthquakes; blindness; violent death. (Horary Astrology, Louis.) Pardon me for typing that last one, but you may as well know. We are supposedly adults here, right?

Now as you very well know, Mercury in Cap is a rational and clear-headed thinker unless otherwise interfered with, and Pluto in Cap means it's time for 'permanent transformation in world government' as old structures are turned into new...such as the New World that America's founding ushered in back in the 1700s (US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx) and beyond. But ask Sir Francis Bacon about that. In fact, Bacon natally shares the Sun AQ-Moon Aries blend of the SR 2010 of Inauguration 2009 for which I may as well give you the Images for Integration now...

Sun AQ-Moon Aries: 'A court jester mocks the social injustices of the realm...Robin Hood and his band of merry men outwit the evil King John once again.'

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

So what does Sir Francis Bacon have to say?

"There is in human nature generally more of the fool than of the wise."

And Bacon knew how to use human gullibility against anyone he chose to manipulate once he took note of how easy it is to 'fool' most people in order to secure his desires and needs at the expense of others' properties and their well-being.

Sir Francis, that corporate pioneer who helped lay the foundation of the Great American Experiment of 'Manifest Destiny', with US natal $Jupiter$ at '6 Cancer' = "Game birds Feathering Their Nests."

So I say: Say no more, Sir Francis, you've done more than enough already...and some now would call your ideology 'enough damage' and subversion of a nation from its people who think their government was set to run on the lofty principles of: for, of, and by the people...suckers!

Our Cash Cow Nation status never actually ended although it's taken some knocks in recent years, knocks which culminated in Sept 2008's $550 billion electronic run on US banks and the subsequent losses that attended and will attend its perpetration by mystery actors. But how can the US gov not know - or still not know - who was responsible? Were they themselves? Massive bank bailouts followed, as planned.

The 2008 bank run would have collapsed the global economy, probably in about 24 hours. But the collective has had a 2009 chocked full of Jupiter/Neptune's false hopes, speculations, grand schemes, imaginary dollars, and religious pufferies in vain attempts to soften or obfuscate our capitalist system's bumpy landing if not alter it altogether into one of win-win for world bankers and their colleagues, yet perhaps only a lose-lose situation for anyone not of the power elite's (imagined) exalted ilk and uppercrust social stratosphere.

You weren't using that job, were you?

SR 2010 of Inauguration 2009; Jan 20, 2010 Sun 00AQ47 applying to a supportive trine with Saturn 4Lib36 Rx in 3rd house (3A50); a Cardinal T-Square pattern stands out strongly in the chart:

The 'Cardinal' designation of this T-Square refers to the signs of the planets involved as being in Cardinal signs (Moon Aries, Saturn Libra, Merc/Plu Cap) which are initiating, self-generating energies that like to get going toward major here-and-now objectives. (You see Mc, The Goal, is in Aries ruled by pioneering Mars but the Martial One is Rx (delays) in 1st house @ 13Leo17 having just conjoined Pres. Obama's natal Sun which is rising in this SR 2010 chart; therefore, he is a prime actor for 2010 as one would expect.)

Cardinal T-SQs can describe circumstantial crises and we know the world has a-plenty of 'em already with more to come. We all 'feel' it (with a little help from government, media, and Hollywood propagandists) so I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Who can miss it? Got HD yet?

The established way of doing things is often bucked with a Cardinal T-SQ; poor planning is a caution and looking before one leaps is the antidote.

Apex Mercury in a Cardinal T-SQ shows one who makes rash judgments from being too impatient to wait for more facts; obviously Mercury's presence here signals agitated communicators (reporters?), those with specialized knowledge, also: travel, trade and commerce. Scholarly matters, ideologies, philosophies, and religious matters are areas of outspokenness and energy expenditure; being constantly preoccupied with analyses or research which concerns challenging or controversial subjects is indicated; one's subtle motivations may not be discerned or fully appreciated by self or by others; others' opinions are seldom listened to...the inner voice is too loud.

With young people (Mercury) perhaps it's an iPod or cell phone drowning out other people's voices!

(Note: before taking office, US presidents are required by their elite masters to agree to make decisions based on little or no evidence - in other words, to follow directions when told and 'make' the decisions that are expected in order to promote the over-arching agenda. - jc)

Apex Pluto in Cardinal T-SQ may be one/s who is/are possessed by a deep desire to control others through subversive and forceful measures; intensity and strength of focus are hallmarks of this particular apex Pluto who never shares power.

Karmic Pluto may be the most difficult to 'operate' or direct when apex for Mr. Underworld forces a complete psychological metamorphosis (as horror, changes, and restrictions are intro'd incrementally into society's collective awareness) before Pluto, the secret hand of ultimate control, may successfully reach his goal (of complete totalitarian control in my book - you may disagree, yet astrologer Sybil Leek said that totalitarianism increases in the world as Earth heats up; it's a natural cycle that I believe humankind has sped up in the last two centuries, in part by poorly managing and dealing with our masses of chemical refuse and toxic garbage - including Pluto's and Uranus' spent fuels of death and destruction.

And stupidly 'they' want to build more nuclear reactors on top of the ruins!

Yes, this is a bad-a*s Pluto here, a saboteur, assassin, and spy - wealthy beyond belief and the Invisible One intends to stay that way; he's an 'All-Powerful Oz' for certain and many astrologers have written online and in books and articles (try Mountain Astrologer for excellent article possibilities if you need them) that the Cardinal T-Cross of 2010 will be a doozy with momentous implications for the planet; who wouldn't concur?

Here are the midpoint pictures created by the SR 2010 T-SQ/s - remember that besides 'depression' Moon/Saturn can also be an indicator of 'strategy, direction, and ambition'; Mercury/Pluto = intelligence activities, high security communications; political talk that offers abrupt, disruptive changes to some functions; news of space exploration; orbital weapons or toxic gases; secrets that concern business activities or transportation; intell gathering; self-destructive impulses in business; breakdowns in road networks.

(The above info on Mercury/Pluto paraphrases Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)

The T-SQs' mdpt pics are noted in blue in the upper right of the SR 2010 chart displayed here but I'll type them for you, too:

Moon/Saturn = Mercury: depression, esp among women; a sense of duty; prudence, maturity, wisdom; promoting ideas on how to offer better financial or material protection for your family; education on practical business matters or routines; psychological analysis undertaken to benefit one's emotional life.

Moon/Saturn = Pluto: frustrating delays and barriers encountered upon the road to progress; the elimination of support for families; tremendous emotional control; self-reliance is a must; inclination or necessity to rise in life at the expense of others by use of force, and to go one's way alone; strong feelings of depression cause organic suffering; separation from wife or mother; the threat of loss; needs repressed; feeling isolated.

(Mdpt pics; Munkasey, Tyl, and Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

Whew! That's a lot of crud to type during an in-between-holiday week and it took me all day, so my incomplete analysis can only hope to thoroughly annoy the feathers out of both of you. So let's proceed for as long as my typing finger holds out, and you may also wish to click-to-enlarge the chart for further details I neglect to cover in this text.

Well, as you see, there are several Big Money indicators in the SR 2010 chart which will be in effect until Jan 20, 2011 when a new yearly cycle begins for the presidential office and, by extention, for Pres. Obama and we-the-people...the speculating Jupiter/Neptune duo of inflation, false hopes, bubbly schemes, and/or inspiring religious leaders (positively or negatively inspiring) is snugged around the 8th cusp of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, etc, along with US natal Moon (Sibly chart; a mundane chart's Moon = the people; the public.)

Will the Fed continue printing mega-bucks the US can't back up because someone stole the gold? Midas 8Gem56 is @ Station Rx degree; gold-hoarder Midas will be Direct in the Inauguration 2009's Venus Return chart of Feb 25, 2010 (Venus = Jup/Uranus; T-SQ Saturn/Uranus = ASC), but still Rx in Inauguration 2009's Mercury Return chart of Feb 10, 2010 with its YOD: Jupiter/Pluto = Mars @ 5Leo14 Rx conjunct US natal NN.

Plus, Sun/Moon = Jupiter: success; enthusiasm for life; desire for joint endeavors, expansion, possessions and wealth; marriage; birth (the last two may echo the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01...'Ceremony Fit for a King' with a 'focus on national affairs' - Celeste Teal, Eclipses. Perhaps England's Prince William will marry or - gasp! - become King. Nah. Marry, more like.)

Well, that's all I care to say at this juncture. You see that there are many factors left unmentioned, yet as previously noted, a SR chart is of a year's duration. If you have anything to add to this post, please do so by Comment and we'll discuss.


Stars Over Washington 2009:

All comments left on this blog (and my other blogs, for that matter) through 2009 have been much appreciated though some have been missed in the Reply department - pardon please? For time has squooshed together a good bit more around here since the recession and more hours have been devoted to 'work' in the 'real world' and I know others are having the same experience if they have a job/career to depend on at all.

Shame on our 'leaders' - the ones I once termed on this blog as being "sucky" (as in, world leaders suck) because the small ones exploit their own people grievously and continually and are set up to 'rule' in puppet fashion by the large ones who give arrogant lessons in How to Exploit People and Resources, Knock Heads, and Count Gold Coins While Smelling Like a Rose.

Keeping Americans insulated is an integral part of the scheme (recent airport security uppings are good examples. Too bad so many folks are dismissive of Astrology's usefulness for under more experienced brain cells, the horoscopes published here can yield very interesting information on the people's behalf. We could use the leg up in this rigged game, couldn't we?)

Imho, the 'large ones' are members of, associated with, or manipulated by, the global crime syndicate of which I gripe so often. This web of control has crept into every social institution and on one level is represented in Astrology by asteroid, Cupido (Corporatism, aka Fascism; The Family; The Syndicate) - in this chart: Cupido 24Sag35 in 5th house.)

And as you see, there are several Big Money indicators in the SR 2010 chart which will be in effect until Jan 20, 2011 when a new yearly cycle begins for the Office of the Presidency and, by extension, for Pres. Obama and the people we sincerely hope he honestly represents.


clymela said...

Okay I have, once again, not studied your offering BEFORE commenting but my hair is on fire this morning.
125 beached whales in NZ!! Reading about this in HP I first encountered a "government" type saying "nothing going on here. Move along. These whales have always done this they are just stupid the history books tell us this is so. Move along.
Well at any rate this piqued my curiosity and I ended up with info on HAARP,etc and suddenly the light goes on. HMMMM!
I have known about something that is being practiced here in Berkeley around the BART entrances that causes total disorientation so that one believes one is going in the wrong direction.
I experienced this about 5 years ago or so and so did a firend and so did my SO. I mention this because we are all the types who are definitely woo-woo types we are flat footed.
Well you no doubt do not want to publish this but I am fascinated and will no longer ignore the stories of Illuminati,whomever/whatever the phenomena is-something is going on and it is not to our benefit.
Oh!! hello Aquarian Age and yes this little peasant of the Piscean Age will now return to her kitchen and grandchildren. Oh Yes!! my time has passed. Only of course it has not. Will get back to you on this.

Jude Cowell said...

Clymela, i appreciate this news as whale and other sea animal beachings have long interested and distressed me.

My hair has always caught fire when i hear the US Navy deny that sonar has nothing to do with it - who do they think they're kidding?

And if it's true that the magnetic poles are shifting this could be a Big Factor in animals' sense of direction going haywire.

We live in disturbing times so if you can find a calm eye in the storm (and Grandkids definitely help!) then go for it - but keep reading and commenting, too.

So Happy New Year, dear Lady! Your thoughts and intuitions are always appreciated around here.


Anonymous said...

What is the possibility that the animals apparent loss of direction is not a result of their sense of direction going haywire but rather their sense of direction is sending them into areas that will be more agreeable to their survival when/if a polar shift is coming. After all if animals can sense an earthquake before it happens, perhaps these animals are exploring territory that they will need to inhabit in the future.