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Jan 22, 2010

Are Haiti quakes HAARP's 'weather warfare'?

Guess What? It Isn't Science Fiction Anymore

The US Air Force and Navy have been messing with Earth's ionosphere for some time now thanks to HAARP and its inventor Bernard Eastlund whose patent was kept sealed under a government secrecy order for one year. It's now public, and details about Eastlund's weather-altering transmitter of powerful radiation beams can do many amazing things which include interfering with Earth's magnetic fields thereby confusing migratory birds, marine animals, and other creatures.

The military-controlled apparatus is based in Alaska, so Sarah Palin's thought processes may have been scrambled 'ere this (which would explain a lot.)

And did I hear you say, beached whales and dolphins? The transmitter sits on the path of the Pacific Flyway, a bad decision which goes along with the rest, one supposes.

Upper Atmospheric Wind Patterns Can Be Altered

Use of this 'virtual mirror' of excessive, focused power can result in massive electrical outages and weather manipulations, while pilot communications and electronic instrumentation interferences are other possibilities, as well as possibly triggering health conditions and diseases such as cancer.

This sounds a lot like one of the myths of Atlantis' demise, you know the one: massive out-of-control power abuses blow everything to kingdom come and a large land mass sinks into the sea.

This part of the Atlantean myth must be why the asteroid Atlantis has for its key phrases: abuse of power; where we feel doomed. 'Atlantis' may also refer to the Atlantic Ocean, the shuttle Atlantis, and to America as the supposed "New Atlantis," a reference to Francis Bacon's utopian novel (published 1624 in Latin; 1627 in English) of "an ideal land" and "mythical island."

HAARP can raise internal body temperatures of "people nearby," admits the Navy and Air Force about this devilish program which may have been created for positive uses, yet as always with mankind's dualistic nature, it's the motivation behind the facade that tells the truer tale and brings the ultimate results.

But why would the US military want to destroy and depopulate Haiti and move several thousand troops in to "distribute aid and provide relief"? (Notice our military planes had dibs on landing there - and how little relief has actually been delivered to the Haitian people even a week+ after the initial event.)

Why? The rumor is that there may be oil and uranium there and we're said to be running out of both. And since when did imperial America fail to coup d'etat countries and take charge of their natural resources wherever our plutocratic Robber Baron oligarchs found them?


Update 1.23.10: perhaps HAARP is woven into science fiction, too, in the novel Dante's Equation.

Thanks for the heads-up, Alex!

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clymela said...

Due to the massive destruction and the continued earthquakes mistakenly called "after shocks" I have been thinking of articles and references to the military's ability to use weather as a weapon.
I have heard that Haiti has diesel grade oil but also, US companies want to turn Haiti into a factory where low,low wages can be assured.
I think that my thoughts about earthquakes as weapons is so out there that almost no one is talking about this subject.