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Jan 23, 2010

Horoscope of the SOTU Address Jan 27, 2010

Update Jan 27, 2010 2:15 am est: in the first SOTU Address of his presidency, Pres. Obama will hold himself accountable for how things have gone in his first year in office, but will add that he is not solely to blame. Must be that Saturn Rx in diplomatic Libra, in 1st house and rising.

He takes responsibility, Y'all - sort of. For the most part.

And @ 9 pm, Mr. Obama's natal Mars is rising, you know, but it's America's Neptune, representing our ability to be hynotized and idealistic to our own detriment, that rises at the moment of mass media Neptune's stage entrance under the rosy glow of the TV cameras and spotlights.

Enjoy the performance.

Original post starts here with a SOTU chart image set for 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, DC, the scheduled time, thus SOTU's 'birth time' (and symbolic chart, even if he begins a minute or so later):

Horoscope of the President's State of the Union Address, Jan 27, 2010, scheduled for 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, Washington DC; Ascendant 22Vir06 with US natal Neptune rising along with President Obama's natal Mars; at Mc (The Goal Point) is US natal Mars in Gemini; Hour of the Moon; Moon 7Can21 out-of-bounds (OOBs) indicating the extreme emotional insecurity of the public (Moon.)

A Cancerian Moon (the people; the public) opposing Mercury (the speech; the orator) in Capricorn indicates that using the cold logic of a Cap Mercury to deliver his message (Mercury) will be offensive to the sensitive, home-and-security-minded public (Moon.) Our self-protective emotions may make it impossible to agree with what he says (Cancer is also a sign of business which I believe relates to massive job losses for the people thus bringing insecurity); reasoning goes against emotions and thinking/feeling are unbalanced with a Moon/Mercury opposition.

This opposition is significant since Mercury is chart-ruler (and Midheaven-ruler) and makes only two applying aspects in the chart: opposite Moon (5A58) and conjunct NN (7A46.)

America's natal Mars/Neptune square (with its confused, unconscious motivations and deceptive actions) is at ASC (What? Point = Neptune) and Mc (Why? Point = Mars); a Mars/Neptune square makes it difficult to accept reality and in the case of a self-protective society (and presidency) open actions are often lacking which makes it easy for subversive forces to take over (imo, they have); lowered standards attract negative or underworld types (imo, they definitely have. We and the rest of the world are in the clutches of a world crime syndicate.)

Mars/Neptune contacts often indicate associations with disease, infections, and medicine so mentions may be made of health insurance reform, flu vaccines, and/or the worsening health conditions in besmited Haiti, the latest pet project of Washington. (Send money to Haiti, yes, but please remember that local needs continue on along and worsen if neglected.)

Our nation's natal Sun/Saturn square (with n Saturn in 1st house/US n Sun in 10th house along with our Venus and Jupiter in Cancer) is highlighted as well and may bring mentions of defense, fear, and conservation. (Click the chart to enlarge - US natal planets are highlighted in pink.)

US natal Mercury Rx 24Can+ conjuncts SOTU's 11th cusp at 9:00 pm and n Mercury is being visited by SOTU 2010's Moon/Mars midpoint (all midpoint pictures from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey); any, all, or none may apply:

SOTU Moon/Mars = n Mercury: nervousness; irritability; worrisome preoccupations; uncertainties about the use of force; premature criticism.

US n Pluto opposes n Mercury so we may infer that:

SOTU Moon/Mars = n Pluto (or soon will): eliminating the anger that accompanies complaints; intensified defiance in periods of uncertainty; powerful opinionation; a demanding nature; one-sided outlook; fanaticism; moodiness.

The 'powerful connections'/'common destiny of large masses of people' midpoint, Pluto/NN, is influencing orating Mercury:

Pluto/NN = Mercury: taking advantage of shifts in power (is one example earthquakes?; conversing fluently with influential people; exercising a compelling and magnetically powerful influence upon the public; a desire to dominate others intellectually; thinking big; hearing the grass grow; reading others and judging their needs.

Sun 8AQ02 (the leader) and Moon 7Can21 (the people) are inconjunct (149 degr 19 mins) and in need of adjustment; Sun is trying to win approval from the Moon which we-the-people may feel is undeserved (so far - it's only been a year); fund-raising projects and welfare programs come to mind with Sun inconj Moon; appeals for working together may be mentioned. Ties to the good old days and to the emotional security we once enjoyed are misaligned with the way in which our leader (Sun) is expressing his will. We continue to feel we are not being listened to. (We're not.)

Tiresomely, Jupiter and Neptune, the speculator pair of grand schemers, are in 6th house of Work, Health, and Police/Military Forces -- and are now snugged around US natal Moon in Aquarius. This means that the Jupiter/Neptune = n Moon picture is still influencing the collective with its 'involved in speculations; little sense of reality (plus, they're always lying to us); losing oneself in plans; instability; wastefulness' vibes. As I said, tiresome.

Restrictive, controlling Saturn 4Lib28 Rx (delays) in 1st house is focal planet of a midpoint combo, too - Moon/Pluto, which relates to propaganda, broadcasting and public relations on a grand scale, drastic moods, people's opinions about crime, war, and internal secrecy, attempts to 'psyche out' the public...and popular promises to end war, waste, etc, in appeals to the public.

Guess we'll hear about those 2008 campaign promises, and perhaps they'll be updated for our current consumption, realism added with a thud to earth.

Moon/Pluto = Saturn: realism about handling gloomy events; depression; emotional suffering; constraint and loss; pressure to regroup forces and plan anew.

With Saturn signifying the Democratic Party, this seems in part a reference to Scott Brown's recent senatorial win in Massachusetts and to the Dems' possibly unstable prospects for the Nov 2010 elections.

Interestingly, US natal Saturn opposes SOTU's Sun/Mc midpoint 14Ari13 (7th house; The Hero's Goal; molding and shaping global politics; leaders who have lost popularity; a lessening of authority through losing contact with the people) which happens to conjoin SOTU's Moon/NN midpoint.

Moon/NN is, of course, the midpoint between the Moon's position and Luna's own Nodal position, certainly a 'contact with the public' indicator; in politics and business this mdpt indicates: measurements of productivity; foreign trade and channels or means for conducting trade; ports of entry; roadways, canals, or transit systems; agricultural blockages, or failures at ports of entry or exit ('underwear bomber' on Christmas Day 2009? Uninvited Salahis at the White House State Dinner? Food shortages on the way? Breakdowns in trade agreements? Bottlenecks?)

Moon/NN = n Saturn: older, wiser people giving advice about direction; working hard with others, sometimes having to go it alone; disadvantages or loss through associations; separations.

Sun/Mc = n Saturn: reserve; inhibitions; withdrawal or retirement (several politicians have announced their retirements; plus, we should withdraw from the Middle East, imo); the necessity to make sobering decisions; refinement of ambition; learning through apparent mistakes; addressing problems; restricted aims.

Well, President Obama has gracious plenty problems to address on the evening of January 27, 2010 in his first official SOTU Address, and much more info is contained in this chart than I'm typing here. A Moon Hour is a good time to address the public, too, so what I may do is forestall updating this post until the President completes his Address and I hear the political pundits and corporate shills tell us what we should think and what nuggets we should glean from it.

Pres. Obama's ending time will give us a significant chart, too. Then we can see which planets changed houses and if any new planetary patterns form. And if he speaks long enough, traditional Saturn will surely rise and progressive Uranus will certainly set.

Note: Upper right, I have made note that if you use the Dobbyns version of the US natal chart (July 4, 1776 @ 10:36 am LMT) the SOTU cusps at 9:00 pm est are the same cusps as the Dobbyns chart which puts US natal Mars (god of war) at natal Mc, and US n Neptune rising; the other planets in the SOTU 2010 chart are precisely where they now transit in the Dobbyns chart which gives this particular SOTU more gravitas than it might wield otherwise.

Therefore, Mars the warrior is at the Why? Point, mass media's Neptune, planet of deception and propaganda (and oil, perhaps to be found in Haiti along with uranium) are always rising and culminating in the US' Dobbyns chart.

In business and politics, Neptune/ASC = responding to the ideals of the people; deluding others about the current state of the economy, affairs, or scandals which are in the news; distortions of the facts; a need for additional glamor or glory; subversion by those who are trusted; internal decay or neglect of hospitals or health care systems (!! the Dobbyns chart sounds eerily accurate to me esp with military Mars at Mc, too); misleading news concerning intentions; overlooking the reality of what is happening and relying on what is believed the situation should be.

All are key weaknesses of this country, imo. Facing reality is not our strong suit. Making it up is more the tendency.

But let's not leave out Mars/Mc while we're discussing America's natal chart and the 2010 SOTU Address's chart which dovetail so perfectly:

Mars/Mc = developing military capability for both safety and defense; using created enemies of the state as targeted examples or focus objects for hate; fostering paranoia for political control of the people (sound familiar yet?); fear of foreign domination and preparation for same; legislative bodies that order arming as a means of protecting borders or rights.

Though I despise admitting it, the Dobbyns version of America's natal chart (10:36 am LMT) describes this nation better than any other version I've used so far. And Jan 27, 2010's transit of Mars-to-Mc shows our military aggression and promotion of our goals to the world as President Obama launches a campaign on behalf of what is perhaps a new and pioneering cause.

My 'SOTU hope' is that threats are not issued with Mars being Rx in Leo, fearful Saturn Rx rising, and America pretending not to be bankrupt when everyone knows she is - by way of too much warring and internal looting by those we should be able to trust.

Your comments and analyses are as always cordially invited; however, please be advised that discourteous remarks will not be published.

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