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Feb 14, 2010

Yes, Love is the Foundation of the Universe

Since I'm working in Art mode today (yet I did watch TV's weekly parade of political circuses this morning and am watching *Bill Moyers' Journal now as they're Reimagining Lincoln), this post is merely a heads-up to a Shadow Party, one of my Art images you're cordially invited to view if not attend on this, Valentine's Day 2010.


*Next week Moyers' Journal will feature the effects of the recent SCOTUS decision against we-the-people in favor of corporations and their expanded meddling ability in US election processes even more than they did before.

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clymela said...

Well,dear one, I love that one,The Shadow Party, so much bagged there. thank you for the wonderful poem as well.
did I ever tell you that when I was a young astrologer and we did everything in long-hand, I used Prisma colored pencils. My Prisma colors were so precious that to this day my daughter who was very little then treats Prisma colors as if they are the Host itself? We were very poor in those days.