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Feb 15, 2010

Canada's first-ever home-soil Gold for her Jupiter Return!

Hearing that Canada won her first-ever Gold Medal on home soil yesterday at the Vancouver Olympics spurred me to pull out Canada's natal chart (July 1, 1867 12:05 pm LMT Ottawa; source: astrologer Rab Wilkie) to see what's happening overhead and there it was: Thursday Feb 18, 2010 marks the nations's *Jupiter Return to 7Pis30!

Canada's natal Jupiter is posited in 5th house of Creative Pursuits, Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Children, and with ongoing transits like the lovely Venus-to-Jupiter, Jupiter-to-Jupiter, and, in about 6 days, Sun-to-Jupiter, the 2010 Winter Olympics have some happy times in store for Canadians after the Games got off to such a rocky start.

Also affecting Canada's natal placements now: transit Uranus (surprises!) conjoining her Chiron 26Pis38 in 6th house, a sudden, disruptive transit which may describe on one level the wound (Chiron) of the unfortunate competitor who lost his life just prior to the opening of the 2010 Winter Games.

A happy time overshadowed, yes, yet who can deny that Gold Medals are nice to have for displaying upon a nations' mantle, eh?

Looking ahead at Saturn's future course, a transit to natal Ascendant 7Lib58 is on the way when responsibility and accountability issues come to the fore along with some sort of loss if Saturn's lessons are not heeded (ex: Hurricane Katrina occurred during the time of George Bush's Saturn-to-ASC transit; he didn't handle that responsibility well and refused to admit accountability for that or for much else.) For Canada, Saturn-to-ASC will occur only once on or about Oct 2, 2010 (perhaps indicating the reality of what a financial boondoggle having the Olympics can be and its restrictive results on taxpayers' wallets? Canada's natal Saturn 17Sco46 is posited in n 2nd house opposing n Pluto 15Tau46 in 8th house - both Money houses.)

And in early October 2010, Saturn will square Canada's natal planets in early Cancer: Moon 6Can32, Uranus (OOBs in 9th house), and Sun 9Can20, then will square Midheaven 9Can41 - all difficult energies full of obstacles (Saturn); but there's more...

After Saturn lumbers into Canada's natal 1st house, the old taskmaster will eventually oppose natal Neptune 15Ari00 (7th house) and will do so three times - on or about: Dec 5, 2010, Mar 20, 2011 (Rx), and August 30, 2011. Similar in nature to America's recent transit of Saturn-conjunct-n-Neptune, this is another signature of a deluge of cold water drenching false illusions and yet obstacles are put in the way of learning the truth. Financial speculation under this transit is a very bad idea, and hidden agendas full of fear-mongering can confuse everything.

Well, don't they always?

Circumstances feel paralyzed under such a depressive Saturnian transit to Neptune so do take your good times while ye may, Oh Canada! And prepare ahead for soon-to-come leaner times than you've known in quite a while.

Oh listen to me! Advising Canada to do something that nary a soul in America listened to in 2001 when I first started grousing online about America's coming **bankruptcy and my then-fellow Fraysters on Slate poo-pooed my 'daftness' with things like, "America is too big and too rich to ever go bankrupt!"

And yet 'ever' did come, didn't it? Funny how multi-national corporations are deemed by 'experts' to be 'too big to fail'...but as we see, America is not.


*A 'Jupiter Return' is aka a 'Jupiter Reward Cycle' and comes round about every 12 years.

**One factor that caused me then to think of America's bankruptcy: 9/11/01's Moon at '28 Gemini' = "BANKRUPTCY", and Moon in a mundane chart = the people; therefore, I continue to believe that the attacks of 9/11 on the commercial World Trade Center are part of someone's plan to bring America to her knees and bankrupt the people (which was put in motion years ago by corporations and their enablers, Congress, as our jobs were first being outsourced overseas. Who couldn't see where that would eventually lead? And tax cuts for corporations are never passed on to the people in the form of jobs creation so I wish the GOP would stop pretending that they are.)

Another factor is Nostradamus' King of Terror (or 'Alarm') Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 which capped off the old century and which has a financial flavor to it. The Eclipse chart contains a rigid Fixed Grand Cross that bedevils us still as transits to the 1999 Eclipse chart mark time on the Great Cosmic Clock, so naturally the prophetic Book of Revelation comes to mind for its vision of Oxen (Tau), Lion (Leo), Eagle (Sco), and Angel (AQ) so elegantly pinpointed by August 11, 1999's Grand Cross planets in mid-degrees of these Fixed signs.


Kieron said...

I continue to believe that the attacks of 9/11 on the commercial World Trade Center are part of someone's plan to bring America to her knees and bankrupt the people

Oh I long thought this. I was ridiculed and attacked for saying as much at the time, when everyone was going bananas in the collective base chakra zone (safety, security) and unable to see through the veils cast over their eyes. As the veils fall away from our eyes, though, we will see who the "someone" is, and this may well require the help of a little dog, too!

Theodore White said...

Love reading your blog Jude, and been so busy on my own that I've not had the time to comment on your wonderful posts.

There's a lot happening of course, and this is one of those times in history that we will look back on with those "wow" kind of eyes.

Regarding Nostradamus, there's a lot more going on here in the world as mundane transits show we are entering a new era, more on this later, but things are about to get very interesting in Washington politics this year, and more is on the way...

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Theoedore, thanks! Let us know what you're referring to when you can! Jude