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Mar 17, 2010

The Fed will be raising interest rates: Peter Schiff video

Here's a 7-minute-17-second video concerning the Fed having to raise interest rates in spite of the recession. Sad to say, 'this is only the beginning' of economic woes is supported by astrological influences over the next few years. Sorry, guys. American supremacy is basically over. Guess we got too big for our britches - and you know that pride comes before a fall.

(Ex: US Secondary Progressed Full Moon Dec 24, 2008 - a natural cycle of being extended as far as we can reasonably go in the world; pullback necessary, but so far quite ignored) unless our 'team' can manage to wrest control of the New World Order helm from other vying governments as our 'team' is struggling to do.

But if so, the American people won't like that situation either, surfs as we'll be.

Mr. Schiff is probably correct, but it's the 'will have to raise interest rates' part I don't trust because I think the Fed and other entities are behind the engineered, long-planned financial collapse of 2008, aka 'done on purpose'...transiting Pluto now in opposition to US natal Venus, then opposing natal Jupiter and later on, Pluto opposing US natal Sun, the leader. Perhaps Britain will take back the keys to the US jalopy, the keys that Congress, the bankers, and industrialists have virtually handed over to China. Yet America may need Daddy to drive.

So if the Fed 'feels compelled' by circumstances to raise interest rates, which will further squeeze the little guy and further wipe out what once was a middle class, it's because it's part of the plan to collapse the world economy and build a new (crappy) one-world-government model based on totalitarian control and founded upon the ruins, the slimey lucifer-worshiping sots.

To again paraphrase FDR: 'Nothing in Politics happens by accident. If it happens you can be sure it was meant to be that way.'

How very true.

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