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Mar 17, 2010

Remembering James Madison, March 16, 1751

March 16 is the birthdate of the Architect of the US Constitution James Madison so this is a belated birthday post in his honor.

Madison was born March 16, 1751 (NS) in Port Conway, Virginia @ 11:59 pm (RR: B) and you may view his natal chart here though I published it in 2006 before I began scribbling notes all over charts (which may seem an improvement to you but the chart looks rather forlorn and empty to me.)

Even so, you'll see his Sagittarian Ascendant with Pluto Rx rising, his Sun in Pisces/Moon in Scorpio (Water-Water, an intuitive and emotional fellow), and his sparkling mental brilliance mirrored in a Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius.

The Sun Pisc/Moon Scorpio blend is shared natally by author John Steinbeck who could not possibly have been thinking of America's current reforms now in grand struggles to be born when he wrote, "It is the nature of man as he grows protest against change, particularly change for the better."

Saturn and North Node in Sag are rising in 1st and speak of Madison's taking on obligations easily, having a sense of pride, an air of authority, and of honoring long-standing ties to old friends. Serious meetings are part of Saturn/NN as well and he certainly enjoined his share of those.

A focused-energy Mars in Capricorn, sign of law, government, and business is there, too, with Jupiter in Taurus giving him a fortunate-for-endeavors Mars/Jupiter trine, so check out President Madison, if you wish.

Nowadays, most Americans remember the Constitution fondly, shredded and tattered as it's become in recent decades with a big boost given to its undermining by eight years of Bush-Cheney, featuring the 'Patriot' Act, undeclared and illegal war, and, prior and subsequent to all that, a private central bank, unfondly known as the Fed, printing and minting currency and coins it has no constitutional right to print or distribute.

And that's only the short list of attacks upon our cherished-by-the-people Constitution, written to protect us from tyrants - and thus precisely one of the documents that certain entities are determined to destroy.

You'll note that Senator Chris Dodd's financial 'reform' bill announced on Monday is said to give more power to the Fed when more power to the Constitution is what we need. And that would make the Fed moot or illegal at best.

James Madison is also known for being the first US President to actually live in the White House; he moved in on November 1, 1800. No, it wasn't ideal but Dolly made do and livened up Washington considerably while making it do.

Now here is a SO'W post from 2007 with a few words from the man himself, including his last words to the American people. It's entitled James Madison on tyranny so you know right away that we need to hear from the birthday boy in 2010 in spite of his well-advanced age.

So thank you, Mr. Madison, for all your work on behalf of America's founding, and I'm very sorry that usurpers have royally screwed things up so badly. I only wish more Americans had paid much closer attention to the termites in the woodwork a lot sooner than 2010.

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