Mar 30, 2010

Reconciliation Bill signed w/ US natal Jupiter rising 3.30.10

March 30, 2010: another 22-Pens Day for President Obama!

At 11:33 am edt today, President Obama signed the Reconciliation Bill for Student Loans and Health Care Reforms even though 'Lack of Care' seems more where we're headed due to a sparse primary care worker force. For too long those who went into Medicine went in for the big bucks yet not all go into service for this reason - some actually go into service to go into service for the common good. But many doctors in America do have their Porche payments to make, you know. And exotic isles with glimmering golf courses may await them.

NPR has a Health Care Reform round-up of articles in chronological order which reads in large part like a schedule of March 2010.

Ascending today at Nova Community College, Northern Virginia, for the signing ceremony at 11:33 am edt is 4Can05 bringing America's natal Jupiter upon the scene (Venus having just arisen - money and valuable things.) And confidence is jovial Jupiter's forte!

Well, if the President's plan to take out the middle men in the student loan industry does result in the savings he envisions, students will benefit along with society. Our country needs the upgrade of community colleges which the President proposes for medical professions may be prepared for there and computer technology has been a staple of these institutions for years - why not ramp things up?

At this Hour of the Moon (changes; publicity) the serious leader Sun/Saturn midpoint also arose, so we have...

Sun/Saturn = ASC: possible health threat (plus, SN is in 1st house conjunct asteroid Hopi, keywords: ambush; prejudice - but the Secret Service is on the case); being misunderstood; separation.

South Node is a separative point, it's true, but near ASC it may also mean 'outstanding in his field' and may represent an unusually successful achiever.

With US natal Jupiter...

Sun/Saturn = n Jupiter: break-up of an entire value system for eventual recovery and gain (!); cloud with a silver lining; a fortunate separation.

Perhaps this is the 'separation' of middle-men bankers from the student loan process thus saving money.

At Midheaven (Goal; Aspirations) 12Pis42 is another midpoint, one I keep a squinty eye on as it traverses the heavens: Uranus/Neptune, significator of the NWO, timed by their Great Conjunction/s of 1993...@ '18Cap'...where tr NN has been hanging out for several days now.

Uranus/Neptune = MC: guidance sought from never-before-taped sources; inner vision; dissolution.

And Uran/Nep = NN: meeting with people who care about one's future.

The Uranus/Chiron midpoint at MC implies new reforms and innovations and possible political chaos. We'll see what hay the GOP tries to fork Obama's way as the hours go by while they defend Republican staffers' running up tabs at bondage nightclubs. (Diverting story that, but I have no time to follow up.)

Chart-ruler Moon makes only one applying aspect in the 11:33 am edt chart: she opposes Mercury (7A55) with Mercury 25Ari13 in 11th house of Groups and Associations, and Moon 17Lib18 conjunct 5th cusp 17:13. This is the head (Merc) vs heart (Moon) aspect and may symbolize the left-right brain split which continues to bedevil this nation's Politics as it is continually acted out with tiresome 'Rs v Ds' quarrels that divert the players so often and completely that they can hardly find time to 'serve' the people who sent them to Capitol Hill.

Now for the T-Square patterns involved in the signing's loosely knitted Grand Cross (if you count the ASC as an outlet for the planetary energies)...

Pluto/ASC = Sun: seeing a whole new avenue for development and success; 'full steam ahead': attaining respect and esteem for physical prowess; ruthless conduct toward others.

Pluto/ASC = Saturn: oppressive dealings with others; high potential for great difficulty and loss; subjected to coercive measures or forcible suppression.

Another picture tells a tale of inventions, inspirations, and new ideas: Mercury/Neptune = Uranus.

What? ASC '5Can' = " At a Railroad Crossing, an Automobile Is Wrecked by a Train" which describes the bad stuff that can happen when an individual pits his will 'carelessly' against 'the power of the collective will of society.'

Other than increasing the deficit, I can't imagine that a majority of Americans can be against the student loan part of the Reconciliation Bill the President signed this morning. It's the Health Insurance Reform parts of it I'm not so certain about.

However, this very day, transiting Mars 2Leo31 (in 2nd house of Money at 11:33 am edt) is triggering Mr. Obama's natal Mercury, planet of signings, bills, laws, agreements, announcements, speeches, discussions, crossroads, trade and commerce. He did sound a little revved up during his speech, didn't he?

Perhaps this evening at the White House French President Sarkozy will notice a certain verve or force in Mr. Obama's repartee over dinner!

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