Mar 2, 2010

Time Warp Through the Rabbithole with Frederic Chopin

Whew! Just completed installation of new pc equipment after a wobbly crash last Wednesday evening (Feb 24) so I'm barrelling online to say, Still here, and so is Stars Over Washington!

And since the Art collaboration I've been working on these last weeks is in high gear now (and having been off the *interweb for a week so I completed new drawings for the '1st Annual International Astrology Blogathon March 19 - 21, 2010'), I must thither me yonder with little delay.

Therefore, it is with some measure of poised aplomb attained quite naturally through my complete reliance on the insights and analysing skills of one Julie Demboski that I highly recommend to you her interesting observances concerning the cosmic symphony playing over our heads this very Tuesday, March 2, 2010.

Well, it's good to be back @ SO'W...especially with so many of our infesting politicians running for cover! Skiddaddle, fraudulent crooks and varmints!

To be cont'd...


Fryderyck Chopin born March 1, 1810; 6:00 pm Zelazowa Wola, Poland:

Sorry my pc problems caused me to miss the 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin's birthday yesterday (although a few conflicting dates exist) but this morning I happily caught Performance Today and heard a wonderful pianist playing Chopin on Chopin's piano in the house where Chopin was born. That was really something and was made more astounding for this reluctant astrologer (or perhaps for any other) because it provided a living link through music...from 1810 to 2010. Pouf! 200 years!

Now, 200 years = 200 degrees ('a day for a year' as in Scripture) so 200 degrees is equivalent to 20 Libra on the circle of the zodiac. (Each sign contains 30 degr and 200 contains 6 signs (6 x 30 = 180; Aries - Virgo) = 180 degr, plus 20 degr more = 20 Libra.)

So here's a peek at the Sabian Symbol for '20Lib' to see if its word picture might pertain to something that could please Frederic Chopin. Plus, you'll find '21Lib' (201 degr) mentioned in Chopin's bio at AstroDataBank. I did not read the bio before typing in the '200 degr = 20Lib' above but of course, one degree dissolves into the next like seconds on a clock face morphing into the next minute, and 60 minutes melting into an hour. Right?

'20Lib' = "A Jewish Rabbi" and '21Lib' = "A Crowd Upon a Beach."

For more info, I shall quote from Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac which gives a Symbol for '20Lib' (but not for '21Lib')...

'20Lib' = "Around an altar, on which the fire of sacrifice is blazing, the priests lay the sacred meal."

"An outstanding personality, innerly filled with light and warmth. There is a sincere religious spirit, exclusive of hypocrisy but not of earthly pleasures, prominent among which is enjoyment of good food. The other (chart) factors have to show whether this pious strain is likelier to inspire an ascetic or a sensuous mystic. In either case, the native may enter the clergy or, as a layman, lead an apostle's life.

Either in a cloister or in the world, the natives' ecclesiastical or worldly career stands under good auspices and even may prove very fortunate indeed, if backed by other indications of luck." (8th house Jupiter in Aries - jc.) "The support of highly placed people and the sympathy of learned persons will bring forth the native's otherwise unmistakable gifts, and his presence will appear indispensable to others."

Sad that composer-pianist Fryderyck Chopin died age 39, on Oct 17, 1849 of tuberculosis after settling in Paris (Sept 1831) and charmingly becoming part of an elite circle of social creatures with whom he arranged to teach music to their offspring, and entertain ritzy revelers during intimate candlelight suppers and other diverting amusements.

Which Symbol do I think more applies? Probably "A Jewish Rabbi" which may of course be considered to describe an archetypal image of a pope or priest. During his final lying-in, Chopin received the viaticum from Abbey Alexander Jelowick on Oct 14, 1849, passing away 4 days later. Plus, a rabbi is a teacher, and the maestro taught music lessons, as noted.

Upon Chopin's request, his heart was removed and placed in an urn and masoned behind a wall of the Church of the Holy Cross, Warsaw, an act meant to deliver a particular message into the Great Beyond, I think. It seems to me to be a 'time capsule of the heart' that goes along with the brilliant musical time capsule I experienced on the radio this very morning!


*the wordism interweb is freely credited to TV's Craig Ferguson.

No 'George Sand' has been mentioned or injured during the typing of this post.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for this--had no idea I had a prime-time mention here! (Spent too much time away this past week, and made too-brief forays back) Glad to hear you are up and running again.

And your F. Chopin analysis--brilliant!

Ha ha--no George Sand etc. You are always fun--
Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

And when (where) do we get to see these drawings? At the Blogathon? Can't wait!

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Julie, thanks for reading and commenting! A 'prime-time mention' indeed har!

Chopin is a fascinating study but i didn't get much time to learn what little of his music was on my level when my piano lessons were rudely interrupted. My mom had my teacher lie to me and say he couldn't get more Mozart sheet music (the olden days of the 60s) so i got fed up and quit.

Today's 'Performance Today' was quite amazing, too - they featured a 1938 recording of Samuel Barber at the piano >singing< a Scottish song in his lovely baritone! That's because today is the 100th anniversary of his birth - and who can't listen to yet another rendition of Adaggio with Strings?

Who? jc

Jude Cowell said...

Oops! you asked about new cosmic drawings for the Blogathon...they will on display at Secret Moon Art and linked on Donna's Skywriter, CJ's Auntie Moon, and Mandi's astroair blogs.

The main art gallery will be published Monday Mar 15 or Tuesday, the 16th so that the Live links will be available for linking.

But a couple of Slideshows are already on Secret Moon Art in the sidebar - a psychedelic Kaleidoscope one and a Cosmic Flowers puzzle-style show.

Thanks for asking, m'dear! jude