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May 28, 2010

9/11/01: Bldg 7 imploded @ 5:21 pm edt; '9AQ" rising

Yes, you've probably seen the video or the TV coverage of the obviously imploded demolition of Building 7 on 9/11/01 which you see here falling straight down into its own footprint as if by professional, controlled demolition.

At 5:21 pm edt in NYC on 9/11/01: ASC 8AQ23 - '9AQ' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle" which is similar to the Sabian Symbol for America's natal ASC (Sibly)...'12Sag' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle That Crows."

'9AQ' speaks of "The dynamic incorporation of new social values" and an ACTING OUT of the vision" (uh-huh, a NWO); '12Sag' indicates "The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations. (Rudhyar.) Ah yes, the sensitive mind of Dick Cheney and his comrades.

Oh, and the Midheaven (Goal Point) at 5:21 pm edt? 29Sco25 (the position of US Inaugural Moon 29:45 on Jan 20, 2009); '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester" which points on 9/11/01 to the Priory of Sion and Templars, imho.

Well, I haven't time now or during this holiday weekend to post fully on the day or the chart for Building 7's implosion, but I will add one pertinent midpoint picture in effect the entire day for it points to US natal Neptune 22Vir25. As you know, Neptune is a weak spot in anyone's chart where deception, confusion, and illusion may be found; mystical inclinations and inspirations are some of the positive expressions of Neptunian energies with its 'urge to merge' with The Infinite.

And yes, there are factors indicating mysticism on that day (we should ask the Illuminati Society, the Vatican, and the Kabbalists about it), but I shall confine myself to typing out the word picture for the one midpoint in case any of it rings true...especially since it involves powerful secret hand Pluto, the assassin and saboteur, which was famously opposing Saturn across America's ASC/DESC axis on 9/11/01 (after lumbering through US n 12th house of Karma and Self-Undoing for preparation for Mr. Hades' break-out role on 9/11/01.)

(Also, I've never actually published the Horoscope of the attacks of 9/11 which began @ 8:46 am edt, but have certainly mentioned it within some of the almost-2,200 posts on this blog); perhaps I should remedy the omission asap.)

Well, here see what you think. As usual with mdpt pics, any, all, or none may apply, and you know that NN relates to contacts with the public or to group encounters:

9/11/01's Pluto/NN = US n Neptune: deception; confusion; seeing that people are not what they seem; attaining success within the community by use of fraud and lies; losses; the power of the half-truth; deception as a tool; win at any cost.

Yet one thing I have blogged about concerning 9/11 is Dick Cheney's astro-links to the attacks and we know that he was very active on that day though hidden away as usual.

So if you're interested in viewing an incriminating astro-picture of Cheney's possible culpability on 9/11 - and you appreciate the meaning of Pluto/Chiron's plutocracy-oppression-corporatism-class warfare-primal violence flavors within governmental actions, please see the Horoscope of Cheney's secondary progressions for 9/11/01 and let me know what you think.

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