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May 20, 2010

Kissinger touts for the NWO - video

In line with my last SO'W post earlier this morning, here is a video of Patrick Wood, editor of the excellent August Review. Patrick is a decades-long watchdog on our behalves concerning the Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg Group, and other NWO movers and shakers.

To meld within your noggin the long-term New World Order plans and planners with the current administration in the White House, please view the video, even if you never watch another on that heinous topic, a totalitarian one-world-government, aka the NWO.

And while we're considering such topics we must remain clear-eyed about the identities of the players President Obama has surrounded himself with even though I suspect that they were on board for White House duty already and BHO was selected to grace the middle of the NWO cabal that acts as his "cabinet" or "team."

Among other things, it reveals the Jan 5, 2009 interview done on the floor of the NYSE between C-NBC and Henry Kissinger concerning what Kissinger thought Mr. Obama's 'first actions as president-elect' should be, and it tells in his own words the 'Quotes to Note' inclusion in the sidebar of this blog - it's not as if I could make this up, but here's the man himself speaking on record.

Mr. Wood also mentions Kissinger's chum, Richard Nixon, who sent Henry on a secret mission to Communist China in July 1971 to 'open up trade' which subsequently has resulted in the loss of millions of US jobs and wealth through the years. His trip to China was a NWO planning session, as are all summits and conclaves, imho.

Personally I began years ago to consider Tricky Dick Nixon to have been an out-and-out Chinese agent. How about you? However, my personal opinion of 'shuttle diplomatist' Hank Kissinger is not suitable for publishing in polite company.

So do I think that Mr. Obama is 'the chosen one' for inaugurating the NWO?

Yes. I agree with Mr. Wood and with others. The Mayan calendar's 'end date' of Dec 21, 2012 is being used or has been foreseen by a global elite who use Astrology as a matter of course to cloud the waters of what they're up to: a physical and political take-over that has little to do with Mayan visions or with New Age higher consciousness and Awakenings.

Unless The Awakening involves the realization that the world's population has been royally bamboozled into accepting a new form of feudalism.

For One Thing...

Their ramping up of the chorus as mentioned by Patrick Wood in the video above is a clue to timing: they really want an important corner turned during this 4-year presidential term.

Before Barack appeared on the public stage, Hillary Clinton, whose 'seeding' of the New Millennium with Bill on its celebratory Eve, showed her integral involvement in NWO plans and proceedings: she really really expected that the NWO would be hers to inaugurate (or, launch) as our 'President Clinton' #2.

But along came a spider, and it turned out that Barack Obama, with his natal Neptune in hypnotic Scorpio, could sway the masses like no one else could, he melded the Chicago crime syndicate deeper into the mix, and was selected as the Dem nom and certain 'winner' - perhaps being annointed at the secretive Bilderberg Group meeting which both he and Hillary slipped away to attend in Chantilly, VA, during the 2008 campaign. She must have been livid.

Therefore, yes, I think that Barack Obama's presidency is more than 'historic' for racial reasons, it's historic for what they have up their wizards' sleeves for the entire world as the power elite's mission of global domination finally comes into its own in time for 2012.

One Clue Is...

Let's review the chart of Inauguration 2009: Mars 18Cap29 in 9th house, ruler of DESC 14Sco03 conj asteroid, Hebe (possible keywords: a Herculean partner; strength or courage; a Hebrew; how and where one wants to bring something immortal to the universe; server of a ceremonial drink; goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus.)

Mars also rules 7th house of Partnerships bwo Scorpio, making Pluto 1Cap57, conjunct Morya 1Cap57, in 8th house of Debts, Shared Resources, Transformations, Death, etc...a co-ruler of the DESC; Pluto also conjs Toro (raw power; links to nuclear power), Eros (a piercing); and Morya, of course, relates to drugs and to death-as-sleep. Otherwise, Pluto is acting under his own auspices: the saboteur, spy, assassin, and secret hand is unaspected and thus free of modification from the other planetary energies in the Inauguration 2009 chart (and Obama's presidency.)

Now Mars is posited in Inauguration 2009's 9th house of Foreign Enemies and Lands, In-Laws, and Places of Higher Education, Philosophy and Religion. So the jokes about his mother-in-law's moving into the White House causing problems may have some validity here with Mars' tendency to cause quarrels in the house of In-Laws. (Well, even roses have thorns and I'm certain her help with the children - Leo - is invaluable.)

My point is that the question of Mr. Obama's role in the NWO as 'the chosen one' may be 'seen' by Inauguration 2009's Mars (therefore, Obama's presidential Mars) at the degree of the NWO's two significators, Uranus and Neptune during their Great Conjunction/s of 1993.

View the NWO natal chart which is timed by the 3rd of their 3 conjunctions, #3 occurred on Oct 24, 1993 @ '18Cap'...

'18Cap' = "The Union Jack Flies from a British Warship"...

Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. (This symbol brings to us) the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers. (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala.) #

See? That's what I meant above - that we're expected to plead for a New World Order while under the illusion that we'll regain lost 'security' from (and 'order' out of) the chaos which the power elite created to sway us to their totalitarian way of doing business while living enslaved lives.

Tres diabolique!


Prison Planet keeps on the case.

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