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Apr 26, 2024

Remembering the Kent State Massacre

The 54th Anniversary of Nixon's Kent State Massacre

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

In 2010, the Horoscope of the Kent State Massacre May 4, 1970 was published here on SO'W with quite a few astro-notes included. For details of the event and the astrology, I recommend to you a review of this vintage post concerning America's loss of all moral authority under Richard Nixon as he played the role of President of the United States to the extent that Washington had any left after the multiple assassinations of the 1960s, lying the American people into war, and other unsavory actions.

You see, the Kent State student protests were against Nixon's invasion of Cambodia during the Vietnam War, a ritual bloodbath, just like the rest. Subsequently, anti-war protests across the country became more vigorous and were very much a generational clash. And it was the Kent State Massacre that cast a stark spotlight on DC politics gone horribly wrong.

Strong-Armed Paternalism Is Dangerous

Adding complexity to this May 4's 54th anniversary of the tragic event, a deep wound in America's Collective psyche, is the current campaign to force criminal immunity into the tiny hands of one D. Trump, who longs to be in power again and will use whatever force against the American people that his tyrannical dreams of retribution via the ultimate power position require. In other words, mobbed-up Donald wants to be king of America, with no accountability for his crimes. This suggests that Big Orange must be planning some horrific fates for people on his enemies list (the kind of list that vengeful Nixon also maintained).

Yet despite it all, perhaps scofflaw Trump's efforts to change the form of government in our country from a democratic Republic to authoritarian fascism doesn't lead you, dear reader, to link his brutal tendencies with the Kent State Massacre and its perpetrator, Nixon - even though Trump is singing from the If the president does it, it isn't illegal hymnal. Or perhaps you're simply not interested as if such a change wouldn't affect you and your loved ones; or maybe you're a member of the let-someone-else-do-it club.

Well, current campus protests on behalf of the victimized people of Gaza are under scrutiny in many quarters yet with Joe Biden in the White House, assaults against student protesters would have to come from a different source than the Oval Office. And if young voters in November turn from President Biden, they'll be making a tragic mistake for themselves and for our country.

There are videos. One such is the History Channel's The Kent State Shootings, Explained.

8 North Eclipse 1970 Now Repeats in 2024

As for influential Solar Eclipses, the current 8 North, aka, the Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 @19Ari24 conjunct Chiron (19:24), is the very same Saros Series in which the Kent State Massacre occurred, but then 8N fell @17Pisces on March 7, 1970 with themes of, "dreams, visions, and new-found inspiration" (B. Brady) - to stay in power? For as you know, eclipse cycles and historical cycles tend to be in sync as seen by similar conditions and events. "History rhymes," as they say.

And so below you see an unmarked version of the May 4, 1970 Massacre Horoscope of the moment that students on the Kent State campus were shot by National Guardsmen who were mysteriously ordered to point and shoot in unison via Tricky Dick Nixon. Some say no order was given to fire, but this defies logic. The killings and woundings were perpetrated at 12:24 pm, and two of the fatalities were merely heading to class, and were not protesters at all. You'll note that in 1970, wounded Chiron was traveling through Mars-ruled Aries just as now. In 9th house, Chiron values democratic ideals (not tyranny); in Aries, Chiron values education and actively seeking truth.

Then as you see in the following horoscope, 10Leo27 rises at that fateful minute and only now can we realize that 10Leo02 is the degree of Trump's 12th house Pluto = Mars-Saturn midpoint picture with its deadly implications of destruction, physical harm, the deaths of many people, and the intervention of a higher power (R. Ebertin). Plus, Mars-Saturn (the death axis in any horoscope) conjunct Ascendant indicates potentials for health threats and/or bereavement. Tragically for students in Ohio and their loved ones on May 4, 1970, both potentials became reality.

Now here's the unmarked horoscope for you:

Naturally, other contacts exist between May 4, 1970 planets and Trump's natal planets - Donald was a mere 23 years old on that day - but listing them is beyond the scope of this post which is meant as a remembrance of the 1970 Massacre of students, May they R.I.P. - murdered by an out-of-control psychotic US president, hypersensitive to criticism. In closing, please note that this post is in no way intended to carry even one drop of water for hypersensitive agent orange with his sociopathic authoritarian tendencies.

Feb 7, 2022

Nixon's "War on Drugs" Scam Must End

America's Militarized Police State is Anti-American

by Jude Cowell

Richard's Nixon's much touted term "war on drugs" was coined on June 18, 1971 and popularized by the media. And in 2016, in a segment on his Live broadcast, Thom Hartmann related this deceptive Nixon campaign meant to fight against his enemies (Vietman War and civil rights protestors, and African-Americans of his day) as one of the signposts on the way to increasing violence in America.

Then prior to 1971, the televised incidents of violence at DNC 1968 in Chicago made a shocking spectacle of purposeful political violence shown vividly on TV to the American public although a percentage of viewers may have cheered. Was this melee of disruption against the Democratic Party an early example of "owning the libs"?

Meanwhile, history tends to rhyme through similar events and conditions, and on SO'W a correlation between historical and eclipse cycles is noted quite frequently. So here's another such for you:

Solar Eclipses in the same Saros Series as those in 1968 will repeat in 2022 - the first eclipse manifests on April 30th @10Taurus (6 North: Themes - 'relationship to authority figures; someone becomes unreliable; commitments are made'), the second on October 25th @2Scorpio (6 South: Themes - 'being forceful and taking power; exerting huge efforts in group activities' - paraphrasing B. Brady).

Significantly, a 6 South Solar Eclipse manifested in August 1932 as what I call the Nazi Rise to Power Eclipse with the chart showing, as you can see, eclipse Saturn conjunct US natal Pluto, a transit that times a period of power and control issues, and indicates that situations are simply too large to handle.

And as we know, Germany cheered Herr Adolf for "being forceful" and "taking power" while many Americans cheered for FDR with motives much less brutal as he enjoined a battle against America's enemies, rather than joining them. In fact, the "economic royalists" of 1933 attempted a fascist coup against FDR and failed. So can we agree that a 'watchful eye to safety' is now necessary due to saboteurs and other coup planners who harbor fasci*t intentions as they lurk about the country, secretly and publicly, and who are determined to strike again against the US government?

Meanwhile, a breakdown in the fabric of society is well underway, a longterm goal of the GOP, and this causes chaotic societal conditions just right for coup attempts such as Congress and the American public were terrorized by on January 6, 2021.

For a view of the DC Horoscopes of the Midterm Elections 2022 Lunar Eclipse and the 6 South Eclipse of October 25, 2022 check out this previous post.

As for Nixon's "War on Drugs", global and ongoing as it tragically and unfairly is, this political scam was invented within a 9 New North Saros Series via the Solar Eclipse of February 25, 1971 @6Pisces (in secretive, shady Pisces - with the sign suggesting serious karmic implications). 9NN Themes: 'violence or sudden physical events, accidents; keep a watchful eye on safety'. (Also notable given current events is that a 9 New North Eclipse also manifested @14Aquarius on February 3, 1935, the year that the Nazis appropriated the 'swastika' symbol for their party's official flag.)

So it seems to me that ending the bogus "war on drugs" and the gestapo-style no-knock warrants that resulted from its strong-armed enforcement would be a major step forward toward keeping a 'watchful eye' on every American's safety.

Why, karmic progress would be made! Plus, relief would be welcomed for America's callous prison system full of non-violent drug offenders and other unfairly imprisoned victims of what has become a militarized police state, a condition which can be partially described astrologically by US Mars turned retrograde by progression, a weakening if symbolic indicator for testosterone-driven Mars, the warrior planet of motive, action, and desire.

Brutal Factions Seek Violent Conflicts in US Streets

Therefore, I must ask you, dear reader: why have such deceptive reforms been instituted over the last decades by certain domestic and foreign factions including the arming of police departments with military weapons if an authoritarian take-over by brutal manipulators and their corporate backers hadn't been planned for America's future? Is NRA opposition to gun control reform their stance in order to make battles fought in US streets possible and more deadly? These ploys of brutality might also be identified as Herr T's "carnage in America" which I realized on January 20, 2017 was a threat rather than his lament.

So! Whether such malevolent plans and activities have been in process through the decades or not, it's now 2022 with the Midterm Elections and a Taurus Lunar Eclipse conjunct radical Uranus drawing near, and, prior to that, a karmic 'cosmic blink' Eclipse in Scorpio arriving in October, so that this, right now, must be where our resistance to authoritarianism is made crystal clear!

Above image: 'Moon Phases' by Jude Cowell; colored pencil on paper

Jul 6, 2021

Corporatism, Mobsterism, and the Inaugural 2017 Moon in Scorpio

by Jude Cowell

Tuesday July 6, 2021: On May 22, 2018, a horoscope was published here that concerned The Powell Memo: A Genesis of Corporatism in Control. Follow the link for a view of the horoscope set for 'noon' edt in absence of an accurate time, and shows 5Sco30 rising with asteroid of doom and/or abuse of power, Atlantis @9Sco37 - and right there is a small 'cosmic link' from 1971 Atlantis to the 2017 Inaugural Moon (@9Sco21) with Luna describing Scorpionic Tr*mp supporters on January 20, 2017 and going forward. As you know, many Scorpio types try to control everyone around them when it's actually themselves that need to be brought under control. (Consider 1/6 and subsequent arrests).

Additionally, it seems descriptive to me that transit Uranus (the zealous anarchist of chaos!) in Taurus has been opposing 2017 Inaugural Moon off and on of late, creating disruption, erratic behavior, domestic upheaval, and emotional turmoil (for and from Tr*mp supporters). Emotionally, 'drama queen' Tr*mp has been affected, too, particularly in relation to his inaugural 'status' (which expired - no, plummeted - on January 20, 2021!). Plus, we know that Tr*mp's 'guiding planet' of chaos and disruption is his 10th house Uranus in Mercurial Gemini.

Now there's another small factor about the 'noon' chart of the Powell Memo that seems appropriate to societal conditions, then and now: that Cupido, a cosmic representative of Corporatism, The Family, The Global Syndicate (which includes Organized Crime/mobsterism, foreign and domestic), and various Networks in royal Leo sits atop the 1971 'Memo' horoscope at The Goal or Aspiration Point. For as you know, Lewis Powell sent a letter ('memo' as it's called) detailing how Republicans could take complete control of America via corporations. And as things have turned out, most US politicians are bought and paid for by various corporations and CEOs with large amounts of industry lobbyists cheering on the demise of our Republic as they make their profits. Meanwhile, the US Congress keeps laws in place that make it all possible - to make it all possible.

Later on, nominated by Richard 'The Crook' Nixon, Lewis Powell was gifted a seat on the SCOTUS bench for his efforts (all of which are not mentioned here) and served from January 7, 1972 to June 26, 1987. Justice Powell was born in Suffolk, Virginia on September 19, 1907 and died August 25, 1998, his work on Earth undermining his country done.

Related: Horoscopes: Clinton and Tr*mp Inaugurations revealing Sun-Moon Blends for both.

Apr 27, 2021

Two Solar Eclipses and Nixon's War On Drugs

April 27 2021: By now most Americans are aware that Richard Nixon and his enablers invented America's War On Drugs, which he announced in 1971, and was intended to incarcerate his 'enemies', those unruly African Americans demanding their Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam-War protesters, made up mostly of my idealistic Flower Power Generation of peaceniks.

So becoming curious to see if the 9 Old South Solar Eclipse of Summer 1971, which ended with that particular manifestation, affected its own initial eclipse in the series (June 23, 0727 @4Can17, inner chart, its genesis or birth), I set up a bi-wheel of the two eclipses, as you can see, below. Also note that Nixon's taking the US off the gold standard in 1971 was also an issue of the final 9 Old South Eclipse (endings) and we can see that, yes, a few financial factors are involved along with the drug war and subsequent incarcerations. Exs: 1971 Pluto-Chiron midpoint (Plutocracy; exploitation; primal violence; racism) @5Can51 conjuncts US natal Jupiter @5Can55 of 1776 ('6 Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"), and the 1971 Jupiter-Neptune duo (speculators, visionaries, hypocrites, wastrels, and political conflicts conjuncts Midheaven in 1971 and rises in 0727). As you know, it's primarily the hypocrisy of and speculation by wealthy entrepreneurs taking over the cannabis industry that's in the news these days so that profits can be made after 40 years of oppression and imprisonment of young people and non-violent offenders. This seems a classic example of 'do as I say, not as I do'.

Yet as noted, political conflict is the basic reason that Nixon declared the 'war' in the first place - to remove his enemies from the playing field. Making a windfall must have seemed a bonus for wealth-hoarder Pluto @27Leo50 which was actually eclipsed in 1971 so, listed on the chart are potentials for: 1971 Sun-Moon = 0727 Pluto: 'changed circumstances lead to critical stages of development; power; gang wars; criminality; rape' (R. Ebertin).

And as we now find, drug arrests and long sentences have long fueled America's massive prison system, a lucrative, cruel, and malicious scheme for profit for certain politicians, judges, lawyers, police departments, and others, thanks to Tricky Dick and his co-conspirators in 1971.

Then for the passage of legislation, you see that 1971 Saturn, planet of restriction and law, opposes 0727 Uranus, planet of freedom and rebellion. This transit identifies the "passage of restrictive legislation" that Nixon finagled in order to make his oppressive actions seem legal! Meanwhile, we might also note that the May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse will 'eclipse' 1971 Saturn, a Sun-to-Saturn transit suggesting serious circumstances and legal issues that involve authority concerns.

So below you see a bi-wheel of both the initial and the final 9 Old South Eclipse with themes of: 'idealism' and 'great energy via a forceful, controlling, manipulative Mars-Pluto influence' (Brady). Naturally, there are other chart factors which may be of interest to you so feel free to mention them in an on-topic comment if you wish:

Nov 29, 2019

The RICO Act, Little Caesar, and Donald Trump

November 29, 2019: A 10-minute explanatory video R.I.C.O. and the Decline of the Mafia provides several points of interest concerning the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act that Richard Nixon signed into law on October 15, 1970.

Its nickname inspired by the main character 'Rico' in the 1931 film Little Caesar (4m clip), played by Edward G. Robinson, the RICO Act made it possible to indict not just mobsters but mob bosses as well, to seize assets, use 'guilt by association', and later to go after street gangs. RICO was first used on September 18, 1979 (US vs Scotto), and in the 'Decline of the Mafia' video you'll find references to its use by the SDNY office and Rudy Giuiliani who played for the lawful side as a prosecutor (one assumed at the time!) but is now aligned with the very mob-like Trump, a "Little Caesar" of our day, artistically pictured here.

As landmark legislation, prosecutions via the RICO Act made "rat or rot" a popular slogan of the day as 'snitches' turned on their mob bosses to avoid or lessen their own prison sentences, something Trump probably loses sleep over every night. Being snitched on has to be one of the primary reasons Big T obstructs his minions' testimonies, first in the Mueller investigation, now in the Impeachment Inquiry.

How could scofflaw Trump not suffer from consciousness of guilt with so much to hide?

See New Trump Probe Looks a Lot Like a RICO Investigation (The Daily Beast February 8, 2019) and Trump Investigations and the RICO Conspiracy Puzzle. Apparently, conspiracy is easier to prove. But would a racketeering indictment of a corrupt, impeached, faithless, mobbed-up politician be more satisfying for the American people?

So being curious, I checked for any planetary contacts of note between Trump's natal planets (June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY) and those of October 15, 1970 and September 18, 1979 ('noon'). Of course, in 1970 he was 24, in 1979 the New York 'playboy' as he styled himself, was 33. What I found was inconclusive in both cases since there are a number of contacts both positive and negative, but the September 18, 1979 planets made the most contacts (including squares from Sun and Moon to natal Sun-Moon and a Neptune-conjunct-natal-Mercury contact which echoes his natal Mercury-Neptune square of fantasy, deceit, and indiscretion). An exact aspect on October 15, 1970 is Saturn quincunx natal Moon (0S00) suggesting emotional turmoil (caused by legal eagle Saturn?) and an undercurrent of guilt.

However, these results indicate to me that the RICO Act probably will not be used against Donald Trump with his decades-long links to global and domestic organized crime but if it ever is, odds are he has a chance of 'beating the rap' in spite of any rats ratting him out.

UPDATE Dec 23, 2021: Things aren't looking as rosy these days for mobster Tr*mp so maybe RICO will be used after all! jc

Apr 25, 2019

Trump's Retaliation Against Don McGahn

A former lawyer for Richard Nixon says that Trump's Retaliation Could Land Him in Jail for Ten Years so on Astrology's behalf I'd like to point out the message of a previous post which follows along similar lines:

Trump with Regulus Rising: Revenge Time!

And of course this could still happen - should happen - in spite of Donald Trump: Don McGahn to Testify May 21, 2019 (+ his natal planets).

Aug 9, 2018

Aug 9, 2018: Nixon Resigned 44 years ago today Will Trump Follow His Excellent Example?

Photo: After Resigning Richard Nixon Departs Washington DC

August 9, 2018: Forty-four years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned from the Office of the Presidency in order to avoid impeachment and the parallels between Nixon's actions in the White House and those of Donald Trump are revealing. Perhaps you've seen today's CNN segment with John Avlon pointing out the similarities between the two men--up to the point where Nixon resigned. Editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast and a CNN political analyst, Mr. Avlon is the author of Washington's Farewell which yours truly is currently reading along with several other books, a habit I can't seem to break because I don't want to.

As we learned 44 years ago, resigning from the presidency is an easy task as evidenced by Nixon's resignation letter sent to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger which may be viewed here. In a SO'W post of August 4, 2007, I included a link to the letter and some natal details on Nixon himself noting that his Sun Cap-Moon AQ personality blend suggests a very descriptive 'Image for Integration' concerning Mr. Nixon's presidential destiny:

"Having struggled unaided to the peak, a mountaineer hitches a ride on a passing helicopter." (Sun-Sign Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey).

Perhaps you agree that the 'struggling' and 'hitching' are exactly what Tricky Dick did thanks to his 'fall from grace' which can be astrologically associated with taskmaster Saturn in 10th house or near Midheaven. That's because law-abiding Saturn, planet of The Establishment and the status quo, demands that human beings abide by laws and rules, honor worthy traditions, wisely administer their responsibilities, and stand up when accountability comes to call. Past mistakes that are never made whole eventually overwhelm when karmic Saturn's imperatives are neglected.

Yet power-mad control freak Nixon was born with Saturn @27Tau29 in his 9th house and power-broker Pluto in late Gemini--also a karmic planet--in his 10th house of Career, Public Status, and Aspirations so that the planetary pair of hardship and severity straddle Nixon's natal MC (Saturn-Pluto = MC). And now, with Mr. Trump under siege and hunkered down in the White House--and many of the 'best people' he hired turning out to be crooks--we shall note that Nixon's natal Saturn conjoins the natal MC of Donald Trump who was born with the nasty star of rage and violence Algol at Midheaven. And this is how Donald 'Algol' Trump is seen by the world (MC). Then significantly enough, the next Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 on January 12, 2020 precisely conjoins Donald Trump's natal Vertex, a point of fated encounters.

Another interesting chart factor is that, assuming Trump's birth data is accurate with a birth time of 10:54 am, royal Regulus rises, a star carrying a serious imperative of its own: 'success if revenge is avoided; if not, all that has been gained will be taken away.' Why, 'revenge' is what exactly Donald Trump loves to take--just like Nixon did! Did I hear you say 'enemies list'?

Plus, there's yet another link between Donald Trump and the Nixon administration and resignation which you can read about in a previous post Trump and the 1973 Eclipse of the 'Saturday Night Massacre', a popularized term for Nixon's firing of the Special Prosecutor investigating him--you know, like Trump longs to do to Mr. Mueller (a vengeful firing which would not stop the investigation).

Now do any of these markers and cosmic links signal in America's future a Trump resignation as he treads the Nixonian path? We must wait and see!

Mar 29, 2018

Trump and the 1973 Eclipse of the Saturday Night Massacre

Richard Nixon's firing of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox Jr (1912--2004) in what came to be called Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre is being too well evoked by the current circumstances surrounding Donald Trump under threat by the Mueller investigation. Since history tends to rhyme, let's consider a potential 'time link' between the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of Nixon's action and the natal planets of Mr. Trump (June 14, 1946 10:54 am Queens, NY) since eclipses provide a handy time frame in which to place and investigate historical events and their effect or influence upon individuals. And with Solar Eclipses, their themes chime in with further details of the cosmic weather of the period.

Nixon's firing of Archibald Cox was finally achieved when Robert Bork (1927--2012) agreed to do the deed. The firing of the Special Prosecutor was announced on the evening of October 20, 1973 at 8:24 pm, White House, according to contemporary news reports. A chart set for this date, hour, and location shows US natal Uranus (8Gem55) rising--our totem planet of war and rebellion and suggesting sudden or erratic actions. Aldebaran also rises (success through integrity), plus, an immediate time link to Trump is apparent for this is the degree of Trump's own Prenatal Solar Eclipse (and his Syzygy Moon) in the 2 Old North Saros Series which repeats July 13, 2018 @20Cancer41 (conjunct starry Castor with its potentials for sudden loss, crippling of limbs, murder). 2 Old North is a difficult series with themes of 'unfortunate news concerning relationships, separation, the ending of unions, and glum looking situations which can turn out quite positively (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology). Or not especially if mishandled (jc).

Richard M. Nixon January 9, 1913 9:35 pm PST Whittier, California; ASC 17Vir14; MC 16Gemo3; Sun 19Cap24, Moon 20AQ07

The October 20, 1973 'firing' chart also shows Nixon's natal Pluto (28Gem39 Rx), planet of power and manipulation, as the first of his n planets to rise along with two difficult midpoints (Saturn-MC and Saturn-Pluto which describe his cumbersome and difficult conditions). But troubles are often self-created--and these disturbing events occurred during the years in which yours truly resided in Washington DC. In the 'firing' chart for Mr. Trump, his natal trio of Uranus-NN-Sun is first to rise with Uranus his oriental or guiding planet of erratic behavior and chaos. He's Mr. Unpredictable!

As for the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre, it was Total and manifested in the 11 South Saros Series on June 30, 1973 @8Can31--conjunct the natal Mercury of Donald Trump who had just turned 27 at the time but had a good two years to go until his first Saturn Return (23Can48). Themes of 11 South are harrowing and have activated multiple negative events through the years: 'old ideas and methods will fail, new systems are required to deal with events brought by the eclipse, reforms are needed, new ideas for handling issues, any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (Brady). However, 11 South won't repeat until August 2, 2027 @10Leo--conjunct the natal Pluto of Donald Trump.

Now there are massive amounts of information in all these charts, natal and otherwise, but since this is a post not a book, I'll simply mention that the 1973 PE horoscope also shows that it manifested during an Hour of an unaspected Jupiter (10AQ41 Rx). This suggests erroneous judgment, a lack of buoyancy in affairs, and Nixon's detached 'ivory tower' existence. Yes, I remember well the tales going around the city of his drunken wanderings through White House halls, muttering at portraits. But I've yet to hear whether or not the portraits talked back--but if they did, I wonder if Crooked Dick took their advice.

A Totally Related Post with Video: Has Trump Already Committed Nixon-esque Treason?; and here's a post with a few astro-notes and a link to Nixon's Letter of Resignation.

Nov 3, 2017

On Kent State 1970 and Donald Trump

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before the horrid Kent State Massacre and Nixon's criminal abuse of power came up in conversations across America concerning Mr. Trump's perceived and apparent misbehavior and his ham-fisted presidency. Some of his behavior, at least, seems premeditated yet with a heavy sauce of chicanery ladled on and lying on a bed of steamy racketeering.

Note that as transit Uranus in late Aries currently approaches the Midheaven of the Kent State Massacre Horoscope (linked, above) we find Mr. Trump's natal Pluto (10Leo02) rising in the chart. Significant?

Born in Queens NY on June 14, 1946, the well-placed Mr. Trump was about to turn 24 yo on May 4, 1970 so he was of college age, one assumes. Or, out of school and already floatin' get-rich-quick schemes, one imagines. Anyhow, the future mogul must have had some kind of emotional reaction to the outrageous event (even if only make-believe for public consumption) but who can say with a man who expresses so completely the Mercury-Neptune-square energies he was born with. Other planetary aspects might have offset the negative (falsifying) energies of the square with its 'distorted perceptions about others', indiscretion, and deceit (both to and from). Transcendence is possible for human beings of course but ultimately he would have to decide for himself and would really want to change his selfish ways.

Until Mr. Trump shows a willingness and an ability to change, the American people and the world are stuck with his Uranus @17Gemini+ in 10th house of Public Status, Recognition, and Career--leading the rest of his planets in a peculiarly chaotic march through our lives. Those determined to collapse America are well on the way to their goal--or want us to believe they are and can't be stopped (kinda like a Void-Of-Course Moon phase when something nefarious is being carried out). Quirky is as quirky does.

Now many folk say that change for Donald Trump is impossible or, at best, doubtful. And yet I'm placing a topical Poll near the top of the SO'W sidebar in a jiff to see what you think. Please take a moment to respond!

Note: the post linked above shows the "Point! Fire!" Horoscope set for Kent Ohio 12:24 pm on May 4, 1970. Included is a video concerning the event which will be disturbing for some viewers. Please use with caution. jc

Trump Current Lunar Phase and SP New Moon 2019.

The Oriental Planet of Donald Trump (electrifying magnetic Uranus).

Sep 17, 2017

Horoscope: The Vietnam War August 4, 1964

September 17, 2017: In a 10-part, 18-hour documentary, the Vietnam War receives the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick treatment beginning tonight on PBS. Below is the horoscope for the start of the Vietnam War set for the alleged assault (pretext) of the second Gulf of Tonkin incident. The resolution giving President Johnson authority for use of force was voted on in Congress and passed the House by a vote of 416 - 0 and the Senate 88 - 2.

The two senators who voted against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution were Wayne Morse and Alaska's Ernest Groenig. "When the resolution passed, Morse declared that Congress had surrendered its authority, and therefore the authority of the people it was elected to serve. Morse also deplored the open-ended nature of the approval and condemned Congress for giving the President and the military a “blank check” which would be cashed with taxpayer’s money and citizens’ lives."

And as my generation has known for decades, Senator Morse was all too correct, wasn't he? For more info, see The Wayne Morse Center. And here's another source of information on the Vietnam War.

So here is the Vietnam War horoscope set for August 4, 1964 at 21:30 -7:00 (9:30 pm USZ6 -7:00) at Vinh, Vietnam, the naval base from which the alleged assault on a US ship was launched. Please enlarge to read chart notes which include an unaspected Jupiter (Jupiter The General, large amounts of money, financiers, politicians, etc). The Great Benefic's unaspected condition denotes those who are disconnected from moral or religious standards, live an 'Ivory tower' existence, but are zealous toward the matters of Jupiter's house--here, the 2nd house of Money and, in the US, our National Treasury, from which the funds for weapons and war issued, thanks to US taxpayers (see Senator Morse's statement, above).

When North Vietnamese troops entered Saigon, capital of South Vietnam, on April 30, 1975, the Vietnam War came to an end. On that date, Venus @19Gemini27 was unaspected, a 'wallflower' condition for the usually sociable Venus. This condition of Venus suggests unusual perspectives, sporadic or unrestrained expressions, and an obsessive single-mindedness. Another April 30, 1975 cosmic condition of interest is karmic Saturn @13Can54 conjunct US natal Sun (POTUS = Nixon). This repressive transit indicates a time of disappointment, discouragement, and resentment toward limitations, rules, and regulations. It marks a period when past mistakes must be corrected so that moving forward is possible, aka, making karmic progress.

Tragically, through subsequent wars and their flimsy pretexts, Congress' continued negligence of its war-declaration duties and shady money management, Pentagon and CIA shadow activities, fear-mongering propaganda against We The People, and Washington's obvious plundering and global conquest obsessions, we see that 'the powers that think they be' (Max Igan's phrase) continue their Ivory Tower existences while perverting the course of our nation as 'global cop' and lining their pockets via several means including the racket that is war.

War Profiteering

Besides the Vietnam War's Jupiter in a Money house (and fraudulent Neptune in the 8th house of Corporations and Big Business), note that the IC (Foundation, Basis, the HOW? point, The Drain) of the war chart reveals, as you see, America's natal Jupiter @6Cancer: "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" (Jones).

2 New North: Collapse of 'The Tower'

One more prominent chart factor to note is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) series under which this particular hell of war was unleashed, the 2 New North, which manifested @17Cancer27 (4th house) on July 9, 1964. Themes of 2 New North, also called 'The Tower' (see Tarot card #16) are: changes of direction, sudden collapse of plans, lifestyles, and/or an existing structure; confusion reigns but after the dust settles, reshaping and rebuilding have far-reaching effects (Predictive Astrology, B.Brady).

Also note that unaspected Jupiter is apex planet of a midpoint picture--the karmic Sun-Saturn pair = Jupiter: break-up of a value system (Tyl), plus, Jupiter @23Tau28 conjoins the difficult cluster in Perseus, Capulus ('the sword hand of Perseus'- Devore), star of intense male energy, blindness, turbulence, ruthlessness, penetrating action (Brady's Fixed Stars). Capulus is partner to the intense feminine star, Algol.

The last occurrence of 2 New North was @8Leo on July 31, 2000 (not quite 9/11's PE, but obviously still of influence). The next occurrence is @19Leo on August 11, 2018; 19Leo is a sensitized degree from the King of Alarm Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, aka, the 'Nostradamus Eclipse' with its mid-degreed Fixed Grand Cross as described in the Scriptures' Book of Revelation. And on 9/11/01, transiting Venus activated the 19Leo degree and thus 1999's King of Alarm Eclipse.

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Lyndon B. Johnson; Richard M. Nixon; Ken Burns.

Vietnam War horoscope/data: The Book of World Horoscopes, N. Campion; chart #429.

Nov 25, 2016

Has Trump Already Committed Nixon-Esque Treason? (w/ Guest: Lamar Waldron) video

From November 22, 2016 Part One: Thom Hartmann speaks with historian Lamar Waldron, author of Watergate: The Hidden History concerning Donald Trump's use of Nixonian political tactics via his adviser Roger Ailes who also shoehorned Richard Nixon into the White House with something new: a television campaign. Run time is 21 minutes for this very informative interview:

Previously, on Stars Over Washington, a related post: 1971: Nixon, Gold, Jupiter-Neptune, and a Solar Eclipse Series Ends (as did the gold standard); post contains a link to the text of Hunter S. Thompson's He Was a Crook.

Go to Watergate: The Hidden History, Nixon, The Mafia, and the CIA. Is it curious how mainstream media during the 2016 campaign failed to mention the possibility of hidden mob ties to New York mogul Mr. Trump? He must surely have run across such crooks and made deals during the course of his extensive career in construction and real estate, don't you think?

Jul 8, 2016

Today's Violence Started With Nixon's War on Drugs! - video (w/ Astrology)

July 8, 2016: since yours truly is in complete agreement on the issue, I'm posting Thom Hartmann's explanation of what began the current violence and police militarization and led to a police state condition in the US:


Planetary Cycles and Eclipses of 1968

Obviously the year 1968 is imprinted by ripples from the mid-1960s Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Pluto with tyrannical, explosive, and violent unrest flavors of a titanic generational clash, and the last few years the world has been under the influence of the Cardinal Uranus-Pluto square from that cycle in which issues and ills of the 1960s have been grievously stirred up (so they can be dealt with--but...politics).

Even Jupiter and Uranus entered the collective scene of 1968 via their one conjunction on December 12, 1968 @3Libra which conjoined America's natal Saturn-Neptune midpoint of oppressed classes and social ills and added narrow-mindedness, egoism, excitability, and upset to the secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) picture.

Plus, one of the planetary pairs of Plutocracy met on October 13, 1968 @23Virgo--corporate Jupiter and Pluto. This conjunction occurred on US natal Neptune (mass media; propaganda) which helped to veil the true intentions of Jupiter-Pluto plutocrats, adding potentials for deception, seduction, cheating the people, omitting key facts, lies by omission, and suffering harm or loss through others without being aware of it. (Ebertin; Tyl). Are we aware of it now?

Naturally the pair of plutocracy, oppression, primal violence, racism, tyranny, exploitation, misogyny, Capitalism, and other -isms was active in 1968: Pluto-Chiron, a natal midpoint that conjoins our natal Ceres (events and conditions that affect large masses of people; safety and security issues) in America's natal horoscope of 1776.

For deep background influences during 1968, two Solar Eclipses also apply:

March 28, 1968 @8Aries an eclipse occurred in the 6 North Saros Series with themes of relationship to authority (father) figures; accepting commitments that present; the need to take responsibility and control.

Then on September 22, 1968, an even more descriptive eclipse occurred at a critical-crisis 29th degree of 29Virgo in the 6 South Saros Series with themes of being forceful and taking power; manic energy with great force or strength manifesting in relationships; sudden events; huge effort in a group activity (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Yes, as Thom relates, above, Nixon gained control of the Oval Office by inventing a law-and-order issue to run on, and tragically for our citizens his 'huge effort in a group activity' continues to reverberate to this day.

Both 6N and 6S manifested most recently in 2004 and will do again in the prominent year of 2022 when America will experience her first-ever Pluto Return/s to natal degree of 27Cap33. And 2022 predictions are off the table at Stars Over Washington though a few may eventually peek out from under the table!

Oct 31, 2015

Caller: What About Dismantling the Federal Reserve? - video (w the Fed's New Moon)

Here a caller to the Thom Hartmann Show questions the continued existence of the Federal Reserve Bank which many people believe causes the economic problems it then pretends to rush in and solve. Thom replies to the caller and adds historical information about Richard Nixon taking the US off the gold standard:

As you know, Senator Aldrich along with bankers and corporate operatives met in secret in late 1910 in order to plan the creation of what became the Federal Reserve Bank. This planning session of sneaky "duck hunters" has a Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior) which perfected @8Sag49 during the secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia. To me, the karmic degree (8Sag) is more revealing of the Fed's genesis than the Sabian Symbol for the rounded-up degree of 9Sag though of course both degrees (word pictures) apply. And as you know, the Panic of 1907 was used as justification for planning and establishing the Federal Reserve Act in December 1913 and the American people and US government officials have been its subjects ever since. See what you think (my italics) of 8Sag:

8 Sagittarius: "Rocks and Things Forming Therein" which speaks of creating one's own reality by "taking control of the circumstances which provide the matrix" for existence. "Each person in accepting his roots and capitalizing on his own endowment is enabled to proceed to high achievement." This degree of the Fed's New Moon, the seed phase of a new cycle of activity, expresses as: "exceptional ability to mold or remold the course of events." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Can anyone disagree that the Federal Reserve System through its money monopoly did and does just that?


Recommended: On the Fed, Wilson, and Other Revealing Things... which includes a video and a related quote by Ezra Pound.

And check out this excerpt from a presentation on the Fed and the Bank Panic of 1907:

Aug 11, 2015

August 2015: EPA Toxic Mining Sludge Spill video, plus EPA Astro-Notes

And then this happened:

Under toxic threat, the Navaho Nation has taken emergency action against the August 5, 2015 accidental release of heavy metal sludge as the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado as it was being 'cleaned up' by the EPA--or, apparently, by contractors hired by the EPA. Perhaps we can thank the movement to privatize government agencies for that.

The King Gold Mine toxic catastrophe will create havoc for several years as the mustard yellow plume flows south toward the Grand Canyon and beyond. Astrologically the toxic release may be identified in part by the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle. When Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency by Executive Order 1102 and the EPA began operating on December 2, 1970, Jupiter (expansion, breaking through boundaries) and Saturn (restriction, also the Earth, boundaries, and soil) had conjoined last on February 19, 1961 @25Cap12--Capricorn, an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, planet of government, law, and business.

So by December 2, 1970, the two societal planets with their checks and balances Yin-Yang qualities were in process of an off-again-on-again phase of opposition with Jupiter @21Scorpio and Saturn @17Taurus, another Earth sign of Environmentalism, conservation, and preservation.

As for the August 5, 2015 toxic spill, Jupiter and Saturn are in process of a square phase issuing from their Great Conjunction of May 28, 2000 @23Taurus and there's that environmentally aware Taurus again. Squares are aspects of blockage and obstacles but unfortunately, the blockage of soil was removed. Yet another aspect operative on August 5th is Mars in late Cancer squaring its position in 1970 (late Libra) which indicates males (Mars) acting impulsively and with a caution to beware large mechanical equipment--which is what workers were up to as they failed to realize the consequences of their machinery disturbing loose soil which released a heavy metal brew of arsenic, lead, copper, zinc, and more from the King Gold Mine clean-up site.

And with karmic Saturn again to transit the early degrees of Sagittarius, we may consider its conjunction with 1970 Neptune @00Sag58, the grim reality transit when it's easy to misinterpret what one is supposed to be responsible for and there is failure to fully comprehend the reality of a situation which describes the initial reaction of the EPA as the amount of toxins released was underestimated to area residents and the public (as is typical in such disasters).

Then like a computer program running underneath it all, we feel the effects of the planet of toxins, poisons, contamination, and water, Neptune, floating through its own sign of Pisces, sign of fish, bodies of water, and lack of clarity--and the EPA not letting out the news of the catastrophe to area residents until Thursday (Aug 6), a full day after the disastrous event.

You may wish to read President Nixon's message to Congress dated July 9, 1970: Reorganization Plan No. 3 which includes information on the protective mission of the EPA. But if it seems odd that a Republican president would create a regulatory agency like the EPA (which was actually a glopping together of agencies) try Myth: Nixon Created the EPA to Help the Environment which seems more in character with the Richard Nixon who played president when yours truly was a resident of Washington DC.

Nov 2, 2014

1971: Nixon, Gold, Jupiter-Neptune, and a Solar Eclipse Series ends

1971: the 9 Old South Eclipses Series Ends; 2009: Jupiter Meets Neptune Again

by Jude Cowell

Back in 1994, Hunter S. Thompson wrote on the topic of the US president who made unending debt a major part of American lives to the detriment of all but the super wealthy class. Check out He Was a Crook if you wish.

And since Richard Nixon ended the practice of the US backing its money with actual gold in 1971, it seems appropriate to have a brief peek at the Solar Eclipse in the 9 Old South Saros Series that ended on July 22, 1971, its last manifestation, and with its Initial Eclipse on June 23, 727 (OS) @4Can16 (conjunct US natal Jupiter @5Can56 on July 4, 1776.)

9 Old South's themes have a forceful, willful Mars-Pluto signature because both planets are in Leo in the Initial Eclipse of year 727 and there's a quarrelsome vibe to the picture in 1971. As in 2009, in 1971 there were 3 Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune, the pair of speculation, gambling, wastefulness, spend-thriftiness, inflation, and bubbles. The duo often contains a religious tone as well but that's not our topic for today (though how often religious leaders haunted Washington's halls of power and interfered with government policies during Nixon's presidency is for someone else to say. With Dick it was all political.)

Themes for 9 Old South include idealism, reunions, and great energy (Brady) though it seems to me that for the American people, reunions weren't as much on the political and financial menus as was separating us from our hard-earned money through usury rates and terms of un-payable loans that never end--kind of like student loans and other debts live forever now. But perhaps you disagree and are perfectly happy with what Mr. Nixon did on the financial level in order to change our society. There remain to this day justifications for his actions from some economists and Nixon apologists.

Anyway, my point (if there is one) is that America's ending in 1971 of backing the US dollar with the gold standard occurred in tandem with the ending of the 9 Old South Saros Series which looks significant to me in similar fashion to how the August 14, 1776 Solar Eclipse--the Initial Eclipse of its Series--describes the founding of America better than its official Pre-Natal Eclipse Series from earlier in 1776 (@00Pis33), the 12 South (themes: successful outcomes to long term worries or issues that have felt draining.) Applicable to our founding, one supposes, but the 13N sounds even more descriptive though it occurred after July 4, 1776, the Independence Day the Founders promoted as our day of celebration.

So the August 1776 Eclipse (13 North @21Leo52)) manifested within the 2-week window of a certain event with its own 'first-ever' vibe--the full signing of the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776 with our nation the very first to be founded on an ideal (or, idea.) 13N's themes are: separation due to the breaking of an existing bond (ex: with Britain) which leads to joint achievement; large ambitious group projects (ex: the New World and 'New Order' of America, a centuries-long Plan to re-establish 'Atlantis'.)

So the 1971 Solar Eclipse Series ended and we now see precisely where Nixon's actions have brought us--market crashes, bubbles bursting, and on through 2008's engineered collapse--and to the Fed's current overprinting of money (QE) with the inflationary Jupiter-Neptune pair of speculators and circus barkers imprinted (like pretend dollar bills!) upon the Obama presidency, the US economy, and certain actions of the Federal Reserve System (TARP, Wall Street bail outs) thanks to their Great Conjunction/s all through 2009, Mr. Obama's first year in office.

Their 2009 Conjunction/s in Aquarius fell exactly on US natal Moon (We the People--we were feeling dreamy with little sense of reality and had become involved in speculation--Tyl) so we had the idolatry of Barack Obama as 'Apollo' the sun god (and the Sun rules royal Leo and its metal, gold), along with a very similar tone in 1971 as Jupiter and Neptune met in Great Conjunction 3 times on February 1, May 22, and September 16, 1971--all within a range of 00-3 Sagittarius, ruled by banker and general, Jupiter. Of note is that this degree area includes '1Sag'..."A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" ('guns v butter') and you know one of the large projects rich old men like to undertake: waging wars for profit and making huge, fortune-founding usury-interest-rate loans to governments who should know better than to fritter away their autonomy.

So considering how China now owns a large percentage of our nation and our government debt, don't get me started on Nixon's often-touted Visit to China for that's another shady part of the genesis of the American people's current financial and economic problems since Nixon's 'opening of China' ultimately supported the establishment of 'free' trade, a normalizing of secretive trade deals galore, and the outsourcing of what used to be decent American jobs.

To this American, many of Nixon's actions made him more than a crook. They made him a traitor. And I personally felt his betrayal in real time for his presidency marks the era in which Washington DC was my city of residence.

Jan 9, 2013

An Ode to Dick Nixon

An Ode to Dick Nixon

Former President Richard Nixon marred much of the years I spent in Washington DC moons ago when it was my favorite city of residence. Perhaps it still is in spite of how subsequent political and financial crooks and varmints have clouded its much-touted promise. Anyway, the following Ode occurred to me unbidden on this, the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Tricky's birth:

Dick Nixon would be one-oh-oh if he were walking 'round

"I'm not a crook," or so he said but differently was found

Yet not all bad we must admit politicly astute

still paranoia was his fall which caused him ill repute.

jc 1.9.13

Now! Glad that's done. Here's a post from 2007 concerning President Richard M. Nixon's resignation with a few astro-notes on his personality if you're game. You'll find a link to his letter of resignation therein.

Jun 27, 2012

"The Wrath of Cons"--Jon Stewart (video)

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart hilariously explained Republican wrath over the ill-fated Fast and Furious gun-tracking program last evening and their echo chamber of talking heads attempting to link it to Nixon's Watergate scandal (!) so I hope you didn't miss it! Besides, I lived in Washington DC during Watergate, and you, Fast and Furious, are no Watergate...

Nov 10, 2011

Nixon Watergate text now public w '18 1/2 mins' still veiled

Update 11.12.11: if Richard Nixon is of interest you may wish to read Robert Parry's article Nixon's Darkest Secret. Original post begins here:

Visit the Nixon Library website for links to today's release of the text of Nixon's Grand Jury testimony on the Watergate break-in and cover-up including the "by accident" erasure of 18 1/2 minutes of White House tape by Nixon's secretary Rose Mary Woods.

Nixon testified that when he found out it was 18 1/2 minutes gone 'missing' instead of only 4 minutes (4 minutes' worth of erasure was apparently deemed okay by his nibs) he "--practically blew my stack."

Is that like being almost practically pregnant? Then it's impossible. My guess is that Dick "practically blew his stack" when he found out what the 18 1/2 minutes contained and how damaging it would be--worth the sass of erasing it--then he erupted with volcanic anger (as control freaks tend to do) until the conversations were erased as per his shouted instructions, or upon orders he received from his illuminized bosses. Or was he worried about what they would say and do if the full tapes were heard? Perhaps global syndicate bosses are implicated for their control of his administration!

But then I lived in DC during Nixon's tenure so I'm probably quite biased against Tricky Dick--but I'm also biased against the forces that may have set Nixon up and knocked him off his presidential perch of power. Oh well, who knows? Henry Kissinger knows who they are and why Nixon had to go. He was too unstable and paranoid for them to direct, probably.

Here's the complicit Washington Post's article on Nixon's farewell announcement on the eve of his resignation from office. His 10th house Saturn was not amused by his years of dissing Saturn's demands for honesty and accountability in life--and horrifically, the traditional potential of a 10th-house Saturn's 'fall from grace' ensued.

America's natal horoscope (Sibly version, July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) also has a 10th house Saturn with a particular mission which relates to its exaltation is Libra, sign of the Scales of Balance and 'Blind' Justice. There is our basic and fatal flaw--our infiltrated legal system and corruption of Trial By Jury (habeas corpus.)

Funny, but I've busy blogging and had no idea that Nixon's testimony would finally be released today--under the rays of our current Solar Eclipse from July 1, 2011 @ 9Can12 (horoscope shown) with Mercury, ruler of testimony, texts, news, and re-leases (Mercury's Rx Station occurs on Nov 24, 2011) of info--and with an eclipse--uncovering secrets and secreted documents such as these.

As previously noted, 9Can12 falls snugly between US natal Jupiter (6Can) and Sun (14Can) with Sun representing The President (leader) in Mundane Astrology (for American horoscopes.)

And everyone knows that the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer is extremely self-protective like a shell on a Crab! It is also one of the signs most associated with America's natal chart (July 4, 1776), the others being Capricorn (Pluto Rx), Gemini (Uranus and Mars), Virgo (Neptune), and Libra (Saturn exalted there.)

But the newly revealed Nixon isn't very forthcoming as to what was said during those particular 18 1/2 minutes so don't get too excited unless perhaps you have a chance to look at a horoscope of one of the pivotal days, June 20, 1972, and make conjectures based on the Astrology of it. Other dates, or periods of time, are mentioned on the site so why not get out your trusty Richard Nixon natal chart if you're interested in the details of his transits and progressions during a tremendously stressful period in his life--and, by extension, in the life of our nation through the office of the president and his flawed leadership of spying and cover-ups.

Here's my astro-flavored post published in 2009 to mark the 33rd anniversary of Nixon's resignation. A link to the resignation letter he wrote to Kissinger is handily included.

So today's belated revelation of Nixon's Watergate testimony may also fall a bit *early yet still underneath the brightened purview of an upcoming Solar Eclipse since its date nears rapidly: November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37 which affects the 'Super Committee' (aka, 'Super Congress') report due on November 23, 2011...or else Draco the Dragon has his nasty way with us--aka, the global central bankers like the Houses of Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Morgan. (See quote and article link at post's end.)

Plus, we have the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, sign of young people such as are marching in the Occupy Wall Street movement with its march to Washington DC set to arrive in The District on November 23, 2011--in time for the 'Super Committee' recommendations of austerity.

Mars of Protest, Mars of Action

For the Lunar Eclipse of December 10, 2011, Mars in Virgo (military and police forces w Virgo's natural 6th house connotation, plus, Mars = males; also, protesters and marchers) squares the December Lunar Eclipse and my fretful expectation is that more confrontations are on the OWS v Riot Police menu.

And unless winter arrangements are made soon to extend or truncate the movement in order to protect demonstrators until warmer, safer weather breaks in favor of outside campers, it's difficult to see how victorious frozen fingers and toes can be. Perhaps a solution may be found.

Yes, the Obama White House announced today that it's ordering a new environmental impact report on the aquifer-threatening XL Pipeline construction across America from Canada to the Gulf, a tempest rife with crony capitalism alliances no matter the cost to We The People. Yet you know that Mr. Obama may only be kicking a very politically explosive can down the road past the 2012 election, don't you?

Obama's apparent capitulation on the forcing through of the XL Pipeline may hide a secret handshake on a devilish deal that intends to get its high-handed, oily way in the end because these reptile-brainers, so determined to boss everyone around, are nothing if not persistent and crazed.

Especially when financial vultures are sniffing huge profits in the air.

Democracy works when rulers fear The People!


*Eclipses may flavor or describe events two weeks or more prior to their actual manifestation. The July 11, 2011 Solar Eclipse was the initial eclipse in a brand new Saros Series and as such, predicting its influence has been exciting since eclipses often operate in their traditional role as "wild cards of the Universe" for they contain a definite Uranian vibe of 'expect the unexpected'. jc

Further reading and progressive broadcast videos may be found at the website of the Thom Hartmann Show.


My personal opinion:

People in government who can do nothing in office but undermine the functions of government don't deserve to be in government and shall be removed.

--Jude Cowell, author Stars Over Washington


The genesis of the current and phasal global financial meltdown 2011/2012...

Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838:

"Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".

Letter written by the Rothschilds of London to their New York agents to introduce their banking method into America:

"The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests."

"No opposition" to speak of--until 2011, you jackassian patriarch.

That last line from Old Amschel is what we hear in 2011 echoing in the "voting against their own best interests" charge leveled at Middle and Working Classes when--like political zombies and easily swayed dumbleheads--they vote Republican.

Which always turns out to be a real kick in the average guy's and gal's piggybank.

You'll discover more in-depth reading concerning manipulative Banking Houses at, if you dare.

After all, you should always Know your enemy!

Jun 6, 2011

Midas on America's Path to Destruction set in 1971

Mighty Midas and Financial Collapse 2008

by Jude Cowell

Pondering Our Collapse While We Watch Others Fall is one article that knocked me for a loop concerning the engineered financial collapse enabled by the Fed (as in the 1930s) and it has inspired a peek at the horoscope for August 15, 1971 when a well-instructed Richard Nixon took the US off the gold standard.

This date and act, says the article, mark when America's 'path to destruction' was set as we-the-people were turned from the golden or even the silvered road and plopped upon the paper path which forked into an imaginary, shadowy trail of credit extension beyond our means, usury interest rates, revolving credit balances, and so on. Of course, the act meant that our debts weren't intended to ever be paid back lest the hapless rise above slave status and the plutocrats miss stealing a worker's last nickel.

Well, I Am Spartacus. How about you?

Actually, President Nixon and 15 advisers decided to take action to "protect" the US dollar against "foreign price-gougers" - their justification at least - and they didn't consult or advise the international monetary system first - a rare move!

And as we know from experience (Lincoln, JFK, maybe McKinley), US presidents who think to mess with the international financial system of gangster banksters tend to be taken out of office by forced resignation or something

Yet so far, there's little to worry about on that score during the presidency of Mr. Obama with his Goldman-Sachs cronies surrounding him in a White House where corporate special interests rule the day and Republicans can't stand the idea of consumer protections for the, the populace.

Last word I heard is that Republican and Democratic politicians on Capitol Hill still occasionally refer to themselves as "representatives of the people" though some measure of self-deception on their parts may be in evidence since we must first fool ourselves before we can successfully hornswoggle others.

May 3, 2011

NPR turns 40 today with a Uranus/Chiron opposition

Looking at the natal horoscope of NPR's first-ever broadcast of All Things Considered, it's interesting to note a few of the astro-factors shown.

Broadcaster Jupiter Rx 3Sag58 ('4Sag' = "A Little Child Learning to Walk"!) is in process of its Great Conjunction with Neptune 2Sag13 Rx in 2nd house with Neptune representing media and its masses of listeners. Let's consider - not all things - but a few of the basics in the natal horoscope set for 5:00 pm edt Washington DC on May 3, 1971. We see from the date that NPR launched in the midst of Richard Nixon's two terms and with anti-war protesters marching and being arrested on DC streets for speaking truth to power (my generation!)

The Jupiter/Neptune combo represents speculation, grand plans, and sometimes, sympathy for people at a disadvantage.

You may wish to see NPR's Wiki bio for more of its historic details.

May 3, 1971 at 5:00 pm in Washington DC saw 7Lib19 rising with Uranus 10Lib15 Rx in tow indicating NPR's newness, progressiveness, technological innovations, individualism, originality, and the ability to cope with whatever occurs.

It's an Hour of Jupiter, perfect for Jupiter's broadcasting function, and Jupiter in his natural sign, fiery Sagittarius, shows international interests in foreign lands and peoples, a liberal mindset, and a capacity to inspire people with a vision of how much better everything might be. (Self-righteousness must be guarded against.)

Chart-ruler Venus at critical degree (12Ari18 and snugged between Chiron and Mercury in 7th house of Partnerships) makes no applying aspects so its sign and house positions are important factors in how things proceeded for the then-new radio network-syndicate. Venus = '13Ari' = "A Bomb Which Failed to Explode Is Now Safely Hidden", a Sabian Symbol which speaks of having a "very deep or hallowed purpose." (M. E. Jones.)

This 'hallowed purpose' tallies with NPR's Midheaven (The Goal; Aspiration) 8Can20 which showcases Fixed Star Alhena, 'to have a mission' and which falls, of course, between US natal Jupiter '6Can' and Sun '14Can'.

Venus also rules the monied 8th H and its inhabitants, Sun and Saturn.

An 11th house Moon 29Leo59 is at a critical 29th degree as well but conjoins Fixed Star Regulus, one of the Royal Stars of Persia, keywords: 'success if revenge if avoided.' All the Royal Stars have cautions showing what flaws will cause the promised success to slip away if the particular caution is not heeded - in this case, revenge.

In 8th house of Shared Resources is natal Sun 12Tau46 which receives this evening's New Moon 12Tau30 (8:49 pm edt) indicating a new cycle of activity of some kind; hardworking Saturn 24Tau11 is in 8th H, too and shows its conservation-preservation duties in Taurus which are expressed with reliability and persistence. For managing Saturn in Taurus, financial security is very important as it tends to develop a well-balanced sense of the value of material resources.

Plus, Saturn is helpfully trined by powerful publisher Pluto 27Vir17 Rx in 12th H of Behind-the-Scenes and I wouldn't care to guess who or what group Pluto represented in 1971 relating to the beginnings of NPR. Would you? But asteroid Lilith Rx conjoins Pluto so I will add that Lilith isn't always or only the glamorous woman for its archetype also has a link to Israel.

And what of action-oriented Mars? Mars 00AQ00, a critical degree, is in 4th H of Endings and Foundations - at "An Old Adobe Mission" so there's another reference to having a mission. This degree appears every January 20th at noon in Washington DC for its our presidential Sun's degree. Mars remained in AQ from May 3 until November 6, 1971 and was stationary part of that time which greatly strengthened its Aquarian instincts and interests which spearheaded a new way of life (NPR driveway moments forthcoming?)

Mars in Aquarius shows a desire for independence to follow an unusual or unorthodox course of action with reformist tendencies; in 4th H, Mars describes some testy interchanges taking place 'at home' with efforts made toward improvements.

We may well ascribe NPR's wish to 'dot all the Is' and 'cross all the Ts' to the fact that Mercury 23Ari10 is oriental, that is, the planet that rises just before the Sun.

There's only one midpoint picture in the chart other than those formed by a multiple-planet T-Square and an Earth Grand Trine: Mars/ASC = Jupiter: harmonious teamwork; the ability to lead others; a good organiser; agreement with others on pursuit of the same objectives (that mission again); enthusiasm; harmonious public outreach.

The T-Square/s all point to MC and Alhena's mission: Chiron/Uranus = MC, Venus/Uranus = MC (getting to like someone quickly; focusing on the modernization of tastes), and Venus/ASC = MC (harmony; art and music appreciation.)

Earth Grand Trine: Mars, Saturn, and Pluto which shows the hard work it took to get up and running, but also seems to relate to the anti-war protests on the streets and the heavy-handed governmental response for brutality is indicated. Mars = protests and activism, Saturn = control and government, and Pluto = power, wealth, subversive actions, and ultimate control. Perhaps these are the forces that now regularly threaten to withdraw government funding of NPR for its 'too liberal' stance.

A 5th H North Node (NN) 19AQ55 shows NPR's path is to serve mankind and its 5th H position makes finding its unique destiny a must.

And last, the Uranus/Chiron opposition on NPR's Identity axis (ASC/DESC) is telling considering Uranus' link to radicalism and politics (yet not forgetting the excellent traits of Uranus Rising mentioned above.)

Uranus opposite Chiron shows 1971 to be a time when people were very stressed out and feeling that things were 'too much' - as in 2011. The aspect's ferociously intense energy tends to burn itself out or push NPR to great transmutative levels of awareness as it dramatizes individualism (and individualistic, freedom-loving Uranus rises.)

I shall leave it to you, dear reader and NPR listener, to decide which result NPR has achieved over the last 40 years. Happy Birthday, NPR!


Midpoint pictures: Tyl, Ebertin, Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply; Chiron info from Barbara Hand Clow and Richard Nolle.