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May 18, 2010

Rand Paul's Sun Capricorn-Moon Gemini

As you know, Rand Paul is the son of former Representative Ron Paul of Texas, and some have labeled the block's chip as The Obama of the Tea Party.

A lifelong Republican, this ophthalmologist announced his senate candidacy in August 2009 and election day has dawned with Paul as front runner against the retiring incumbent, Senator Jim Bunning.

Born somewhere in Pennsylvania on Jan 7, 1963, Dr. Paul has Sun in Capricorn, sign of politics, law, and business, and Moon in Gemini (for the 24-hour period of his birth date), sign of communication ability and quick thinking.

Sun Cap-Moon Gem is an Earth-Air blend which may tend to overemphasize the rational mind while ignoring the emotional aspects of life. There may be satisfaction with a pragmatic yet surface understanding of people and things in general along with a flippant pomposity in evidence when things get too deep or heavy. Young Mr. Paul may be something of a practical joker who hates being the butt of jokes himself.

However, with a Cap-Gem blend of energies there is a talkative, adaptable, and clever nature, with plenty of resourcefulness and shrewdness. Is he a gossip? A lover of irony? Perhaps. Yet he is a good teacher and is mentally acute and very observant (good for an eye doctor, self-certified though he may be.)

After today's elections, we may perhaps know the answers to many questions about Dr. Rand Paul as his ability to speak his mind charmingly and in crystal clear images would seem to be qualities of vast improvement over what the people of Kentucky have been rep'd by in the US Senate in recent years.

Now here are the Images for Integration for Rand Paul's Sun Cap-Moon Gem which put us in mind of today's political contest in Kentucky:

"An aged philosopher wins first prize in an international crossword puzzle competition...A traveling salesman wins an award...A college don reads the letters section of the paper while eating breakfast." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)


Update Hours Later: he won!


Anonymous said...

Worth noting is one comment young Dr. Paul made the other day. The topic was cutting off subsidies to farmers. Young Dr. Paul was all for it. Of course, he also said he was not for cutting off subsidies for doctors (read: AMA approved private health insurance) because "doctors deserve to make a comfortable living." Umm, doesn't everyone deserve to make a comfortable living? If there is one thing that has always driven me up the wall, it is the hypocrisy
of making rules for others one is unwilling to apply to oneself.

Jude Cowell said...

Ah, thank you for the info. Somehow i suspect that Dr Paul won't all the Tea Partiers expect him to be.

If farming subsidies could be 'cut off' for those who don't actually farm it would be a good thing though esp since our struggling farmers should be treated better than they are - and getting the 'gentleman farmers' off the public dole list of subsidies could only help with that.

Making rules that (supposedly) only apply to others must be one of the prime joys of working on Capitol Hill, don't you think? jc

Anonymous said...

Me again. I hear you regarding the gentlemen farmers and completely agree with you. However, I run a delivery service and I serve a lot of dairymen in Upstate NY. These are small-time farmers who had a glimmer of hope and help a couple of years ago when the subsidy was finally raised enough that their heads were above water for the first time in a good long while. Then the market tumbled and they're back where they started, working like dogs to make ends meet.

The problem, as I see it, is that there is way too much "too big to fail" all over the place - not just banks. Indeed, the gentlemen farmers have found themselves a sweet deal - doing what the rich do best which is living off other people's money. Guys like Rand Paul and his father, the libertarians, the right-wingers, all of that crowd, as well as the whole Republican Party and a pretty fair share of the Democrats won't do what's necessary: 1) realize that "money means speech" also means the "no money means no speech"; 2) Obama and his AG must revamped and ramp up the anti-trust division of the DoJ and go after all these "too big to fail" guys who have leeched the lifeblood out of the middle class and, if they haven't spent the loot on 400' yachts, invest the swag in foreign countries. These are the traitors. 3) Repeal the Bush tax cuts - all of them. This nation and most states have completely sold out to the extortion of the rich (i.e. "you tax us more and we'll move out of country"). I say we enact a law giving them their first one or two million, confiscate the rest and buy them their boarding pass on whichever mode of transport out of the US they choose. Bernie Sanders is right - this is an oligarchy and it's getting worse.

Just a few thoughts. Stay well, JC.