May 21, 2010

Rodent in Rose Garden, President at Podium, Financial Reform passage touted

Update May 21: one of the fallouts from the new Financial Reform legislation is that the Fed ends up wielding more power, not less. That's a mistake.

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Here is the text of President Obama's remarks in the Rose Garden Thursday, May 20, 2010, as he understandably preened over the Senate's passing of Financial Reform - and a rodent of some kind ran across the ground in front of his podium just after he began speaking.

The rodent, which has a tail too short to be a 'rat' as some are calling it, has been sighted in the White House Rose Garden before and reports of which staffer or cabinet member it represents in that higher-realm sort of way has not been confirmed as of this writing.

Yet we know that where there's one rodent there must be a gaggle of them so the best thing I can say is that at least the furry fellow ran in front of the president rather than behind his back.

Astrologically I'm sorry to say that not only were there two distressed asteroid archetypes at Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart (and of his remarks) @ 18Can06, but the Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 is emphasized by this Mc, along with a difficult Fixed Star, Castor. You and I have discussed the July 11 Eclipse conjunct Castor previously so I won't bore you again by harping on it needlessly, especially since you're already bored.

The two asteroids at Mc are sad Niobe and Atlantis. Hope that doesn't refer to the Atlantis oil platform now at risk in the Gulf. But why should it? We can have feelings of doom (Atlantis) even without another creatively labeled "blow-out" on our calendars.

So if the reform legislation is signed by July 4, 2010 as President Obama intends, it will tie in Financial Reform with the July 11, 2010 Eclipse in the 12 South Series, same as America's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series...keywords: successful outcomes to long-term worries. Well, that would be a great way for the 12S Eclipse to manifest!

But here's a big however - Jupiter 27Pis29 in 6th house is lining up opposite Saturn 27Vir55 Rx in 12th house and this is the culmination stage of their 20-year cycle of Expansion vs Restriction, and the NYSE told the tale of the societal planets' stalemate by plummeting 397.36 points on Thursday. Perhaps the DOW's drop is what had the president touting financial things at a 29th degree.

At 4:33 pm edt, Moon @ 28Leo59 opposed US natal Moon, and had just moved beyond Mars. The Sun (the leader) was @ a critical or crisis 29th degree, 29Tau43, in 8th house of Big Money, Debt, Credit, and such, with its Sabian Symbol for '30Tau' being fairly apt for the occasion:

"A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn," and although the Rose Garden lawn isn't ancient, it will have to serve for our Peacock-in-Chief and his friend, the pesky rodent making a run for it while he can. Maybe he was in a hurry to file for unemployment.

And since the Sun was anxious about finances at its 29th degree, Mr. Obama apparently really needed this boost from the Senate. However, a caution is that the Sun was conjoined with Fixed Star, Alcyone, keywords: something to cry about and sorrow, which relates to the ancient myth of the Seven Sisters.

Or, it's quite possible that our financial system is in a much more critical condition than we've been told by this administration in its supposed attempt to 'instill confidence' in markets by lying about stuff. Or, maybe the gentry of Wall Street will actually come back to planet Earth and join the rest of us as we window shop along Main Street.

And this lack of confidence (which passing Financial Reform is supposed to fix) may partially explain the Sabian Symbol for the Ascendant degree which represents the president's remarks which began at 4:33 pm edt during a Mars Hour...

'16 Libra" = "A Boat Landing Washed Away."

Wonder if that could be for Wall Street, Main Street, or both?

Additionally, the Sun was at the Moon/Neptune midpoint at 4:33 pm so we have a midpoint picture which may or may not apply...

Moon/Neptune = Sun: illusions and deceptions; illuminated aesthetics; impressive insights into people or events.

To be cont'd...


Midpoint info: Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey.

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