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Jun 8, 2010

Bilderbergs, Obama, and the creating of kings

Here's a round-up of Bilderberg info with lots of links to follow, a video to watch, and the final list of this years' attendees in Sitges, Spain June 3 - 6, 2010.

There's mention of the secret meeting between then-candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with the Bilderbergers in Chantilly, Virginia (not "in DC" as stated in the round-up - I mention so you'll know for certain which meeting is meant) which is when and where I think Mr. Obama was given the go-ahead as Democratic nominee (and winner of the White House shilling job; McCain and Palin were ridiculous fakes!)

This was the one where Robert Gibbs attempted to keep reporters on the Obama campaign plane happy with being locked inside the airplane while Mr. Obama had been whisked away to meet with some of his bosses who were cabaling in Chantilly.

Now if you're still uncertain that the Bilderberg Group creates 'kings' and determines global policies for the year ahead, please read the article, watch the video, and follow some or all of the links. For when a former Nato Secretary General confirms Bilderberg involvement in directing the world, perhaps it's worth considering as plausible.

As for the Astrology of it, I'm quite okay with using the midpoint Pluto/Chiron to represent plutocrats such as the Bilderberg Group. And on Jan 20, 2009, at noon, Capitol Building, the Pluto/Chiron midpoint was at Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart and it was in good company - President Obama's Saturn (authority) in Capricorn (government, law, politics) was there as well with the Sun and Mercury Rx 00AQ+ conjunct Mr. Obama's natal's a mixed bag of potentials...

Jupiter/Saturn = Mc: thinking with grandeur; new outlooks for personal refinement and growth; the philosopher; fluctuating success; changes; losses.


Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin: Munkasey.


DD said...

Hi Jude,
You are my guiding light to all things Bilderberg and astrology.

Could you ferret out those who decide the fate of the globe? A spotlight there would begin to undermine their strength.

Isn't it insulting that the most winning Svengali gets to deliver the faceless ones' messages.

I hate dealing with slight of hand.
Charm, lying, "dealing with great unwashed" in hopes of joining the big boys ... all the while buying the big lie that "they" can make a difference.

If there are a few thousand who consider themselves the "kingmakers" and the rulers of all they see, I want to know who they are.

I'm convinced that they are not angels but demons. No wonder the human race has been wiped out several times.

Origins of humanity, life, thought, and the creations they produce might tell us more about our selfish little selves struggling for survival.

It's like the string on the end of a cat litter bag that you pull and reveal its contents all at once. That is what I want. I don't care the results, I want to pull the string.

I want to know, even if the answer is so loathsome as to be unbearable.

Your focus and genius are there, tugging at the string and I stand beside you, ready to yank with you.

I know, sounds like I have had a little too much to drink or smoke, but this is so true for me. Thank you for your constant light!

Jude Cowell said...

DD, good to 'see' you again! Hope all is well w/ you & yours.

Ferreting is a good word for it, yes! Professionals may sleuth but i must only ferret while wishing for more time and resources to spend peeking @ DC's political infestations. And it's much too late in the game to pretend that things are going our way in this class warfare - we're being drowned in totalitarian hogwash issuing from a select few fevered imaginations and promulgated by the so-called press.

Yes, you guessed it: Mark Twain is my kind of journalist. High school journalism classes/school paper were many moons ago...too long.

But i don't think there are hundreds of them, not at the top of the top. You know the way pyramids of power work: the fewer at the top holding all the keys (knowledge), the longer they keep control of others who do their bidding while not knowing the long-range plan or 'bigger picture'.

As you say, the plutocrats' minions and pawns allow themselves to be convinced that their enabling collusions will gain them a seat at the nwo table.

Suckas! jc