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May 26, 2021

DC Horoscope: The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction 2022

The Promises of Jupiter-and-Neptune

by Jude Cowell

May 26, 2021: Below is a DC Horoscope of the upcoming Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune @23Pis58 on April 12, 2022 (in 9th house when the chart is set for Washington DC). Perfecting at 10:43 am edt, we find 4Can29 rising with US natal Venus and Jupiter which gives a pleasant air to the entire chart and conjunction. The Cancer Ascendant makes the fluctuating Moon the chart-ruler and, lower left, you see the two applying aspects that Luna makes with messenger Mercury, then evaluating Venus. These aspects suggest potentials for restlessness, successful communications, but perhaps a few uncomfortable social situations:

At Midheaven ('MC'; the Goal or Aspiration Point) is 13Pis10 which handily brings the bubbly, cheery, speculation-inflation pair of Jupiter and Neptune to the cosmic party - here joining forces in the very visible 10th house of Career and Public Status. Apparently, the whole world will be able to 'see' what the planetary pair has simmering.

However, the only aspect to or from Jupiter and/or Neptune are sextiles of opportunity from transiting North Node of the Moon (thus, a trine to or from the South Node). A Jupiter-NN sextile (60 degrees) suggests good fortune with all expansive enterprises and promotional activities which require cooperation from the public (NN), plus, some form of conventional religious involvement may be offered. Meanwhile, a Neptune-NN sextile indicates an ability for harmonizing with and influencing social trends or customs, wth perhaps a bit of spiritualism (or spirituality) tossed in. A talent for subtle evasion helps some people circumvent such Neptunian influences if they so desire but naturally, nebulous Neptune can always bring a sense of confusion to any situation, even deceit, corruption, paranoia, fear, and fanaticism. And yet compassion and sympathy for the disadvantaged can seep into our hearts, even so, bringing charity along with them.

And yet until April 2022, we remain under the auspices of the last and current Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction which was actually a three-fer all through 2009 when US natal Moon in late Aquarius was directly touched by Jupiter-Neptune's mystical wand of dreams and visions. You'll remember that 2009 began the era of President Barack Obama with the uplifting vibes of his 'rock star' persona, as his persuasive motto, Yes We Can, was promoted across the land, and vibes of Jupiter-Neptune were imprinted forever upon his presidency. Of course, the Jupiter-Neptune pair often represent promotion with grand spirits and schemes that are always 'sure things' but which often contain an element of overpromising (perfect for Politics). And note that scandal, religiosity, and/or political conflict can come along in the wake of expansive Jupiter and watery, oceanic Neptune.

Yes, in April 2022, a new batch of 'lack of reality' and 'pretense' will continue to cast a glittering spell across the globe, timed by the next Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction - this one in shady, secretive, contagious, mystical Pisces (see the center of the chart for the Sabian Symbol for "24Pisces"). High seas, fish, and shipping or boating may be in the news to a surprising degree. And if I were you, I'd be on the look-out for visions (of 'UFOs'?), marvelous technical inventions and special effects, and of course, get-rich-quick schemes that can trip you up and drain your coffers if you don't watch out!

Because All That Glitters Cannot Possibly Be Gold

In closing, below is a previously published dual chart displaying both the 2009 and 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunctions for easier comparison. Prominent as you see, is the 2022 Mars-Saturn near-conjunction in late Aquarius affecting the Great Conjunction of 2009 which suggests potentials for being let down by others (unreliability), faulty schemes of speculation, false hopes that don't work out, pessimism, loss, disappointment, and/or possibly illness for some. So while glitter is always seductive and more pleasant, keeping our grasp firmly upon reality will be necessary and most helpful in 2022 and beyond - if we can manage it.

Dec 28, 2020

Horoscopes: Power Couple Biden and McConnell

December 28, 2020: With their political match-up soon to express in 2021, my study notes are penned upon the dual image of the Natal Horoscopes of President-Elect Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ('noon' used due to no accurate birth hour for Mitch). Of course, Mitch's position in the Senate could be altered depending on the outcomes of the Georgia run-offs on January 5, 2021. Or not.

Hopefully, enlarging or magnifying the image will result in readability for the curious:

Natal Horoscopes

Lower left: Joseph R. Biden November 20, 1942 8:30 am EWT Scranton, Pennsylvania (RR: A); Upper right: Mitch (Mitchell?) McConnell February 20, 1942 "12:00 pm" CWT Sheffield, Alabama.

The Prenatal Solar Eclipses ('PE') of both men fell into Mercury-ruled Virgo although in different Saros Series. That's because Baby McConnell was born early in 1942 and his PE actually manifested on September 21, 1941 while Baby Biden's PE manifested on September 10, 1942, almost one year apart, both in September's Virgo.

Themes of McConnell's 16 North Series are listed to the left of his chart while themes of Biden's 17 New North Series are listed, lower right.

Brief notes concerning Solar Eclipses in Virgo are there, center right, with both men having similar approaches to problems, a strong work ethic and sense of duty, attention to details, and a caution that Virgoan perfectionism tends to hinder karmic progress.

Speaker McConnell's PE @27Vir48 falls smack dab between his North Node and Neptune Rx, the pair that tends toward anti-social and anti-communal behavior and attitudes. And we don't need an accurate birth time to see this.

President-Elect Biden's PE @17Vir17 falls near his Midheaven (19Vir54) so that its themes such as 'sense of duty' are objectives within his career and describe how he is seen on the world stage (MC).

Meanwhile, both politicians are powerfully 'determined on success' due to a Locomotive shape of their planets -- Joe Biden's executive 'choo choo' is led by his creative 5th house Moon @00Tau59, and Mitch McConnell's executive 'choo choo' follows his Venus Rx @5AQ39 (house unknown) which conjuncts US natal South Node (July 4, 1776) relating to the public, a rather difficult Saturnian connection suggesting isolation, possible anti-social/anti-communal behavior (ditto!), a potential for unpopularity, feelings of inferiority hidden by a facade of superiority, plus, a negative karmic condition in which the deprivation of aid and/or affection for others can play a part.

And since Venus Rx leads his 'choo choo' we should also consider Mitch's Venus-Pluto opposition across the self-will axis of Leo-Aquarius with his Pluto Rx conjunct US natal North Node (the 'tiger by the tail' combo) and there's Mitch's Nemesis Rx (the unbeatable foe; divine retribution) conjunct his Pluto.

And where is Joe Biden's Nemesis? Conjunct US natal Saturn @15Lib43.

Related charts include: Mitch McConnell: Sun in Pisces which displays the same 'noon' horoscope you see, above, and also shows a Synasry Grid between McConnell and then-President Barack Obama (note that the post link contains an incorrect year of birth for Mitch!); and here's the horoscope for Joseph R. Biden (RR: A, as noted).

As usual, dear reader, your on-topic comments and observations are welcomed and Shares are much appreciated. jc

Dec 17, 2020

DC Horoscope: Barack Obama's Jupiter Return to DC

December 2020 Brings a Very Interesting Jupiter Return and Judicial Possibilities for Barack Obama

by Jude Cowell

Little did yours truly expect she would ever again be publishing the natal horoscope of former President Barack Obama but here you see an image of it (lower left) in dual chart formation along with his December 23, 2020 Jupiter Return (upper right):

Jupiter in Aquarius: a sense of social justice, humanitarianism, good fellowship, knowledge of human nature, democratic ethical values, distrust of Chauvinistic nationalism, respect for karmic law, indecisiveness (Ebertin; Sakoian-Acker.)

Now I don't have to tell you, dear reader, how a Joe Biden presidency 'brings along' Barack Obama in many ways and on multiple levels. With former VP Biden as former President Obama's mentor (his natal Chiron in Pisces requires mentoring for best results), it now seems to be Mr. Obama's turn to mentor President Joseph Biden! And actually, there are multiple indications in his 2020 Jupiter Return chart which I shall list, below, of the potential for an official position in the Biden administration for Barack Obama so I may as well divulge such a possibility: Attorney General. Well, I wouldn't complain, would you?

Of course, there are other possibilities ahead including unofficial advisor/mentor so naturally only time can tell. And note that a 'shadow presidency' could also be suggested especially since Mr. Obama's natal Jupiter @00AQ51 will be exactly highlighted by degree and minute at noon on Inauguration Day 2021 by the 2021 Inaugural Sun (POTUS/Oath of Office) - @00AQ51! The cosmic synchronicity can hardly be more plain. Transit Sun to natal Jupiter suggests courage and confidence, plus, the involvement of the judicial system, one of the aforementioned Attorney General potentials (or even a SCOTUS Justice nomination?) Of course, this beneficial transit was also in effect for both of Obama's own Inaugurations, and the majority of the American people (and the world!) in spite of problems, were much happier then.

Other planetary contacts are involved of course, but here are three more 'official position' factors, judicial or otherwise, that I've so far spied in Barack Obama's 2020 Jupiter Return Horoscope ('good' until his next Return in 2032) though of course you may notice others, and I hope you will!

Transit Pluto conjunct natal Saturn: work and lifestyle are completely altered; attitude adjustment required in order to accept responsibilities; abuse of authority must be confronted and corrected.

Jupiter-Uranus = Neptune: favorable prospects after loss of position; new ideas to make the world a better place. (Yes, please!)

Pluto-ASC = Sun: determination to end forms of injustice and replace harmful practices; authority which is aware (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey).

Now perhaps it's true that these planetary factors won't be enough to spur judicial or official involvement in the Biden administration for Mr. Obama but as previously noted, only time can tell!

Sep 9, 2018

Obama Says Trump "Symptom Of Larger Problem" - Jimmy Dore

Plain speaking ahead from comedian, social commentator, and pod caster Jimmy Dore:

Support the independent work of Jimmy Dore @patreon. The Jimmy Dore Show is a member of The Young Turks Network.

Jul 20, 2018

Winter Solstice 2012, a haunting YOD, and Saturn-Pluto

Winter Solstice 2012, a YOD Pattern, and Fated Encounters at Vertex for Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell

The well-publicized cosmic event of Winter Solstice 2012 presented us with a horoscope that cannot be forgotten for its configurations but also because the date times the ends of, or shifts in, various calendars and is said to symbolically spotlight a turning point for humanity. With its potentials of a 'turning point' or 'crossroads', the starkest figure within the 2012 chart is a YOD pattern with a Saturn-Pluto sextile at its base pointing like a 'Finger of God' toward Jupiter Rx @8Gem54 in 6th house (chart set for the White House Washington DC). And it's 8-8-8 degrees all around for this heavy weight trio of planets whose influences naturally continued into 2013 and beyond. Mr. Barack Obama was playing the presidential role then as you'll remember and, in the exalted realms of archetypes, representing many-armed Siva (Shiva), god of creation and destruction. Chilling. And for some crazy reason its statue is displayed near the Hadron Collider, a dangerous machine if there ever was one.

Yet after enduring almost two years of a Trump White House, Mr. Obama is being praised even by some conservatives like Max Boot who writes the He Would Take Obama Back in a Nanosecond. Well, I'd be there with ya, Mr. Boot, to welcome him back to the White House ('the people's house' and not Putin's playground!)

And perhaps it isn't significant but the Winter Solstice 2012 YOD pattern with the Saturn-Pluto sextile at its base points to 2012 Jupiter, as noted, but also to the Prenatal Solar Eclipse degree of Donald Trump in the 2 Old North series which just repeated @20Cancer41--onJuly 12 while he was overseas wilting next to Putin! 'Unfortunate news' is one of the potentials of a 2 Old North eclipse and there was certainly a huge amount of it attached to Trump's 'summit' with Vladimir Putin, especially upon Trump's return to US shores, and the criticism reverberates as I type 5 days later (hence Max Boot's op-ed linked above!)

Of course, Trump's PE of 1946 @9Gemini conjoins America's natal Uranus (8Gem55) so we can substitute Uranus for 2012 Jupiter in the formula and we have potentials for: Saturn-Pluto = US n Uranus: sudden changes or upsets in plans that concern important activities; reforms in the way punishment is given for important crimes; the erratic or uneven use of retaliatory measures (M. Munkasey). Noel Tyl adds some disturbing possibilities that deserve their own paragraph:

2012 Saturn-Pluto = 2012 Jupiter: trouble with authority; adoption of the austere; staying out of trouble; trying to save what's left. And with US Uranus: ~brutal efforts to start a new order~; an attack, regardless of potential losses. Of course, it took 'brutal efforts' back in Revolutionary days to establish our nation but that's actually the trouble--too many 'bosses in their own minds' think it's time for the 'new order' of 1776 to give way to a newer order which, they think, must be preceded by chaos--and they have Donald Trump as chaos agent for that. This Trumpian chaos creation reminds me too well of the themes of The Tower Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 upcoming--and he's known for his love of tower-building and for plastering his name all over them, the better to fall.

Saturn (government, law, business, limits) and Pluto (control, manipulation, transformation)

Now it's true that the Saturn-Pluto pairing is problematic for its cruelty, brutality, rage, fury of destruction, and a potential for hardship which sounds rather like Siva in destruction mode with the creative mode in regression. And most readers of my astro-blabs are well aware that the Saturn-Pluto cycle of about 33 years' duration begins anew on January 12, 2020 when the old man and the saboteur precisely conjoin one time only @22Cap43--conjunct the natal Vertex (Point of Fated Encounter) of Donald Trump (22:46)! Of course, both planets link to the devil and Hades but that's a post of a different hue.

Whether Trump meets with Saturn and Pluto or he forces their combined energies onto others is unknown to yours truly since Astrology's AC-DC currents can direct in either direction depending, or can denote alternating energies. But I do know that it should be one but may turn out to be the other. Fate is fickle that way yet karma always rolls around, no matter the level of a person's wealth and privilege. Is Mr. Trump destined (Vertex) to encounter Saturn-Pluto's strength and harshness or rule with it? Already the Cager of Children has shown signs of harshness and cruelty which would be most unfortunate for the entire world. And as you know, Trump admires aloud such harsh traits in other despots and longs for their type of 'independence' to act. Well, a Saturn-Pluto sextile suggests control issues on its own, and involves power and the withholding of information in order to retain it. Sounds rather like Putin holding something over Trump's head, doesn't it? Perhaps hotel tapes, money laundering crimes, or whatever? Even worse may be imagined since we don't actually know!

Then to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction we should add Nicholas de Vore's symbol for the degree of '23 Capricorn' (rounded up) where they meet on January 12, 2020 and we have an appropriate symbol of "governmental authority" which makes me wonder if Donald Trump will wield it--or by then will governmental authority finally catch up with his wayward ways and snatch him sideways?

Conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto 1914--2020:

October 4, 1914 @2Can14; November 1, 1914 @2Can04; May 19, 1915 @00Can54 (a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation: WWI); August 11, 1947 @13Leo07; November 8, 1982 @27Lib36; January 12, 2020 @22Cap46.

Mar 23, 2018

March 23, 1919: Mussolini's Fascist Party (an Eclipse Timeline)

March 23, 2018: 99 years ago today, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini founded the ring-wing Fascist Party as 'Fasci di Combattimento' ('Fighting Bands') based on the struggles of 19th century Italian peasants. Advocates of Italian nationalism and wearing black shirts as uniforms, Mussolini began a campaign of terror and intimidation against his leftist opponents.

Here is a list of the applicable Solar Eclipses and their themes which influenced the Fascist timeline of events:

Party Founded March 23, 1919: 11 North December 3, 1918 @11Sag = changing groups and making greater commitments; last manifestation of 11 North: 2009; next: 2027;

Fascists March on Rome October 1922: 15 North September 21, 1922 @27Virgo = joy through commitment; last 15 North: 2012; next: 2030;

Mussolini Proclaimed 'The Leader' (Il Duce) January 1925: 17 South January 24, 1925 @4Aquarius = good news and sudden success in group matters or projects. And oddly enough, 17 South is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series of Herr Adolf Hitler. Last 17 South: Spring Equinox 2015 @29Pisces (conjunct Cardinal World Point 00Aries00) and PE of Trump's POTUS bid announcement in June 2015; next 17 South: 2033.

Besides the disruptive actions and nationalist rhetoric of Donald Trump, it's no wonder that a 'history rhymes' time link between Trump, Mussolini, and Hitler has been effortlessly easy for most people to realize whether they wanted to or not.

And to me it seems that the one useful thing Mussolini provided the world is a clear equation which keeps on giving--in our day through the machinations of Donald J. Trump and his wealthy corporate backers and political operatives:

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism.

And I suppose that since the above Solar Eclipses repeated during the tenure of the more popular and more like-able Barack Obama (2009, 2012, 2015) we must toss his presidential actions and rhetoric into the same barrel with Mussolini-Hitler-Trump. For after all, that's what America's much-touted 'pass the baton' really means--the same old empire-building regime and agenda merely with a new hand on the White House helm. And tragically for the entire world, that's how the 'death star' Pentagon's US war machine bombs on and pilfers all our money and resources.


Eclipse Notes: Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Mar 25, 2017

2017: Transit Neptune Veils US Progressed Sun in Pisces

With December 24, 2008 marking *America's Secondary Progressed (SP) Full Moon @4Vir10 (SP Sun 4Pis10), transit Neptune in Pisces has been nipping at the heels of our nation's SP Sun, an astrological significator for the evolved position of the role of US president. As you know, US natal Sun began at 13Cancer in 1776 conjunct starry Sirius, the pagan goddess star; from 13Cancer US Sun has now progressed/evolved to 12Pisces+.

US SP Sun and transit Neptune @13Pisces: "A Sword in a Museum: EXAMPLE...positive expression: personal power in living common ideals; negative: ridiculous pretense of epic merit." - Jones; this symbol relates to Mr. Trump's idolatry of populist president Andrew Jackson but that must be a post for another day.

In Astrology, the SP Full Moon denotes how far one can 'rise' in the world at that time--a person's or an entity's limits--and America reached such a culmination stage at the end of 2008 with the massive heist of our National Treasury (overseen by Bush and Cheney and passed on to Barack Obama whose entire presidency bares the imprint of the Great Conjunction/s of speculation-inflationary pair Jupiter and Neptune, three times through 2009; the world remains under that planetary influence until the Great Conjunctions of 2020). During the Great Heist, financial resources of We the People were also spirited away and the culprits were then rewarded by US taxpayers for the privilege of being bamboozled by Wall Street bankers and traders. Well, the Virgo-Pisces polarity is the victim-savior axis, after all.

Neptune-to-Sun Casts Shade Upon US Leadership

So what can be expected when Neptune veils the Sun in the shady, delusional, secretive, confused and confusing sign of Pisces? Certainly Neptune in Pisces expands the potential for paranoia within the Collective and we've definitely experienced that--and Mr. Trump is no exception to the phenomenon. Naturally, Infowars' and FOX News' conspiracy theories come to mind, the wilder the better for a paranoid Mr. Trump to tweet out across the globe like a Neptunian-Piscean infection. Desperate to be popular, how disgruntled (enraged!) he must be to find that a finagled White House tenure does not guarantee him high approval ratings--he actually has to perform well as president, the representative of We the People!

So now in 2017, the US SP Sun (POTUS) has reached 12Pisces+ and transit Neptune has continued floating on or nearby that degree since temporarily entering its own sign of Pisces in early April 2011, soon backing into Aquarius, then re-entering Pisces to stay in early February 2012--all on President Obama's watch but not yet veiling US SP Sun until, at the very end of March 2013, transit Neptune hit our SP Full Moon's Sun position of 4Pis10 (and again on February 1, 2014, thanks to Neptune's retrogradation). By that time, Mr. Obama's SP Sun had entered Libra--at the very top of America's natal chart, the very visible Goal Point of Career and Public Status.

Update March 26, 2017: don't miss Maureen Dowd's Donald, This I Will Tell You.

Note that Mr Trump's SP Sun has now progressed into Virgo from Leo, beginning @22Gemini conjunct US natal Mars, the warrior planet--you know he wanted military tanks in his inauguration parade, right?! Shades of North Korea! Even US SP Mars Rx @18Libra conjoins Mr. Trump's natal stationary direct Jupiter @17Lib27 which bodes ill for the expansion of war plans especially since his natal Neptune is near enough to call him a Jupiter-Neptune kind of speculator and wastrel--and Jupiter-Neptune is Obamacare's signature planets along with US natal Moon = 'involved in speculation; dreaminess; little sense of reality'--Ebertin.

So as we can see, US POTUS has been plagued by Neptune's eroding, undermining influence for years now and with fact-challenged Donald Trump in office, the public discourse has seen truth vs fiction and 'fake news' issues (aka, propaganda) balloon into the stratosphere, partially thanks to Mr. Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square of distorted perceptions, falsehoods, fantasy, and paranoia. Leaked secrets (Pisces/Neptune) seep from the White House and undermine his personal integrity (Sun) as president, plus, fanaticism and illusions inspire fanciful notions as his qualification for leadership of the country is called into question. It's a confusing period for the prime focus of this Neptunian-Solar transit as goals that inspire his ego drive (which is the focus) fail to materialize if and when they are based on misguided or unrealistic notions.

Perhaps you agree that the misguided snatching of health care insurance away from millions of Americans via the (failed) GOP 'health care' legislation this last week may be considered part of the Neptunian-Solar picture for Republican congressional leadership and for the fact-challenged, egocentric Donald Trump, our POTUS of the moment.

For it's a hazy and unstable time when the Sun of leadership attempts to hide behind the illusions, falsehoods, and secrets of astrological Neptune!

Now let's close with the Thesis and Antithesis potentials in Politics and Business as given in Michael Munkasey's excellent book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets; much of this particular example of the Hegelian Dialect may sound familiar:

Thesis: A leader with the ability to thrill the masses through visions of a great future (my italics); projection of the "good times"; an ability to respond to the needs of consumers by offering products based on popular concepts (like Trump Steaks or Trump University? puh! Or is Mr. Trump himself a 'product'? jc).

Antithesis: A leadership which goes to excess and exhausts itself on impractical schemes (like a wall on the entire US-Mexico border? jc); inflation which drains resources; budget deficits; drug problems; promises made but not backed up with substance or intention.


*Progressions issue from natal horoscopes which in this case is the July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA chart which puts Cardinal World Points of Prominence on the MC-IC of the US natal horoscope. Setting the US natal chart for a different hour on that date would give a slightly varied timing for the Full Moon's perfection but would not alter the Sun-Neptune implications. jc

Aug 27, 2016

Campaign 2016 and the 2004 DNC Speech that Catapulted Barack Obama into Our Lives

Image: Fork'd Way (which path to take on November 8th, which forked tongue to believe?)

August 27, 2016: Brief Astro-Notes on a President and Presidential Wanna-Bes

by Jude Cowell

On the evening of July 27, 2004, Senate candidate Barack Obama delivered a rousing speech that electrified his audience and many of the public watching at home. Who is that skinny politician of the silvery oratory skills? Can he be president some day? Is such a hope mere audacity? Well, if higher ups are watching, guiding, training, and grooming a previously unknown politician, he or she certainly can rise through the ranks to become president. And as you know, Mr. Obama was selected to play the POTUS role of White House mouthpiece in 2008, a mere four years after his 2004 DNC speech debut upon the world stage.

A few highlights of his rhetoric in 2004 include how his father got a scholarship "to study in a magical place, America,"; "John Kerry believes in America"; "I am my brother's keeper" (it's true, he is, and so am I); "E pluribus unum" (out of the many, one); "There is not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America: there's the United States of America" (which brought thunderous, elated applause, if memory serves); we have a "righteous wind at our backs" (debatable--more like the racketeering winds of war); and he provided a few descriptions of the kind of 'hope' he was talking about--one was: "It's the hope of slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs," a sentiment that remains all too true thanks to our corporate Global Government masters (for whom Senator Obama touted on that hot July night whether he knew it or not--such is the price of a presidency).

Yes, slaves to a rigged system are we...which is not to diminish the horrific enslavement of an entire race of people for the sake of financial gain and to prop up an ill-built economic system operated by pathological predators upon humanity.

Back in 2004, Mr. Obama intoned something which closely applies to Election 2016:

"This year, in this election, we are called to reaffirm our values and our commitments, to hold them against a hard reality and see how we are measuring up, to the legacy of our forbearers and the promise of future generations."

Full 2004 transcript of his speech.

A "hard reality" yes, especially since the September 1, 2016 19 North Solar Eclipse contains themes of realism and tackling the truth (Brady). Trouble is, the eclipse @9Vir21 is opposed by confusing, deceptive, fraudulent, speculating Neptune strong in its own sign of Pisces which can signify such potentials as pessimism, chaos, cravings, clouding of issues, and pathological tendencies. As you've noticed, pathological tendencies such as lying and fakery are regular topics on the Campaign 2016 trail and I have previously stated that on November 8th I must settle for Hillary Clinton's sober, more realistic Mercury-Saturn square rather than Donald Trump's fact-and-perspective distorting Mercury-Neptune square. Yet it's quite a non-choice they've given us, isn't it? Feels to me like in Campaign 2016, We the People are being pulled between fact and fiction like a bone between two old hounds! And both are kinda mangey...

Because both 2016 candidates are weighed down by heavy baggage from their pasts and are hindered by real and fake scandals their opponents harp on. And both engender anxious concerns over health and aging issues (Grandma vs Grandpa!)

Still, we have a current president sitting in the (Venusian) Oval Office while transit Venus in Sagittarius on November 8th will point toward a rival moving into the White House on January 20, 2017--which would be a candidate of the Republican Party--a 'stranger' or 'the other' or 'an outsider' such as the sign of Sagittarius prefers if the US presidential Venus Cycle holds true in November. Of course, election rigging and tampering can always result in a different victory than the people expect for we've seen such machinations before.

So yes, a few transits did activate future president Obama's natal planets as he gave the July 2004 DNC speech that catapulted him into our national consciousness (and more evidence may be found in his progressed and return charts, not covered here). Since we have a time stamp on the transcript, we know he began his speech at 11:09 pm edt with 21Aries47 rising in Boston and 11Cap19 at Midheaven. Therefore, The Goal (Capricorn) was apparently to gain control over the minds of the masses via the persuasive rhetoric for which he soon became known (YOD: Sun-NN = Pluto: inner preparation during underground years provides adaptability for a new level of power as all vulnerabilities are purged--Tierney). I'd say that his 'overnight sensation' image was all illusion and pretense with the support of 2004's Neptune @14AQ approaching natal Ascendant (18AQ03), plus 2004's Mercury, planet of speeches, orators, and voters, @2Virgo27 neared his natal Pluto (6Vir58) which denotes a time when plans and activities involve gaining more power.

Actually, orating Mercury that night was centered between Mr. Obama's natal 7th house Pluto-North Node conjunction (public contact with the masses; promoting propaganda) so let's close with the midpoint picture this cosmic circumstance created on that karmic night of rhetoric when Obama's political prowess was on major display:

Pluto-NN = Mercury: thinking big; hearing the grass grow; intellectual dominance (Tyl); ability to exercise a compelling and magnetically powerful influence upon the community at large (Ebertin); getting the right education; feeling shifts of power and taking advantage of them; conversing fluently with influential people (Munkasey).

One thing stands out to me when comparing and contrasting the 2004 Election with the one we suffer through now: there is no silvery tongue to beguile us this time. But there be plenty of forks.

Jul 27, 2016

5 Stages of Grief: Bernie or Bust - Hillary Gets the Nomination - Randi Rhodes clip

July 27, 2016: As I return from one week of no Internet service, moseying around YouTube and political sites today has been interesting to say the least. Did I miss last week's RNC and this week's DNC? No, because I had other means of following the proceedings, the speeches, the booing, the cheers, the videos, and the nominations.

But since Stars Over Washington for the last year or so has given considerable space to the campaign and the common-good, progressive ideas of Senator Bernie Sanders, and since Hillary Clinton snagged the Democratic nomination in part via the collusion of an allegedly neutral DNC, I searched for a broadcast related to the principled divide within the Democratic Party and what I found is a progressive broadcaster previously unknown to me. Her name is Randi Rhodes and she seems to be a live wire sort of lady (perhaps born under a Fire-Air personality blend!?) who comes to us from Florida and has quite a lot to say about political matters.

Here is Randi Rhodes on the 5 Stages of Grief for Berners, and a few other observations:


As you've heard, tonight's DNC spectacular from Philadelphia will include President Barack Obama speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton who remains for him, one assumes, "likable enough."

Jun 22, 2016

Independence Day 2016 brings America a New Moon

US Solar Return 2016 Emphasizes Money, Ethics, and an Inflow of New Energies

by Jude Cowell

On July 4, 2016 at 5:49:52 pm EDT (Washington DC), the Sun returns to America's July 4, 1776 Sun position of 13Cancer19 (in the 5:09 pm LMT chart, Philadelphia, PA). 'The Old Girl' will be all of 240 years old and she seems these days to be codgering about in her dotage--her reputation tarnished, her population divided in regard to the haves and have-nots, and yoked to a brutal militarism that drains our coffers dry and abuses We the People, among millions of others.

In our Solar Return 2016 horoscope set for DC, the Sun @13Cancer falls in the 8th house of Credit, Debt, Big Finance, Transformation, Death, and the Occult. Keeping our Sun (leadership; POTUS) company in 8th house are Mercury @9Can36, Moon @19Can14 and just past the morning's New Moon @12Can53 (7:01 am EDT), the starry Twins, Castor and Pollux, and Venus @21Can00. Opposite in the 2nd house is wealthy string-puller and spy chief Pluto @16Cap16. Can our 4 little personal planets succeed against power-grabber Pluto, god of the criminal Underworld and purveyor of the transnational banking system?

Well, you know how financial matters have been going both here and abroad since transit Pluto began lining up against America's Cancer trio of Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun--I would time it for late 2007 with tr Pluto in late Sagittarius and within 5 degrees of US natal Venus (3Cancer), though you may disagree.

Why, even during the era of the Great Depression, transit Pluto conjoined our Cancer trio of planets but now things are quite different in the global sphere since the New Millennium came knocking on humanity's door.

And with 7Sag04 rising along with restrictive Saturn Rx @10Dag57, delays and limitations are obviously indicated in relation to the 2nd house of Money, Earnings, and Valuations. That chart-ruler Jupiter (critical degree 17Virgo and still traveling near the North Node) makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in the Return chart emphasizes Jupiter's sign, degree, and house position--strong in its own 9th house, and conjunct MC (23Vir12 which places US natal Neptune @22Virgo at The Goal Point of the year). Money, money, money. Yet Jupiter does apply to an opposition with wounded healer Chiron which implies a goal of establishing "a radical redirection of the socio-cultural environment--anarchy and occultism play a central role in {} the transformative vision." (Nolle). One political minded culprit who was born under a Jupiter-Chiron opposition is Adolf Hitler.

One thing I want to mention before I forget is that Mercury @10Can36 in the US Solar Return chart (and in the New Moon chart, same day, @9Can37) will have recently returned to its position in the natal chart of Donald Trump. This aside is included because I assume that Mr. Trump will not have been jettisoned from the presidential race by July 4th! Perhaps we should check out his Mercury Return chart soon.

So can we attach significance to the cosmic fact that America's Solar Return 2016 horoscope involves a New Moon which perfects approximately 10 hours 49 minutes prior to the Sun reaching 13Can19? We can and we shall for a New Moon in a Return chart within one degree of the Return planet is indicative of fresh energies flowing in and a new cycle of activity relating to the Return and natal house position of the New Moon.

In our nation's natal and Solar Return charts, the New Moon perfects in the 8th hou$e (cusp = 9Can30); in the New Moon chart it's in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, Large Institutions, and Back Room Deals but with 25Gem07 on the 12th cusp. This is the degree of the New Moon on the morning that Donald Trump announced his bid for the presidency. That all these factors relate in various ways to the candidacy and broke campaign of Mr. Trump seems quite certain though of course other conditions, events, and actors are not ruled out. And I have asked you before if you think Mr. Trump's New Moon in the sign of The Messenger (which he has called himself upon occasion) will culminate in the Full Moon @27Capricorn during the RNC in July. You didn't answer but I shall assume that this possibility horrifies you as much as it does me--especially since the RNC Full Moon precisely conjoins US natal Pluto.

In addition, a New Moon in our Solar Return 2016 chart has consequences which may be seen by planetary aspects to it. Here we have Mercury and Venus conjunct Sun and Moon which is quite positive along with a trine from Neptune (11Pis55 Rx in 9th house of the New Moon chart, 3rd house otherwise). Although Neptunian involvement can be inspirational it can also be deceptive, fraudulent, undermining, or confusing (to name a few!)

Plus, this is a time of culmination seen via the Jupiter-Neptune opposition, a cycle which began with their Great Conjunction/s in Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon) three times in 2009, and their inflated conjunctions are imprinted upon the presidency of Barack Obama. Jupiter-Neptune makes truth difficult to ascertain, events unpredictable, fantastic get-rich schemes tempting, and guilt and self-pity the favorite go-to excuses. Political conflicts are also suggested by Jupiter-Neptune, something Washington seems to be tragically addicted to for it divides and keeps the American people out of the way.

Of course, the real culprit in the chart is the opposing Pluto we discussed, above, as Mr. Invisible continues his creepy plod through the sign of Government, Law, and Business, on his way to America's first-ever Pluto Return/s in 2022. As you know, Ebertin asserts that one of the roles played by Pluto in Capricorn is, The Dictator, but that would be a moment no sane person is waiting for.

Now we won't get to them all in this post but there are many other chart factors worth discussing in the Return horoscope--fire-starter Mars in his sign of Scorpio, sub-ruled by Pluto, for one--but today my blogging time is brief. Perhaps the North Node (contacts with the public; future direction) sextiles to the New Moon and sextile to our Solar Return Sun--all three aspects applying--will provide benefits and we'll weather whatever storms our below-board politicians have planned for us (to please their global masters) for they act as infestations and infiltrators of what should still be a decent US government.

Now you know that our Solar Return 2016 horoscope is 'good for' one year until the next Independence Day and this will naturally include the beginning of a new presidential administration. Is this what is signified by our SR 2016 New Moon, which incidentally, conjoins Egyptian goddess star, Sirius?

Well, Sun-Moon-Sirius implies a large cosmic can of squirmy things we cannot open today so let's close with a note or two on Sun sextile North Node (trine South Node, of course) and Moon sextile North Node. With the Sun, opportunities are suggested for working in harmony with prevailing social trends and conditions. Moral and ethical standards may be made constructive use of along with upholding acceptable traditions. This indicates a type of social leadership that can win public support, while the Lunar-NN sextile adds an element of good, effective timing to events and societal conditions.

Wishing a Happy 240th Birthday to my fellow Americans! And may a dictator disguised as a president never enter the Oval Office.

May 24, 2016

A Discordant Message from Chief Nativist Donald Trump

In American Politics, Nativism is a pro-Anglo-Saxon, anti-immigration ideology in which the wages of 'less well paid natives' are believed to be lowered by immigrants who take jobs of our citizens by willingly working for much less pay. Jettison the inherent bigotry and resultant hatred of 'new comers' and such a point of view seems logical, right? It is, after all, a large part of what Globalism is all about.

Where I can't seem to find a shred of logic is in the nativism of 2016 candidate Donald Trump who bounces merrily along on a Republican bigotry ticket of nativism while espousing such rhetoric as American "wages are too high"! If you tout how immigrants lower the wages of American workers, why promise to lower working class wages if elected? Whaa-a-a?

Is Mr. Trump's unconscious,unfiltered Mercury-Neptune square once again blurting indiscreetly? Or did he simply mean that wages are already "too high" for a minimum wage increase so it's status quo (or lower) for wages during a Trump administration?

Either way, the bully candidate's nativism ploy is championed by power elites to persuade voters to vote Republican on November 8, 2016 - and that's millions of US voters who usually sit out elections for several reasons, not the least of which is the long-growing feeling (knowledge, actually) that our votes 'don't count' (assuming that at some earlier point in US history they did). US presidents are selected by elite committee, I've complained here for over a decade, and elsewhere online. And we can call them super delegates, the electoral college, what-evs...that lesser of two evils feeling never leaves us.

Did you notice when 2008 candidate Hillary Clinton was directed to be patient and stand down in favor of Barack Obama when the two candidates secretly attended the Chantilly, Virginia meeting in June 2008 of the Bilderberg Club? Is that why Bilderberg member VP Joe Biden has stated that Hillary will be elected in 2016--to fulfill a promise that 2016 is her turn to be president? If so, will this symbolize the reversal of America's Great Seal to the obverse side with the 'pyramid of power'?

Will women voters be the deciding factor in November 2016 as many political pundits are predicting?

For more on the Bilderberg Group, here's a link to The Guardian's 2001 interview with an original Bilderberger, Lord Healey.

Related: Mystery of the Great Seal's Eye of Horus Reversed (it's a feminine thing).

Apr 29, 2015

Papantonio: Mitch McConnell Wants to Nullify the Constitution - video

#USConstitution #USPatriotAct #NSA #EdSnowden #1984 #BigBrother #MitchMcConnell

Speaking of Orwell's predictive novel 1984, eclipse themes provide background vibrations that can describe on one or more levels the time span or event in focus and there were 5 eclipses that year: 3 lunar and 2 Solar Eclipses.

The first Solar Eclipse of 1984 (a 'Reagan year') manifested @9Gemini conjunct US natal Uranus, the planet of revolution, revolt, uprisings, and anarchy and is intimately connected with America's cycle of going to war. Here are a few details on the themes of both 1984 Solar Eclipses, paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology:

May 30, 1984 in the 4 North Saros Series contains themes of difficulties, illusions, restraints, restriction, inhibition, and separation; events occur which block progress and lead to misjudgment of strengths or the situation; best to wait until the influences of 4N are over before taking any real action. (4N is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the State of Israel, May 14, 1948, and of Aldous Huxley.)

November 22, 1984 in the 4 South Saros Series @1Sagittarius; 4S carries themes of strong emotions about relationships or money, anger, or lust; a sense of fatedness is attached with a sudden desire to end relationships in which events seem to spiral out of control; a great deal of frustration in involved due to blocked emotions; best to avoid rash actions until issues settle down. (4S is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the US Mint--October 16, 1786--and the Bush-Cheney Invasion and Occupation of Iraq in 2003.

The Sabian Symbol for 1984's eclipse @1Sag links or resonates with the 2003 horror that is the Bush-Cheney war presidency: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." Or as some might call it, how to misuse, misdirect, and lame an entire military force such as the world had never seen.

Of course, many other planetary factors influenced the year 1984 including a Great Conjunction of the speculator-wastrel-grand-schemer-inflationary pair, Jupiter and Neptune @00Cap01, a World Point of Manifestation and Prominence. This occurred only once on January 19, 1984 but it also imprinted the presidency of Barack Obama during his first year in office for there were three Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions sprinkled through 2009, exact on May 27, July 10, and December 21--all within the range of 24--27 degrees of Aquarius which conjoins the US natal Moon of July 4, 1776.

Jupiter-Neptune = natal Moon gave the American people fraudulent schemes, false promises, little sense of reality, a desire to dream (dreamy 'rock star' Barack--his Mars veiled by US natal Neptune!), and of course you remember the mortgage-credit-banking crisis, Bush's Crash of 2008 as December led into 2009.

So though it puts me in a right old snit of miffdom to say so, the 1984 and 2009 conjunctions of expansive Jupiter and deceptive Neptune--one conjunction in Earthy, practical Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business) and the others of 2009 in Airy Aquarius (sign of several things including Science, Progress, Independence, and Technology (exs: NSA spying on the American people as discussed in the video, above; Transhumanism and breakthroughs in Genetics)--link together the administrations of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama in a frothy 'grand spirit' sort of way. And fraud. We mustn't forget government fraud.

Mar 18, 2014

Mar 30, 2014 New Moon @9Ari58

Looking at a horoscope set for Washington DC of the March 30, 2014 New Moon @9Ari58 we find the lunation of new beginnings squared by the Jupiter-Pluto opposition and about to conjoin, each in turn, quirky radical Uranus @12Ari19 (a critical degree). In the District of Columbia where I twice dwelled the New Moon falls in 9th house of Foreign Lands and perfects at 2:44:40 pm edt (using SolarFire Gold v8 software).

For this New Moon the 16 North November 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse @11Sco15 remains in effect with its 'inspiration, illumination of ideas' Uranus-Neptune vibes, and in the New Moon chart for DC affects the 4th house most closely.

Rising is 13Leo44 so we immediately know that the New Moon will affect President Obama whose natal Sun in Leo is rising. There is a YOD pattern of 'special task; crisis; turning point' dimensions formed between Pluto and Chiron which point toward the New Moon's Ascendant (in DC) and thus, to the president's natal Sun. Therefore, his goals in life, hero's journey, and ego are involved with the sextile (60 degr) of Pluto and Chiron at the YOD's base, and as you know, Pluto-Chiron is the Plutocracy pair of oppression, primal violence, racism, socialism, communism, etc.

A Pluto-Chiron sextile describes those with a finger on the public pulse and those who may act as spokesman for the community (R. Nolle, Chiron the New Planet in Your Horoscope). And we know President Obama has a way with words and that he speaks on behalf of unknown entities and backers at times--well, maybe all the time. Don't they all?

So Pluto-Chiron is a supporting factor in this rather plutocratic picture since the Jupiter-Pluto combination also may be described as Plutocracy--and is, by none other than Reinhold Ebertin. Naturally the fact that transiting Pluto continues to oppose US natal Sun (the president) is being highlighted since Mr. Obama's struggles with strong forces--whether the Federal Reserve, political opponents, and/or Russian dictators--is in the news constantly so I won't bore you by providing links in this post to such political tales--you and I both have been inundated by them every day since Barack Obama took office in January 2009 by sore-loser Republicans in particular.

So with the New Moon at 9Arie58, it seems a gander at what Adriano Carelli has to say about '10Aries' may be of interest. His symbol for this degree is: "Saint George slays the dragon." Mentioned in explanation are 'courage, successful ambition, reaching the highest standing', and 'an exceptional career'. Sounds presidential enough, yes? Also, Carelli adds a potential for 'clairvoyance' and 'prophecy' for '10Aries'.

Here's a peek at the famous tempera painting by Bernat Martorell of Saint George Killing the Dragon and the Wikipedia info has other famous depictions along with the images tale itself. Yet I doubt mention is made of 'the dragon' relating to the Nodal axis, with North Node being the head of the beast and South Node being its tail!

Feb 6, 2014

Feb 7, 2014 US Debt Limit Reached as 2012 Eclipse Is Triggered

February 7, 2014: US Debt Limit Reached, Says Treasury Secretary Lew

by Jude Cowell

See US teeters towards debt default, cash could run dry by end of Feb for Treasury Secretary Lew's warning and his plea to Congress to act quickly to renew the legal $16.7 trillion debt cap so America can pay bills that Congress has already racked up.

Will Republicans listen to Lew's warning or does 'governing by crisis' remain their primary tactic for boycotting common sense and a reliable economy in favor of demonstrating their extreme disdain for a Demcratic president who dares to be half African American?

An interesting thing about Friday February 7, 2014 is that the Moon, often a trigger or stimulant in horoscopes, will conjoin at 1:44 pm est the degree of a certain Solar Eclipse which manifested on May 20, 2012--almost two years ago when 'fiscal cliffs' and the dire specter of being shoved over them were much touted in the news. So in a spirit of re-view of past events--for Mercury turns retrograde today at 4:43 pm est--I add below a previously published list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2012 in order to provide a fuller picture of the year but with emphasis on the Solar Eclipse @00Gem20 of May 20, 2012:

A Total of Four Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2012:

1. 14 South Saros Series: Solar Eclipse May 20 @00Gem21 conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone (potentials: mystical but judgmental; exiled; unlucky; something to cry about); (has a Mercury influence); 14S contains Mercury-Pluto (secrets; spying; control of communications; toxic transport) vibes and first manifested on August 29, 984, OS, @10Vir59: Sun-Moon = Mercury-Pluto; its themes include 'an obsessive idea finally accepted leads to Jupiter's promised success--a long-awaited breakthrough'--Brady; the horoscope is linked, below;

2. Lunar Eclipse June 4 (intros the rare Venus Transit June 5/6 in mid-Gemini) @14Sag conjunct US natal Ascendant (Sibly); Moon = We the People; (has a Jupiter influence);

3. 15 North Solar Eclipse November 13 @ 22Sco (sign of Big Business; Corporations; the Underworld; Endings; Regeneration and Healing (has a Mars-Pluto influence); conjoins two Fixed Stars: Unukalhai (Alpha Serpentis; potentials: achievement, then a fall; legal problems; accidents; success in Politics, war, writing; shipwrecks; forgeries; and Agena (potentials: honors; success with the masses; high status; scandal and gossip)--A. Louis;

4. Lunar Eclipse November 28 @7Gem conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55, and transiting Midas and Pan; Sun/Moon = Uranus: unusual twists of fate; sudden developments or conflicts; acting independently; the urge for freedom--Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin; (a Mercury influence aqain which may affect communications, planning, trade, commerce, and vote counts and re-counts).

And here's my original post concerning the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse (horoscope shown set for DC) if you care to take a look.

Now if, like this southern blogger, you think all of Washington DC's financial Political Theater of stalemates, shut-downs, and defaults signal much larger issues than ruining the 'full faith and credit of the United States' and the debt limit brouhaha's use of the tiresome R vs D divide-and-conquer ploy, here's an interesting excerpt from a December 2008 article citing a Financial Times editorial (linked below):

{Gideon} Rachman writes that “global governance” could be introduced much sooner than many expect and that President elect Barack Obama has already expressed his desire to achieve that goal, making reference to Obama’s circle of advisors which includes Strobe Talbott, who in 1992 stated, “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

If this sounds like the projected results from current secret trade deals that dissolve our national sovereignty, 'FastTrack' presidential authority to sign them so that Congress can deny any responsibility--particularly the #TPP--you may wish to read on...

Is Congress allowing the president 'FastTrack authority' to sign away US workers' rights and what little national sovereignty remaining the promised Jupiterian 'breakthrough' from 2012? Well, Washington is obsessed with global government implementation, isn't it?

Ah, the anti-democratic things men (and women) must do in order to be selected by the power elite to play the role of 'President of the United States of America'!


Oh look! Here's a link to a video interview of Strobe Talbott in India talking about bilateral ties, how "democracy around the world" is under-performing, and whatnot on the 2014 road ahead.

Jan 5, 2014

Mercury-Pluto! NSA's YouTube video "Most Hated" of 2013

The US government often uses the lame excuse of "unintended consequences" for its actions but it turns out that the phenomenon can work against them, too. The following interview, uploaded months ago in an ill-fated attempt by the NSA to 'clear its reputation', has backfired on the nosy agency and garnered it a Most Hated Video of 2013 label. Watch or re-watch it in all its shabby lameness if you can:

Yes, we see on display with the NSA that old Mercury-Pluto opposition in America's natal horoscope as it creeps and peeps about. Mercury = sight and communications; Pluto = the master spy with the Invisible Cloak. Plus, Dane Rudhyar gives the Sabian Symbol for US natal Mercury @25Cancer as, "A Will-Full Man Is Overshadowed By a Descent of Superior Power"; Keynote: The response of spiritual forces to the integration of personality through positive will-full endeavors."

This symbol mentions a man who uses "positive imagination to face life's problems" and "to him comes a pentecostal descent of power. He receives the 'mantle of power', the grace (baraka in Sufi philosophy) or the Providential assistance which can make him a true leader in his culture." The symbol speaks of "inner strength and uncommon ENDOWMENT." (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

And, no kidding--the text actually says, baraka. The 'Obama' we can supply for ourselves and the 'mantle of power' comes with the territory.

From March 2013, also see: Scientists Come a Step Closer to 'Invisibility Cloak'.

Dec 29, 2013

A Message from My Friend Barack

When Plutocrats Are in Need

by Jude Cowell

A rather astonishing email has arrived from a special Friend asking me to provide $3 for work that Washington Democrats should already be doing. For they do draw quite generous salaries from public coffers after all.

Yet admittedly I do prefer Democrats to control the House especially considering how cravenly Republicans have mooned the American people since 2009 and even now, as of December 28th, they withhold benefits for the unemployed while they themselves enjoy another undeserved holiday break.

We don't even know if Republicans will cooperate well enough to extend unemployment benefits after Congress returns to Capitol Hill on January 6, 2014 but I hope on the way to casting a vote they don't trip over their selfish, austere ideology which has proven many times to be excessively generous toward the wealthy elite who are in need of nothing yet they can't muster a dime for those who actually are in need--and who would bolster the US economy by spending it pronto. Why, monarchic Republicans and their enabling Democrats act as if tax monies are only theirs to spend and funnel however and wherever they wish, and that We the People should butt out of such lofty elitist decisions.


Well, this dissenting American asserts once again that the majority of our politicians and other public officials are in breach of the public trust and, of course, have been for many decades. Many of them no longer pretend to do the tasks for which they were elected, it's just that after several years of Corporate Governance, embezzlement, theft, and fraud become much more difficult to hide successfully from the prying eyes of the fleeced. However, upping the level of outright brazenness helps their anti-American cause progress and that they've certainly been accomplishing while continuing to scam voters with glowing campaign promises and with political slogans that, as it turns out, have no merit in them for those who wish to retain a sovereign America.

And yet, no matter how outrageous Washington's sorry behavior becomes (and it will), we must not give them the fight they really want--millions of Americans in the streets with symbolic 'pitchforks' for government forces are surely amply armed and ready for us with tanks, drones, and otherwise. Besides, violence is never the answer to any problem and its use on our parts would shove us down to their reptilian-brained level where oppressive Pluto-Chiron's plutocrats and oligarchs dwell in the squalor of bad intentions.

Anyway, I hope my special Friend doesn't mind that I'm hereby publishing his email to little ole' me for it's certain that many of you received the same or a similar missive recently. Perhaps only the amount requested is different, but the cheekiness remains the same...

Friends --

They said it couldn't be done.

When our first Presidential campaign began, the naysayers dismissed the chances of a grassroots campaign powered by everyday folks organizing in their communities. Together, we proved them wrong.

Now those same critics claim we will fall short of regaining a Democratic House for the final two years of my term. But once again, you're building something truly incredible.

Friends -- Our campaign to defeat the Republican House and take back the majority is within range of a mark never before seen in Congressional campaigns -- one million online donations from grassroots supporters like you.

I'd like nothing more than to see us pull off this feat before this week's year-end fundraising deadline.

Can you chip in $3 or more today? Your donation could be the one that puts us over the top.

Let's get to work.


So. Are you persuaded?

Sep 24, 2013

Sept 24, 2013: Pres. Obama's UN Address w UN natal chart

In New York City today during a Mercury Hour, from 10:07 am edt until 10:52 am edt, President Obama addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations. The president's Lunar Return to 3Gem21 occurred at 10:09 am edt so the separating trine with the Sun and the separating square from Neptune affect his natal Moon as well as today's Moon. The ongoing Neptune square to natal Moon denotes a difficult time for establishing steadfast alliances, and as you know, the entire world of nations is said to be angry at US spying on governments and world leaders via the NSA. Neptune is associated with spying just as is master spy Pluto.

At 10:07 am edt (NYC), 10Sco26 was rising along with authoritative Saturn @9Sco19, North Node of public contact @8Sco14, and orating Mercury @23Lib25, a degree that conjoins Arcturus (taking a different approach) and Spica (a potential for brilliance, but also The Spike.)

Venus @15Sco15, the Eagle Point, was on the rise as well--in company with transiting asteroid Toro (power, including nuclear) but with Mars as the chart and speech ruler (along with Pluto @8Cap59 as sub-ruler) at Midheaven--MC, The Goal), we find that American militarism was certainly on display for the world to see. Need an example? "The United States is prepared to use force in the region," President Obama asserted. As if anyone doubted it.

Plus, in a curious synchronicity, asteroid Atlantis ('America', but also 'where we feel doomed' and 'abuse of power') conjoins Mars and MC at 10:07 am edt. The MC degree of 18Leo53 puts the 'Mother of All Eclipses' that Nostradamus touted centuries ago smack dab at MC and is in the same Saros series (1 North) as the Pre-Natal Eclipse of the UN! The UN's PE manifestation @16Can57 is marked in the 4th house of this natal chart and today its degree is triggered by tr Jupiter @17Can34 in 9th house, thus expanding or increasing 1N's influence on current events.

1N themes include 'unexpected events put pressure on relationships or groups; issues loom large but it's unwise to make decisions because information is distorted and possibly false' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology). This eclipse last occurred on August 11, 1999 and ushered in the New Millennium of terrorism used to control populations, not the least of whom is the American public. 1N's next manifestation will be on August 21, 2017 @29Leo, which conjoins Royal Star Regulus, which, btw, is at MC (00Vir31--Regulus has precessed to 00Vir+) when President Obama finished speaking today at 10:52 am. Undermining Neptune (The Masses; The Media) @3Pis13 Rx conjoined the IC (Foundation; Endings) of the speech's chart.

To my cynical ears, it seemed the president hinted at more violent terror attacks being perpetrated for global government types will do anything to fulfill their long term goal. And many Americans now admit--however reluctantly--that false flag ops have been used by our government to emotionally inspire us to march into ill-advised wars.

And yet, diplomatic Venus was on hand this morning to 'sugar coat the message' as much as possible yet her jealous and vengeful nature is visible quite clearly whenever the planet is posited in vengeful, spying Scorpio--ruled by the forceful duo of Mars-Pluto. Scorpio is the sign where another Solar Eclipse will manifest on November 3, 2013 @11Sco15. Around that time and after, there is potential for more hidden meanings and inconvenient secrets to be unveiled and if you click to view the eclipse horoscope set for Washington DC, you'll see that warrior Mars @11Vir11 is at MC, a militaristic echo of today's UN Address. The November 3, 2013 eclipse will conjoin the Ascendant of today's speech chart--the speech itself--but with its Sabian Symbol as a possible saving grace: '11Sco' = "A Drowning Man Rescued." (Jones.)

Now for future reference and for those who may not already have this chart in their astro-files, below is the natal horoscope of the United Nations which was officially set up in Washington DC on October 24, 1945 at 4:45 pm est when the 'US Secretary of State signed a protocol of deposit of ratification' (Campion). The organization, a prototype of the 'new world order' sports the stop-go energy of a Mars-Saturn conjunction in 4th house, an excitable Moon-Uranus conjunction with the Moon conjoining US natal Mars in Gemini, and a goddess worhiping Venus-Neptune conjunction in Libra which reveals the involvement of the Vatican in its formation. Enlarge to read a few basic notes concerning the UN where you'll see that today's Neptune (at 12th cusp) and Pluto (at MC) are penned outside the chart along with a few US natal placements...such as our natal Chiron rising:

For me, the most telling midpoint picture of the UN natal chart is penned on for Uranus and Neptune, the Enlightenment planets, form a word picture with Pluto in Leo...Uranus-Neptune = Pluto: 'the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed, there is very little option to do otherwise' (Tyl)--the 'big picture'? A totalitarian agenda which we're now seeing implemented before our very eyes as the US war machine marches across the globe and the West challenges the East for global dominance. The ancient fight continues between Abraham's sons...

Please note that in my haste, I neglected to add to the chart that it's a Mars Hour, and that Pluto is apex planet of a second midpoint picture (Venus-Uranus = Pluto) which adds vibes of notoriety, fated unions, and exhibitionism to the character of the UN.

Sep 16, 2013

Sept 19, 2013: a Harvest Moon, then Autumn Equinox 2013 (horoscope)

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox September 22, 2013 set for the White House

by Jude Cowell

Soon after the September 19, 2013 *Full Moon @26Pis40 (2013's Harvest Moon), the Summer season officially morphs into Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Below is an image of Autumn Equinox 2013 set for the White House as the symbolic representation of America. The Hour is Mercurial and the phase is Full Moon (+221:53) in the primarily Fixed-Air chart with Cadent houses emphasized and a splay chart pattern indicating a 'strong, sharp aggregation of planets at irregular points and a rugged resistance to being pigeon-holed by associates' mindset (Jones):

Visualizing the planets (actors) as the spokes of a wheel is one way of looking at a splay patterned chart with its focus on individuality and on those with intense personalities who refuse to be limited and tend to be impersonal or globally-minded. (Ex: the opportunistic Henry VIII and his 'political expediency' marriage issues.)

Mercury Hours are good for such things that speedy Mercury the Orator, Trader, and Negotiator love such as communications, travel, transport, planning, speech writing, and how we think--here, Mercury in balanced yet warring Libra in 8th house of Finance and Shared Resources points toward the return of the debt ceiling brouhaha and other financial concerns and stalemates which are to be enjoined again between the White House and Congress this Fall as our fiscal year ends on October 1st.

Will Republican Tea Partiers force America to default on her debts to make a dumb point that Obamacare--already a law--should be 'de-funded'? De-funding, if it happened, wouldn't change the fact that it's settled law no matter how many times tone-deaf partisans neurotically bash their heads against brick walls out of fear that the program will become popular once people experience its provisions in action!

Meanwhile, in the 2nd house of our National Treasury, we find anarchist Uranus in Aries ('Utopians and fanatics' -Ebertin) Rx at '11 Aries' ("The President of the Country" -Jones.) More emphasis is placed upon the current administration by the 2nd house ruler and co-ruler, Jupiter and Neptune, who in Aquarius met three times in Great Conjunction all through 2009, the year President Obama took office--and thus imprinted his administration with their bubbly, inflationary, over-promising, and wastrel vibes. The NYSE with its natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is indicated.

To personalize matters for the US, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction/s took place atop US natal Moon (We the People) which showed there was little sense of reality in our financial system and in the propaganda campaign meant to sway the public that steps were being taken to 'fix' Main Street after the Crash of 2008 when in fact most if not all fiscal reforms were done for Wall Street's benefit. Now in 2013, big banks are larger with their fat bubbly selves and some people are foretelling another crash which may finish us off.

The September 22, 2013 chart is ruled by Saturn and co-ruled Uranus Rx--well, at least Saturn is direct, right? And is in 9th house of Foreign Lands along with the North Node which was recently conjoined with Saturn denoting problem-filled relationships, disadvantages through others, and/or teamwork that steadily becomes more difficult as time goes by.

And of course, mundane Saturn these days signifies austerians, lawmakers, law repealers, managers, and status quo types--and Republicans since they're playing 'bad cop' at this time (deficits always decrease under Democratic presidents, as you know, but wildly inflate under Republicans ones leaving Democrats little to work with in the 'widening income gap' situation of inequality. This ploy has slowed the US economic recovery and worked well against President Obama, hasn't it? Yet I continue to think of the 'Rs and Ds' as factions of a ruling class with different ways of doing things more than two separate political parties.)

As you see, Venus in Scorpio is also posited in 9th house and has strong powers of attraction though jealousy, waste, and self-control v licentiousness may be concerns via Scorpio and its rulers Mars and Pluto. Venus rules the EQ 2013 Moon in 3rd house @11Tau53 and opposes Luna (1A25) denoting challenges for those who try too hard to convince others of their sincerity. (Never trust a man who says Trust Me, my mama was fond of saying.)

Misunderstandings abound as the public (Moon) gives and/or gets only suspicion and defensive posturing when attempting to cooperate with intense Venus in Scorpio, but that door swings both ways. The Moon-Venus duo has expensive tastes, so some careful belt-tightening continues to be advisable, worrying less is a good practice, and reserving our private details for those we know best is wise--to the extent that government, spies, corporations, and hackers allow us to protect our personal information from prying eyes.

Venusian diplomacy of a foreign nature is also indicated by the Moon-Venus opposition and Venus rules the 3rd house of Communications through money sign Taurus but her influence is ensnared via interception in the 8th house of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Insurance, Death, Transformation, etc. Foreign diplomacy involving Syria, Russia, the US, the UN, and others is denoted by this combo of energies and house rulings.

Since more war may be on the global menu this season, a look at testosterone driven Mars @16Leo14 in the 11th house of Groups and Associations is in order. 7th house Partnerships and Open Enemies are areas of Martian interest with disruptive Uranus therein; Mars is disposited by the ego-driven Sun, ruler of Leo. Diplomatic Venus, though ruled here in part by Mars via Scorpio, squares Mars (2A56) which shows blockages and obstacles to or within their teamwork efforts along with male-female issues in general. Warrior Mars also squares the Moon, an indicator that some people are fearful of being taken advantage of whenever compromise is needed--even though imagined threats may never materialize.

Military mobilization may be indicated as well along with anger (Mars) of the people (Moon.) In all cases, things are touchy and feelings are overly sensitive especially if we take the Moon-Venus opposition and Mars opposite the Ascendant to be a Fixed Grand Cross with the energy expressing at the WHAT? Point of the chart (ASC). It may be a bit of stretch but Saturn @9Sco09 could be included in the dynamic square pattern which hopefully adds some measure of self-control to volatile conditions especially since the Mars-Uranus trine has passed (5S16).

Autumn Equinox 2013 (aka, Libra Ingress 2013)

At 4:44:09 pm edt on Sunday September 22, when the Sun 'clocks in' at 00Lib:00:00, the Ascendant = 8AQ00 in Washington with the plutocrats' oppressive, exploitative Pluto-Chiron midpoint rising @9AQ46; chart-rulers Saturn and Uranus together indicate brittleness, old vs new (status quo v progress), and the ancient conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. Yes, global plutocrats are as usual attempting to control the 'powder keg' that they've already aroused through decades of exploitation and bossiness.

12th cusp = 11Cap33 so Saturn also rules the unconscious house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions such as hospitals and zoos. It's what once was called the 'smokey back rooms' where politicians make secret deals and here we have sneaky Pluto barely into 11th house from 12th so more plans for toppling governments--and politicians--may soon be revealed. Now there are those who think Russia's current 'diplomatic proposal' for Syria's Assad to hand over his chemical weapons to the UN may divert US bomb strikes in that nation but I see the Political Theater now being performed as stalling tactics--for the weapons to be moved to other locations, yes--but also as part of the Global Government operatives' implementation of the agenda since doing things in a halting fashion works even better than direct force which could result in worldwide blow back and more delay. As in all things, timing is important and it seems the West's take-over of Syria is merely on-hold for now.

In addition, these thorny issues are deepened by an inconjunct of adjustment (150 degrees; 1A48) between authoritarian Saturn in 9th house and disruptive Uranus Rx in 2nd house which may include concerns over US billions sent to foreign countries to do who-knows-what--payoffs, bribes, and weapons purchases, among other things one can imagine. This inconjunct (or, quincunx) denotes that priorities are difficult to establish or are incorrectly acted upon, obligations may be neglected, and a 'locked in the past' attitude may be noticed as Saturnians try desperately to hold onto controls of the past...which cannot be done.

With this Saturn, Republicans with their nonsensical, undermining notions of secession and nullification easily come to mind, and cantankerousness and stress within relationships and partnerships are evident. (Again, the Republican Party and Tea Partisans rear their ugly heads as I type and the destruction of America on behalf of a 'new world order' seems to be their sorry goal. Not that others aren't enabling the agenda...)

Uranus Square Pluto...Again (until 2015)

There are no other major applying aspects by chart-ruler Saturn in the Autumn EQ 2013 horoscope but there is the ongoing applying square between co-ruler Uranus and powerful, wealthy Pluto @8Cap59. Plus, Pluto remains in opposition to America's natal planets in Cancer (Venus, Jupiter, and Sun) so the stand-off continues as Mr. Underworld expects much fortune to accrue to him and his plutocratic minions. And so far, he and the Vatican Bank have been correct in that presumption. (As you know, astrological Pluto can represent 'The Pope', hidden or invisible power, riches squirreled away in hidden places, plus, assassins and rapists.)

Rising in 1st house we see nebulous Neptune of The Media and The Masses--a master of propaganda and lies and already mentioned above concerning 2009's Great Conjunction/s with money planet Jupiter while Jupiter (The General) is in preparatory stage in Cadent 6th house of Military and Police Services, Work, and Health. The inflationary pair of planets are now sesqui-square one another (0A54) from 1st h to 6th h. This aspect is one of interlaced squares, layers of complexity which may culminate in an intense release of energies that can have positive or negative results. The promotion of constructive and/or conflicting ideas is indicated. (Meyer.)

Well, that's my view of the Autumn EQ 2013 horoscope when set for Washington DC. Below is a brief consideration of this Thursday's Full Harvest Moon with Luna's Sabian Symbol for '27Pisces' being appropriately, "A Harvest Moon"...keyword is BENEDICTION (Jones):

*In Washington DC the September 19, 2013 Full (Harvest) Moon @26Pis40 falls into 6th house of Military and Police Services, Work, Health, and Daily Routines (Desc 29Pis45) and the Sun @29Vir40 rises. In Mundane Astrology, a Mutable Pisces Moon (fluctuating; changeable; possibly unstable) indicates that We the People are impressionable and trending toward confusion mixed with compassion. Tears may flow and perhaps many of us are feeling victimized (Virgo-Pisces polarity = victim-savior axis) by self-interested politicians and even worse by poorly constructed and/or corporately written legislation (ALEC comes to mind--see The Nation's ALEC Exposed: The Koch Connection.)

A forceful Thor's Hammer pattern is prominent with Mercury @16Lib02 rising and squaring a 10th house Jupiter @16Can53; this square is the base of the Hammer which is aimed at gaseous Neptune @3Pis20 Rx in 5th house but conjunct the 6th cusp (3Pis22). A midpoint picture is formed denoting potentials for successful deception and/or speculation, 'losing the ground underfoot' while speaking, trusting in good fortune, bamboozling or scamming others--or, being well inspired. (Ebertin.)

Transit Saturn @8Sco48 in the 2nd house of the National Treasury (and conjunct NN 8Sco20) along with evaluating Venus @9Sco26, conjoins President Obama's natal Neptune, the 'grim face of reality' and/or 'dream come true' transit. With either outcome, the star of the American people is hitched to the president's boat.

Sep 6, 2013

Both Putin and Obama born with Gemini Moons (conjunct!)

A brief look at Putin's and Obama's natal Sun-Moon Blends

by Jude Cowell

With the recent contact between Presidents Obama and Putin at the G-20 Summit in Russia, and considering their alleged chilly relationship, a consideration of their natal elements may be useful. As you see from the title of this post, both men have natal Moons in early Gemini (part of the 'nuclear axis' of degrees) so they share a reigning need (Tyl) for communication, travel, adventure, and the gathering of information and knowledge (which, with world leaders, leads to spying.)

If you're interested, Vladimir Putin's bio and natal chart may be found here though his birth data has a C Rodden Rating for 'accuracy in question'. And here's the same sort of information on President Obama, Rodden Rating AA.

Vladdie Putin a Double Air Personality

Data: October 7, 1952 9:30 am MSK St. Petersburg, Russian Federation: Sun 13Lib56, Moon 2Gem55, ASC 3Sco10, Mercury 23Lib10, Venus 11Sco42, Mars 26Sag31, Jupiter Rx 19Tau44, Saturn 17Lib27, Uranus 18Can23, Neptune 21Lib09, Pluto 22Leo43, Chiron 7Cap05, NN 18AQ37, MC 21Leo12, with power-mad Pluto at Midheaven (The Goal Point.)

The double Air combo of Sun Lib-Moon Gem denotes intelligence and clearheadedness, a natural communicator and thinker who loves to build political, philosophical, and social schemes in his head. Urbane and polite, Mr. Putin tends to take a step back to gain a broader view. He observes and questions and his cool demeanor can anger some, impress others. Emotional immaturity may be noted along with a detached air that seems overly cold and unfeeling to others especially those who have more impassioned personalities.

(His neglect of his own sailors stuck undersea in a Russian submarine a few years ago comes to mind--Putin declined to interrupt his vacation to deal with the tragedy and thus their fates were sealed. Also the hideous plutonium poisoning in 2006 of Soviet spy Alexander Litvinenko, who blamed Putin for his death, comes to mind, along with many political murders and other crimes in Putin's Russia.)

So President Putin's double Air blend makes him a real challenge in relationships as he weaves clever arguments that are difficult to unravel and one must be careful in conversation with him. A good balance for his Air is someone with a lot of Earth in them for both elements approach life from a pragmatic mindset.

Meanwhile, the 'live wire' Sun-Moon blend of President Obama and Sun and Uranus in creative, passionate Leo (Fire), his personality may fascinate people-watcher Putin on some level but it's Mr. Obama's natal Saturn strong and responsible in its own sign of earthy Capricorn that can add practicality and success to their team work--especially since their relationship obstacles include the cosmic condition of Putin relating as a stubborn, possessive Taurus (his Jupiter sign) and our guy, with Jupiter in the sign of the Water Bearer (Taurus squares AQ), relating to others as a cool, elegant Aquarius!

Data used for Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jul 17, 2013

July 17, 2013: asteroid America in Capricorn today

Asteroid America, Obama's Plutonian Power, and the US Senate

by Jude Cowell

Today, July 17, 2013, the US Senate convened at 9:30 am edt, an Hour of Saturn, with 6Vir40 rising and thus bringing up the natal Pluto of President Obama. The ongoing Water Grand Trine between the two societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, with Neptune of The Masses has been contacting the president's 7th house Pluto, planet of power, manipulation, surveillance, and the unconscious.

Sextiles from Jupiter and Saturn have provided him with valuable opportunities for understanding how skills may be utilized and solutions found, yet with Neptune @4Pis57 Rx (today) opposing Mr. Obama's natal Pluto, a condition is in play via dissolving Neptune in which unseen forces or entities erode natal Pluto's power and control. Subtle or possibly deceit-filled manipulations are afoot!

Today these planetary conditions arose at 9:30 am edt in Washington DC with President Obama's natal Moon (3Gem21) at Midheaven! Moon = reigning need (Tyl) and MC = The Goal so we may expect that something the president desperately wants is at the top of the Senate agenda for July 17, 2013, and/or perhaps the president's powerful partnerships (natal Pluto in natal 7th house) will somehow receive attention on Capitol Hill, secretly or otherwise.

Convening during a Saturn Hour is perfect for our 'most deliberative body' and is also conducive to the hard work Saturn demands. Recent compromises in the Senate on nominee blocks, filibuster reform, and an immigration bill are promising but not too promising that the US Senate may be in process of getting its deliberative mojo back. Yet with Mercury Rx until July 20 and conjunct US natal Sun, activist Mars @2Can42 and out-of-bounds (off on his own and up to who-knows-what), and today's unaspected Sun (isolation--note that the president has kept a low profile since returning from Africa), a wait-and-see attitude is better than getting or hopes up too soon.

What's Up with Asteroid America?

Discovered during WWI on August 7, 1915 in Simeis, Crimea, USSR by G. Neujmin, asteroid America (#916) obviously signifies our nation in Mundane Astrology work though its archetype actually represents the entire Western Hemisphere. Named for explorer-cartotographer Amerigo Vespucci, its glyph is a pyramid with an eye inside which is said to have been taken from America's Great Seal image of same (Eye of Providence--or, eye of Horus in a floating capstone) by the excellent Al Morrison.

A search for America in the Serennu ephemeris shows that today, America is @18Cap36 Rx, a degree which spotlights 1993's three conjunctions of Illuminati-Enlightenment planets, Uranus and Neptune ('18Cap' = "POLITICAL POWER"). And there's a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming up in early November 2013 which contains influences of this insightful planetary duo and it will be discussed here and elsewhere in the coming weeks.

So where was asteroid America on July 4, 1776? At 27Lib26--trine US natal Moon in late Aquarius, and square US natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33, which imho, denotes We the People's opportunity for a new nation, a sovereign America, and powerful Pluto's control and manipulation of the US government via blocking tactics (square) from abroad (1776 Pluto out-of-bounds from the rest of America's natal planets---in a word, London.)

Now if only I could figure out why our nation is called 'America' and not 'Amerigo'!