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Jun 18, 2010

Sun Gem-Moon Vir 6.18.10: JFK and Paul Gaugin

Arearea by Paul Gaugin is one of the Images for Integration given by Charles and Suzy Harvey in their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign for the combo of Sun Gemini-Moon Virgo.

The other Images (word pictures) for Sun Gem-Moon Vir are:

A specialist in nervous diseases gives a lecture in aid of local charities...An art critic gives a brilliant master class.

Today, June 18, 2010, the Sun is in Gemini, while Luna traverses Virgo, an Air-Earth blend with both luminaries ruled by Mercury. This is the natal Sun-Moon blend of John F. Kennedy whose vision inspired him to say, "If we cannot now end our differences, at least we help make the world safe for diversity."

'Helping' sounded rather good at the time yet how many Washington politicians took it seriously then or take it seriously now? In Washington DC, differences are played up for political purposes while the fallacy of making the world 'safe' (for diversity or for democracy) by waging war naturally rankles pacifists such as myself, and I suspect that even hardened warmongers might have a different view of things such as the devilishly named 'collateral damage' if it were their families being bombed to smithereens.

Or would have a different view if they had to suffer the kind of treatment they imperialistically level at other nations which are made up of families.

So! Click the Gaugin link above to see more of his wonderful paintings, read a bit of his bio, and remember today's Sun Gem-Moon Virgo blend, which is shared natally by a politician and a painter: JFK and Paul Gaugin.

Interesting that they both are famous for 'hanging out' in the South Pacific - one created a book and a political career from his experiences, the other created gorgeous paintings of lasting beauty and value!


John F. Kennedy May 29, 1917 3:00 pm est, Brookline, MA; Paul Gaugin June 7, 1848 hour unknown, Paris France; Arearea image from

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