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Aug 3, 2010

Steamed over Chelsea's $11,000 wedding cake?

If you're steamed over Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky's extravagant, multi-million-dollar wedding last Saturday, your blood pressure won't likely simmer down from reading an article on the topic by Paul Craig Roberts, I assure you.

Oprah was in attendance and she could have bankrolled the Secret Service protection which American taxpayers paid for to keep the wedding guests safe and snug (from us, one supposes.) Therefore, we taxpayers should each have a slice of Chelsea's wedding cake tucked in our freezers, at the least!

Plus, Mr. Roberts asks some interesting questions in his article concerning the exorbitant incomes of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and others. And notice that George Bush's compadre in war, Tony Blair, was invited to the uppercrust wedding at the Astor mansion.

This hints at what I fuss about here all the time: could it be that they're all in this together against we-the-people (and all other people)? And the sight of Bill and Poppy Bush traveling around collecting millions in disaster relief donations from the likes of you and me?


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