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Mar 18, 2018

Two Faces to Every Coin, Two Sides to Every Issue, Two Choices on Every Path - Max Igan

March 17, 2018: Max Igan episode 327 via American Voice Radio in which Max reminds us that World War III started years ago and it's the power elite vs The People. Also discussed: crypto-currencies, social crediting, and the cashless control grid:

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Feb 18, 2017

A Stars Over Washington Guest Post: Divide and Conquer - The Illuminati Agenda

February 18, 2017: Today I am pleased to present a Guest Post by young astrologer, Kevin Estes writing on what may be a topic familiar to readers of Stars Over Washington. The implementation of a global 'big picture' agenda via the undermining of traditional institutions has come into clearer focus in 2017 and in his post Kevin, author of Left Wing Astrology, covers the generational aspects of current societal conditions as well as several issues now in the news and on the to-do lists of State legislative assemblies across the country. Oh! And then there's the Illuminati mavens of Capitol Hill, the Deep State, the Supreme Court, and that unknown quantity, Mr. Trump.

Kevin sees the power elite now in panic mode. Read on...

Divide and Conquer - The Illuminati Agenda

by Kevin Estes

Pro choice vs. Pro life. Traditional marriage vs. Gay marriage. Christian vs. Muslim. Evolution vs. Creationism. Flat Earth vs. Hollow Earth. Liberal vs. Conservative. White vs. Minority. Baby Boomers vs. Generation X vs. Millennials. Rich vs. Poor. Capitalism vs. Socialism.

What do all these things have in common? They're all methods of division. The elites (the Illuminati/Bilderberg Group) use these divisive tactics in order to get us at each other's throats in order to distract us from the REAL enemy: Them. The Illuminati control pretty much every aspect of society...the financial system, the political system, the education system, religion, the entertainment industry, the media, etc. This can easily be seen by the symbolism in these companies' logos and in the hand symbolism given by major politicians, religious leaders, and celebrities.

More people are awakening to this every day because of one big astrological transit: Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto went into Capricorn in January 2008, around the time the Great Recession hit, and as a result people shifted their focus from the war on terror to how their elected officials are owned by big corporations, and how the middle class has been disappearing while the fortunes of the likes of the Koch Brothers, the Walton family, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and George Soros, to name a few, have become ridiculously large. Pluto is still in Capricorn and will be until 2024, when Pluto will enter Aquarius for good. Because of people doing their research and finding out how the system is really run, the elites, ever desperate in their attempt to create a New World Order, have panicked.

And the divisive tactics listed at the top have been pushed very hard as a result. When the people were unaware of the reality, even as recently as before the recession, these tactics didn't need to be implemented, because the elites didn't feel threatened. Now that the people are aware that their elected officials are not on their side (for the most part), the elites are pushing these division methods hard in order to keep us from uniting against the real enemy.

In my blog, it's proven that political viewpoints are innate in your birth chart and even show in your appearance and how you carry yourself. Cultural/social conservatives have strong Moon/4th house/Cancer aspects with the North Node, fiscal conservatives have strong Venus/2nd house/Taurus aspects with the North Node, and liberals have strong Venus and Moon aspects with Neptune, Pisces, the 12th house, and the South Node, and thus cannot be changed. This is why arguing with somebody who has a different political viewpoint will accomplish nothing, and why liberal college professors indoctrinating students usually always results in conservative students "biting their tongue," which makes it a complete waste of time and energy.

It's even more well known that generational characteristics are a result of people's Pluto and Neptune placements (which is why people tend to get along with and understand their peers very well, as they all have the same Pluto and Neptune impulses). Today's teenagers are freedom oriented and eccentric because they have Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius; today's young adults are heavily tattooed and can come off as entitled because they have Pluto in Scorpio and Neptune in Capricorn; people in their 30s and early 40s are very social and deeply value justice, fairness, and truth because they have Pluto in Libra and Neptune in Sagittarius. People in their late 40s and 50s are completely focused on their jobs and have a strong interest in mysteries and the occult because they have Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio; people in their 60s and early 70s are very individualistic and love being the center of attention, yet value a fair and harmonious society because they have Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra; people in their late 70s, 80s, 90s, and even over 100 years old have strong family values and are very patriotic because they have Pluto in Cancer, etc.

Do the elites know this? Yes. That is why they push these tactics in the first place, because they know that there's no chance that these political and generational differences will ever be settled because they're astrological complexes, and because the majority don't know anything about astrology other than their Sun sign, they won't ever know the truth behind why they think the way they do. There's a reason why the media doesn't push astrology hard, and why religions call it "the work of the devil". Because it gives answers to everything that isn't related to free will, which plays out in ways such as the food you eat, the clothes you wear, when you go to bed, etc., but not political viewpoints and generational values. And if political ideologies are astrological complexes, why does the Illuminati have members from both sides in it? Because they fund both sides, in order to give the impression that the people have a voice and that both the main parties have a different agenda (the Democratic and Republican parties support the Illuminati agenda, hence why they get all the media coverage and the other parties don't).

Donald Trump being an "anti establishment" candidate is a big part of this as a response to people being in on their agenda, though numerous photos of him throwing up Illuminati signs were online prior to that, and shortly after taking office he signed the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline bills, which will enrich oil companies. And while a lot (if not most) of the politicians really do have the viewpoints they express, as shown in their charts, they will follow the Illuminati agenda in order to enrich themselves and their families, and this is strongly hinted at with "aggressive Pallas" placements. These people are more prone to compromising their morals in order for power and/or wealth. If knowledge of how the asteroid Pallas effects ethics and morals (Pallas and/or its ruler with Sun, Mercury, and the North Node are indicators of a strong moral compass, while hard aspects to Jupiter (opposition, square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate, semi-sextile, semi-square, squine, quindecile) and any aspects to Pluto and the South Node are indicators of a weak ethical nature) is well known, we wouldn't be continually electing politicians who put themselves and the elites who give them wealth and power over the people who elect them time and time again.

So, what is the message? We need to put our differences aside, wake up, and unite against the ruling elite, for they and their greed are the real reason for the state of the world and why the US is so divided today, not the Bush and Trump loving conservatives or the Obama and Clinton loving liberals, as both sides are being heavily manipulated into being at an ideological war with each other that neither side has a chance of winning, because neither side can help it as their views are astrological impulses, yet they have no idea that that is the case. The sooner we know that our political and generational differences are a result of our astrological makeup, the better off we'll be, as we'll be more understanding of each other and not see either side as "right" or "wrong".

References for how to detect Illuminati symbolism to help you go more in depth as to the nature of their agenda:

Illuminati Symbols

Thanks, Kevin! As a 'Flower Power generation' astrologer, it's great to know you're on the case and to read your insights into the current socio-political condition of society, ailing as it is. My hope is that readers will visit your blog and consider their own innate political viewpoints and generational differences and that We the People will realize that our enormous power as a whole is much mightier than the smaller number of decrepit 'power elites' who exploit society and plunder what should be our collective resources. Jude

Jun 29, 2016

Elites Openly Calling to Rise Up Against the Masses - video report

Did anyone think the Brexit Vote of June 23rd and other mass movements toward national sovereignty would go unanswered by the win-at-any-cost gaggle of power elites?

Here's the video link in case the video is removed from SO'W.

And be sure to check out WeAreChange on Facebook. In fact, with my preference for American sovereignty, I'll meet you there!

Related posts include: Horoscopes: European Union with Brexit Vote Planets and here's progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann's recent segment What the "Experts" Got Wrong about Brexit.

Mar 3, 2016

The Battle of the Billionaires: Who would win? Romney vs Trump? - video

This isn't the first presidential dance that Mitt and Donald have performed for us!

For more reports visit Thom Hartmann for progressive news, political commentaries, interesting interviews, and other features.

Jun 8, 2015

June 8, 2015 The President Speaks at G7 Summit in Germany

#G7 #SchlossElmau #Germany #PresidentObama #powerelite #solutions

A Power Elite Masquerade

It is my considered opinion that if "world leaders" and their wealthy enablers would stop ruining most of what they touch, meddling in other people's business, undermining governmental systems and economies, embezzling whatever they can grasp, and creating problems where few existed before--while pretending to help--then not one of them would have nearly as many "solutions" to find. jc

Jun 3, 2015

Astrology and the G7 Summit June 7 and 8, 2015 Schloss Elmau, Gemany

June 2015: Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Japan, the US, Canada, and the European Commission Hunker Down

Details concerning the June 7 & 8, 2015 G7 Summit in Germany are available for the curious. Included are this year's motto ("Think Ahead. Act Together"), key topics, and what this year's symbols stand for though obviously symbols can represent a variety of levels of reality, all tucked neatly beneath their outer meanings. Let's consider this year's crop of 3 symbols mentioned on the website, above:

1. A mountain. Said to be chosen because of the G7 2015 venue in the Alpine location of Schloss Elmau, Germany in Upper Bavaria. (Note that Adam Weishaupt set up the May 1, 1776 Illuminati society--in Bavaria.)

A mountain symbolizes a pyramid and it's no stretch with these 'power elites' to assume that that would be a pyramid of power. The concept of a mountain pilgrimage also comes to mind and what a centuries-long pilgrimage it's been for generations of bossy power grabbers determined to march the world toward Global Government. Simultaneously they manage to squish all the fun out of life for those who get in their way with more mayhem in store if that's what the establishment of a new order takes " consent or by conquest," a new world order freak once threatened.

2. Seven lines. On the face of it, these allegedly symbolize for the 2015 Summit (another mountain reference!) the '7 routes that lead toward a common goal'--the pinnacle, one presumes. Note the emphasis on the number '7' as in, "The Light of the Sixth Race Transmuted to the Seventh" in the Sabian Symbols. Many people recognize that it's late days for their global agenda and the ideas of a change and a turning point have been felt by you and me but have also continually promoted by the media and others as the New Millennium has careened along with higher (lower!) levels of primal violence, depopulation, and greed used a tactics against decent people. "Hope and Change" was a mighty handy if tiresomely deceptive campaign slogan, wasn't it?

Noting also that the 2015 begins on the 7th, perhaps you know that 7 is the number of the Universe as well as being found in the Bible (seven times seven), in Hebrew and Greek cultures, and in other places and systems such as references to the Japanese concept of the Seven Lucky Gods. Perhaps the summit attendees from Japan can share how lucky the seven of them feel to be 'in charge' while busily climbing the pyramid of power which also has the distinction of being a symbol for the original satanic corporation, the Tower of Babel.

Plus, who can forget the 7 days of the week, the 7 known planets prior to the discovery of Uranus, or the 7 weeping sisters of the Pleiades constellation with its difficult stars such as Alcyone? (You may remember that Alcyone was eclipsed in May 2012.)

3. Colors. The colors of the 2015 summit are said to 'reflect the countryside of the Wetterstein mountain range and the architecture of Schloss Elmau'. Since color symbolism depends on particular cultures and since I know little of German culture or know what colors Angela Merkel prefers, I'll let you figure out what the G7 2015 colors portend.

Thing is, since Germany plays the role of G7 president this year, Merkel fronts for their stated (and hidden) goals which include "the upcoming UN conferences on international climate protection and the post-2015 agenda" and naturally the global economy is said to be a target, too.

Astrology Notes: Sun in Traveling Gemini and Moon in Two Signs

Now astrologically there are many hints and clues to be found nestled within the horoscopes of June 7 - 8, 2015 in Scloss Elmau, Germany. What I tend to do with summits and other group endeavors is to set up at least two horoscopes for the beginning and ending dates--the first for 12:00 am local time, the second for 11:59 pm even though the events probably wind up earlier and begin later in the day or the morning. This covers the Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious) degree positions and naturally provides the signs and any sign changes which may occur. Midpoint pictures, aspects, planetary significators, rulers, and other factors of course apply but I prefer not to type it all out in a blog due to my theory that no reader has patience or the interest in reading what would amount to a small book.

There's Venus Again

Yet for this summit I shall mention a few general chart factors such as the secretive meeting's beginning lunar phase of Dissemination (+234:01; spreading information) and the fact that 12:00 am on June 7 is an Hour of Mars @17Gem59. Instigator Mars is out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and thus isolated from the rest of the actors (planets.) This degree conjures images of the June 2004 G-20 Summit on Sea Island, Georgia USA which was brazenly held precisely during the last (current) Transit of Venus (17Gemini), then the second Transit in 2012. Now many folks hoped the Transits would herald an increase of feminine leaders in top positions (such as Hillary for US president 2012) but with my usual Capricorn-tinted lenses, I had to lean toward an increase of paternalism (militarism, aggression, police state on the rise, GOP 'war on women', etc.) Of course, Angela Merkel leads the G-7 this year and as noted, Hillary still wants to be #POTUS -- both are females, yes, but rather Martian ones, imho. Neocons in skirts are not really an improvement toward the common good though you may disagree.

So the G7 Summit 2015 begins with Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius. This is a Double Air combo of The Thinker who handles people with great insight and skill while weaving clever arguments. Detached and observant, such actors are under the faulty impression that complete objectivity is possible (the arch-objectivist Ayn Rand comes to mind with her frosty survival of the fittest selfishness, and the world certainly seems to be bedeviled by such depopulating speculators, brigands, and cheats who pretend to govern while breaching the public trust at every turn. Guess this summit is a meeting of the cream of the crop.

As for America, transit Pluto in mid-Capricorn remains within orb of its ongoing opposition to US natal Sun (POTUS), challenging the power of his office. Plus, US Sun happens to conjoin goddess star, Sirius, which implicates ancient secret societies and hints of the paternal-maternal blending of energies ('war on women' or worship of women as Madonna-esque child-bearers vs whorish sex symbols), and now in 2015 we see on a major magazine cover another sex-related issue of transgenderism more clearly than we could guess in 2004. After all, polarities must become one eventually--and no genders will be necessary in heaven.

Moral Deformity Behind Closed Doors?

Now the June 7th Sun @16Gemini has a Sabian Symbol of note: "A Woman Agitator Makes an Impassioned Plea to a Crowd"...Angela? Is that you? Curiously, the latest possible degree and symbol within our time frame is 18Gemini: "Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese," a symbol relating to those having "specialized objectives" and a sense of exclusiveness (Jones.) And yes, a need for more isolation turns up in the two horoscopes along with "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" (Saturn @1Sag), Corporatism and The Syndicate (Cupido conjunct Venus in early Leo conjunct President Obama's natal Mercury), "dreams about agricultural policies" (Agenda 21? engineered famines? chemical and GMO contamination of food supplies? the latest Moon position reaches US natal Ceres which conjoins our nation's Pluto-Chiron midpoint of Plutocracy, oppression, and exploitation), fortunate decisions, manipulation viafalse flag ops, feverish haste toward realizing goals, the use of religion as a tactic or diversion, vacillation and quick tempers, the illusion that they are free of all traditions and societal conventions, and "delusions about popular support for current policies" once the Moon nears deceptive Neptune in Pisces and the luxurious spa empties of its pampered patrons.

With the Moon leaving Aquarius and floating into Pisces during the summit, we note that a Sun Aquarius-Moon Pisces blend is a more emotional Air-Water mix of energies which gives the attendees a sea-change toward communication, dreaminess, and cunning. Journalism is spotlighted as summit intentions and goings-on are touted as being quite different than they actually are--and much of the world mistrusts these jokers. This is a chameleon blend that 'blows with the wind' and may be truth-challenged as shown in a famous quote by an English writer who was born under the Sun AQ-Moon Pisces combination, Arnold Bennett, so let's close with a few of his words of wisdom spoken from experience which perfectly describe conditions in 2015:

"Journalists say a thing that they know is not true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true."

Agreed, in most cases. So if you hear of any results or policies issuing out of G-7 Summit 2015, get ready for flights of fancy, well-worn propaganda, and facile assurances of the good intentions of 'world leaders' who must meet in secret far away from the public's prying eyes in order to speak freely and make their draconian plans.


Recommended for more details: Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Mar 28, 2015

"Walking the Knife Edge" - Max Igan

#SurvivingtheMatrix #MaxIgan #worldhistory #Disinformation

This is a 15-minute excerpt from a recent Max Igan broadcast. Following up on the rest is recommended.

Update June 11, 2016 Note to Those Who Comment: it's very uncool for you to use my posts to underhandedly advertise your websites and/or services. I would never do such to your work, please don't do this to mine. Your efforts will be deleted if Google allows me to. jc

Dec 31, 2014

Video: "How The Elite Stay In Power" - A Message for The People of the World

A New Year's Message for The People in only 5 minutes 29 seconds...

My thanks and regards to Alexandra Bruce at Forbidden Knowledge TV for sending along a heads-up about this video! Jude

Jun 16, 2011

Robert Reich: What's Wrong with the Economy? (video)

Besides his clear explanation of What's Wrong with the Economy? given here in 2 minutes 15 seconds or so, I confess that this lifelong draw-er had no idea that Professor Reich could draw this well!

Apr 4, 2011

43 years ago: MLK Jr Assassination Horoscope Apr 4, 1968

To mark the 43rd anniversary today of the powers-behind-the-throne assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, here's a handy link to last year's remembrance which contains an image of the assassination chart of April 4, 1968.

Do you know the US government has never actually held a fully informed investigation of the politically motivated crime? Perhaps someone knew the culprits' names already.

If you're unfamiliar with or don't remember Dr. King's brilliant Beyond Vietnam speech delivered in New York exactly one year before his murder, it is highly recommended by this blogger.

In the speech, it's sad how current King's 1968 themes are for America circa 2011 and his prophetic words have unfortunately come to pass as the death-dealing US war machine rolls on under President Barack Obama's guiding hand which so recently sank America into the mire and misery of a third war.

Don't know about you, but I think the elite's perpetual war economy is working only for the war profiteers who engineer them and for the mercenaries and contractors they hire to do the dirty work.


Let's Not Fool Ourselves

To paraphrase Thom Hartmann, "There's no such thing as a safe level of radiation." But as part of a plan to kill off the weak, elderly, and infirm (and permanently scar the DNA of future generations), radiation is a very useful tool for a power elite so eager to march us into 2012. Mr. Hartmann has correctly called the massive amounts of radiation leaking into the sea around Japan, "ecocide."

And I'm still waiting to read the names of the earthquake-defying scoundrels who designed and built Japan's nuclear power plant on top of two fault lines. Wonder who first said, "I know - let's build them here!

Is the US infested with the Hegelian Dialectic?

In an attempt to make sense of the mess the US is in, the following article link is posted for your consideration with an excerpt:

The Hegelian Dialectic is designed to get us into a frenzied defense or offense of a particular idea or thesis. The natural outgrowth of the original idea is the opposite idea or anti-thesis, which will breed it’s own defense and offense. The predetermined answer of the Elite will be the synthesis of both sides of the conflict.

In America, the most familiar Hegelian Dialectic is the Republican and Democratic parties. On the right we have the Corporatist, Fascist, Republicans that are pro debt, pro war and pro corporation. On the left, we have the Socialist, Communist, Democrats that are pro tax, pro social issues and pro labor. Both of these two fight back and forth every year in a contrived scripted dramaknown as Washington politics. The synthesis, of these two seemingly opposite ideas, is this middle of the road “lesser of two evils” mess we have now. Read more....


Now there's a basic reason I've often mentioned on this blog Washington's Capitol Hill Theater - it's all theater, dahlink. They don't govern in Washington, they manipulate us while serving their corporate masters. And their illusory D v R-lib v con-blue v red script keeps we-the-people divided and conquered. So please stop following a political 'party' and follow OUR best interests - for someone needs to.

And yes, I heard that President Obama has announced his 2012 candidacy online which was to be expected. However, I don't care who plays the role of Mouthpiece-in-Chief, it's how cruelly they dissolve our republic and sovereignty, destroy our freedom documents, ignore our social contract between the generations, and further disenfranchise the American people - those things matters most to me.

How inconvenient the Tea Party must have seemed to them for a time! But they quickly recovered when the Koch Brothers and others took over what was originally a grassroots movement. Now, like 99% of Washington politicians, the Tea Party has become a tool of corporatism.

What are two of Corporatism's prime signatures in Mundane Astrology charts? The combo of Pluto/Chiron, and asteroid Cupido (The Family; The Syndicate.)

For further reading on such topics as Hegelian philosophy, here's a rabbit hole to follow which includes an image of the modern natal horoscope of the 'New World Order' because that's really the power elite's 'end game' which we're talking about here.

Aug 3, 2010

Steamed over Chelsea's $11,000 wedding cake?

If you're steamed over Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky's extravagant, multi-million-dollar wedding last Saturday, your blood pressure won't likely simmer down from reading an article on the topic by Paul Craig Roberts, I assure you.

Oprah was in attendance and she could have bankrolled the Secret Service protection which American taxpayers paid for to keep the wedding guests safe and snug (from us, one supposes.) Therefore, we taxpayers should each have a slice of Chelsea's wedding cake tucked in our freezers, at the least!

Plus, Mr. Roberts asks some interesting questions in his article concerning the exorbitant incomes of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and others. And notice that George Bush's compadre in war, Tony Blair, was invited to the uppercrust wedding at the Astor mansion.

This hints at what I fuss about here all the time: could it be that they're all in this together against we-the-people (and all other people)? And the sight of Bill and Poppy Bush traveling around collecting millions in disaster relief donations from the likes of you and me?


Oct 27, 2009

New World Order? Hush your mouth!

Since I never watch or hear Don Imus (not a fan), I don't know who the guy next to him is, but it's plain that they're trying to stop Bo Dietl from talking about the New World Order agenda which includes (it is said) voiding the US Constitution.

Yet I wish Mr. Dietl had skipped the subject of climate change here because it riles people up all by itself. Still it's almost amusing to witness Mr. Imus so obviously anxious to interfere with NWO talk by interupting his frequent guest, Mr. Dietl, and by tossing silly remarks to make 'fun' of a very serious subject.

As if mainstream media aren't in the pocket of the social engineers, the chaos-creators - those power elites who want us to think it's all malarkey only meant to be ridiculed by shills like Don Imus.

Oct 19, 2009

Fixing the World made fun

Fixing the World the Yes-Men way as these anti-corporate activists continue to rake the ruling class over the coals of ridicule while outing corporate greed and fraud - wish they'd rake faster! Well, now they have a movie.

Mar 19, 2009

Destructuring America

Here's Joe Brewer explaining How to Destroy the Government in 3 Easy Steps but with some good ideas for how we can rescue our nation.

It took years for America to come to this pass - purposefully done by a certain few, as I always grouse - and Brewer lays it out clearly for those who don't believe that there is a larger agenda being followed.

You, lone reader, may be someone who doesn't believe there's a one-world-government plan but you can't deny the events of the last several years - and the results we must now endure because of our past apathy toward the power elite's totalitarian designs which have been greatly 'upped' since the New Millennium.

So do you still want your MTV?

Dec 20, 2008

Astrology details of US automakers

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers await you along with very interesting astrological details of the US automakers who, in similar fashion to other industries and corporations in the US and elsewhere, are in process of diving out of their contractual agreements by breaking faith with past social responsibilities toward workers such as pensions and health care benefits. Suckas!

Add massive numbers of short-sighted lay-offs by the droves and you get the sense they're trying to fail so that a one-world global economic system may be pleaded for by us, the devastated pigeons: please sir, institute whatever reforms you think are necessary - but please protect my security.

Power elite notwithstanding, of course; class warfare not optional; security? an illusion.