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Aug 12, 2010

US economy to brink thanks to Fed, Wanted: armed and paranoid

Well, this beats all. (Watch this video, if you dare.)

It inspires me to repeat, Audit the Fed.

And Danny Schechter is right: we need jailouts for Wall Street, not bailouts.

That was the American taxpayers' money (what little of it wasn't mirage on paper) that they 'shipped off' to Europe and parts unknown after laundering the dirty parts through New York. Plunder and fraud. That's how The Octopus does b'ness. They are morally bankrupt. Their counterparts in Washington are no better - one passes the baton to the next and the good ole boys promote their brethren while protecting one another's sins so that no one's freedom of action is restricted when it's their turn to step over bounds and chip another chunk of principle from America's freedom documents.

Follow script. Push agenda. Above all.

Therefore, our elusive 'confidence' in the stock market and the US financial system will never be regained as long as all our henhouses are being left to the ravenous foxes. My secret suspicion is that there are certain sorts of things the power elite want - ex: for a certain segment or two of society to be armed and paranoid. They want a...clash. Everyone feels it in the air, compliments of the Cardinal T-Square and Grand Cross patterns forming with various planetary combinations of squares (obstacles; blockages) and oppositions (relationships; awareness) until about 2014.

Talk about arghh.

So what we have monkeying with our lives are these bossy robotic freaks, comporting themselves as the Big Boys' operatives - they play to win, you betcha. Members are recruited, usually through the education system so they catch them young, energetic, and hungry to make something of themselves, to get somewhere in the world. Talents are accessed and tested and recruits are used if doing so is profitable in some way...a variation on worldly ambition.

Perhaps I should say little more on the topic for now yet I should inform you that this is written for your entertainment. Or, consideration, if you wish.

Now please tell me: is this earth a habitat for humanity or is it not? Are we the planet's stewards or not? Since balances on many levels are changing, can we pull together (knowing that there's strength in numbers) rather than apart?

Will it be arms around the planet? Or fractured into non-existence?

Environmental degradation now occurs the globe over. Resource plundering has reached new highs (lows) perpetrated solely for the further profiting and market-cornering of industrialists and speculators who have plenty already. Refugees are being strong-armed and created each and every day, forced from their inherited lands to languish and roam; children are bullied into military and/or other types of cruel service.

Meanwhile, our Earth needs attention and balm. Most of mankind longs for a return to normalcy and kindness. If we can't take good care of our home and garden and make our base safer for our children's sakes, what else will matter when Earth's abundance is dried up and blown away?

So much to lose! And if we allow it to happen, we may all in turn become a...

Lonely Wanderer; image from my Secret Moon Art collection of Cosmic and Botanical drawings. For you. Thanks for listening.


Harriett Broughton said...

I'm sure you're familiar with HM Queen Elizabeth's comment to Paul Burrell, body guard for Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, "There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge."

There are powers at work everywhere of which hardly anybody has complete knowledge.

Yeah, it would be possible to audit the Fed but it wouldn't serve any purpose. Sometimes things at that high a level get so complicated that it's easier to let the stylist give you a shorter style than try to comb out all the tangles.

Jude Cowell said...

Agreed, 'wouldn't serve any purpose' to audit the Fed as they have things now - w/ no accountability and guilt never admitted - esp since they label it something else in court (as if to avert the world's eyes, and to limit their liability, of course.)

i've come to see the Sabian Symbols (18 - 19 Lib) for US Sec Mars Rx (2 Men Placed Under Arrest; A Gang of Robbers in Hiding) as describing conditions in this country on more levels that i first thought of - police state in the US, military to the borders, crowded prison system, gangsters of all stripes (sorry) running about the place, operatives within the population (such as during protests to stir up and foment things so storm troops may be used to shut down discontent and criticism), the Symbols themselves, of course, a weakened military and laid off police officers, furlough days for male workers, US psyches undergoing a turning inward, citizens vs citizens, etc.

And, Yes! it was Benjamin Disraeli who wrote cryptically in one of his novels, "For you see, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

Which is one of, if not the, primary reasons i started this blog almost 5 yrs ago. Thanks for noticing w/ your thoughtful comments, Parin! jc