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Sep 13, 2010

Congress returns, Moon enters Sagittarius 9.13.10

Today the US Congress returns to Capitol Hill after the August break for a 4-week session and with many items to address which include the thorny question of whether to extend the Bush tax cuts or not, and for the middle class or the rich.

You may wish to check out the issues and the status of existing legislation at
Open Congress.

Meanwhile, overhead, Sun remains in earthy Virgo today while the Moon floats into fiery Sagittarius, passing the gate of '1Sag' with its Sabian Symbol that has become the modus operandi of Washington politics: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire."

Sun Virgo-Moon Sagittarius is the facts vs figures combo of energies and relates, not just to today, but to this short session of Congress. Intellectual enthusiasm is its keynote with a restless yet controlled sensibility. This is the urbane thinker and communicator blend with an inquiring mind, strong sense of duty, quick wit, and a moralistic streak.

A few members may climb onto their philosophical high horses but the Virgoan side will bring things down to earth. Preconceived ideas influence and may set someone up for disappointment even as their sentimental ideals struggle for inclusion in the proceedings.

Perhaps the traditionally cited 'trickle down' economics of enriching the wealthy, though often disproven, will be used this session (though not actively mentioned) in the battle for extension of tax cuts for the rich. Not extending them is said to be a 'jobs killer' yet who doesn't know that it's the middle class who, given extended tax cuts, would actually return the money directly into the economy? Duh!

Sun Vir-Moon Sag tends to expect 'reasonable' answers for human suffering; its lack of empathy for, and a judgmental attitude toward, those who appear to live without guiding ideals may become evident and may qualify as the 'all through your life you made choices' coldness that pretends to jettison the 'am I my brother's keeper?' argument of old - still and always with us - with a moral certitude predominating. That's some high horse they have there since it's against biblical principles (at least in my Bible. Not sure which version some of them use to justify their coldness toward their fellow citizens while bombing women and children. Are you?)

This Sun-Moon blend is shared natally by a few entertainers and one politician's wife that I know of, therefore, it may be assumed that the Capitol Hill Theater is in session, dahlink!

Arthur Godfrey, Maurice Chevalier, Mary Shelley, and Hank Williams entertain us while Margaret Trudeau, wife of former Canadian prime minister Pierre, rounds out the Virgo-Sag crew.

Images for Integration: A bespectacled librarian locks the door at closing time and transforms into Superwoman...An anthropolgy class goes on a field trip. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

And so, US Congress, boost the US economy you helped crash in spite of your personal worries over November midterm elections 2010. Put the people's business above your political power grabs and we-the-people won't care if it's Superwoman or Superman taking credit for what would be an awesome and amazing feat.


On the way: Autumn Equinox 2010.


Teri said...


You posted in the summer about a sighting in (I think) Massachusetts of UN or NATO Military seen on highway by someone. Can you direct me to the post? I'm not even sure if it was on SOW or if it was on Jude's Threshold. As of this moment, I haven't been able to relocate it on either.

Thank you very much. I hope you can help.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Teri, yes, it was sighted in PA on US 322. The post's link to the the report is still active.

UN military convoy in PA on May 17, 2010

Haven't found a follow up on it so far. Let me know if you do, ok?


Jude Cowell said...

ps: the 'the' is still active as well. ;p

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