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Sep 20, 2010

Earth meets Jupiter (aligned w Uranus) 9.20/21.10

Midnight. Be There!

Space Weather News for Sept. 20, 2010

JUPITER AT ITS BEST: Tonight, Sept 20-21, Earth and Jupiter converge for their closest encounter in decades. The giant planet will soar across the sky at midnight, outshining everything except the Moon itself. Although big, bright Jupiter will remain close to Earth for weeks to come, tonight is the closest of all.

Check for images and more information.

SPACE STATION RADAR ECHO: Over the weekend, the International Space Station flew through the radar beam of the US Air Force Space Surveillance System in Texas. The echo was strong enough to be heard by amateur radio operators across the southern USA. A sample echo is highlighted on today's edition of SPACE WEATHER ALERTS. (My bolds and italics; their news - jc.)

With the coming of northern autumn, aurora season is underway. Would you like a call when geomagnetic storms erupt at your latitude? Sign up for Space Weather Phone: Space Weather Phone. #

You realize what this means, right? The current emphasis on Jupiter by the astronomical community simultaneously spotlights its 'conjoined' companion, Uranus, thus lifting up the Jupiter/Uranus pair of planets, their energies working synergistically. Their Great Conjunction (appr a 14-year cycle from conj to conj) is a planetary signature of 2010 on into 2011 since their third and final tango occurs on January 4, 2011 @ 27Pis02 (timed with my personal Solar Return 2011 - thanks, Universe! jc)

Astrologically, the above alert speaks of Sun 28Vir23 opposite Jupiter 28Pis23 Rx (conjunct Uranus 28Pis37 Rx) which is physically why the Earth-Jupiter encounter will be such a spectacle! From 'A Man Gaining Knowledge from an Ancient Scroll' to 'A Prism', this should be an interesting evening....really, all week has celestial events occurring, in fact. Such as Autumn EQ 2010 on Wednesday a and Full Moon on the Cardninal axis 00Aries/Libra00, a World Point of Manifestation. This makes for a very strong and eventful Autumn Equinox horoscope.

(Wish more could be added here but my article is simmering on the hob, awaiting a final go-round toward fini-dom...)

So! In your happiest Jupiter/Uranus fashion, discover more on the amazing things that happen when Jupiter Meets Uranus from the amazing-herself astrologer of the Scottish persuasion (and if I were better at tracking my ancestry, we might turn out to be cousins, who knows?)...Anne Whitaker!

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