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Oct 20, 2010

Video Witch-Off: O'Donnell vs Elvira

Update Oct 21, 2010: On ABC, Christine O'Donnell said she regrets airing her not-a-witch ad which was meant to kill opponent's use of her past craft-dabblings against her. Instead, SNL lampooned it (amusingly, I might add - loved it!) but she seems to have made no mention of David Letterman's nightly spoofing ('the witch running in Delaware') or of Elvira's mimcry below...

Original post begins here:

Well, I didn't actually want to post the TV ad of witchery denial from Delaware candidate Christine O'Donnell (who may be you but she isn't me) yet here it is so you can compare her message with Elvira's macabre message below...

Since Halloween 2010 is sneaking up on us, this does make for sort of a holiday-themed post, doesn't it?

Covens alive! Even with its totally black background, O'Donnell's message shoots for sweetness and light yet I wonder if she's cognizant of the fact that some people are aware that pearls are a symbol of satanism. Wonder if they're real?

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