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Nov 11, 2010

Lame Duck Congress: Sun Scor-Moon Pisc 11.15.10

Looking at a chart for November 15, 2010 10:00 am est Capitol Building Washington DC we see 1Cap57 rising with NN 3Cap36 and Pluto 3Cap45 in tow; Hour of Mars 13Sag19; Mercury 9Sag48 out-of-bounds and conjunct Fixed Star Antares (obsessed with success); it's a First Quarter (crisis in action) phase; there are no planetary patterns (T-Squares, Grand Trines, etc.)

Mercury OOBs may represent the new representatives and the change (Mercury) of members from the Nov 2 midterm elections since Mercury isn't in-sync with the other actors (planets) yet.

If I had to sum up in two words this horoscope and Lame Duck Session 2010 they'd be emotion and power. Sun 23Sco08 conjoins Fixed Star Agena (honors, high status, a good organizer, sensuality, scandal, gossip, sarcasm, cleverness, success with the masses - A. Louis, Horary Plain & Simple); Moon 14Pis08 conjoins Fixed Star Achernar (empathy, humanity, patience, success, religion, philosophy, but also 'crisis at the end of the river' which may relate to flooding or other Neptunian crises such as debt and fraud.)

At Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart, are two Fixed Stars: Spica (potential for brilliance) and Arcturus (a different approach); we know the November 2 midterms will shoosh into Congress new political players but whether brilliance will shine forth from the infusion remains to be seen: a 9th house Saturn 13Lib05 parallels another Fixed Star that's not so lovely: Zuben Eschemali (negative social reform.)

'Negative social reform' is what this populist/common-gooder American would have to call the Saturnian austerity cuts being handed down from highly paid politicians who enabled the banking industry to steal trillions of dollars from the US economy and private pension funds, some of which US banks sent to foreign bankers and investors. Congress and Wall Street were indebted to foreign entities and we-the-people paid. It seems our current 'deficit hawks' suffer from a bad case of amnesia.

But aren't we nice to help out the banksters and fraudsters so intent upon our ruination?

Venus (valuations; smaller amounts of money; relationships; attraction) 27Lib52 is about to cross Nov 15's Mc and is still retrograde until November 18, 2010 (Venus' station direct degree = 27Lib40, so she's readying to flip-flop now. Does Venus represent Nancy Pelosi?)

Well, I realize that the Lame Duck Congress may not open for business precisely at 10:00 am on Monday - maybe the members will sleep in - thus, the horoscope I'm using here is symbolic. Still, the Sun Scor-Moon Pisc blend remains in effect on Monday and may yield some clues to the atmosphere - not just of the day - but of Lame Duck Session 2010 itself.

The Water-Water blend of Sun Scor-Moon Pisc indicates a dedication to hard work, emotional intensity, the able use of shrewd strategies and subterfuge, and a deep sense of commitment to a larger vision. This is the 'Jekyll and Hyde' combo torn between passion and compassion...Dracula vs The Good Samaritan.

With Scor-Pisc, there's a love of the mysterious or mysticism (perfect for that Masonic Temple we call the Capitol Building but I understand that the creepy crypt once in the cellar under the rotunda is now history) with a talent for seeing through the deeper motives of others; lack of objectivity may be problematic; love, drugs (including alcohol), and other addictions are potentials with this combination which has an ability to capture people's imaginations and 'come back fighting'.

Images for Integration: Madame Curie works for the Red Cross whilst dedicating herself to the mysteries of radioactivity...Long John Silver, with ruthless charm, becomes a successful entrepreneur. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Radioactivity conjures images of nukes and plutonium, of course, and 'Red Cross' points to the Rosicrucians who are part of the bossy 'one world government' brigade; silver and gold are an old argument and obsession in Washington.

Now, if you're wondering what famous folk share the Sun Scor-Moon Pisc blend natally, here's a brief list: Hillary Clinton, Grace Kelly, Martin Scorsese, Bela Lugosi, astronomer Charles Kowal (discoverer of Chiron), and Robert Louis Stevenson and Marie Curie, as hinted in the Images above.


It's noon and the cruise ship Splendor has just docked: welcome back, everyone!

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