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Jan 15, 2011

Did climate change help collapse the Roman Empire?

Having mixed feelings about the report that climate change may have had a part in the Fall of the Roman Empire, I'm posting this link to see if any of my astute readers have an opinion on the matter.

Given today's environmental concerns and debates, one must hold back from typing "history repeats"...oops! It broke through anyway.

And if like me you're interested in Science's cloning of a woolly mammoth project and its possible repercussions upon society, you may wish to check out my freshly updated Woolly Mammoth Chronicles of Science News, links, videos, and poems of frets and misgivings.

How amusing that the Ice Age may be returning bwo of Climate Change - just in time for a mammoth to stomp the Earth again, no?


Anonymous said...

Yes, there ist a correlation. Compare also temperature charts and the outbrake of pest. During
global warming -- expansion of culture and people
global cooling-- shrinking and diminishing of culture, people and culture.
And we will have a global cooling at least for the next 20 years. If one just extrapolate what will happen when we have bad harvests hunger, disease because of extreme weather situations, revolts and war, civil and countries against each other and ransacking hungry furious people. The Rockefeller foundation dream of reducing world population by at least 50% doesn't seem so impossible.

Jude Cowell said...


Yes, the Rockefeller/Rothschild dream/vision/agenda. As if things weren't going to be difficult enough in the future w/out their lousy machinations and trickeries.

Here in GA (near Elberton) we have the Georgia Guidestones which 'recommends' population control for the future; they were commissioned by a mysterious Mr. "R.A. Christian" in the 1980s which seems to be a reference to Rosicrucianism.

If you wish, Google 'GA Guidestones' if you're unfamilar w them for they're very 'interesting' and are inscribed in several languages.

There's also a link to a site about them in the sidebar of SO'W. jc