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Mar 23, 2011

And Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem March 23, 2011

In these troubled years I think of the Scriptural admonition to, Pray for the peace of Israel. Now with Jerusalem's bombing on March 23, 2011, marking the worst Israel-Gaza clashes since the 2009 war and the "small wars" said to be broken out along the border, I know of little else to do from afar, do you?

Yes, it is true that Good Shall Triumph! Yet I would love to have some Peace on Earth for a time and for everyone and their families, wouldn't you?


Anonymous said...

May Israel receive everything it deserves. Everything.

Jude Cowell said...

Mmm. Yet I make a distinction between Israel and the Zionist hierarchy of power. Do you? jc

Anonymous said...

I know better, but I'm only human, Jude. This situation enrages me beyond belief because I feel like Cassandra of Troy.

I can only hope that the Creator knows and rewards the good, decent Israelis who disagree with and resist the criminal, greedy and lying Zionists who have usurpated Judaism, the better to disguise their own malfeasance.

Israelis and Americans are alike in being misrepresented, mistreated and misled by their leaders, and had best get off their collective butt and return the scum to the sewers where they belong.