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Mar 22, 2011

After Citizens United, & Solar Eclipses 1993 = 2011

Perhaps you've seen the brilliant photo of the March 19, 2011 SuperMoon in Virgo rising above DC's Lincoln Memorial now posted on a new blog After Citizens United.

(Astro-Note: constellation Virgo and its stars have particular significance for the founding of America including the related archetype for nurturing asteroid Ceres ('security concerns') which in America's natal chart, conjoins our natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint @ '8Pis'...and Pluto/Chiron = Plutocracy and its attendant class warfare and disenfranchisement.)

Well, if you're interested in the January 2010 SCOTUS decision on Citizens United which upped the corporate anty on the power elite's campaign contributions for 2012 and beyond (US gov bought and sold = Plutocracy), I hope you'll check out After Citizens United which contains an image of the SCOTUS Ruling horoscope of January 21, 2010, and links to related topics.

My feeling is that these birty dastards have a huge jump on the citizens of the US so pass around all pertinent info you can find! Apathy is no longer an excuse so it's imperative that as many Americans as possible pay close attention to all class warfare matters which are seriously undermining our democracy, and that obviously includes Citizens United v FEC.

Included on the blog you'll also find an essay by Joan McCarter entitled "Money's Sustained Assault Against Democracy" so if you're fond of democracy in America (or wish we had some rather than exporting it across the globe bwo lies and guns), Ms. McCarter's article is highly recommended. And a tidbit of info from the Citizens United blog: SCOTUS will hold hearings on March 28, 2011 concerning Arizona's public financing system; other related suits are pending so we must keep up!

Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya

Now some are saying that President Obama didn't have the authority to act in Libya as we're doing under cover of a 'humanitarian mission' to protect civilians (there we go again: bombing = 'saving'. Yeah, right.) Presidential overreach and the military action in Libya are facets of the global elite's Undermine America Agenda in order to set up a one-world-government and we're watching the US government further extending its imperial self into the region of the Middle East. It remains to be seen whether our incursion into Libya can be handed off to foreign entities in a few days.

Of SuperMoons and Eclipses 1993 - 2011

The last SuperMoon occurred in March 1993 which is of time-link interest since the two Solar Eclipses (SE) of 1993 are repeating in 2011 with similar influences upon society.

May 21, 1993's SE @ '1 Gemini' is in the 13 South Series as will be the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ '11 Gemini', a degree which falls between US natal Uranus 8:55 and US natal Desc '13Gem'...Uranus/ASC = Sun: friendships with leaders and important people; physical unrest; mobility; a restless colleague or partner; anxiety about putting one's best foot forward; hoping for success. Uran/ASC = Moon: getting excited through the influence of others; quick mood changes; emotionalism spills into view; needing support, sympathy, and approval (speaking of 'approval', Obama should've gotten that from Congress before he took us into Libya in what may be an extended piece of Hades - UN approval is not congressional approval - for a little while longer at least.)

From Brady's Predictive Astrology we find that the influences of 13S include: expansive energy under which lies a sinister flavor; striving for group endeavors, either positively or negatively; urge to expand brings frustrations, inhibitions, and loss or separation. And for Australia in 1975, 13S included a Constitutional Crisis (which may be brought to the White House circa 2011 due to Libya invasion or ___?___.)

The second Solar Eclipse of (November 13) 1993 @'22Sco' which repeats on November 25, 2011 @ '2Sag' is in the 14 North Series with vibes that include: draining of energy; an acute time of confusion in relationships, and unexpected happenings in financial matters; despair; a peculiar turn of events; too much confusion and delusion to make clear judgments (paraphrasing Brady, as above.)

In her book Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles the '11Gem' Jun 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse, "Something to Cry About" (though that's usually reserved for '00Gem' because it conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone, of the Seven Sisters.) She states that its nearness to US natal Uranus indicates surprising developments in government which may be dealing with a "lack of support"; falling in 8th house in DC, this eclipse heralds issues of taxation, mortality, burial concerns, sanitation, or contagion (radiation from Japan?).

Other possibilities for the June 1, 2011 SE are that trade agreements are strained in foreign relations, workers' strikes and protests continue, military controversies surface, and there may be an urgent health situation, hospital condition, or prison crisis to deal with. Plus, a particularly mysterious crime/s may be in the news (bio-weapons expert John P. Wheeler? Someone new?)

Teal's title for the 14N SE of Nov 25, 2011 is: "Blazing New Trails" - yet workers will still be discontent, there are concerns over secret enemies, and there's an "extension of power of nation in the world, although some complications to overcome." Is Libya only the US government's first 'no-fly-zone' justification?

Well, on that New World Order note I must leave you for my pesky old day job and a sincere hope that we'll reconnect another day while remembering what Herbert Hoover said on such topics: that old men make wars and young men fight them. How correct he was.

Now if only we could get the world's young men and women to turn their backs on war.


liber said...

Very excellent are amazing Jude!
Especially appreciate the link to: Senate 2012 Elections.
Let us, we the people, conjure the power to overcome these selfish birty dastards!

Jude Cowell said...

Aww, thanks, liber. Yes, we have the power of the US Constitution for a little while longer if only we'd all band together to air our grievances as is our right!!!

But not against this party's adminstration or the other's - the whole varminty infestation of them. Lately I've wondered if that's part of the reason the GOP co-pted the Tea Party's original movement - just to keep the rest of from joining in en masse --against the Ruling Elite. But I wouldn't be against the Elite class if they hadn't shown such longstanding viciousness toward me (us) first! jc